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Hello, im 20 years old, im 5'8" and i weigh...


im 20 years old, im 5'8" and i weigh about 150lbs. i have size 36 G breasts and im pretty much miserable. i have constant back and neck pain that makes my daily life (college classes, work, exercise, etc) difficult and im starting to get desperate.

i started thinking seriously about breast reduction surgery about 2 years ago when i went away to college. i was a 36 DD at the time. all of the walking around campus with my backpack and hunching over the tiny desks in lecture halls was giving me some neck and back pain, but overall i could handle it.

About a year ago, i started taking birth control and my breast exploded to their current size in a matter of a few months. thats when i started noticing more problems. the neck and back pain got much much worse, the grooves in my shoulders got more noticeable, the irritation under my breasts (especially when it was hot out) cause really bad itching, and my self esteem plummeted. i'm a curvy girl but no where near chubby or fat (i wear between a 6 and 8) but i wear baggy clothes to hide how large my breasts are. this in turn makes me feel frumpy and unattractive, although the alternative is ealing with people talking about how massive my boobs are like i had no idea, and asking to feel them. all in all, i'm embarrassed by the way i look and no longer like the appearances of my breasts. i am even slightly embarrassed around my long term boyfriend.

i've done tons of research about the different techniques and i am very interested in the SPAIR incision because of the improves breast shape and minimal scarring. i guess i'm making this post because i have had so many opinions thrown at me from family and friends saying DO IT NOW! or WAIT TILL YOU HAVE BABIES! and i just need some friendly unbiased advice as to wether this is a good idea for me or not.

i am currently trying to loose weight, partially because its healthier, and because my mother thinks that losing 15 pounds will magically shrink my boobs to a normal size, and im hoping to show her that i don't think this is simply a matter of weight loss.

After some more research, i think i would like the...

After some more research, i think i would like the vertical/lollipop reduction. i think i prefer the shape and perkiness of the reductions i've seen with this technique. has anyone had this kind of reduction? did you like your results? would you recommend it?

I thought i'd mention that i am living in...

i thought i'd mention that i am living in michigan, but i am originally from texas and would most likely want to get my reduction in one of those two places. has anyone had success with a doctor in either place? i would really appreciate any and all feedback. thanks!

Ok so i've been reading all of your updated...

ok so i've been reading all of your updated religiously and i've been so inspired by your stories and by the support i've gotten from some. So i am currently in the process of scheduling my first consultation! My first consultation will be with Dr. Hammond in Grand Rapids, MI. He does short scar (lollipop) reductions almost exclusively and i am very impressed with his results. If my consultation with him goes well, i am planning on scheduling another with Dr. Vagotis (also in GR). Dr. Vagotis is the plastic surgeon that did my mothers breast implants after she finished breast feeding, so i know she does a good job. I am nervous but also very excited. I loves reading your stories, but its exciting to know that ill be able to talk to someone about my SPECIFIC situation and what will work best for my own body. Wish me luck!

So i really haven't made much progress at all in...

so i really haven't made much progress at all in the last 2 months. I've been really overwhelmed with work and school and also semi-intimidated to try and start this process when i'm all alone and so far from family. I will get to see my parents over christmas break, and my plan is to schedule my first consultation when i get back to michigan in january. I don't have time to get the surgery before this summer, so im not in too much of a rush. Im also very happy to see more vertical reductions popping up on the site. that is the reduction i really want and so im relaxing more now that i can see other women going through it. Im scared but im ready i think. i just want to stop worrying about my boobs. Im also debating whether or not to post before pictures. it makes me a little nervous to put picture of my breasts online!

Thought i'd update some before pictures even...

thought i'd update some before pictures even though ti scares the crap out of me to post myself naked online. Im headed to italy for christmas vacation and plan on discussing the surgery in depth with my parents then. hopefully i can get a consultation sometime in january and schedule my surgery for as soon as summer starts in may!

So im finally scheduling my first consultation....

So im finally scheduling my first consultation. depending on the doctor's openings, i will have it in the next few weeks or so. I just wanted to ask you guys, What are some good questions to ask at a first consultation? i have a bunch of things i want to know but i want to see if you guys recommend asking something i may have forgotten. Thanks!

Finally schedule my first consultation with Dr....

