Way easier than expected. I should have done this years ago.

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Hello everyone! I must say this site has been...

Hello everyone! I must say this site has been extremely helpful for me and I'm sure that it will prove to be even more helpful in the future. So thank you to all of you who contribute. A little about me: I'm 30 with no children 5'8'' and 125 lbs. I've wanted a BA since I was about 16. I feel like my breasts have always looked as if I breastfed and I haven't. I'm hoping my BA will make them more full and perky and even out my boob to nipple ratio. I'll post pics when I get a chance. I was apprehensious at first but I know how helpful everyone's photos have been for me.I'm finally in the position financially to do this and I am so excited!
I've had two consultations so far with my PS and he has been very helpful and professional. He takes the time to answer all of my questions even when they are silly. I've even called his office in the midst of a small panic attack with no questions at all and they calmed me down.

My last consultation was April 18 and I am still waiting for them to call me and tell me what date my surgery will be. Is this normal? I swear I am going crazy with anticipation. I'm like a high school girl waiting by my phone begging it to ring. I called last week and they said they had ordered my implants (silicone) in two different sizes to get the perfect size during surgery. I'm hoping for an early June surgery.

I called my doctor today and they said they were...

I called my doctor today and they said they were thinking 225 cc to fill things out but that they couldn't go too much bigger since I already have a decent amount of breast tissue and my skin is fairly tight. I told them I'd like to go bigger if I could :/ we shall see. We are shooting for the week of June 10.

Got a call! YAY!

I received a call a little bit ago from my PS. They think I will get my surgery around June 11 as I wanted. I'M SO EXCITED!!! We talked about size again and he's going to go as big as he can for my body size (I have a small frame for being 5'8'' my chest is only 32'') and I already have a decent amount of breast tissue with fairly tight skin. I just want them to be full and perky :) It's funny I feel like since I've been proactive about getting this done my breasts have actually gotten bigger on their own. Maybe they feel threatened? haha
Also, happy birthday #30 to me :) What a great Birthday gift to myself.
One more thing, I'm getting my engagement photos done about 2.5 weeks afterwards. Anyone think that will be an issue?

JUNE 13 @ 9 AM!

My surgery will be June 13 at 9 am. I AM PUMPED! How am I supposed to study for my summer classes with this much excitement? I've already started buying the things I'll need like wedge pillows, bendy straws, arnica, and I've been using hemp oil to moisturize my boobies every day (I use hemp products for almost everything everyday anyway.) I want to enjoy my early summer but the next 3 weeks can't go by fast enough! I have no idea what size of front close sports bra to buy. I asked my PS and they said they aren't sure since they are going to try different sizes the day of to see how big I can go. Looks like 170 or 215cc.

2 more weeks!

I'm so excited I have only 2 weeks left to wait!! I wish I had as much interest in my homework as I do looking at others' results online ;) getting my home prepped way in advance since my summer is so busy.

One week to go!

So I only have one week to go and I am pretty excited. I am kind of freaking out because the surgery center upped their fees and I'm going to be paying a lot more $$ than I had anticipated. Not sure exactly how much yet. The facility fee alone will be $4,300 plus doctor and implant costs. Yikes. Other than that I think I have all my ducks in a row. :)

Emergency resolved

Okay the surgery center called me back. They quoted me the price for billing BCBS for a different procedure. My fees will only be $1,900. I feel much better :)
I talked to the assistant to the PS and she said he is working with the implant rep. to find the best size for me since I want bigger than the 150-200 cc range. So fingers crossed on that one.

Shopping problems

Eeek I keep buying bathing suits and I don't even know what size I'll be. I keep getting Medium tops....I hope they fit. I just ordered my third bathing suit in like 3 weeks. :/ Someone take my credit card away lol

Less than 2 days! Kind of freaking out.

I can't believe this is happening in less than two days! I keep freaking myself out with crazy thoughts. Whats it going to be like to have things in my body that aren't my body? What if they are too big? What if they point in a weird direction? What if I hate them? I can't hate them as much as I hate my current state right? I think I just need to get this over so my mind will quiet down. I've been prepping too. Laundry is done and my house is clean. I've bought easy to access and eat snacks like applesauce and teddygrams. I made some cream of asparagus soup and froze it in single serving portions and I've bought everything has suggested to buy on here...ever. I think I spent like $112 yesterday. I should definitely be comfy! I wish I could relax with a glass of wine but I know that's a no no.

Less than 12 hours!

Almost there. I'm so excited. I hope they look good. I took some more accurate photos if my before. Again, they are not too small just shaped poorly. I hope they are full and round tomorrow. I can't believe I've waited this long.

Home :)

Well I'm home now and doing fairly well. I'm really sore like a car drove over my chest. When I first woke up I was in a ton of pain and they have me morofine. I barely remember it but I know it hurt a ton. Then I was super dizzy and nauseous. I ended up staying at the office for like 3 hours just recovering. Now I'm home and feel okay. I can't see my new ladies till tomorrow at my first follow up but holy moly they are riding high. I think he put in 275 or 300 HP. I already had a lot of breast tissue so they seem pretty big to me. I guess I'll know more tomorrow.

Photos day 1

I had strict instructions not to remove this bra until after my follow up appt tomorrow. I really want to see them!! They are crazy high though and I know they are goi g to look really weird until they drop. All my volume is on top so I can tell my nips are at the bottom of my boobs :/ maybe it's best I wait. I'm getting around pretty well. Still really sore :(

Major frankenboobies :/

So I'm pretty weird looking right now. After surgery I was pretty messed up so I don't remember much at all. I know I was pretty sick so we had to stay there until 4 or so. My implants actually are 350 cc HP's and they feel like monsters on my chest. I'm guessing I went from a VS C cup to at least a DD but they are extremly high and swollen. How long before they begin their drop? I'm worried they are going to be too big. My doctor said he didn't want to make them this big but I had asked for as big as he could go on my small frame. Geez, I guess I asked for it huh? I went for a walk in the park yesterday for about an hour and I feel like I may have overdone it. I'd give anything for a shower right now. I think my fiancé is going to help me wash my hair when he gets home. Till then I've been cleaning myself with the moist wipes. They do help. Eating hasn't been an issue at all since my tummy is doing fine. I'm just so tight and sore up top. I'll post some pics. Let me know what you guys think.

Post Op Day 5

I am still very sleepy. VERY SLEEPY. I feel like that's all I do. But for the most part the pain is minimal. My left boob is starting to feel burning sensations once in a while. Also the left is dropping much faster, my nipples are still at the bottom and my right is still funny shaped. Basically they look awful at the moment. I realize this will change but it still makes me super nervous! I have my next follow up in two days. All in all still worth it I think.

Day 5 photo


Dr. Huettner was very kind and understanding. He explained everything very well and was very patient. He definitely made sure to cover all the "what if's" and anything that would probably result and be undesirable for me (nipple stretching and still a bit of sagging without a lift). His staff is AWESOME I swear I called all the time with dumb questions and nervousness. They were very sweet and supportive. The best part is the day after my surgery I could barely see my tiny, clean little incision. Its amazing.He's very gifted.

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