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Like so many others, I went from nothing to giant...

Like so many others, I went from nothing to giant with puberty. As I recall I went from nothing to at least a C. By middle school I couldn't find anything that actually fit, so I'd buy a much larger band size to get a bigger cup, then take it in to fit at the band. Yay for sewing skills. I continued getting bigger until my early 20s. I seem to have settled around a L cup or so. It's really hard to say because of variation in brands, nothing ever really fits. Of course over the years I've also gained quite a bit of weight, but the breasts never seem to change, only the band. At my highest I was 302 lbs. I'd lost about 20, and got pregnant. I managed to keep the weight stable and even lose some with the pregnancy. The day after my child was born I was ~250. I was SO thankful that through pregnancy and breastfeeding my breasts didn't get any bigger (was kind of disappointed they didn't get any smaller). Since then my weight has fluctuated a bit, but still in the 245 range. So even with ~50 lb weight loss the only thing about my chest that has changed is the band size.

I know it's a better idea to get closer to my goal weight before surgery, but I just don't know how that can happen. In addition to the typical problems finding enough support to exercise, the extreme back pain, etc. There's also the psychological issues of every time I look in the mirror it's a giant reminder that no matter how much I exercise or what diet I follow they will never change. Nothing I can do on my own will be able to make me feel like less of a side show freak. It's extremely difficult to stay motivated and on track when I get constant reminders that the biggest problem is never going to improve with my efforts.

I had a consult with a surgeon a couple years ago, and man, he and his assistant (especially his assistant) really need an attitude adjustment. He said there was no way to even attempt a reduction without FNG because there'd be no way. I left there with zero confidence in his abilities in this area. The assistant had no tact.

Yesterday I had an initial consult with Dr. Pan. Her office staff has all been very nice and helpful. Dr. Pan was amazing. She answered all my questions, even a few that I didn't even know I had. Was able to show me pictures of former patients that were shaped similar to me, that had great results. She told me she does 2-3 reductions a week, and over her career she's only had to resort to FNG in less than a handful of instances. She thinks she can get me down to a DD or DDD, and thinks it's likely that a FNG will not be necessary. Of course no one can ever make promises about such things, but the way that she answered questions about technique, etc. I definitely left her office feeling excited and hopeful.

I'm getting the ball rolling to get this submitted to insurance for pre-approval. I'm hoping I'll be able to do the surgery before the end of the year.

Oh For F Sake

Just got a call back from the Dr's office saying the insurance company needs additional documentation. Seriously? How can anyone possibly look at my pictures and/or measurements and NOT see that it's medically necessary? Irritating, but not entirely surprising.

Called the insurance company to find out specifically what additional documentation they need.... they don't see a request on file. The rep called over to the pre-certification department to get info from them.... nothing has been submitted.

WTF? Is it just the Dr's billing department that wants more information before they even submit it? Is this normal?


Too much waiting. I wish I had actual answer as to if they have all the information they need or not. Last I heard my primary doctor has sent a statement over to the surgeons office, they've confirmed that they've sent it to their billing department. No idea if they now have enough information that they'll actually submit it to the insurance company. Argh, I hate feeling like I'm in the dark. Do they have enough information or do they not, I want to know so I can deal with this.

Yay! Minor progress!

After calling the Dr's billing office 3-4 times, today they actually gave me an update! They've actually submitted it to insurance. Called the insurance company, and their automated system actually says there's a pre-certification in the system, in a "pending" status. Now I've got bigger knots in my stomach about the anticipation for a decision. *crossing fingers*

hopefully the end of waiting is close

Talked to the insurance company again today. They said they finally got the last of the information they needed from the dr's office yesterday. So as of yesterday it's actually in the process of being reviewed. So I should, theoretically, have a decision in the next 4-5 days.


Insurance pre-approval status is no longer "pending", it's APPROVED!
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

Extremely friendly. Through the consult has definitely given me a lot of peace of mind. Answered all my questions, some I didn't even know I had. I didn't feel at all rushed. She was very easy to talk to. I look forward to working with her further.

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