Finally schedule my first consultation with Dr. Dennis Hammond on March 19th! I'm so excited, I feel like I'm finally on my way!

Had my consultation with Dr. Hammond today! I...

Had my consultation with Dr. Hammond today! I absolutely loved everyone at his practice. They were all extremely welcoming and let me ask as many questions as I needed. I brought my boyfriend with me and they were super nice to him as well which was awesome. They really made him feel like part of the experience. I scheduled my surgery for June 10th at 7:30am!! Here's hoping all goes well! I CANT WAIT!!

Officially one month until surgery! I cant believe...

Officially one month until surgery! I cant believe how quickly its coming up. Right now I'm just focusing on trying to lose a few more pounds before surgery and getting as ready or recovery. What are something that you ladies would say are ESSENTIAL during recovery, especially during the first week?

3 weeks to go and more ready than ever!

So my surgery is exactly 3 weeks away. Im getting to the point where I am crazy excited but also getting nervous. I've been thinking about and planning for this for so long that its hard to imagine it happening so soon. Sometimes i wonder if I'm going to regret it when its all over. But then I have days like yesterday and I remember why I wanted this in the first place.

Yesterday my friends and I decided to drive to lake michigan to spend a day on the beach. I LOVE spending time on the water so I was really excited. Unfortunately the only bathing suit top I own that even remotely fits, is from back when I was a DD and ties like a halter across my neck. Not only did I spend the day checking and double checking that one of my girls wasn't about to fly out, but about 2 hours into the day, I started getting a MASSIVE headache from the strain on my neck. Silly me forgot to pack a bra to change into before we left, and the only shirt I had was a tank top with slits down the side, so taking off the bikini wasn't really an option. By the time I got home I was miserable. thankfully, the headache finally went away a little while after I changed, but today my neck is sore and bruised feeling. All in all, its was an awesome day at the beach, brought down by my crazy heavy boobs.

Now all I can think about is how fun it will be to finally go to the beach and not have to worry about neck pain or accidental nip slips! Let the count down officially begin!!

5 days!!!

Ahh its coming up so soon!! im SO excited/nervous/ready to get it over with! fhsakl fjdsajfsv jds


well tomorrow is the day! I have to be at the surgical center at 6:30am and surgery is scheduled for 7:30am. Im driving to Grand Rapids tonight and meeting my mom at a hotel and then we'll be heading to surgery together in the morning. Wish me luck!!

Well this is it!

My next post will be coming to you from the other side! Im leaving for the surgery center in about 20 minutes. I couldn't be happier :)

I made it!

Well its finally over and done with! I will try to as concise as possible while tell you all about my day so far.

I got to the surgery center right at 6:30am. My mother and I sat in the waiting room for about 15-20 minutes because the surgical nurse called me back to a small pre/post-op room. I changed out of my PJs that i wore and into a surgical gown and socks with grippies. the gown had vents so that they could insert heaters if necessary. The put my IV in and the anesthesiologist came n and talked to me about how it would go in the operating room and about my breathing tube. Then Dr. Hammond came in and marked me for surgery and before i knew it, it was time to head back to the operating room. This was around 8/8:30am. I said goodbye to my mom and went back with the nurse. I laid on the table and they put my legs into these pumps that help with circulation. The anesthesiologist put some medicine in my IV and then had me breathe in some oxygen and after that I cant remember anything.

Next thing I knew I was waking up around 12:30pm in the same room i had been in earlier but on a gurney instead of a chair. I was completely out of it and it took my a while to figure out what was going on. I went in and out of sleep for a while until my mom was finally allowed back to see me. After i woke up a little bit, I realized I was under a heated blanket. My gown was line in plastic do i was DYING of heat and as a result was feeling very uneasy and nauseous. The nurse brought me a cotton gown to switch into and removed the heated blanked which helped a lot and eventually my nausea subsided. I got a couple little sneak peaks of the new ladies just in the bra and let me tell you THEY LOOK AWESOME!! the nurse is assuring me that i will most likely end up being a C cup which i couldn't be happier about and my surgeon aid that everything went perfect in surgery. I am over the moon :) I had some ice chips, water, and diet coke while the nurse went over the post-op care instructions with my mom. After that i changed back into my PJs and headed back to the hotel.

