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So I figured it was time to start out writing my...

So I figured it was time to start out writing my story. I first developed breasts in the third grade. Up until the 7th grade I wore sports bras to try to keep them minimized, since almost all of the other girls hadn't even developed yet. By seventh and eighth grade I was wearing a C cup, and high school I moved to a D, then DD. Of course, since my breasts were large, I was chased after by older boys, ogled by the boys my own age, and hated by many other girls because of it. By the time I was done nursing my son in 2012, My breasts were a size 36J. At this time, I weighed 210 lbs at 5'4".

I have considered a reduction since college. My boyfriend at the time was highly against it, and I was naive and let him talk me out of it before really even looking into it. I'm not sure what my real size has been during this time. I know I had a 36D bra that I absolutely spilled out of. Most of the time I would wear a D or DD cup, but wear a shelf camisole underneath to try to tame the "double boobs" that would inevitably spill out of the cup. Before I was pregnant, I finally wised up and measured myself out to be a 34F. I ordered a specialty bra in this size, and when it came it definitely fit better than my other bras, but I was still spilling out of the top!

Fast forward to when I finally ended up measuring as a J cup. I was very overweight at this point, and decided to lose some weight and go head off to the PS to see what could be done. In September I had dropped my weight down to 195, and only managed to go from a 36J to a 34J. I indicated that I would more than likely be losing quite a bit of weight over the next few months, as my thyroid medication was now at a good dosage and the weight was now practically falling off. We filed with insurance, and they said to re-file again after the new year after my weight loss to see where we were at.

At the beginning of the month, I went in for a re-consultation. Now, I've dropped back into my normal range at 167 lbs, but my bra size only moved from a 34J to a 34H (GG for the bra I'm currently wearing, but I don't think there is much of a difference between GG and H). It was pretty evident that even when I lose additional weight, my breast size will hardly be affected.

I received approval from the insurance company on the 25th. I went from really excited, to very, very anxious in a matter of seconds. Although the procedure will be covered by my insurance company, I have a high-deductible plan, so I am going to have to pay $2,500 out of pocket, and 20% of the cost after that, bringing my estimated costs to $4,000. of the $14,000 price tag. Thankfully, the office said that as long as I make consistent monthly payments, they have no problem letting me pay off the balance with $150 payments each month, but I absolutely cannot miss a month or the balance in full is due immediately.

So now, I am at the stage where surgery is in a week, and I am extremely nervous--no, make that petrified. I'm worried about recovery, if I will heal normally and quickly, if I will have complications, all the way to will this hurt my family financially?

I'm now waiting for my PS's instructions to come in the mail. My pre-op physical is Tuesday. I decided to squeeze an eye appointment in on the first as well to get it out of the way.

My fiance is extremely supportive. He owns a construction business and works very hard long hours to help support us. Since he can't take time off, my sister will be coming to help me.

I guess I'll update more after my pre-op physical.

Updated Feb 5, 2012 So here I am, surgery in...

Updated Feb 5, 2012

So here I am, surgery in five hours. My pre-op physical was surprisingly quick and easy. My doctor has been my family doctor since I was 7, and the only reason he hasn't been since birth is because our original family doctor moved away at that time. He made sure everything was normal as per usual (blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing), asked about my family (of course), and sent me on my way. Once I got to work, my nerves were going crazy.

Yesterday, my PS's nurse called to go over some pre-surgery stuff for me. She first ran down some basic medical questions, and told me to be sure to remove all jewelry and not to wear contacts to the surgical center. She also said no eating or drinking anything including water after 6AM (8 hours before surgery), and that she had called all my prescriptions in to the pharmacy to pick up--an antibiotic, Vicodin, and the nausea patch which I had to put behind my ear by 6AM as well. I was also instructed to wash with an anti-bacterial soap before surgery, which I've yet to do, but will be jumping in the shower soon. Looks like I'll be taking my Dial hand soap in with me today! And of course I was advised to wear a zip sweater for comfort, and to bring pillows and a blanket if I want to help with the car ride home. I asked her about what types of bras I should wear post-surgery, and she said no underwires for six weeks, and that they will be giving me a dressing that is somewhat like a tube top to wear. I will not have drains, and my stitches will be internal and will dissolve on their own, which I like the idea of. I asked about surgical bras, and she said they don't really use them, but that I can wear a sports bra with a low band if I'd like to, or a camisole with a built in shelf support. I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing a combination of these things when going back to work. She also told me as long as I'm wearing pants and underwear with no metal components to them to surgery I can have them on the whole time and only be exposed from the waist up, so fleece pants it is.

