35 yrs, 1 child, obese, 42N - not sure which amount to list, billed $50,000 or paid $2,438.39

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Like so many others, I went from nothing to giant...

Like so many others, I went from nothing to giant with puberty. As I recall I went from nothing to at least a C. By middle school I couldn't find anything that actually fit, so I'd buy a much larger band size to get a bigger cup, then take it in to fit at the band. Yay for sewing skills. I continued getting bigger until my early 20s. I seem to have settled around a L cup or so. It's really hard to say because of variation in brands, nothing ever really fits. Of course over the years I've also gained quite a bit of weight, but the breasts never seem to change, only the band. At my highest I was 302 lbs. I'd lost about 20, and got pregnant. I managed to keep the weight stable and even lose some with the pregnancy. The day after my child was born I was ~250. I was SO thankful that through pregnancy and breastfeeding my breasts didn't get any bigger (was kind of disappointed they didn't get any smaller). Since then my weight has fluctuated a bit, but still in the 245 range. So even with ~50 lb weight loss the only thing about my chest that has changed is the band size.

I know it's a better idea to get closer to my goal weight before surgery, but I just don't know how that can happen. In addition to the typical problems finding enough support to exercise, the extreme back pain, etc. There's also the psychological issues of every time I look in the mirror it's a giant reminder that no matter how much I exercise or what diet I follow they will never change. Nothing I can do on my own will be able to make me feel like less of a side show freak. It's extremely difficult to stay motivated and on track when I get constant reminders that the biggest problem is never going to improve with my efforts.

I had a consult with a surgeon a couple years ago, and man, he and his assistant (especially his assistant) really need an attitude adjustment. He said there was no way to even attempt a reduction without FNG because there'd be no way. I left there with zero confidence in his abilities in this area. The assistant had no tact.

Yesterday I had an initial consult with Dr. Pan. Her office staff has all been very nice and helpful. Dr. Pan was amazing. She answered all my questions, even a few that I didn't even know I had. Was able to show me pictures of former patients that were shaped similar to me, that had great results. She told me she does 2-3 reductions a week, and over her career she's only had to resort to FNG in less than a handful of instances. She thinks she can get me down to a DD or DDD, and thinks it's likely that a FNG will not be necessary. Of course no one can ever make promises about such things, but the way that she answered questions about technique, etc. I definitely left her office feeling excited and hopeful.

I'm getting the ball rolling to get this submitted to insurance for pre-approval. I'm hoping I'll be able to do the surgery before the end of the year.

Oh For F Sake

Just got a call back from the Dr's office saying the insurance company needs additional documentation. Seriously? How can anyone possibly look at my pictures and/or measurements and NOT see that it's medically necessary? Irritating, but not entirely surprising.

Called the insurance company to find out specifically what additional documentation they need.... they don't see a request on file. The rep called over to the pre-certification department to get info from them.... nothing has been submitted.

WTF? Is it just the Dr's billing department that wants more information before they even submit it? Is this normal?


Too much waiting. I wish I had actual answer as to if they have all the information they need or not. Last I heard my primary doctor has sent a statement over to the surgeons office, they've confirmed that they've sent it to their billing department. No idea if they now have enough information that they'll actually submit it to the insurance company. Argh, I hate feeling like I'm in the dark. Do they have enough information or do they not, I want to know so I can deal with this.

Yay! Minor progress!

After calling the Dr's billing office 3-4 times, today they actually gave me an update! They've actually submitted it to insurance. Called the insurance company, and their automated system actually says there's a pre-certification in the system, in a "pending" status. Now I've got bigger knots in my stomach about the anticipation for a decision. *crossing fingers*

hopefully the end of waiting is close

Talked to the insurance company again today. They said they finally got the last of the information they needed from the dr's office yesterday. So as of yesterday it's actually in the process of being reviewed. So I should, theoretically, have a decision in the next 4-5 days.


Insurance pre-approval status is no longer "pending", it's APPROVED!

