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I have always hated my saggy patties and at 35...

I have always hated my saggy patties and at 35 with one child, it is time!

I'm 5'1 135lbs. My ps and I agree that I am currently a sm/mid C. I definitely need a lift but I am torn on implants. PS noted that I have a lot of breast tissue. I would like to be a full firm C/small D. I am afraid that anything over 235cc is going to push me to a double D. PS also noted that I would need at least a 12cm base. So that puts me into the mentor moderates as opposed to the moderate +. Ugh, decisions decisions!

Well i officially scheduled my BL/BA today! The...

Well i officially scheduled my BL/BA today! The big day is June 6! I'm excited yet nervous. I have my pre-op appointment on 5/22. I think I'll feel better after that appointment bc that is when we will really discuss size. Right now I'm stuck on 255 cc, moderate profiles. I know that seems small but i really do have a lot of breast tissue. I could almost have a lift, reduction, AND implants.

So the count down is on! Thank you to all who have posted.

BTW, how do i get my post moved over to the Breast Lift board?


Tomorrow, 8 am is "d" day! At least I'm guessing that I will come out as a size D. I'm trying so hard not to get hung up on the size. A pretty D or DD is better than the saggy c that I am now! I am getting a little nervous and hoping that I can sleep tonight. I have all of our laundry done and the house picked up and someone to come and give the house a clean while I'm having surgery. I think I am ready!

1 day post op!

Well I'm post op 1 day. So far it isn't as bad as I thought it would be! I slept great last night in our leather recliner in our bedroom. I did wake up around 4 but only because i had to go to the bathroom. so i took a painpill and ate a few crackers. My sternum probably hurts the worse. It feels as though someone hit we with a 2x4!!! I also seem to get dizzy and nausea every 6 hrs or so. Zofran is helping with that. I got a peek at my post op check this morning and I love them! I do have a lot of bruising though. The nurse told me that she commented during that I would probably have a lot of bruising because I bled a lot.
So that's the only bummer.
Did a lot of you have bruising as well? My ps ended up using moderate profiles 255cc. Hopefully I'll get some pics off soon!

4 days post opt. New pics!

Feeling great! Except that I'm still getting dizzy and sick when i move around too much. Pain wise, I can't say that I have too many complaints. I'm sleeping well at night thanks to taking a pain pill and a valium. I am able to shower and wash my hair. My bruises are starting to fade to a green color. It seems as though one breast has settled more than the other. Or one is maybe bigger than the other!? But they were uneven naturally as well. So far I'm liking the results! They maybe could have gone a tad bigger. But I think that I would rather wish they were a tad bigger than feel as though they were too big. Here are some not so great pics that I have so far. I'll try to take better ones later.

Feeling great!

But I have to admit that I'm having that "wish I would have gone bigger" regret :( I hate that! I'm really pleased and they are lifted which was my number 1 goal. But as I stare at them I can't but wish that one size up would hand been perfect.

I still have a horrid bruise under my left one. I'll post some pics when I get to my PC.

Back to work!

Today was my 1st day back to work in 11 days. Luckily I sit at a desk all day so it hasn't been too horrible. I type a lot so that started bothering me around lunch time! In other news, that small hematoma is disappearing! Yay! I go Wednesday morning for a check up but everything is looking good! Still wishing a tad bigger. Maybe in 5 yrs for my 40th bday ;)

2 weeks post op!

I had my 2 week appointment this morning and ps said that everything looks and feels great! My incisions are looking great and the bruising has improved almost 100%! I'm itching to start running again and he said I should probably give it another week for that and to make sure that the girls were bound tight with very supportive sports bra and to start out slow. I got a new bathing suit over the weekend which was exciting! Especially bc I was able to buy the kind that ties around your neck and I didn't have to tie it so tight!! Amazing feeling!

Highs and Lows

This is definitely a poor me update so please feel free to ignore. But I'm really starting to think that I am mentally exhausting myself analyzing my boobs! Seesh, talk about a 1st world problems! It's like I'm having crazy hormone shifts! One minute I'm on cloud nine looking at them in the mirror and smiling from ear to ear! Then this evening I was at a friends house who had the same
procedure back in September. She went bigger. And she's is a bigger woman (probably 7 inches taller than me). And I just kept thinking mine look no different in my shirt and she's all "tada!! And out there with hers. A few friends have even made the "you don't look bigger" comments to me. Of course then I show them a bathing suit pic and they can toally see the difference. But mentally I think these comments in my whacked out mind are equating to "you spent a lot of money and have nothing to show for it." I'm usually a person who doesn't give 2 hoots what anyone thinks. Guess that's why these feelings are bothering me so much. Thanks for listening if you've made it this far :)

Made it through the weekend!

Happy to report that I didn't have much pain at all over the weekend and I was fairly active! I noticed this morning that I woke up on my side. I got a little worried that I would be in a lot of pain bc of that but luckily it wasn't too bad. My 7 yr old wanted to go to the pool today so my husband and I took her up and I just sat on a chair. I thought I would be ripping my cover up off to show off the girls but found myself a little self conscious at first! But then went for it and felt great! They have settled since that first pic I took in the teal bathing suit. And here is a new side by side of old and new. :)

Bras are driving me crazy!!

