5'3 112lbs, From 440cc textured hp to 375cc smooth mod+ - East Texas, PA

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Hello ladies!! So finally I'm having my BA...

Hello ladies!! So finally I'm having my BA tomorrow!! Wow I'm so scared and nervous and excited! Lol
My PS is dr. Kristi Hustak, so far she's being great as well as her staff..
Well here's my story.. I'm a mommy of two kids, the youngest just turned out 2, so after breastfed them I ended with no boobs!! Lol I used to be a cup b before and now I'm barely an A :/ not to mention the deflated they are. Ok so now that my husband and I decided on having no more babies I really started thinking very serious on getting a ba..One of my girlfriends just had hers on november 2014 and I liked her results and how quickly she's being recovering so she recommended me her doctor highly so basically that's why I chose dr. Hustak.

Pre op 01/05/15
My preo op went good, the nurse explained to me surgery procedure, gave my prescriptions, check my blood pressure and had me signed the consent forms. a few minutes later I got to talk to dr. Hustak and decided getting sientra 440cc hp round textured implants..I'm still a little worried they're might be a too big for me but I don't want to regret not going big enough, anyways dr. Hustak said she's going to try me and size smaller during surgery wich will be 410cc to make sure what size fits better on my frame :)

tomorrow is the big day!!

House is cleaned, laundry done.. I just need to run to the store for a last minute grocery shopping and I'm ready!!

before pics..

surgery day , 01/20/15

Thanks God everything went well. I had surgery at 7:30am and I had to arrived at6:15, all the staff was great and very caring..eveverything went really good and I was heading back home by 11am. I ended with 440cc sientra hp round textured.my ps said that size will look really proportional and pretty for my frame. First day was really painful and very difficult for me to move around by myself but I could handle it with my pain medication.

day 2

Still a lot of pressure and tenderness. My husband helped me removing bandages and took a shower. I was really scared to remove bandages I was expecting monster boobs lol but I think they look pretty good to be second day after surgery.. I have been sleeping a lot!!

day 3.. still swollen and sore..

day 3 after surgery

Pain has decreased but I still can't move my arms or doba lot of things without help.
I had my first post op check up yesterday and my ps said everything looks great and just need to be patient and and let my implants settle.
Anyways I took my second shower today and noticed my boobs looks kind of bigger than yesterday so I think that's a good thing for me =) can't wait for them to settle and fluff!!

day 6

Omg!!! I'm tired already, I feel so useless.. today I woke up a little depressed because I haven't seen much change in my breast, they're still riding so high and firm. I talked to my ps and promised me they are going to look great once they drop and I just need to give time since it's has been a big change to my body.. I guess she's right anyways I don't have any other option now but wait. The good thing is I'm medication free by now. No more pain just pressure and discomfort this morning.

8 days post op

No big change since last update but trying to keep calm and positive =)
Today I had my second pos op visit with my surgeon but my appt was cancelled and rescheduled for next week =/ well at least got to see the nurse who take a look at my progress and removed my stitches, she shaid a was doing great and answer some questions I had.
I'm back wearing the horrible compression band , just hope it helps me drop my girls faster.
Well, the good thing is I'm feeling much better physically since yesterday just back ache in the mornings .. =)

2 weeks pos op..

I'm 2 weeks pos op today, not a significant change yet but feeling better each day. I have 4 days back in charge at home and I've been able to clean a little bath my 2 yrs old, cook some meals etc. just trying to take it easy=). Tomorrow is my 2nd pos op appointment with my ps so looking forward for it! I have many questions .. just hope everything is fine , I'm still a little worried since my implants hasn't dropped much =/

2 weeks post op appointment

My appointment went really good. Dr. Hustak said everything looks perfect and my implants will drop nicely.. I just need to believe that lol ok I guess I just going to be very patient and take pictures only every week to see my progress. I will also continue applying almond oil to help with the skin stretching and about the compression band, she said that if it's so uncomfortable for me I don't have to wear it . Of course I don't like it but as long as it helps me drop faster I'll continue wearing it , at least for another 2 weeks =)

first time showing a little =)

relaxing massage!! :-)

Did I mention I got a relaxing massage session including with my surgery?
Well today I had my appointment and it was wonderful!! I've been really having bad bad back pain the last few days so this massage session was so much needed. Wendy was very caring and proffessional and she did a really good job helping relaxing my upper back, neck, and stretching my arms. I'm really feeling better even tho I still having pain in my right shoulder blade but hope it goes away soon. =)

more pictures..

before and after..

