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"No coats inside young lady, you'll need to take...

"No coats inside young lady, you'll need to take it off" that is how it all started. On my lunch hour in 4th grade; the summer before 4th grade I went from a training bra to a "WHATS IN YOUR SHIRT R??? LEMONS??" as soon as the coat came off. Lemons stuck my entire 4th grade yearI would come home and cry to my mom who said "hey lemons isnt so bad; just wait you'll be watermelons like me before ya know it" by the time I turned 13 in 7th grade I was 5'4'', 125pd and a DD cup.

Now in my mid 30s w/ 3 kids my weight has increased and decreased over the years- currently I am a 42H the smallest I have been since 17yo was DDD regardless of my weight. The back pain is horrible, I keep knots in the middle at the bra strap line (thankfully my fiance knows massage) I cant lay on my side without my shoulder/arm going numb. They get in the way when I try to do things, I have failed gym classess in school b/c I REFUSED to run. As I sit here my bra is digging into me, its hot and itchy. And I know that when I take it off tonight it will be the last time I have to remove a bra that my 14yo daughter puts on her head as a hat! I'm really excited about surgery tomorrow but then again I'm freaking out. These breasts are ME. Althought I hate them they have been around almost as long as I have :) My fiance, children and family are very supportive.

I thought about this for years and I cant belive its really here. Once I got into a PS for a consult it has happened fast (I do know his assistant personally and she was a huge help) my approvale came about 3/4 weeks after my consult surgery scheduled 21/2 weeks after approval. OK Ladies I'm going to spend some time with my family as I'm sure I wont be much use to them the next couple days...but first REMOVE THIS BRA!!!!! I'll be back after surgery!!!! Hopefully with pics :)

Today was the day. Ended up being admitted-surgery...

Today was the day. Ended up being admitted-surgery took bout 8 hrs. 2 mpre then expected. took about 3 pds ea.sided. pain barable.
be back tomorrow sleepy

Here I am in the hospital unable to sleep. Let me...

here I am in the hospital unable to sleep. Let me apologize now for spelling/typos/grammer. So I got in yesterday at 630am doc. came in the room at about 810 (830surgery) and he said so we talked about....and he covers those maybe etc again. He said I was thinking and something I dont rmemeber mentioning is that sometimes (I dont remember his exact words) but I cut him off aND SAID free nipple graft ? His eyes got big and he said How do you know that?? I said told ya doc. I do alot of research. While marking me up I was watching him and said uhhh are you straight? nope I was watching him :) had to start over to ensure that i was not lopsided. Good doc laughed at me and said if you end up crooked its your fault. Thats about all I remember. He finished marking me up GA folks came in...we talked briefly....I think I recall lifting my hips to get my panties off ( be used)and then the next thing I knew I was in recovery and they were saying take this ice chip....Surgery was to take about 6 hrs and about 2 pds per breast. . . out patient (cuz my ins. wouldnt do overnight) in recovery they mentioned getting me upstairs and I said no I have to go home....they said oh no your gonna stay here for the night I was so out of it at the time that I didnt even ask why. My mom was in the room waiting for me she said that the surgery took 8 hours and they took 3 pd ea side!! I was hiding breast fat under my arm pits lol. So I have been out of sugery for 11 1/2 hrs, missed dinner at the hospital which is ok cuz I have been eating crackers and jello llike mad. Pain is currently about a 5 but I am due for pain meds. Um BTW I have no back pain! but no one mentioned the arm pain....maybe from arms being up that long? they seriously feel bruised and sore/achy. Time to hhit the call button, meds are past due.

Well here we are about 48 hrs post op. I mostly...

well here we are about 48 hrs post op. I mostly slept through the night, a total of 4 hrs then up for meds then up and down for another 4 hours. I do not like the way the pain meds (vicadin) makes me feel so I am sticking to 1 every 5 hrs but last night and middle of the night does I took 2 and I think thats what helped me sleep. Changing the bandages in the hospital was pretty painful and I'm sure I'll need help so I'm leaving them until my mom gets home tonight (I'm staying with her for a few days) and she is going to assist me. I did run a bath and sit in it for a little bit this morning then I went to the hair place and got my hair washed- I felt so much better. My oldest daughter is here, she is 18 and lives with my mom, and she has been a treat helping me out. I have been sleeping in a recliner w/ one of the travel neck pillows around my neck, and then pillows under each arm. And ICE gotta keep the ice! I had the hospital send me home with 3 of their reusable packs 1 for under each arm and 1 for under the breasts (that one I will occasionally move to kind of sitting at the top of the chest area) I am really loving the ice. Well this far I will say it has been worth it. On a pain scale 1-10 the worste I think I have been is like an 8 and its usually a constant dull ache of like 2. OK I'm getting sleepy.

Day 3 after surgery. Had a vicodin 4 hrs ago.....

day 3 after surgery. Had a vicodin 4 hrs ago...took a naproxson (sp) about an hour ago and gonna try no vic. until bed time. I think I'll make it as the pain has not been that bad. Really the only pain I have is right under my breasts.... or my b(.)(.)bs as my co-worker texted to me. its obviously the incissions that hurt and I'm starting to hate the compression bra. My mom helped me changed the dressing last night...Boy are the things little LOL we think they will end up being a full C cup but it looks soooooo small cmpaired to when I got to the hospital Tuesday! I finally saw the bruising and stiches etc. yuck. just yuck. thankfully I have done as much research as I have so I wasnt surprised by anything but it waas still yuck. My biggest complaint today is stomache....yeah I forgot what having those 3 kids did to me. And it doesnt help that I'm all bloated so I have been walking around patting my belly like I can make it shrink or something. Im starting to get excited to feel well enough to try on clothes!!!! Gonna take a nap now.

Sat. Sept. 15 4 days post op- well I went all day...

Sat. Sept. 15 4 days post op- well I went all day yesterday no vicodon except to sleep. Did not sleep well last night, but that was more of belly problems(cuz of pain meds) then the surgery. Overall the surgery pain is tollerable and not once have I thought I wish I didnt do this. I only wish the healing would be over so I can wear cloths and buy bras! Yesterday I was getting in the car and hit myself in the breast with the door!! that was not fun at all, i thought for sure I had moved a nipple. So be ware of car doors! thats my advice for today.

1 week post op- had my post op appt today all is...

1 week post op- had my post op appt today all is healing well and looking good. I was surprised that the bruising is almost gone already. Not really in any pain its more of a ache but very tolerable expecially after all the other back/shoulder pains over the years and knowing that thisone is going to go away.
I am kind of upset that my fear stopped me from doing this years ago, because it ws not as bad as I expected at all! Alright I'm tired.

2 weeks post op today and all is going pretty well...

2 weeks post op today and all is going pretty well. I can kind of see what I'll be dealing with once the healing is over. :) I returned to work last Thursday and I really wish I had been able to take off until today; even 4 moer days home would have helped I think. I have just been so tired! I come home from work and nap- this last weekend after only 2 days at work and over the weekend I slept about 27 hours. This part i cant wait to pass- being wore out and not being able to do the house work etc. is really getting to me.
William Huettner

I know one of his assistants, went in and the entire staff was very nice and polite. Doc explained the procedure to me. Gave me the possible bad stuff that could happen. And he was funny. I just felt at east and myself around him.

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