So how long did most of you wear your compression/sports bras? My doc seems more laid back than some and said that when I feel "comfortable" around the 3 week mark that I can move to something less constricted. That will be in 2 days, but that just seems so early! On the other hand, I feel like these things are smothering me! I'm wearing the full back type that clasps up the front. And they are thick like a sports bra. I feel like I need to let them breathe some!

I have a new pic too. I was just trying on some "decoration ;)" This is a 36 C from VS. But it's old so maybe I need to go get remeasured in a few weeks.

Still playing dress up!

I think my newest obsession is to tear through my closest looking for clothes to try on that I may have "before pictures of." I found an old dress in the back of my closet that I wore on a cruise almost 10 yrs ago so I thought I would give it a whirl! Looks so different! Now I'm firm and perky whereas in the old pic I'm more soft and mushy!! It's just hard for me to wrap my head around!

I have very little pain these days. But I do still have the tape on my vertical scars. It just seems to be stuck down hard and I don't want to pick at it!

Although looking down at by boobs, one (the left), seems to have somewhat of a cone shape to it. I'm hoping that rounds out as they drop. I think I'm the only one who notices it.

Made it to week #4

7/4 marked four weeks for me. I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly! I can't say that I have many complaints. I tend to sleep on my back more than I did pre-surgery. Exercise seems to not be a problem either. But I still double up on the sports bras "just in case." You can hardly notice my vertical scars. But the anchor scars are a little more noticeable so I may start using some scar treatment. They also seem to be a little asymmetrical but I guess my boobs were asymmetrical pre surgery as well! I think I'm the only one who really notices. Size wise, they are still a 36 C. I've lost around 8 pounds since surgery so I think all of my natural breast tissue that I had has shrunk! Thank goodness I got an implant! I seriously toyed with the idea if just doing a lift. Had I done just the lift, I don't think I would have anything left.

Happy healing to everyone! And good luck to those getting ready to start on this journey!

6 Weeks Post Op

Had my 6 week appointment today! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I hardly have any pain anymore and I can sleep on my sides with no issues. My verticle scars are healing up great! My left breast still has a cone shape to it when I look down at it. You don't notice it looking directly at me so much. You notice looking down over my shoulder. I pointed this out to my PS today and he said that they should settle more. But on the other hand my breasts were somewhat tubular before and sometimes the cone shape stays. :( I'm hoping they fluff out bc although no one else would really notice it, I'm not a fan of the cone look a la MaDonna!

I still have issues in the bra department! I think it's a mental thing. I'm just afraid to let go of the sports bras. I really need to get a proper measurement and start looking for some real bras. I still think I am a 36C.

Good luck to all those out there getting ready for their own surgery! And if anyone is still on the fence, 6 weeks in I can definitely say that I would do it again in a heart beat! I catch myself going by mirrors quite often sans top to admire the new girls :)

9 Weeks Post Op

Wow! Does time fly or what! I don't really have much to update about. Everything seems to still be going well! My left breast is still the most bothersome of the two. It's "shape" seems to change throughout the day. Sometimes it has the "cone" look to it more than other times. I've yet to determine if it is bra that is the culprit or what. I also seem to be able to feel the implant sloshing around on the left. However, I hardly notice that on the right. Maybe it was because they were uneven before? But anyway, I'm still very happy with my results. The scars are healing beautiful and I don't think I will notice them much at all once they have all healed up. I accidentally left my scar tape on when I took updated pictures. The next time I'll be sure to take some pictures without it. I'm just using scar away from the drug store. Again, good luck to all of your getting ready to have this procedure!

3 months post op

Hi ladies! I can't believe that it has been 3 months! Wow! I have zero pain these days. I have been noticing that my cars are still somewhat red, especially underneath, but I haven't been applying any scar treatment. Really the scars don't bother me. I still find myself looking at them daily and looking at my before pics and thinking "I can't believe they use to look like that!" Honestly, the smaller areoles make me almost has happy at the new shape!

I haven't done much in the bra shopping department. Mostly I just wear these thin little bras that came two in a pack from target! It's just so nice not to wear underwire after having to swear it for 20 + years! This by far has been something that has given me a new lease on life! I've really kicked up the exercising and eating healthy. I'm even signed up for a warrior dash! And I use to not even run to the mail box! Good luck to all of you out there getting ready to have this surgery! I would do it a million times over!

5 Months Post Op

Well not much to report! Tomorrow marks 5 months since my surgery. I can't believe it! I had an appointment with my PS a few weeks ago. I again pointed out that my left boob sometimes has a cone shaped to it. He really didn't have much to say other than "sometimes that's just what you get!" Not really the answer I was wanting. But it also isn't something that bothers me to the point of wanting a revision. He also have me the pre-op pics that his office had taken. Wow is all I have to say! I can just look at those and all of my petty complaints melt away! I'll try to post those later. My scars are more red than I would like especially underneath. But I haven't been diligent on scar treatment. And other scars on my body have taken awhile to fade as well. They definitely seem to be a part of me now and I'm not always consciously aware of them. Every now and then I will pass by a mirror and thank, "dang it, just a tad bigger and they would be even more perfect!"

Here are some updated pics. They really don't seem much different than my last pics.

One more

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