I ate a litte bit of soup and crackers so that i could take a pain pill and now i am just lounging in bed trying to take it easy. I am surprised by how awake and alert i feel but i know i will probably nod off before too long. Overall, thing have been surprisingly easy. I plan on just relaxing in bed and watching netflix for the rest of the day. I have a post-op appointment tomorrow at 2:15pm and after that will be heading north for a little recovery time near traverse city bay. All in all, everything is looking up! I am overjoyed and cant wait to see how things pan out over the next few days/weeks.

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has been supportive of me through this whole experience. You ladies had been lifesavers and i don't know what i would have done without y'all!! xx

one more thing...

found out that they removed 578 grams from the right and 611 grams from the left. That's about 2.75 lbs! I've swollen up like cray since getting home and I am very sore so I've loaded up on some painkillers and I'm heading to bed. Hopefully i can sleep alright tonight!

Day 1 Post-Op

well today was my first full day post-op and everything went pretty well. I slept very well last night which i think is partially due to my meds and partially to my pillow fortress i had surrounding me. I woke up around 6am and ate some breakfast. I was able to take a shower today and let me tell you, it was so nice to wash all the sticky surgical soap off of my back and neck. I feel so much better now that i am clean. I went to the mall with my mom to pick up some stuff from Sephora and it was nice to get up and moving a bit. The whole trip was maybe about 15 minutes so nothing outrageous.

Then i headed to a follow up appointment with my surgeon. He checked my breasts and made sure i was feeling alright. He said that he thinks my results couldn't be any better, any more symmetrical, or any more fabulous. Im definitely happy that he is happy! I have my one week post op scheduled for next wednesday, the 19th. At that appointment i will have my dressings removed and be started on the scar treatment they provide.

I left the appointment and headed north to spend the next week in a rental home in elk rapids with my parents. The home is beautiful and is right on traverse bay so i couldn't ask for a better recovery spot. I am feeling really good, despite a constant dull soreness under my arms. However, when i was getting ready for bed i was readjusting some gauze pads that i had place under my surgical bra, and my right breast leaked a little bit of reddish clear liquid down my stomach. It wasn't much but was a bit startling. I replaced the gauze with fresh pads and rehooked my bra back on. I will check in a few hours to see if the drainage has stopped. Im a little concerned but overall think that it is just a bit of minor drainage which is to be expected i think. I think it might just be a result of me trying to do too much too soon. Tomorrow i will spend more time laying in bed and less time moving around the house.

Thanks for everyone's kind wishes! I will be adding more pictures within the next few days so that i can keep you guys updated! I am also already noticing some bloat from lack of digestive movement so hopefully i can get think moving along again soon!


im about halfway through my second day of recovery and it is both good and bad. I am definitely in less pain than i have been and have been able to cut back a bit on the pain pills. However, i am absolutely exhausted. If i sit still for too long my eye get droopy and its not too long before i drift off to sleep. I think the past two days of feeling great and being more awake have come around to bite me in the butt haha. Im mostly just sleeping, reading, and watching TV. I wanted to give you guys a picture of what the girls looked like this morning when i woke up. They are pretty swollen on top but i think they are beautiful and know they will only get better with time. I also wanted to add a picture of the beautiful view from the porch of the home i am staying at. i will probably post another update in a day or two. thank you all so much for your support. it is really helping me to know that you ladies care about how i'm doing. xx


Today is going pretty well. I had a bit of a scare last night with some red patches I noticed around both aureolas and extending back towards my sides on my breasts. I called the after hours number for my PS and described it to them and they said that i most likely over did myself by going on a walk yesterday. Got my heart rate up a little too high and the redness was a result. This morning they look MUCH better. I am noticing some bruising starting to show on my left breast but it doesn't hurt. Both girls are feeling pretty darn good today and I was able to take another shower which was slow but felt great. I am loving everything about having smaller breasts. I even fit into a little off the rack sports bra that my mom lent me while im washing my surgical bra and i am AMAZED that it fits! It has tiny little thin straps and my girl are perfectly happy in it! Just hoping I can continue getting better day by day!

p.s. for those who cant tell, the incisions i have go around the nipple, down the breast, and then turn out towards the sides. This way I don't have any incisions in the cleavage area, but i also avoided excessive puckering and a scar that extended past the fold of my breast.