This is a comparison I wanted to share. . OMG I don't know what to think anymore!! Are they too much for my body?? I think I look like a porn star =(

4 weeks post op

Yeiii I'm in 4 week mark and finally starting to see some progress!! I'm not going to lie sometimes I feel down , I just don't know how some girls get immediately beautiful results after surgery!! Definitely not me lol . At the beginning I did regret doing my ba it was so depressing looking at the mirror and see those horrible deformed breast :( but I have learned that everyone is different and heals in different ways and the inmediate results depend in many factors (breast tissue before aug., skin laxity, type/size of implants, etc). First of all I started with a not full cup A I didn't have much breast tissue and I chose a big implant size. What could I expect? I just didn't realize all that before. Well here I am , my implants are settling slowly but I'm hoping after the 6 week mark I'll start to see more significant progress . (FINGERS CROSSED) :)
Happy healing everyone!

forgot to add this one..

5 weeks!!

Hello!! I'm so happy I finally seeing noticeable progress in my boobs!! Also feeling almost 100% recovered. . No more back pain which was killing me a few weeks ago. I'm just getting back to my normal life.
I'm so excited for the next weeks to come so I can finally start bra shopping!!

more pics trying up bikinis. .

I couldn't sleep feeling really anxious so got up from bed and started to look for bikinis to try on but none of my new ones fit ( "new ones"because a bought them few months ago for my trip to Cancun) so I found two from when I was like 22-23 yrs old !! Lol and I couldn't resist taking pictures so here I am at 1:45 am updating my review again lol well at least im going to bed happy now. Nite nite!

accidently pressed the post button but I wasn't done uploading pics..

bra shopping failed :(

Hello, no much change here yet :/ I was excited to start bra shopping a few days ago but didn't want to spend much money in expensives bras due to I still don't know what size I will end up with so I went to Marshall's and tried up like 10 different bras and guess what? I couldn't fit even one!!! Grrrrr that was really frustrating, my boobs looked horrible in all of them :( I guess I just have to wait more..
Anyways I had my 6 week post op appointment on Wednesday , my PS said it seems I'm just taking longer to drop but everything looks fine and taught me a kind of massage to help the implants settle in place that consist basically in squishing the upper pole of my breast and hold it for 6 seconds 3 times a day.
I hope it helps cause I'm running out of patient here :( well let's see what happen in a couple of weeks, I have my next appointment in 3 weeks so I guess I'll wait until that time to update my review.
Wish me luck! !

7 weeks post op and feeling happy with my boobs :)

Hello, I'm in the 7 week mark and feeling happy with my girls..they have change a bit in the last 2 weeks and I'm loving it. .*My left one is still higher than right so I just hope it can catch up soon.
*I'm officially back to the gym and really excited to get in shape again..
*Boobs are getting softer but sometimes when lying down they get firm, don't know if it's normal but I'll ask PS next week.
*incisions healing good. I started applying the silicone scar treatment my ps recommended .
Well I think that's the only news so far , I'll keep updating in case any one is reading jaja
Happy healing every one!!

having fun :)

more than happy! !

This is just getting better and I'm so happy about it! ! Let me say I was very skeptical at first but now I just can say my PS was right, textured implants do drop and settle . They do take longer but is all worth it and this is just the beginning. . Happy happy :)

quick update

Tomorrow I have another appointment with my PS Hoping everything is going well. I'm a little concerned because my left boob still looking slightly higher and I'm thinking it could have something to do with my pectoral muscle, I feel like it's contracted or tensed most of the time and don't know if that's normal at this point. Well let's see what my PS say tomorrow . Other than that everything is good, incisions looking good as well :)

12 weeks

Hello!! Today I hit the 12 week mark.. I think my left implant has settle a little bit more in the last two weeks but still needs more progress to do, well at least I'm seeing changes =). One thing is upsetting me now is that I can feel my right implant below my breast, it feels super weird! I'm just hoping it go away over time or at least improve a little. Have anyone here had similar situation?

