Dermabrasion for Cystic Acne Scarring. East Syracuse, NY

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Three weeks ago I had a dermabrasion done for...

Three weeks ago I had a dermabrasion done for moderate to severe acne scarring due to years of cystic acne. I first want to say that i have already undergone a total of 12 (yes, 12) rounds of fraxel laser from two different physicians. All of which did not even touch my scarring. Not even a little. Like, at all. So i did some research for physicians that were a little outside of my area to a bit of a bigger city, hoping for a doctor that could possibly give me a better result, or just be more knowledgeable of my situation. I did find one, in Syracuse. He was very knowledgeable of acne scarring and said that due to the nature of acne scars, most lasers do not touch them because of their depth. He recommended dermabrasion. The price seemed steep, especially sense the internet searches told me the average was 1500. His practice charges 3400, with an additional 700 dollars for the OR fee. They were kind enough to waive this fee for me, as it would have been a complete deal breaker. The surgery went fine, and i had a quick recoup for the most part, the doctor was great and he had a nice way of making me feel at ease. But i wish there was more that i knew going into this procedure. Like that it wouldn't help my scars very much. I went into this procedure not knowing that the most an average dermabrasion can help scars is about only 30%. I was hoping for more. And i probably would not have expected more but the lady that was the middleman for me and the doctor kept talking up the results i would have. I said i would be happy with 50% improvement at the consultation, and she said i should get more improvement than that even, that he was a "master" at what he does. After the procedure was done and my swelling went down, i was absolutely horrified to see all my old scars staring back at me, except they looked worse! Now i have these giant red blotches from where i got the dermabrasion, plus my scarring. And on top of that, another thing they don't tell you is the change to the texture of the dermabrated area will be dramatically different for a while after the procedure. I have been cleared to put on makeup, but the areas that were dermabrated are EXTREMELY shiny and waxy looking. No matter how much powder i try to use, within a half hour, just those areas turns so shiny you could literally see your reflection in them. It is mortifying. I am going back to work in a few days and i don't know what i'm going to do. The dr. said this would persist for weeks or possibly months to come and that it was normal. As for my results, i am told that now i am waiting to see if collagen will hopefully start forming to lift up the scars a bit over the next couple months. Well i have had 12 rounds of lasers, playing this same game of hoping for collagen to form, that ultimatley never does. so i am not too hopeful. At my six week post op appt, he will look to see if he can possibly use some fillers to fill in the scars. It is my own fault for not researching this procedure enough before going ahead with it. It has put my life to a complete hault, and not the results i was thinking that i was going to get. I am pretty much house bound, i have all my old scars, but now all the redness and shininess along with it. I do want to add that this physician is board certified, and a very knowledgeable man. But there is just things that they don't tell you going in. I also want to add that the doctor did tell me he couldn't promise results, but as i said, his "go-between" lady that works for him kept talking him up, and promising results when he would walk out of the room. No doubt she gets a commission of some sort and that is why she did what she did. I just want everyone to know that even in the trained and skilled hand, it is not what it seems. It is not what the "before and afters" on the internet make it out to be at all. It changes your skin for a long time, and your scars will likely still be very present. I posted pictures of myself before the procedure, and my progress through the healing process as well. Acne scars are extremely debilitating. Anyone who has them knows, that they make you feel disfigured, and extremely self conscious. I have quit my job as a hair dresser, because its too depressing to see myself in the mirror all day everyday, and not be able to look clients in the eye because of the way i look. I know i am not the only one that goes through it, but it is a very personal and lonely feeling. I know i will never have that smooth beautiful skin that many other people flaunt, not even realizing how lucky they are. Good luck to you all out there.

7 Months Post Op

So it has been seven months sense the dermabrasion. I am still dealing with pigmentation issues from it. The areas that were dermabrated are still lighter than the surrounding skin, and i refuse to go anywhere without makeup on. The scars have not improved at all, not in the slightest. I would show "after" pictures but there is no sense because i look exactly the same. I am beginning to feel the itch again to try and find something to treat my scars as i am still so very unhappy with my appearance. I have thought about possibly seeking out another surgeon to get a full face dermabrasion and see what they think about going deeper this time, sense the last doctor admitted to me he did not go deep at all because of my olive skin tone. I have previously had laser treatments done with another surgeon but got zero results. I do not think the laser they were using on me was for acne scarring but more for fine line and wrinkles. I am considering C02 laser...but just not sure. I have heard many people say on here that subcision is a good option, but i am just not sure. I have a consultation next week with a new surgeon to explore my options. I have spent so much money on my face and have had no results. But i still feel like i'm not ok with just letting it be, i am so unhappy with my appearance that i feel compelled to keep trying until i find something that works for me.

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