Things are still going really well! Im pretty much pain free at this point and starting to get a little itchy. Im antsy to get my bandages changed but ill have to wait for my drs appointment on wednesday. I've been a lot less tired and getting used to the new girls. Life is good :)


So its been a couple of days since I updated. I had my one week post op today and finally got to see my incisions and what my nipples look like. The nurse practically ripped the steri strips off and it definitely was not comfortable. But I am so pleased! Everything seems to be healing really really well and I am loving the way my breasts are looking. My PS said they are still pretty swollen so I will likely end up smaller than I am now. He also took some pictures which I will add as soon as he sends them to me. For now, you'll just have to do with my crappy IPhone pictures haha. I am going to be focusing all my energy on continued healing until my next post up which is in 5 weeks. Yay!

raw skin

So this morning i woke up and there is an area of skin below my left breast, about a half inch below my incision that is SOO raw. I think it is from the nurse pulling the tape off at my post-op yesterday. My incisions themselves don't hurt at all and aren't red but this spot is rubbing against all my bras and i think may even be oozing a little. Anyone have suggestions about what to put on the spot? I was thinking neosporin but i'm a little nervous to put things near my incisions. any suggestions? thanks!

First Tape Change

At my 1 week postop appointment my doctor gave me scar cream that i am to put on my incisions and then tape over. I am supposed to change my tape and reapply the cream every 4 days. So today was the first time I had to change my tape on my own. It was alright, not too painful. I noticed something odd though. My skin is very peely, like how skin peels after a bad sunburn. Im not sure if that is normal or not but it was flaking off so i took off as much as i could. I also noticed a few possible problem spots on my left breast. Nothing major right now but i will definitely be keeping an eye on them over the next week or so.

I also have a lot of numbness on the outer side of my left breast and underside of my right. Both nipples have feeling though so im happy about that. Everything else is still going really well. Im hoping that within the next week or so things go back to feeling almost at 100%. I am one day away from 2 weeks post op. Cant believe how quickly the time flys!

2 weeks post-op pics!

just wanted to throw up some pics two weeks post op!

second round with the tape

so i changed my paper tape for the second time today (i'm supposed to do it every four days). I pulled the tape off as slowly and carefully as i could but it still ended up taking off a decent amount of skin leaving me with some raw, oozing spots on my breasts (not on the incisions). I called my doctor because i didn't think i should be taping over the raw areas, and they told me i can wait a few days before taping again. i'm actually kind of excited! the tape has been a pic of a pain so it'll be nice to not have to worry about it. The nurse said next time i take it off i should try doing it in the shower. Heres hoping that works better!

Three Weeks Post-Op

Well i am three weeks post-op tomorrow and things are still going really well. I haven't been taping my breasts for a few days now but will most likely start again tomorrow. I had a stitch pop through my left areola incision about two days ago but i just trimmed it and will call my PS tomorrow to make sure there is nothing else i should do. It doesn't hurt so i am not worried. I am still very pleased with my results and cant wait to show them off in a bikini on 4th of July!!

1 Month Post-Op!

Holy crap! I cant believe its been a month already!! not too much exciting has happened since my week three update. I had an AMAZING 4th of July in northern michigan and got to show off my new girls in some new bikinis :) I still get random itch attacks and i am occasionally sore but i'm getting to the point where i forget that i used to have big boobs and honestly its getting hard for me to remember what it was like to lug them around! popped into Victoria's secret a few days ago and easily fit into a 36D. I may be able to fit into a C in a few more weeks or possibly from another store but i'm not counting on it. I fall more in love with my boobs every day. i never thought i could be this happy! I will post some updated pictures in the morning when i change my tape. I will probably start extending my updates. i'll probably wait until 6 weeks/2months to update again unless anything major append. this is definitely the best thing that i've ever done for myself and i don't regret it for a second!

One month pictures

6 Weeks

Hello ladies! though I'd do a quick update. Im just over 6 weeks post op and everything is going amazingly! Im still healing really well. Pretty much back at 100% which is awesome. My scars have definitely pinked up in the past few weeks but I was expecting that so Im not too worried. Ive also had a few teeny tiny spot upen up around my nipple incisions. two of them had stiches poking out which I took out myself (which my PS said was fine) and the other few are like tiny little red spots. Ive had zero pain though. I just put neosporin on them before I go to sleep everynight. seems to be doing the trick!