As for last night, I spent it playing with my son and reading him a few extra stories before bedtime. I also got in touch with one of my good friends and my son's godmother and asked if she would be willing to stop over a few days of the week to help my fiance out with things around the house and with my son, since I knew he would never ever ask for help, but knowing he will also have me to tend to at least for a few days as well, I'm thinking he'll need it. Spent the rest of the night watching TV with my fiance and just staying close to one another. At this point, I was still wavering between feeling OK and confident, and really doubting my choice.

I woke up at 5:45 this morning and had a bowl of cereal followed by a glass of water. This stupid patch is making my mouth dry which sucks, because I can't drink any water until afterwards! I then got up shortly before eight and got my son ready to go and to daycare. After that I went to my gym and had them put my membership on medical hold for about a month, since I don't need to pay $40 for this month to walk on a track, I can walk outside or in my apartment halls thank you very much! I can't wait to get back into the gym though and be able to really hit it hard, very much hoping that this will help make my workouts so much more effective! Also looking forward to only wearing ONE sports bra!

My fiance is working a job this morning but coming home at noon to get me and take me to the surgical center. I am to report there by 1, and surgery is scheduled to begin at 2. Until then, I'll be taking a lot of my fat clothes to a consignment store in town to try to get some money for them, and donating what they wont take, and cleaning our bathroom to make sure I am comfortable this week. I will update if I can tonight or tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Now that I am a little more lucid and aware, I can...

Now that I am a little more lucid and aware, I can update this a bit. When I got to the surgical center my PS's nurse went over some of the consent forms with me, and gave me my gown and these socks to wear underneath some machine things that would help keep circulation going in my legs. The doctor came in and made markings and explained a lot of the procedure to my fiance as he did so, which I think was really nice for him because he is very detail oriented. Since I'm more of a "big picture" kind of girl, I'm usually not a lot of help for him when it comes to repeating back all the little details or asking the little questions he wants to know about.

Then the anesthesiologist came in and just ran down some of his questions and explained what he would be doing and what kind of breathing assistance I would have. Even though the nurse said I'd have a tube down my throat, he said I would actually have a tube that basically rested at the top of it and not all the way inserted DOWN into it, which is supposed to be more comfortable for me afterwards.
They put an IV into my hand and I went back into surgery and they hooked the anesthesia up to my IV and gave me an oxygen mask to breathe into. I don't even remember falling asleep, but the next thing I knew I heard my nurse saying, "Wake up MissLC86 its all over now". I definitely felt a bit of pain in my chest area, and I felt as though I'd had a long night with my son the night before and now my fiance was trying to get me up to get ready for work exhaustion-wise. She gave me a cup of applesauce and some crackers to have so she could give me my first Vicodin dose, which apparently isn't the greatest thing to take on an empty stomach. My fiance was already back in the waiting room and even had my little boy with him, so they let them come back into recovery while they helped me into my shoes and my zip sweater. I was pretty impressed at how good my son was being, considering he's only 17 months old! We drove home, but I think the car ride made me very very sick, because on our way back I was saying that I think I could definitely eat something when we get there, only to throw up my water and crackers when we pulled in. Yuck. He helped me inside and I went straight to our room and lay down. The next thing I knew my fiance was rousing me to see if I wanted to eat dinner with them. Since I didn't feel nauseous at all, and in fact pretty hungry after not eating all day long, I enjoyed some dinner and didn't feel sick once!