14 weeks and officially a size 32DD at VS!!

new additions! !

4 months after BA..

Hello my RS friends, just making a quick update.. Well I've been doing pretty good, only that tightness feeling on my left pectoral muscle so I called my PS patient coordinator to ask what could I do about it or if it was normal at this point and she had me talk to my doctor, she thinks might be I'm doing a certain activity that is causing it mmm :/ well ok I'm being working out but avoiding excercise that implies working chest muscles . other thing it could be is that I lift my 2 yrs old toddler very often and let me tell you he is very heavy jaja.. Ok ,so she just suggested me taking a muscle relaxer or ibuprofen to help with inflammation and want me to call her back in 2 weeks . I'm just hoping it's not something else (fingers crossed ). So looking forward to have my 6 months post op visit and see if my left implant finally settled or if i will need revision. I can tell it's being slowly changing but still notice more upper pole and i don't like that . I want a perfect pair of boobs after all I paid for it lol..
Happy healing everyone!! Xoxo

Sad, sad, sad.. :(

Unfortunately my implants are not getting any better specially my left and since they're textured, they should have adhered to my skin at this time :(.. I called my Ps PC last week and told I want to my doctor to see me and discuss a revision so I have my appointment this wednesday.
I've been feeling bit down because we have a family vacation to Cozumel on July and I was really excited about it but now I'm just worried and sad I'm going too look horrible .. My breast not only look too high with so much upper pole , I also think now they're too big for my body. Almost all the bikini tops make them look even bigger. OMG I can't just imagine me at the beach with my two kids looking like this!! I just want to cry.. :(

Update at 5 months post op..

Hello girls!! So I had my appointment with my PS about 2 weeks ago and she agreed that my left implant looks a bit higher and have more fullness on the upper pole than my right and said it's because my left crease fold is naturally higher so the solution is lowering it about a centimeter, I agreed with that . She said it will be a quick revision and only will take about 30 minutes under local anesteshia. I haven't set a date yet because I don't want to rush it since I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks and don't want any complications so I decided I'm going to wait until I'm back :). I have to mention that my PS is being so nice and and she listens to her patients concerns and try to make them happy. So far I'm really happy about my decision of getting a BA I think I look much better in my clothes now, I feel sexy!! Jeje. I was a little down a few weeks ago trying on bathing suits but not now I think it just matter of getting used to them, so far my favorite are triangle bikini tops.

6 months post op and going for revision..

Hello, well everything is being the same since my last update, no more changes for my boobs anymore . Unfortunately my left breast didn't settle right and I'm going to need revision like I said on my last post my PS suggested lowering my crease fold to fix the asymmetry but now I'm really doubting that's not going to fix the problem I feel is something else that is keeping my left implant to sit in place so I called my PS patient coordinator to set another appt before my revision date which is August 12. I told her I want my doctor to examine me again and make sure what's really going on. I'm really getting tired of this situation , my left breast really bothers me a lot it's not like pain but I do feel discomfort,I can feel is not in the right place. Lately I've been thinking seriously in switching to smooth implants and go down in size , I'm want to discuss that option to my PS next week. I'm going to add some pictures if someone can help and give me an idea of what my problem could be or if someone has had a similar situation I would really appreciate sharing with me.

3 more days until revision..

Just wanted to post some last pictures of my breast before revision is done. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time. Hope my Ps can fix the problem so I can finally be completely happy with my breast.
On my last post said I was debating between exchanging implants or keep these ones but I've decided to just get my left implant fixed, I want to avoid unnecessary complications and also I'm not willing to spend more money at the moment.
Another new that makes me happy is that this week I noticed my breast are getting much softer so that's great for me. (I was starting to complain about textured implants remaining firmer) They definitely are firmer than smooth ones but there also good advantages about them . I'll post a video later on showing squishiness lol :)

Some pics to show how they look with clothes..

Revision done.