I had my six week post-op appointment on tuesday (the pictures are from that appt) and my PS said that everything looked great. He approved to go back to everything I did before surgery which includes excercise!! Part of the reason I wanted this surgery was so that I could run without pain. I went for my first run yesterday evening and another earlier this afternoon and it feels awesome!! I honestly didnt even think about my boobs the whole time I was doign it which was so strage to me seeing as excercise had always been structured around what i could do without my boobs killing me. I am so happy right now. I feel like I am finally back to my self, just new and improved! I cant wait to continue to find all the new things I can do with my perfect new girls! :)

2 months

So i finally hit 2 months post op on monday! things are still going really well. My scars have already started to fade a little after pinking up around week 3/4. I have ZERO pain left and can comfortably sleep on my stomach/go running/have sex/etc. My breast have dropped quite a bit since surgery but i would still consider them extremely perky! they were a little ridiculous immediately after. I really cant even remember having big boobs at all. Now that my breasts have softened and i have gained almost all feeling back, they are finally feeling like my boobs instead of some random small bumps on my chest.

My only issue at this point is that i am now TERRIFIED of them growing again. they never fluctuated with weight gain before surgery so i know that realistically they wouldn't now either, but i am still paranoid. that would probably be my worst nightmare haha. Besides that, everything is fabulous and i am loving life right now! i will take some updated pictures before my shower in the morning. I cant thank you all enough for the love and support i received through this entire process. There is no way i would have had the courage to do this without y'all! much love xoxo

2 months pics + small complication

so as you can tell from my post yesterday everything was going lovely with my breast lately until today. The first pictures are from this morning right before i got in the shower.

I decided to wear a strapless maxi dress today without a bra and thought it would be a good idea to use paper tape to cover my nipples since i don't own pasties. Well by the end of the day, my skin had reacted on both breasts causing blisters to form all around the edges of the tape including two MASSIVE ones on the underside of each breast. needless to say i am annoyed and wont be using paper tape every again >:( i guess it just goes to show that even when you think you're done healing, you're not (at least for a few months)

6 months post-op!! new pictures

Hello everyone! i have been MIA for a very long time. Right around the two month mark everything pretty much healed up and my new boobs became less and less noticeable, which was exactly what i was hoping this surgery would do for me seeing as before surgery i was constantly thinking about/fidgeting with my boobs. So six months post op things are going awesomely. My new boobs have finally settled into what i think is a very natural looking position which i like (although i do occasionally miss the extremely perky look i had immediately post op).

The scars around my nipples are very thin and have already faded away nearly completely. The scars down the front and to the side of my breasts look more like a pinkish faded area than an definitive scar but those are fading as well. I think that my left may have ended up a little large than my right but its hardly noticable if true at all.

I bought some underwire bras about 6 weeks post op that, after my new girls finished setting into their final position, no longer fit comfortably. So for the past 6 months i was living in sports bras, which was comfortable, yet not always practical. I finally went out yesterday and bought a bunch of new bras. I finally determined that i am a 38 C! before surgery i was a 36 G so its a big difference. I can also fit into 36 D but i like the wider yet more shallow cup on the 38 C better being that my breast still have a wide base .

Overall this surgery was one of the best things ive ever done for myself and i couldnt be happier. I feel better about my body than i have in a very long time and in turn i am i more outgoing happy person. The longer i live with my new breasts more obvious it is that i made the right decision, and i hope my story helps other young girls considering this surgery make the right decision. I cant wait to see what happens in the next 6 months! Let me know if i can help any of you in any way!

a few more picture at 6 months PO

7-month follow up appt

Hello everyone!
las week i went and had my 7 month follow up appt with Dr. Hammond. He said that everything looks amazing and he was so pleased with my results that he asked if he could use my pictures when he does his lectures and teaching seminars AND he wants to put them in the textbook hes currently writing! i was so flattered! i knew that i loved my new boobs but knowing that he thinks they are great as well makes me really happy :) i no longer have to go to any appts and i don't need to contact Dr. Hammond unless I am having issues. I think I can say that i am officially healed!!! for everyone still considering the surgery, i'd say go for it because 7 months down the road you are going to feel amazing!
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

Excellent all around. He will very well known in the Plastic Surgery field and he took WONDERFUL care of me. I couldn't be happier and his staff is extremely attentive. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needed a good doctor!

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