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I was very nervous about having Zoom done because...

I was very nervous about having Zoom done because I had read tons of horror stories online about terrible pain, blistering, etc. I almost canceled my appointment out of anxiety, but ended up going through with it in the end because having whiter teeth was pretty important to me.

I had fairly yellow teeth from soda drinking and coffee drinking, and I found that it made me look older than I was.

When I got to the clinic, my dentist spent a lot of time meticulously prepping my mouth for the Zoom light. He put sunscreen all over my lips and then covered any exposed skin with gauze. I then had only two 15 minute sessions, during which my dentist stayed next to me (doing paperwork) in case I felt any discomfort.

The procedure itself was painless. The part that caused me the most discomfort was my own anxiety. There's something about sitting motionless in a chair with a hot light in your mouth, anticipating zingers of pain, that just does not sit well with me. I never did get any zingers during the procedure though. The only thing I felt was heat. It sort of feels like your tanning the inside of your mouth in the hot sun. Not exactly pleasant, but definitely not painful.

When I first saw the results in the mirror, I was a bit underwhelmed. I think it may have been the lighting in my dentist's office though because when I got outside and had a look at my teeth in the natural light, they were a LOT whiter. I mean, very very fantastically white.

I had the procedure done at lunch time and I went straight back to work afterwards. I kept expecting to experience some excruciating zingers, but it never happened. I did have a few zingers... maybe three in total. They started a couple of hours after the procedure... but they weren't bad AT ALL. They only lasted like one second each and were completely tolerable. My teeth did not feel sensitive after the procedure, either... and I normally have a bit of tooth sensitivity. My gums felt a little bit raw for that evening, too... but again, the pain was completely negligible. I hadn't told anyone at work that I was getting my teeth whitened, and my boss noticed immediately that my teeth looked great after my dentist appointment... so I was pretty pleased about that.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with Zoom. I feel terrible for anyone who has had a bad experience and feel that it's very important to go to a reputable dentist who will take his time to explain everything to you and protect your lips and gums very thoroughly. I would be wary of Zoom Whitening "sales" where it's offered for very cheap, or administered by bad dentists or dental technicians. Please, find a dentist you trust!

I would definitely recommend this procedure.

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