I'm 47 On 7/22/10 I Had a Tt, Augmentation, Lipo of I/o Thighs and Flanks

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I was about 143 lbs and 5'2. Last child 11...

I was about 143 lbs and 5'2. Last child 11 years ago. I had the procedures because I couldn't seem to loose the weight by dieting. I'm post menopausal already and I felt older and looked worn out with a thick middle and a small chest. All my life I want normal size breasts. I used to have a cute figure. I have a lot of stress in my life and I know I added to it by putting the whole procedure on credit cards. I had no debt before this but I needed to do this for me! This is the year I stop fixing everybody and work on me. I'm getting BHRT to fix the menopause symptoms too. Even if I have to work like a dog at least I can see what I'm working for.

The first day was not so bad I went home with a foley and a pain pump the pump went off probably every 15 minutes. The foley was uncomfortable and awkward. I slept alot. No appetite but I drank a half gallon of water. Day 2 foley was removed, I learned to cut the hole out of a plastic 10 oz cup and hold it up the front of the garment and stradle the toilet like a man standing. Good aim comes with practice. Thank God for pain meds. I can freely walk day 2 standing bent somewhat but when the meds wear off ugh the pain! Best to remember the pump is for the tummy and the percocet is for everything else.

Day 3 I don't think the pump works any more. How can anyone pee this much, and my ankles are swollen. Started using ibuprofen alternately with percocet and adding more acetominophin. Finally have a small appetite.

Day 4. Up more walking, sponge bathing, time for stool softeners- no bm yet. Pain pump removed and dressings changed. Tip= have clean scissors tape and extra sterile gauze pads,qtips at home. Also keep pad and pen at bedside for questions (medications will make you forget your questions and even the doctors phone number). pain pain pain adjusting meds to stop or minimize percocet. Why am I crying? Probably post op blues. I was smiling 2 minutes later.

Day 5 more stool softener finally had bm. Yay a shower too- freedom from the garment and bandages for a few minutes. What a process to take a shower rebandage and put back on surgical garment. The garment fits and feels better when you put it on instead of when they put it on, in the OR. The bra is so tight we had to use extra dressing in the back as it dug in started to cause bleeding. Very red and sore. I'm getting used to sleeping in a sitting position, not. A neck pillow was helpful so far because your head drops and pulls your neck to the side when you sleep sitting up. I woke up every hour with a sore neck before I got the pillow. No percocet today but some significant pain that was controlled by Tylenol motrin and aleve. Steps are no problem. And everything in my belly is still pretty numb unless I cough. But my flanks have a significant amount of pain, feeling like I had been beaten with a broom handle across my kidneys. I ate like a champion hungry- but limited quantity and careful of what I am eating. Oh yes I'm walking more standing up more too because my bottom is sore from sitting on it. I should say that my guy has been fabulous throughout the whole ordeal. He took complete control of my care. It's important to have solid help because they will be caring for your drains. Changing dressing and helping you in and out of garments, be with you when you shower, bathe and urinate. They will need to cook, clean, take care of children, hold your hand, rub your back, help you to laugh when you can't take anymore pain and make jokes with you. They will need at least 3-4 days off work and be able to drive you to doctor appointments for two weeks along with running out to the store if you need something.

Day 6 I was worried I would die from not being...

Day 6 I was worried I would die from not being able to breathe right from the surgical bra being so tight, my feet and legs are still swollen and it was hard to speak and breath. But overall I am much stronger and no percocet at all. My pain is controlled by Tylenol products only. On day 7 I had a follow up appt. They took out the stitches under my breasts and removed my drains. I feel liberated. Not to painful only for a moment or two. I had been complaining all week about my bra hurting and cutting in to my back to where I had started to bleed. I had used soft washcloths and gauze to help buffer the skin, even the front lowerflap would not close correctly and when it did I could barely breathe and talk at the same time the front upper and lower Velcro dug in so much I had bruised.

Today I had a different nurse and she listened to me, she went and brought back a large size bra. Omg what a difference it has made. She said I had been given the wrong size. I hope I don't scar from the cuts on my back now. Now I can say more than short sentences and my voice went back to normal too. One tip I want to say is to make sure you have stool softeners available. I take colace 1 tablet once in the morning and one at night. It's become my friend too. I still have a very small appetite. So I make what I do eat count and work for me with protein and vegie and fruit. I also have been taking a super vitamin B+, it's good for stress. At my appointment I was told it's ok to sleep laying down flat, does anyone know if it's good to really do that yet and how long till I can sleep on my side?

Wow I'm at day 8 in my recovery and I feel so much better. It's amazing that one week post-op and I feel this good. I still need the acetaminophen one or two every 4-6 hours, but I feel strong again I'm almost back to the old me.

Allentown Plastic Surgeon

I chose yes because it's early on and I don't want to say no. I will update my status as time goes by. So far Dr. A is professional and has tons of experience. His bed side manner is quiet and does not seem to be interested in any type of talk or conversation no personal conversation to check to make sure his staff is doing well, etc. He did take time to answer questions at my follow up. I'll see more in the next couple of weeks.

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