29 YO Nurse Married One Child Need a Lift Since Forever. - East Providence, RI

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All my life I have had saggy, heavy boobs. I hit...

All my life I have had saggy, heavy boobs. I hit puberty super earl at 8 years old (no joke) and my boobs grew overnight. They never grew to a nice form and I was overweight. I have had my son and that's the only kid I am having. Due to all this my breasts are terrible. Not that I ever had a nice set before anyway. I have finally decided to get them lifted. I am going to Dr Plamondon in providence January 15 201. I am excited and nervous. I was wondering about the scars and how to heal them nicely. And others experiences. I will update as much as I can. I also decided no implants. I kinda want them but its expensive enough without them and I'd freak about popping them.

deposit left!!

I dropped of the deposit today. And my ticker keeps counting the date!! 70 more to go!!!!

45 more days

They keep going and going!!!! Omg really??!!!? Next month!?!?

less than 2 weeks away!!!

I have a preop testing appointment Monday. Then preop appointment with Doctor Tuesday!!! Ahhhhhh this is nuts. So happy this is actually happening!!!

new pics and less than a week away!!

So I have lost 24 pounds I want to tone up. I'm hoping to not ruin the results when they get here.

todays the day!!

I go in for 12:30...nervous excited....omg!!!

so far so good!

Day after!! Surgibra until tuesday. Got percocet and keflex. I am just sore. I hope they look good. I felt sick when I woke up. They hurt pretty badly..got dilauded..went away. Walking and water no lifting. The nurses were saying they were all talking about how great they looked. I hope so!!! So far its been a breeze!


I thought I was gonna die waiting 5 days... But omg they look so fucking good!!! I am extatic!!! Hopefully no complications. But so far so good! I am very happy!!!!!

A little over a week now!! So far so good!!

So I still have steri strips on. Getting them off February 4th. There is still swelling and some bruising but minimal. No lifting. I went to gym yesterday. Did some leg work and walked on treadmill. I kept it super light but I needed to do something. When I get the OK I am going in full force with weights minimal cardio. Looking to tone arms and lower body mostly. But take a look!

one more picture

Bump in the road

So I got realllyyy bad contact dermatitis from steri strip glue. I ended up back to Doctors Monday. It left full dark red swelling and oozing scabs. But it seems to be healing nicely. I just want the redness gone! At least its flat now! I believe it takes awhile to fully go away. The scars are so smooth and I believe with more time you won't even notice them. My doctor has such beautiful precision. So as long as this dermatitis goes away I'll be happy. Its way better than it was Monday by like 80%. I'm just impatient haha! I still don't regret getting them done. This is one of those complications that is unfortunate but I didn't realize how sensitive I was to the glue. If you feel super itchy or see ANY REDNESS go to the doc ASAP. So here's the 2 week update..dong mind the redness! HAPPY HEALING GUYS!!!

Looking good!! 1 month post op!!!

So the contact dermatitis healed quickly. Minor redness still left but it will subside. The incisions are still beautiful. I have pretty much all sensation left too!! Hee hee! I'm very happy. I can't wait to see where they end up! Definitely worth the money!! So confident and happy!!!

picture one month post op

1 month post op

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