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I am really nervous. Cosmetic surgery have not...

I am really nervous. Cosmetic surgery have not worked in my favor in the past. I had a breast reduction, 22 years ago. I have unsightly scars, and my breasts grew back. I can't remember what my stomach looked like prior to 1988. The gym is not working in my favor either. I don't know if I'm impatient or lazy. But I'm ready for the next phase of my life.

Changed the date!

I changed my surgery date from April 6th to March 23rd. I told my sister I wanted a walker with wheels. She said I shouldn't, because the goal is for me to stand up straight. I just don't want to keep asking for assistance going to the bathroom. I also need a low maintenance hairstyle. I don't think I'm going to be able to lift my arms over my head for a while.



The secretary from my surgeon office contacted me because my chart was flagged that I was a smoker. They want me to have blood work done to see if I have any nicotine in my system. I haven't smoked a real cigarette in about 3 months, but I was smoking a electronic cigarette. I stopped smoking that about 2 weeks ago. My boyfriend still uses his around me. My question is, does second hand electronic nicotine vapor smoke affect the blood test..


Yesterday, I received my pre-admission papers in the mail. But, I have not received the paperwork for me to go to the lab and have the nicotine test. Maybe it will be done when I go to my pre-admission testing. I am a little nervous, because I do have high blood pressure, but I am taking meds for it. Maybe to ease my mind, I will go to Wegmans or some other pharmacy and see what my blood pressure is, so I can be somewhat at ease for the next 2 1/2 weeks.
I hope everything works out, and I get clearance to proceed!

2 More Weeks!!

Time is flying by. In two more weeks, hopefully I will be in the O.R. I had another appointment with my PS late last week. Since I saw him last in August, he wanted to go over my procedure again. He told me he will be doing muscle repair as well. He went over what he was going to do, and what to expect. He assured me, that I would not come out looking like Halle Berry (I figured as much. LOL). Basically, I just want my bowing belly gone, and the horizontal cesarean scar gone. If I'm not totally flat, I can hit the gym and workout the rest. I have to hit the gym anyways to get rid of the fat in my back. One more week until my pre admission testing!

Pre Admission Testing

I had my pre admission testing today. The part I was most nervous about, my blood pressure was normal. Everything else the nurses tested for was normal as well. The nurse asked me if I had any open wounds. I said no, but thought about the pimple sized scratch on my stomach. The buckle from my belt rubs against my stomach and irritated my skin, and I scratch. I have a spot where I scratched the skin off, and the nurse said it's red and open. Again, it's the size of a pimple. I am very nervous because the nurse said that if the wound is not healed by surgery time, it will be postponed. I don't know which is better, calamine lotion or neosporin? Do I let the wound breath or do I cover it with gauze. I'm going to call the nurse at my surgeons office and see if she has any advice. Another blow was my time was changed from first thing in the morning until noon. Now I can't eat or drink anything after midnight up until noon the next day. The nurse did give me a list of a few beverages I can drink to take my blood pressure pill the morning of surgery. I'll keep you guys posted.


Tomorrow is the day! I can't believe I waited to the last minute to try and do everything. I wanted the house spic and span before I went to the hospital. Needless to say, I'm only 80% done. I'm exhausted, so I'll get up early and finish the other 20% before I go in tomorrow. I'll updated you guys tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK!

It's Done!

Hi Ladies, here is my surgery and day 1 post op update. I finally got up to my room a little after 10pm. I dozed off because I was still doped up on meds. At 11:15 pm, I jumped up with what I called a panic/anxiety attack. The compression do-dad on my legs, I wanted them off. I wanted the oxygen out my nose. I kicked the covers off me, and I had to get out of that hospital bed. I called the nurses, and told them I wanted to walk. The first few steps, I was hunched over, but as I was walking, my posture became upright & normal. Thankfully when I got back to the bed, she didn't put my leg compression or my oxygen back on. I was still restless most of the night, only sleeping about a hour and a half at a time. 5 am rolls around, and the nurse comes in to take out my catheter and IV. At 6, I requested a pain pill. I had to question was it normal that I was in no pain. The only reason I asked for meds at 6 is because it was shift change. I was discharged at 10, now I'm home in bed dozing off and on looking at law & order svu and sex and the city. Here is my 1 day post op pics.

2 days post op

Last night was another restless night. I ate a couple of pieces of baked chicken wings, and a salad for dinner. Boy did I bloat. I think tonight, I'm going to eat baked tilapia. My boyfriend ran to the store to get me some miralax. While he's gone, I'm going to try to snap a pic of me standing. In the pic, I'm swollen, and my camera isn't straight. I got tired of trying to get a better view. I'll try again later, or tomorrow.

4 days post op

I'm still very swollen, my pain is minimal, and no bowel movement yet. The nurse said milk of magnesia and prune juice until I go.

After Surgery Doc Appointment

I just came back from Dr. Davenports office. He was out of town, so I had my follow up with one of the other plastic surgeons. I was producing too much fluid, so my drains could not come out on this visit. The nurse told me to stay active, the more active I am, the more fluid I will produce, and the sooner the drains can come out. I was surprised she told me I can go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for about 20 minutes a day. My scar looks fine, I have no dead skin, and I'm healing quite nicely. For a whole week, I was wearing my binder wrong. It was supposed to be at the hips, I was wearing it too high. I will update more after pictures a little later. Right now, I am bloated and swelled up. I look bigger now than I did on day 1 post op. But, I am constantly dropping weight. I know I am not supposed to weigh myself, but I am on weight watchers now, and I have to weigh in every Wednesday. Talk to you ladies soon.