My alertness definitely comes and goes quickly. All of a sudden I will barely be able to open my eyes, and have to lay down and nap, others, like right now I feel very awake, but I can already feel some tiredness on its way back!

The pain is much much less than what I had expected, but I'm sure this has a good deal to do with the fact that I am not missing any pain med doses whatsoever! I am taking the maximum dosage through these first couple days (2 pills every four hours), but will probably limit down to 1 or 2 every four hours tomorrow. I'm allowed to have Ibuprofen or Motrin between doses as needed too, which I think I'll be using more of tomorrow when I start slighly weaning from the Vicodin.

I am already thrilled about the results! Both my fiance and my sister who is here with me now said I look much slimmer, and the pajamas I bought in a normal size (no accommodating for breast size!) fit me PERFECTLY. It feels SO nice to wear my real size and not two sizes up like I had in the past. They took 401 grams from my left breast, and 408 from my right. Minimum needed from my insurance company was 400 grams. Doctor said he estimates my final result to be a full C which to me is PERFECT. We had discussed how I will probably be losing anywhere between 10 and 30 lbs over the next six months or so, and he said in his experience that their shape would hardly change as a result, and should just continue to match my body as it also got smaller, particularly since I barely lost much cup size when I lost 45 lbs over the past six months.

I'm going to be able to to remove my bandage tonight to wash off (with the fiance's help of course) and to change my gauze. He said it is my choice if I want to re-wrap with my ace bandage for now, wear a sports bra or a camisole with built in bra, or if I just want to go braless--just to do whatever is more comfortable for me. I will probably add a new picture tonight when I unwrap to shower, hoping to chronicle my recovery to be as helpful as I can for anyone else considering this surgery! I already feel like I look better, and I think it will only improve from here on out! I've decided to update my ranking to "worth it", even though it is still day 1 because I can already tell there is less strain on my neck and back, and I am hoping that is how it stays!

Took my first peek...strange seeing them so small!

Took my first peek...strange seeing them so small!

Day 2 post op, I am still pretty much the same as...

Day 2 post op, I am still pretty much the same as I was yesterday. I am still somewhat sore and achy but it is really not too bad, and I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to pain! I've found myself able to do little things, like but some of the dishes away from the dishwasher, and my 1 year old has so far been pretty good about letting me read to him not on my lap. My fiance takes care of night time routine right now, as much as I like the "break", I really can't wait to get back to being the one there with him! I always read him two stories and then stay in his room with him until he dozes off. I can't really let him onto my lap right at this point because he doesn't understand that I am achy and accidentally getting hit by him wouldn't be a good thing!

I have had a great support team around me since I got home which is really helping a lot. Obviously my fiance is here picking up all the slack while I recover, but my sister has been coming in the mornings to be able to be with me while my fiance is working since she works the night shift, and one of my best friends and my son's godmother was here last night to hang out with the little guy while the fiance helped me shower. That is when I took that first peek! I think for just one day out they looked pretty good, I'm excited to see what they will look like in a month!

Today is pretty much like yesterday, but I am...

Today is pretty much like yesterday, but I am taking less Vicodin. Feels about the same. I took off my ace bandage and now have a camisole on for support. I now have bruising on my breasts, but nothing that I didn't expect. I also touched my nipples and I have feeling in both of them! I want to get a nice soft sports bra to wear and that should do nicely.

Otherwise I've been really sleepy so I pretty much spend most of my day napping and healing.

Not much of a difference between today and the...

Not much of a difference between today and the rest of the week which is good, because that means it's been uneventful. Tomorrow is my last day home and then it's back to work. Thankfully my job is just a desk job, and if I need to go home early they'll have no problem with it. I just want to heal up now so I can get back to my fitness routine and get in shape for the half marathon this coming fall!

Added another photo but I don't see much of a difference between this one taken yesterday and my first "peek" photo one day post op. still so weird to see them so small!

Back to work tomorrow, hoping I will make it the...