Hello everyone!! Just making and update after my revision. It's been 4 days now and I'm feeling pretty well. The first and second day I did have a little pain but nothing compare to the first time, tylenol worked for me so it wasn't necessary any strong medication just the antibiotic that my PS prescribed for 3 days. I was told to wear my post surgical bra and the strap on top again, same precautions like the first time so I've been trying to keep it easy .
I'm very pleased with the outcome, the bulge on my upper pole is gone and the lower pole is looking much better my only complain now is that my breast still look uneven , I think my left breast now look lower and bigger than my right lol but hoping is just swelling and they even out a little bit more in the next days, we will see ...
I guess I will never have perfect breast :/
Even though I think my doctor did a great job :)

Happy happy!! :)

Today is 1 week after my revision and I'm still feeling good, a little discomfort from my incision I think but overall it's been an easy recovery. I'm so happy with the look of my left breast now that I think it will end up looking better than my right ( the good one originally ) jaja Hoping to continue with a great healing. I have my follow up appointment this Friday I want to ask my PS when I can start working out again. I have gained weight the last couples of months so I want to work on my fitness ASAP! !

New bikinis!!

2 weeks after revision. .

Hello ladies, I'm still doing great after my revision and hoping it continues this way. I'm still wearing the strap the most i can specially at night. I'm terrified my left implant move up again lol well I don't know of that would be possible but I don't want to take the risk.
I know my left breast still needs to settle a bit more specially in the lower pole but I'm so happy I finally look great with any style of clothes. They look much much better now. I know they're not perfect but I'm ok with that.
For the girls that were asking if textured implants get softer over the time, I can tell I noticed a big progress in softness after the six months and they're continuing getting softer every day. :)


Hello girls!! I've been doing great, my left breast continues feeling better every day and I'm really happy about that .what doesn't make me really happy is the size of my breast. I still feel the implants are too big for my frame :( I know is hard, I love the way I look in certain clothes but with others I think I look heavy top haha awww I feel sad about that, I should have really chosen a smaller implant, 300-350cc's would be perfect for me. In the future I'm planning get them exchange, I don't know maybe 2 more years.. What do you girls think? :)

PS: Excuse if I don't express myself really well but I'm not really fluent with my english (like you have noticed ) haha

Very dissapointed.. :( :( :(

Hello everyone! Unfortunately I'm not being feeling really great with my breast again. . Now that they have settle more and after the revision on my left implant things didn't turned great as I expected. I've really been trying to be very positive and patient but I have realized I will never be happy with my textured implants.. I'm tired of trying to look for the better angle when taking pictures, I'm tired of always look like a have a super padded push up bra when I'm not!! And I'm tired of look this unnatural.

Well, like you have read in my older posts, I've always regreted going with textured implants (which my ps recommended) but wanted to give them a last chance going with only the revision of my higher implant before exchange them for smooth ones.. at that time my Ps and patient coordinator told me they will charge me $1,500 for replacing the implants which is a big amount for me ,I told them i didn't want to spend more money at that moment and I would go for the small revision first ($150) and if after that I was still unhappy with the way my breast look they still do the exhange of implants for that price (1,500) and they agreed they will respect that price.
Ok, I called my ps patient coordinator more than a week ago and no answer, send email no answer still, call again yesterday and she returned my call apologyzing saying they have been very busy. Ok I explained to her that I was still unhappy and wanted to go ahead with the exchanging and they want to charge me now $2,200!!!!! I'm really upset and dissapointed I really trusted them and I wasn't expected that from them.. I just feel really down about that. I really wanted to look and feel great about my self and now I stuck with this look that I hate, not to mention I have developed rippling and feel very insecured when having intimacy with my husband, I won't let him touch my breast in certain positions so he won't feel that bad rippling. .
I feel devastated at this time, I don't want to feel like this my whole life.. :(
I'm going to see my ps next wednesday and talk about all this directly to her.. I really hope she mantain her word.

Here are some front shot pictures.. the sad true..

