60 YO and Not Ready to Shut Down the Factory Just Yet. East Texas, PA

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I am beginning the journey to find a solution to...

I am beginning the journey to find a solution to this menopause siruation! I will report my finding here! I am married to a wonderful man and just can't believe that there is no solution to my menopause nightmare. Imagine my surprise when the ol girl stopped functioning like herself. The dryness, the pain and yikes bleeding! Did I mention the bleeding and the pain! I can't beleive my mother never told me to expect this! I do remember when asking her ir she and dad still got it on! She replied"God No! He can't get it up and I can get it open!" I though she was kidding! If I knew the ol girl only had so many uses I would have saved some! So this is it. I will not go silently. I will go kicking and screaming into my golden years. I will stomp my feet and I will try all sorts of crazy solutions if necessary to resolve this menopausal nightmare. After all when I think pause I think it is going to start up again! So if you are interested in the MonaLisa touch treatment follow my post. I plan on being honest and detailed! Lets hope this works I really don't want to have to try frog leg and bat wing potions! I won't be posting pictures tho!

Tomorrow is the big day.

Ok i am hiring a new crew to reopen the old factory! Paperwork is filled out, the money is in the bank and the renovations start in the morning. I know my part and I sure hope the new crew knows theirs! It will be a 18 week renovation before the grand opening so I am excited to get going. I suspect there will be periodic updates as progress is expected to be realized in a week or two! However I am hoping and praying the old structure holds up and is renovate(able). I am sure that is not a word! Who cares? So the journey begins with the first step! Wish me well girls... You guys too better pay attention! I understand factories are closing keft and right out there. I hope to spread the news far and wide I this renovation is a success!

The big day!

I am just returning from my first of three Mona Lisa Touch laser treatments. It was easy. I just had to lay there and be still and notify the doctor if I felt discomfort. I did not have any. So I laid there and made, nervous off the cuff comments, as i am prone to do!
The process:

I arrived a few minutes early. The Dr was on time. The assistant took a full and detailed medical history and made sure I was informed and calm. They were very detailed with the history. I felt well cared for during the entire process. The Dr came in and went over the history, explained in detail the procedure and how she came about obtaining the laser and the training she received to safely use the machine. An anesthetic was generously slathered on my private part. Inside and out! I waited 10 minutes for it to numb the area. She came back with an assistant and we all put on protective eyewear and masks. There were 2 laser head probes used and a vacuum system to insure particles and odors were removed as the laser did it's work. There was no pain. Mild tiny zaps were felt but not enough to say it was painful or even uncomfortable. The laser makes a noise but not too loud. It was easy to carry on a conversation as the procedure was performed. The laser part was less than 10 minutes in total. Including the laser head change time. I came away with detailed instructions, 2 ice packs and some cream for protecting the area. I received instructions to abstain from relations for 48 hours. So I will have to wait to see if there has been any improvement. I was reminded no change my be realized after just one treatment. There are two more to go. I am sore down there. Not pain but a raw feeling which I expected. The laser process is the same that is used to remove wrinkles and resurface a face. So if you have seen those pictures you will understand raw. However I did take a mirror and check down under and it is red but does not look raw. Heck it might always be red. I don't look at her too often. So who knows!
Summary- I felt well informed and cared for. I like the Dr. very much. They gave me all the information I needed. She allowed photo's of the laser, the heads and a photo of herself. I will keep you updated in as detailed a report as possible as I walk this journey. I am excited because this may restore sexual function. There are so many of us suffering from this condition and many can't take hormones for health or persinal reasons. In fact Cancer pt. are discouraged and prohibited from taking hormones. How sad for them that they have to suffer. Well perhaps no more. If this works it is safe for everyone. Requires no drugs, just three treatments 6 weeks apart. In my opinion we need to start discussing this topic and take the stigma away from expressing this very unfortunate side effect of aging in women. We all hear about dryness with menopause but how many of us really knew what this meant. I for one had no idea the severity of this condition. It is painful and makes sexual relations impossible. Tissues tear and there is bleeding. That is just the cold hard facts of menopause. It should be named menofinshed! But let's hope this is going to be a solution for us. It you are suffering the symptoms check out the Mona Lisa Touch. 50 % of menopausal women suffer from painful intercourse. Lets hope this new and safer method works for us!

Laser photo did not upload so here it is

A little more than a week post 1st treatment

Everything has settled down. The itching has stopped! Thank heavens. Doctor called today to check on me. I thought that was very nice. I noticed that I am having some changes down under. Have to wait a few days to start up the old equipment and see if there is ant sustantial improvements as hubby is out of town for a few days!

The preview

Ok so tonight we took the old girl for a spin! I can't say it was a grand re-opening but it was definitely a preview of things to come. We had entry. And it lasted a good 5 minutes before there was discomfort and the ol boy was afraid to hurt me. This was impossble prior to the 1st stage of the renovation! So I think there is something to this Mona Lisa. Both my husband and I are now really excited to see this to completion! In the past 3 to 4 years there was no way we could get this far without totally numbing her up! So yeah I am happy and excited that intimacy is re entering my marriage! Try it girls it does work!

Second verse same as the first!

Had treatment number 2 today. Same procedure with higher energy. I can honestly say the first treatment made some improvements. Not necessarily what I was expecting but a surprising side benefit is most noticable. I no longer have leakage! I had been using daily pads for urinary leakage for a couple of years and now have not had to buy them for at least three weeks. This is great news. However intercourse is still painful. There has been a change for the better with self lubrication but the atrophy at the opening needs further attention. I am using dilators and have made some progress but the journey continues. I remain hopeful because I am seeing benefits. I will let you know how it goes in the next few days regarding side effects. I had a lot of itching last time but have prepared for it this time should it start. Not much else to report. Hubby and I are continuing to remain close and finding ways to be intimate. I believe this is healthy for both of us. Hopefully function will be restored in the coming weeks.

Finally ready to state the obvious

Ok so she is old but she still has some life left in her! The MLT met my expectations but and isn't there always a but, I needed some more intervention. I was very please with the outcome. So I do recommend this procedure to other women who are experiencing the discomfort of menopause. I however think you should seek help soon and not wait as long as I did. It did not take care of the atrophy and that had to addressed separately. It completely solve my incontinence problem, completely, that was an added bonus! It rejuvenated the old factory to where you would hardly recognize the old girl. We are please with the results. I had some discomfort with each procedure but with medication it was bare able. I don't recommend planning a long flight on the next day. Good luck to all who try the MLT
Stephanie Cunningham

A real jewel of a Doctor. Took plenty of time to discuss the procedure and go over medical history. Very knowledgeable on the laser. Has clearly been well trained. Was compassionate and concerned that if I felt pain I should speak up. Her staff was professional and efficient. Gave clear and concise directions. Provided me with a phone number to call with any concerns. Only one mior surprise. I paid for the MLT and then when leaving had to pay an addition 150.00 I did not know about before hand. I felt this could have been explained more thoroughly in advance. I will update followup and email later.

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