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Hello RS. I know it's been said before but again...

Hello RS. I know it's been said before but again shouldn't hurt. I've scrolled through thousands of pics and procedures on this website looking for the right ones that fit my body type and have seen the success of many others asking my self over and over will this ever become my reality. I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother overall I love life, love the Lord love music, love laughing, love how I look from the neck up but I absolutely HATE my body. I am so serious, I've tried weight loss this weight loss that, prepared my body with clean eating and walking and exercise every day for LAPBAND surgery losing 45-50 pounds only to go through some very trying times within my marriage that resulted in emergency Gall Bladder removal, everything went down hill from that point on. My stomach is huge and deformed, my inner thighs look as if there's a extra vajay-jay attached and my butt has become so flat my body looks like a circle square. WHAT IN THE *&#((.
I really would like to take a trip to the "PottersHouse" and have a surgeon cut off burn off this access fat, I'm thinking LIPO of stomach and inner thighs. I really would love to love my temple again. Thank you guys for helping me in my search for the perfect surgeon. I'm thinking LIPO of stomach and inner thighs.

What makes a good canidate

Hello guys, after surfing this site with all of the oohs and ahhs of others results I'm left with the one question. "What makes one a good candidate for MommyMakeover"? It appears that out of the country is a lot less cheaper but again that's out of the country. Does the weight of an individual determine the price of surgery, or is it the procedure or just the experience of the surgeon? Please help a sista out

Dream of Revelation or Fear

Hello RS, I pray all is well! IK I haven't communicated with you guys in foreva but can I please keep it 100? Seeing all of the pics and testimonies as well as disappointments of every one that were willing to share my new desired body has been on my mind both day and night all day and all night. Recently I had this dream about a very close friend of mine and myself who had gone to DR to have mommy makeover and BBL. In my dream my friend was in a great deal of pain but she was at work, she looked so great and I remember I was so mesmerized I couldn't stop asking her questions, she even gave me a name of a Dr. and discount prices and financially it was exactly what I'm looking for. Her boss and another lady came over to me and advised me to talk to her at another time because clearly she was in a lot of pain. I remember walking away thinking "why the hell is she at work"? I also remember feeling so hopeful in the dream I started planning on how much time I would need to take off from work, a feeling of anxiety came over me because I know my husband would not go so there was a question of support. The price was great but going to another country ALONE was a nagging concern, even in my dreams. I was so caught up in the preparation and planning remember getting lost in my dreams and as I sat at a intersection the radio in my car started playing this song and I remember the lyrics clear as day saying. "DON'T GO THAT WAY-DONT GO" I'm wondering if the Holy Spirit was warning me not to go to DR, or rather I'm being warned to NOT have the surgery all together. Now I'm quite sure there's plenty ppl who have decided to go to DR and have had great success I don't have nothing bad to say about any one who have chosen that route, I'm just at a halt and it's quite discouraging PPL. I need some prayer warriors to pray for and with a sista. Thank you!!!

Switching Hlth insurance

Good Day, RS family! So after going back and forth for the last two years since beginning my journey up and down falling off the wagon getting ran over by the wagon and so on and so on I've concluded that I will be switching my health insurance coverage this open season simply because my current hlth insurance carrier will "ONLY" provide coverage for LB surgery. Let me give you a little history of my journey(take a seat and sip on some tea)smile
Back in January 2013 I recall the disgust that my husband displayed when I had reached an uncomfortable weight of 260lbs, the distasteful look is still vivid in my thoughts. I walked every day, weighed my meals, ate clean joined weight lost programs started eating "Clean" exercising, I mean I was on my come up. I actually lost 40 something pounds and what do you know the man that I married decided that he would move to a whole another state. huh who in the hell does that I thought. I was so distraught emotionally that I had to have an emergency gull bladder removal, before the GB surgery I was petrified of surgeries it was because of that fear that I had wanted to have LB. Any who after the GB removal and relational matters I was not up for an additional SX so long story short my nutrition advised me that she was just getting ready to approve my SX date but I had to start the program all over this was 09/2013 so I did start the program all over but I was so wounded that my efforts were not there at all, I gained every inch of the weight back plus some overweight stress and in 09/2014 I was dropped from the program all together:(.
Now after engaging on RS site because all I use to do before was look and hope I've decided that the gastric sleeve would be a much better choice for me. I'm much more stronger now and I've overcome my fear of SX. Now all I need to do is select proper HLTH ins as a Federal Gov Employee.
Any suggestions?

Nervous or Excited

Its happeniing guys its happening . I received a call to meet with the surgeon for my gastric sleeve surgery on 7/1. I'm not sure if I'm excited, nervous or fearful.
I have been cleared after being disqualified and staring the program over again. I've come to realize that I need support. I'll let you know how it goes pray for me.

Got a surgery date

Hey RS, I pray your day is blessed and in preparation to receive and achieve all that is in store for you. Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.Well guys I met with Dr. Johnson on today it was very brief! He actually remembered me from the seminar- I've only attended uhm four seminars or so. LOL I had alot of question. If you remember I started my journey with the intent to get the LB simply because I was petrified of surgery however after having my gallbladder removed along with the transparency and suggestions of others on this site Im convinced that my change in choice is best. Dr Johnson explained what I should be expecting and he answered a list of questions that I had written down for him, questions like leakage, the size of the incisions and yadda yadda. Guess who decided to join me(¿) My husband- listen believe me when I say "Prayer works". So my surgery date is Friday 8/5. I welcome all suggestions as to what I'll need in the hospital and those first two weeks home from hospital.
Make it great!
Rochester Bariatric Surgeon

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