3 months post revision

Hello girls!! Here are the news. . I got to talk to my PS and she denied to keep the price I was given before, not happy about that but there's nothing I can do about it.. So if I want the exchange I will have to pay $2,000 :/.
Talking to my husband about that, he thinks I look pretty good the way I am right now ( I know he tells me that to make me feel better haha) but it's up to me if I want to go ahead with the implants exchange. I've been thinking and thinking trying to make the right decision. What if I'm still unhappy with the outcome after the surgery? , what if I regret my decision? Lately I've been really happy with the way I look in clothes, my right implants has settled really nice, it really feels like a part of me. Is my left implant (trouble side) what still feel weird, sometimes uncomfortable with some kind of pain. I don't know if that's part of the healing afyer the revision or if still something it's not right with it. I also have noticed change in the shape specially on the profile ,it's looking higher again. I really don't know what's going on. I sent some pictures to my PS showing the difference on my breast and asking what could it be and they replied with a kind of rude email (well, that's how I felt it.) Saying that since I'm so unsatisfied with my results I have 3 options:
1. Explantation of implants
2. Exchange of the implants for the price of $2000.
3. Look for a PS better qualified.
I was like really??? I was just trying to get an answer to my concerns. I just wanted to know if I still have hope with this implants if my left implant still had a chance to get better after a few months amd they replied with that email, I don't know what to think anymore. :(
Anyways, I think I'm just going to give it more time until I make a final decision.

More pics with clothes..

I need help!!

Hello girls, I have finally decided on having the implants exchange!! My left implant keeps looking worse. My PS said it could be sign of early CC or is just my body memory that that is pulling it up again but since they're textured it's not going to fix itself anymore. So we decided the best option is to switch to smooths. Now I just have to make a decision on size and profile. I want to downsize a bit too.
My options are:
1.Mentor 375cc hp and 400cc hp.
2. Mentor 325cc, 350cc and 375cc mod+
I was set to hp already but now I'm super unsure!! One of the things I don't like about my current implants is the too much upper pole. I really want a full lower pole and my areolas to be higher and I know to achieve that look I should go with the mod+ profile but in the other hand I'm afraid I will end up with with wide/flat boobs !! I'm going crazy right now. Any advise will be really appreciated.
Once again my stats are : 5'3, 115lbs and my actual base diameter is 12cm.

It's done!! I switched to smooth silicone and I'm loving it :)

Hello my RS friends!! I just wanted to give you all an update. Yes!! I'm one week post op after my implants exchange. This time my PS and I decided to go with 375cc mentor smooth mod+. Since the first day I've noticed a great improvement in softness! ! It's amazing how soft and natural feeling this implants are!! Im very happy about that. Regarding size, I wanted a more natural look, that's why we opted for a moderate plus profile. I think I look really different now but in a better way. Now I just need to continue with massaging to help my left implant (the trouble one since the beginning) to drop in place and fill out my lower pole.
I'll upload some pictures so you all can see the change!! ;)

3 weeks with my new implants!! :)

It's been 3 weeks already and my new implants have been settling nicely. I feel much better now. Just hope they continue healing right and don't have further complications.
I would like to share some pictures of how they're looking at this stage and also share that I'm glad my bra size is still the same, so all the bras I have bought won't be any waste jaja.

4 months after implants exchange..

Wow 4 months now!! And I can tell I'm finally enjoying my breast. I don't feel discomfort or pain anymore.
My left boob is still not perfect but definitely looks much better than before. My left scar is still a little thick and that's because of the 3 surgeries. I believe that is what is keeping the inplant from completely accommodate into place. My Ps said to keep massaging it and she wants to see me in June for a follow up.
Mmmmm what else?? I feel much better with these new implants (moderate plus) but I'm going to be honest, sometimes I wish I stick with the high profile but there's nothing I can do now jaja I'm not willing to have another surgery any soon so I guess I have to learn to appreciate what I have now.
Ok here's a few pictures of how they're looking and I'll be uploading some more in the next days.. I hope everyone is doing great. :*

5 months after implants exchange..

Things are getting better and better at this point!!


hellooooo it's been a long time!!!
Everything has been great with the boobs my only concern now is that I got pregnant!! I found out when I was 2 months already and now I'm 22 weeks..
I need some advice, have any of you gotten pregnant having implants? I'm so afraid of the result!! are they going to get deformed? I've been trying to wear good support specially at night but what bras/brand do you recommend??
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