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After attending an open house and having a...

After attending an open house and having a consultation I had my upper and lower abs done on 6/23/12 and BOTH with the large device. I am wide and chose to try and suck more of my side in using it since the tech was amazed that I don't have any love handles. Alittle background on me...I'm 40, 5"3" tops and currently weight 133.5. I have lost over 50 ponds over the last year or so and after 2 kids and both being sections my stomach STILL made me look 3 months pregnant no matter what I did. After researching this I decided it was worth a try. I had saved for a tuck but with young kids and the down time it wouldn't be possible for a couple of years. The open house gave me a 10% discount and I paid 2700.00 for 2 treatments with the large applicator for each.

My experience... I had the procedure done in Syracuse by a dermatologist hat has been working with the technology for about 2 years now. Although she figured I would need 2 treatments on my lower abs, she said I was the kind of candidate that she liked and that it should work well for me. The procedure itself was a breeze. Theresa was wonderful and the only pain I had was litteraly 60 seconds when first put on my upper abs since it was close to my ribs. The massage after did not hurt at all and was the strangest sensation I have ever felt in my life! I left the office after 2 house feeling numb and of course swollen but that was it. I went walking, grocery shopping, and did housework. Slept fine and had no pain.

Day 2 I went to work at my desk job, sat for 8 hours without any problem and went to the gym for an hour of moderate cardio. Although it felt numbish and "jiggly" again there was no pain or problems. Made dinner, played with the dog and slept fine. Yes it is a bit tender if I push on it or bump into things and yes I am wearing my old "fatty pants" so it's not cutting into the swelling but it doesn't feel like anything other than that I over did my abs a bit at the gym. Again today I am at work without any problems and I plan og going to the gym again after work. Going to do a bit of weight but probably stay away from ab machines. My tech didn't say anything about any special after care but I am trying to keep active and keep my fluids up. Being swollen is REALLY messing with me emotionally though. What if it doesn't go away? What if it doesn't work or worse yet look worse? Needless to say there's no answers right now. All I can do is be happy that so far I'm not having any side effects. Next few days will tell for sure. A small part of me wonders if that means I won't get any results... was it not done right even though she said my draaw was as good as she could ever ask for???
Time will telol and I'll update as I go. I purposely did not take before pics or measure at home (although they have pics of course). Otherwise I'd be even more neurotic and I'm going to go my the way I feel which at the moment is liek a BEACHED WHALE lol!
Keeping everything I have crossed... alll I can for now!

OK so here we are at day 5...I am really feeling...

OK so here we are at day 5...I am really feeling anxious. I AM HUGE!!! On here I see some people have swelling and others don't. The positive it there is still no real pain. A little bruising and feels like I over did my abs at the gym but that's really it. Now the bad side, my stomach is literally 2-3x BIGGER than before I did this. I can't wear my normal pants because the cutting into my stomach does hurt quite a bit. I do not expect to have a flat tummy since I am still about 10lbs over my goal weight but knowing that that this is now making me look so much worse is really messing with me mentally. I look 6 months pregnant now rather than 3! I have read some things that this is temp and the office I had is done has said to just wait but I have read other entries of people that have said whn this has happenesd to then they have either had zero results or ended up perm bigger. I'm really starting to get scared...
I didn't measure or take pictures before hoping that it would make me less anxious. I am now really regretting that decission. It would be nice to be able to prove how much bigger I am.... I hate feeling more depressed than when I started. It's embarassing and I don't go around people more than I have to since everyone will ask if I have gained weight :-(

Well it has been 3 weeks... I get up after a good...

Well it has been 3 weeks... I get up after a good night sleep and most days it def looks like there is a difference. I only consume about 1100 to 1200 cals a day and mostly fresh and unprocessed food yet after one meal (This am was a cup of fat free greek yogurt and 12 cherries) my tummy is back to pre sculpting. It's like that all day so I'm thinking that it just looks like a reduction since I got so used to seeing myself so swollen and probably I'm just back to where I was. Still a bit of tingling here and there but it's rare. I'm really disappointed. I was hoping to see some result and look forward to a second treatment so I could say good bye to looking preggo before menopause sets in in a few years.
Maybe I was just still too heavy for this. Have been good on the same diet I have been on a year and a half and keeping up the exercise so not sure. I'll give it a few more weeks before I change to "Not Worth It"

OK so it's been a month since I di my upper and...

OK so it's been a month since I di my upper and lower abs. In the last week I have done some tweaking with my diet and it really seems to have helped with all the bloating I was experiencing. I don't think I have an allergy or anything but too much refined carb and dairy mixed (even high protein) seem to do a job on me and my digestion. Anyways with this change I am seeing a big change in my stomach. I have continued my diet and exercise but this is an are that it never got to (even when I wasn't bloated) so I have to believe the sculpting had something to do with it. If this is the result after a month I can't wait to see after 2!
If things continue on this path I may do another treatment but not sure if I can afford to do both with the big applicator again. Time will tell. I really hope she will give me a copy of my before and afters in Sept. I'll take my own afters but never took before. People aren't really seeing it because I hid that area but now I am wearing shirts that are a little more fitted and that is when I see the difference. This was about ME and MY SELF CONFIDENCE but I'll love it if I can show them the pis and why I hid it :-). Things are looking up, hope it continues!

Great results! I didn't take a before or...

Great results! I didn't take a before or measurements and boy do I wish i had!!! Hoping they will give me mine when I go back in a month. It's been exactly 2 months and I CAN NOT BELIEVE the results, I am soooo happy! I will be doing one more on my upper at least. I had no idea how well it would work on my lower and now my upper is a bit bigger. I have dropped a pant size and just bought size 6 jeans! After losing over 50 pounds and still having a large belly I am so happy this seems to have helped. I am still on my healthy lifestyle and working out to maintain the result. I wish I had taken some. Have to wait 4 more weeks I guess.

Got my 3 months pics done this morning and it was...

Got my 3 months pics done this morning and it was 1 MILLION percent worth it!!! All I have is a sheet with 8 or so different angles but I took some pics of it wil my phone to try and post. Mine you I have only had one large applicator treatment on my lower abs and one large applicator treatment on my upper abs. Most use the small applicator on the upper but I am wide so we tried it and it sucked a lot of my sides in as well that you really see in the shot from behind. There were more pics but these are a start. I have gone down about a size and a half although I have only lost a few punds. I have lost about 3 pounds since having this done but that would never come close to causing this kind of results. I think the level of success depends on what you have to lose and definitely the level of exp with the person doing the proceedure. Theresa was AMAZING and I can't wait until I can do my final treatments. Unfortunately financials are making me wait a bit.

I never do posts like this but this site was a HUGE help to me so here I am lol!
Theresa at Revitalize! CNY

Past experience was much more that other option in the area.

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