36 Yrs, Married Mother of 2. I'd Like to Play Yo Yo wit the kids & No Longer with my Body. Ready! - East Walpole, MA

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Wow it is so hard to say. I am having a tough time...

Wow it is so hard to say. I am having a tough time sleeping and differing from insomnia badly lately. I wanted to see if my PCP would just give meds but she wouldnt and referred me to this wonderful bariatric surgery program. They have been great. They walked me through everything.

So far I've gotten letter of support from my PCP. All of the referrals I need. I have allt with nutritionist this week and psychologist this week. Need to do blood work. Then need to get a letter from my old PCP since my current one is knew and has limited history with me, he will wrote a letter fingers crossed that I've worked on Weightloss with him for years. It's the a truth so I don't think it will be an issue. So once I ahebthat and see the nutritionist and psych I have and on on the 14 of January. With blood work done I should be able to get final meting with surgeon and do hospital testing soon after that an pick a date. I'm almost considering starting the diet soon just incase we can get this going fast. I'd love that!!

Did anyone have to snow proof of diets like medifast, slim fast, myfitnesspal, gym memberships, Atkins, etc. I've do a ton Of them but they are not medical supervised.

I am sooooooo ready for this. I know I will need some fuckinh when I get to my goal weight but that's ok and comes later. And maybe not. I may decide after a year to try for another baby. You never know.

I'm glad join the group and need all of your support.

I'm keeping this quiet. So no photos yet!

How long until surgery?

So I've had my initial consult. Found out insurance covers it although they are pushing for documentation to prove I've done six months medically supervised. I'm working on that. Have done so many diets. I am doing blood work tomorrow. Nutritionist on Tuesday. Psych meeting on Thursday. Endoscopy on the 14th of January.

Once I'm done with that I get to meet with surgeon one last time and donors op stuff at hospital and start diet I think. How long does it usually take to get a surgical date? I really need it soon because of my husband schedule. Once we get too far into late winter early spring it will be tough for him and for I.

How long did it take you to get a surgery date from your first consult?


Still working on getting there

Well I'm heading for my endoscopy Wednesday. I still don't know if my inairwnce will cover my surgery but I have a date scheduled of 2/10/15 hoping they approve it. I am soooooo afraid they won't. I'm desperate to have the surgery in February. Six months from now won't work as easy with my kids schedule.

The anticipation is killing me. But the center I'm working with is really good and they are working very hard.

I'm not nervous but I am uncertain how to "cover this all up" so to speak. My husband knows but no one else. I was just going to take 2 weeks vacation from work and that's it and tell other famiky members I wasnt feeling well so I could rest.

I've had GI issues and even c diff once so they wouldn't be shocked to see me eat small or liquid diet over a period of time and after that eating healthy will be my lifestyle and thats it. No questions asked. It will be hard with the endless food my family makes but I'll eat what I can and what's healthy. Make smart choices and focus on my kids and socializing.

I am sooooooo hoping for 2/10 surgery. I'm imagining the summer feeling great.

Endoscopy done

Well one step closer. I had the endoscopy done today. Went well. I've had them before stand knew the doctor well. He is my regular GI. I can't stop thinking about this. I'm so desperate to find out if my insurance covers it. I can't take waiting anymore!


Well I had the endoscopy last Thursday. Then Friday on the way to work I got into a minor car accident. Not a good day already. I emailed the program coordinator at my surgeons office and said I needed some good news. I've been so anxious to find out if my insurance would cover my surgery or if I'd have to wait six months.

Well she sent me good news a few hours later. I was approved!! Thank god. Now I've been reading and looking at videos and thinking of nothing but the surgery.

I'm so confused about the pre op and post op diets. I know I'll get it all from the doc and nutritionist soon but I'm interested in what others did.

Anyone willing to share?

Spouses having surgery?

My husband wants to have the surgery now. I hope I get through it well and then he does. Anyone else have their spouses do it after then?

Starting pre op diet

I'm confused as hell but I'm starting the pre op diet tomorrow. I'm nervous about a lunch meeting I hsve. Going to get soup and sip the broth and talk a lot. I think I'll be ok.

I had a bunch of medifast shakes. They are two grams below in protein than my nutritionist would prefer but they said they are ok. So I'll have those and do the best I can to get through the ten days.

They pushed the time of my surgery back so due to my kids schedule Ill be going alone and he won't be able to be there with me until after I wake up. I'm freaked out about that. I wish they hadn't moved it but perhaps its better. I have hospital anxiety a bit and maybe going it alone will make me stronger.

Well that's my update.
Manchester Bariatric Surgeon

So far they have been excellent. Kind. Honest. Detailed. And extremely non judgemental. And the office staff is amazing with the health insurance part.

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