21 Years Old, No Kids, Planning my BA for This Fall! - East Peoria, IL

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As of right now I am 118Ib and 5'3 petite. I have...

As of right now I am 118Ib and 5'3 petite. I have thought about a BA since I was younger because I never got lucky like my mom and sister with huge boobs, or at all for that matter! So now Iv decided to go through with it, all I do is research. Not sure what size or implant, I keep changing my mind! This site is a huge help.

So I actually had a consultation and I was so...

So I actually had a consultation and I was so nervous. I was thinking to myself "wow I'm really here right now." My doctor told me I had small amount of breast tissue and that I would achieve the natural look with silicone. I am 5'3 and weigh 120 and love to workout. I wanted saline to begin with so I am kind of worried to go with silicone. Should I listen to my doctor or get saline because I'm more comfortable with it. Now that I have the money ready to go I am still so scared and wondering if I should really do this. I want it, I've wanted this since I was like 13 sadly because I never grew boobs! I'm just so scared, but I think that's common for all women that want a breast augmentation? If anyone could tell me how they overcame the fear and went for it please let me know. I have never had surgery so I'm just really really reallllly nervous thinking about this.

Surgery date scheduled!!

So I decided to stop being a baby and I went in to put my down payment and scheduled my pre op and surgery date!!! Getting new tatas July 18th, I cannot believe it still. I am having mixed feelings but I think that is normal. My pre op is July 7th so I'll wait to buy some more comfortable bras Til then. I'm not sure what all I need to buy. Any suggestions?! On scar cream that really works as well!?

Oh my goodness

This past Thursday I went to my pre op! I was very nervous to let go of all that money. Not just that but to think I am down to a week with my small boobs!

So my doctor knows I want a full C small D because I am 5'3 and athletic. He had 350 sizers and 450 sizers for me to try on and they were perfect range of what look I was going for. He seemed very confident like he knows what I want, so we agreed on somewhere in the 350-450 range!

Surgery is Monday July 18th, and I can't believe it. As I read plenty of reviews on what to get to prepare, I asked my doctor as well. About stretch mark cream, which scar treatment, and arnica Montana pills, Bitcoin. And he said I didn't need to do anything of the sort?! Besides some car treatment weeks after surgery when I get the dressings off. I'm surprised but glad I won't go waste money right now, even though I already ordered Arnica, he did say it wouldn't hurt to take.

I am 5'3, 120Ib, getting silicone gel under the muscle, inframammary incision.

I'm so nervous the closer it gets, and I pray I can handle the pain. I have no idea how this will go because I have Beverly had surgery or anesthesia, that makes me more nervous.

Worried and questioning this procedure... );

One day I'm excited and brace the next like today I read reviews after reviews about women getting their "toxic" implants removed. It's making me worry and get sad like maybe I will regret this. I asked my boyfriend just now how much I'd get back which I know is only like 25%. My surgery is Monday....I just pray my story is like the positive ones I've read and seen and not a regret in my future. Has anyone else felt upset before surgery and had a happy ending? If so I'd really appreciate your feedback and stories. ????

I did it!

I had my surgery Monday! I was more excited than nervous on my way there! But but when I got changed and away from my family while the nurse set me up I started to feel the tears coming. Thinking to myself "am I really about to do this to myself" and I brushed it away, the nurse gave me some stuff to calm my nerves in my Iv and my family came back and kept making me laugh. I don't even remember falling asleep after they took me back. I just woke up so happy all tears of joy literally.

I was not sick or anything just very thirsty. I was so happy. Everyone said I was a rock and I did great for my first time having surgery!

When I got home I just sat in bed watched my show on Hulu and i felt really fine. It was day two that I really did not enjoy...

Day two and three I didn't feel like myself. I wanted to rip the implants out it felt so weird and I was about to go crazy because it was just a burden and didn't feel like my body yet. But I think it was the norcos I had built up in my system that also did not help my mind. They made me drowsy and confused, not my normal state of mind like I usually am which is happy all the time and laughing. So I stopped taking them day 3 even though I was afraid to feel pain. But it's dumb to take them unless your in pain obviously. I just didn't want to get behind so I kept taking them every 4 hours.

So I got myself off of them and started taking acetominophine and my days got so much better. My implants I was getting use to, they started feeling one with my body and I wasn't depressed anymore thank you Jesus. Now it's day 5 Saturday and I feel almost like myself again. I really haven't had any actually pain either so it was very easy switching meds. Just some soreness which is nothing I can't handle.

I have been taking it easy staying home and resting like I'm suppose to before I have to go back to work on Tuesday. My right boob feels great totally fine and already dropped since Monday, but my left is being stubborn, still up higher and tight. It's a little frustrating but I know I just need to be patient and follow my surgeons recommendations. I have my post op on Monday so I'm excited to see what the doctors have to say about them! I'm trying not to read bad stuff and freak out about my left boob at the moment until I hear news on Monday.

Pretty soon I can start sleeping flat on my back so that's exciting! I thought sleeping propped up this week would be hell but iv been sleeping all through the night without any neck or back aches thanks to a back pillow with arms on it from bed bath and beyond so get one!

Anyways I'm 5'3,123 pounds, and I woke up with 400 cc gel implants under the muscle, I was so happy! Because when we agreed and what I tried on and liked was 350-450. So I said I'm trusting you on picking what matches my body and he went for 400 because my skin stretched more than he thought!(: excuse my round tummy, I have been bloated ever since surgery but I could care less it will pass in few weeks, I just need to keep eating healthy.

Relieved at last.

So last night and this morning I started having some more pain after I was literally fine all week. I had some pain in the center and bottoms of my breasts. My left breast still has not dropped like the right so it's also up there and tight still.

Well today at my post op I was informed that he did have to do more to those areas of my breasts during surgery so I was glad to hear that. I was given the OK to buy more comfy bras besides this one! And everything was looking great including my incisions.

Getting them taken out was not even painful like I thought! And my mom said they looked good(: so now I can relax and keep going with the flow! Amen.
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