Poor Necklift Results - East Pittsburgh, PA

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I finally got a neck lift at age 52. Incisions...

I finally got a neck lift at age 52. Incisions were in front and behind the ears. I knew right away I didn't like how one side looked. I had to wait one year before my doctor would consider any "adjustments" He did attempt to tighten just the one side I was most displeased with. It did not help at all. I have been very patient in waiting for complete healing (two years). I hate the results under my chin. The board certified plastic surgeon said it is because of poor laxity. I really want this corrected. Please help to guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

Poor neck lift results

I added a few more pictures hoping for additional suggestions please.

Revision or injections?

I know it's hard to tell just from seeing photos, but does anyone have an opinion if some type of injections can help the problem area under my chin?
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