33 Yo, 2 Kids, 5'5", 107 Lbs, Deflated from Breastfeeding - East Syracuse, NY

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Booked my date - Sept 9th. After nursing two...

Booked my date - Sept 9th. After nursing two babies, I lost almost all of my breast volume, leaving me saggy and deflated. Pre-kids I wore a 32C and was as big as 32DD while nursing. I'm currently a 32A with one dr measuring me at a AA. I'm looking to get implants to restore volume and go back to my former size - large B or small C. I am active with a slim build and want something very natural. I'm really confused after meeting with two surgeons - 1 suggested 200-300 cc's and the other recommending 290-350 cc's. My pre-op is in a few weeks so hoping they can answer more of my questions around sizing and profile type! I love the natural look of many of your low profile pics, but afraid they may be too wide for me. If I have to go high profile or mod+, thinking maybe it's just a smaller size implant to counterbalance? So hard to find photos of other women my size with small implants! Love reading all your reviews :)


Deciding on size is so difficult. Loving all of the pictures and information on this site, but almost getting more confused because the same sizes look so different on different women! I tried the 1 cup rice sizes which is supposed to be a it 235 cc's and it felt huge! Assuming you lose some by going under the muscle, I'm thinking 250 is the right size but my dr initially aid I should be looking at 290-350! Can't wait for my preop so I can ask more questions. Wish it wasn't so close to my surgery date!


Finally had my preop appointment! Feel SO much better about everything after meeting with my dr again. He was very patient and I feel very comfortable about our decisions. While I wish saline was a better option for me since you know when there's an issue, I'm going with smooth round silicone. I tried on 200-300 sizers in the office and was shocked at how big even the 260s were on me!! Turns out, no matter how similar the basic stats, everyone is completely different. We ended up ordering the 210s and 240s (next size up) and will make decision day of. The difference is so minor, and I think I'll go with the 240s at the end of the day since I forgot that you do loose some volume going under the muscle. Based on my 13 breast width, he's going with moderate profile.

I also feel better knowing I can go for walks and do basic things - he said its all common sense and I feel good about that.

Can't wait for my surgery next Fri 9/9!


Surgery went well and my dr was really great at making me less nervous. He drew a line for my crease, and I told him I was leaning to the 240s.

Right now my chest feels enormous but I'm hoping it's mostly bandages and swelling? A little nervous I should have gone smaller but too soon to tell.

Recovery is painful so far, not going to lie to you. I stopped taking the prescription pain this morning because it makes me so sick! Sticking with Advil and resting in bed.


Had my post op today! Everything seems to be looking good so far. They gave me a medical bra with a strap to keep downward pressure, and the nurse said this was most important at night. Said it would take about 2 weeks for incisions to heal, 6 weeks to start dropping and really 6 months to fully settle. Will do my best to be patient!

Had to stop taking the narcotic after day 1 because it made me so sick, so just taking Motrin and it's manageable. Day 1-2 was tough, but was ok today up and getting around.

When I feel them or look in the mirror, I think I should have gone with the smaller size. When I put on a light sweater today to go to my appointment, however, they really look very natural. Think I'll adjust after a few weeks and the dr said there was still some swelling.

Overall so happy with my surgeon and just need to take his advice to heart. More to come once I get up and can snap a pic :)

Day 4 pics

Lines are from the surgical bra. Probably still a bit swollen!

So far I'm glad I didn't go bigger. Trying to reserve judgement on if I should have gone smaller for at least 6 weeks :)

1wk post op 240cc

I've had a terrible headache all week! Dr said it could be residual from the anesthesia. Just taking Advil and Tylenol right now and pain is manageable. Still tough to reach for things but returned to work and am able to do most things. Hate not working out, but nice just to walk around normally!

Called today and they said I could sleep without being propped up, so that was a relief!

A week later

I'm so much happier about everything this week. Everything looks good and I'm loving the size (after being worried earlier it was too much). No bra shopping yet, but fit nicely into clothes and feeling much more confident.
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