10 Days Post Op

I still have these dreadful drains in. I'm still producing too much fluid.

I wish I had a better camera. This picture does not do my stomach any justice. My stomach looks MUCH BETTER in person.

10 Days Post Op

Another picture.

3 Weeks 1 day post op

I am getting so frustrated. I returned to work yesterday with one drain still in. At my first pre op appointment, the nurse told me to be active to help me drain. Reading doctor reviews about having a drain in longer than 3 weeks, they say I may be too active. I don't know what to do. Taking more time off of work is not a option. I have a desk job, but I do walk to the printer a lot during the day. If anyone has any helpful tips, please let me know. Thanks

The Left Drain Tube From He**!

As you know from my previous post, at 3 weeks and 1 day post op, I still had my left drainage tube in. While at work yesterday, I decided to pull my binder up a little bit so the bottom would not rub against where the tube was inserted at. I thought everything was all good because the irritation and the pain from all the rubbing subsided. I wanted to kick myself because I was miserable for two and a half days at work. Well, when I got home, I decided to take it easy and take a nap. I woke up a few hours later, tried to get out of the bed, and I had the worst pain I ever felt in my life where the drain tube was inserted at. When I finally made it out of bed, I was walking hunched over, because every time I tried to stand upright, the pain would hit me like a ton of bricks again. I cried like a baby. I couldn't understand why I didn't have any pain with the actual surgery, but this drain was giving me all the problems. I had this drain in so long, that it started extracting itself, and the only way the pain was even bearable was when I pushed the tube back in a little. My boyfriend told me to call the surgeons emergency number and talk to someone. When the on call surgeon called me back, I explained to him what was going on and at that moment I wasn't in that much pain because I took two hydrocodone pills. He said that if it continues to give me trouble, take the tube out. The pain came back about midnight. It was not as bad as it was earlier, but I wasn't going to chance it. I gathered up my scissors, tweezers and my magnifying mirror. My boyfriend looked at me like I was plum crazy. After about two tries, I snipped the stitch that I thought was the culprit of my pain, and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up this morning for work, I was about to drain the tube and call my read in to the nurses answering service, when I noticed the drain tube was more than half way out. I guess since I snipped the stitch, when I was sleeping, the tube extracted itself. Now I am scared because I have to pull the remaining part out. I braced myself, put a gauze on the site and started pulling a little at a time. I was scared for no reason. The tube came out with no pain what so ever. I called the nurse gave her my reads, and gave her the run down on what happened yesterday and this morning. I figured she would want to see me later on, so I called in to work. She called me back about 8 am, and said what I did was fine, they didn't need to see me, and to continue taking my antibiotics. If any problems arise before my next appt, don't hesitate to give them a call. I asked her where did the pain come from. She said that since I had that drain in for so long, it probably shifted and hit a nerve or something. I am so happy to have that drain out. Just a heads up for anyone who will go through the h*ll I went through with my drain.

4 Weeks

My stomach looks deformed. I don't know if it's swelling or seroma. I also bought a waist trainer to see if that helps. Well, I'm on my way to the gym for an elliptical workout. For the most part, after working 10 hours. I come home and my stomach looks like this. :-(


I just left my ps office. Yes, I did have fluid (seroma ). He drained almost 300 cc's. He said if it builds up again, call, and they will bring me in again to drain. I was instructed to wear my binder all day. I told him the binder was irritating me, so I bought a waist cincher. He approved my purchase.

Waist Training

My waist trainer came from hourglassangel.com last week. I was so swollen, it wouldn't go around my waist. Finally, yesterday, I was able to get it on and fastened.

Between wearing my surgical binder to sleep, the waist cincher I bought from JCPenney's to work, and the waist trainer to the gym, I hope I see my final results soon!

Almost 12 weeks

It's been a while since I posted. I just wasn't happy with my swelling. My stomach just looked deformed. At my last doctor appointment, he assured me that I was healing fine. He said my protruding sides will soften and go down. I see a little progress, but not as fast as I would like. I'm hitting the gym
4-5 times a week. I will start on my abs next week. I hope my swelling will go down a lot more by August. I'm going on a cruise :-)

3 Months

I'm still swollen, but my stomach isn't hanging over my pants or damn near touching the steering wheel. ???? ????

This isn't what I expected.

I haven't posted in a while because I am so disappointed in the way I look after close to 6 months post op. My surgeon doesn't seem to know why I'm so swelled on one side. He told me to stop wearing a belt. and come back in a few months. My next appointment is on the 24th. I'm going to request a ultrasound and ask if I get lipo, will that help me get better results. I look at myself, and want to cry.

1 year update

I had my surgery with Dr. Davenport one year ago today. Needless to say my stomach looks horrible. I went to my last follow up appt with him last week. He had the nerve to tell me I'm healing fine! He's delusional! When the nurse took my after photos, you can see the look on her face. It looked as if she was saying "is this her final result, eww". I had problems with the lump on my right side during the whole recovery process, and to this day, the fluid never absorbed like I was told it would. I know I gained about 10 pounds back, but I still shouldn't look deformed. For kicks and giggles, I made a appt for tomorrow with Dr. Davenport to see will lipo help my look and the cost of the procedure with Rochester Plastic Surgery Group.

I already have a surgery date set up for lipo with Dr. Salama in Florida (Elite Plastic Surgery) on 6/17/16. I will be getting full abs, full back, and flanks. After this final post about Dr Davenport, I will update my review, and document my journey with Dr. Salama.
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