Back to work tomorrow, hoping I will make it the whole day since my first full day without any strong pain meds was pretty uncomfortable. Hoping tomorrow is better and will probably be taking as much ibuprofen as is safe!

I stopped at Walmart and picked up these soft sports bras that don't have seams and are still low cut and will be versatile under my clothes. They so far have been comfy over my incisions and are really making me excited for when I'll be able to exercise at my normal pace again! One day at a time.

Went to work the past couple days but came home a...

Went to work the past couple days but came home a few extra hours early to rest. I think I might have my first full day back tomorrow, which is good, because our season is ramping up much faster than I had expected. My supervisor teased that I'm not allowed to have time off again! All in all everyone was very welcoming back, my first day I left early just because I was so exhausted by the afternoon, today I was pretty achy and thought I should relax a bit. My post op appointment is on the 18th, hoping this achiness goes away quickly.

Also I'm able to reach overhead for things, lift my son (carefully!), and sleep on my side positioned just right on a pillow. So excited to lay and sleep on my stomach again!

Figured I should update...I am now 2.5 weeks post...

Figured I should update...I am now 2.5 weeks post op, and I have to say I love my new size. I could definitely do without this hypersensitivity though. I have had feeling in my nipples since I woke up from surgery, but now it's like my whole breast is a nipple and something is rubbing on it! Can't wait for that sensation to go away.

I've also noticed my right breast seems firmer and has more pressure than the left. It's not painful per se, but it feels kind of like I need to nurse my baby or something, only my baby hasn't breast fed in almost a year.

Some of my tape is starting to peel off, so I'm trimming off the end as it does. There are a few spots now missing tape where I can see my incision and they don't look bad! Reddish pink and a line down the center-so glad for internal stitches! I'm excited to see them tape off, but I'm being patient. Will update photos once that happens!

Getting close to a month post op! Some of my tape...

Getting close to a month post op! Some of my tape is starting to come off. The scars seem a little prominent, but I know it'll be no big deal by next year.

Most exciting thing that has happened is one of the stitches at the very end of my incision on my side was popping out, which got super annoying so I went to the PS office to have them handle it. We got it taken care of but OUCH! Reminded me that I'm still healing yet.

I can lie on my stomach but I won't put my full weight on my front side lying down. Feels like any time now I'll be able to go get that long needed massage! And the chiropractor.

My breasts have also "dropped" ever so slightly looking a bit more round and natural rather than boxy. I'm pretty pleased with how they look!

Now that it's March my hours at work have increased. 50 hours each week, and every other Saturday on top of that until April, when I then work 66 hour weeks until the end of June. Glad I had the procedure done with enough time to recover before things got crazy!

Still planning on not taking new pics until all my tape is off. Probably a week or two on that.

Well all my tape is off! So much of it was...

Well all my tape is off! So much of it was flaking that I finally just went for it and gently removed all of the strips. Doesn't look too bad!

I did notice though that my right breast seems bigger than my left, which it didn't when I had my first peek. My fiancé agrees that it definitely feels a bit more swollen so I'm hoping that corrects in time.

I restarted my gym membership yesterday, and will be getting back into my cardio routine on the elliptical and my strength routine shortly after. Think ill still be avoiding Zumba for a bit though, still not comfortable with the idea of jumping! I can't wait to be completely healed.

Healing has been going well. I am now a little...

Healing has been going well. I am now a little over two months post op, and things are looking pretty good. I am still wearing sports bras, but have otherwise resumed my normal daily life, including weekly Zumba classes.

I have had some irritation with my internal stitches, namely stitches coming out of my skin! So annoying, and one had a tough time pushing through which did not feel that great!

Otherwise, I'd say everything is great. I'm still so glad I did it--my posture has improved a lot, and everything just fits so much better!
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I was referred to Dr. Breit from my family doctor. Not only did he know him professionally but my family doctor's wife actually used the same doctor for breast reconstruction and he felt like he did a fantastic job with his wife. If this is who my own doctor would trust the care of his very own wife to and came back pleased with the results, then I knew he must be very good at what he does. So glad I went with this referral!

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