3 more days

I'm having some problems uploading pictures, but here goes for some before pics.

2 days to go


2 days to go, more before pics

Phone won't let me upload more than a couple at a time without crashing, sorry.

More before

I'm so ready to get this done with

Over the past week I've realized that stressing over what needs to be done for work, and before surgery, and the waiting, and just EVERYTHING has kicked me into a bit of a bipolar drop. The other night I spent about 2 hours crying over the stupidest thing. Crying lead to coughing, coughing lead to puking, which lead to more crying.

I know many people have mentioned depression and having a wide range of emotions both before and after surgery, but I wonder if there's anyone else that's got chronic mental health issues. Bipolar 2 (which is where I fall)? Clinical depression? Anxiety disorder? Personality disorders? I'd really love to hear from anyone that's got these kinds (or related) issues and how surgery effected things or additional coping tips.

Just got the confirmation

Show up for surgery at 10:30 am tomorrow morning. I was hoping for the butt crack of morning, but hey, I'll take it.

The back of my throat is all itchy. I'm kinda concerned. I'm pretty sure it's just an allergy related thing. I've checked my temp several times, all normal. Otherwise feeling fine. It shouldn't be a show stopper, right?

Made it though to the other side

Wow, what a day, but it's done. Husband says they took 1800g from each side, so about 8 lbs total. They're keeping me over night because of potential sleep apnea. VI siting the bathroom is NOT a pleasant experience. A painful IV in each hand (they wanted an extra to gI've nausea meds through) to get bonked around. I've had IVs before, but never had one that hurt like this...and there are two that hurt that bad. Just got them to take one of them out. I was already watching the clock waiting for more pain meds...and then i went to the bathroom, which made it worse.

Im surprised that I'm really not feeling any tightness. Even the bandages are just comfortably snug. The incision across the bottom BURNS. (And a couple other spots since the bathroom excursions. When I get home I'm going to just romp nude. Clothes be damned. I blame wrangling them for the bathroom pain).

Will post all the thi

Finally resting at home

I was doing great most of the night in terms of pain. But moving around to get dressed, bumpy wheelchair ride, then a bumpy ride home. I was hurting so bad I wanted to throw up. 4 hours later (yay! Finally time for more pain meds) and I'm still paying for that car ride. So much napping. Feels like it should be later than it is.

New pics

I really wish I could stand up straighter, and suck in my gut, but it ain't happenin.

Just realized

I don't have a good side view, with a bra, for before. This is the best I've got. Also a couple swimming suit. Sorry about the quality on all of these. :/

Post surgery realizations

Less than a week out, and I'm already able to move a lot better than I thought I'd be able to after surgery.

Other random realizations:

I already have more lap to snuggle my child. (Best. Thing. Ever!)

My husband was tucking me in the other night, placed a hand next to me on the bed as he leaned in to kiss me. Then he said "hey, I'm not going to have to worry about accidentally pinching nipple any more." I laughed entirely too hard at that because he's totally right.

No more annoyance of nipples randomly brusing against or getting pinched against things. Office desk. Walking past a chair. Kitchen counter.

I realized the other day that the next time I'm able to plank (braless), my nipples won't be nearly touching the floor.

I'm going to be able to do full sit ups (or much closer to, I'll still have belly in the way for now).

Downward dog won't be a semi-suffocating move.

My sister pointed out I'm going to be the only one of our sisters that could maybe buy a bra from Victoria Secret.

I can already fold my arms in front of my chest in a way I've never been able to do.

Today my husband helped me take a half shower (bandages aren't allowed off for another 3 days). That was already weird. The first full shower I get to take is going to be a complete fucking TRIP.

I'm going to be able to actually buy clothes that feel more form fitting than a tent. It'll actually be worth the effort to try on empire waist or those cute shirts that cross in front. I might be able to find a one piece dress! I won't have to buy tunics to make sure I have enough fabric in the front. Ooh, maybe even a one piece swimming suite. Or at least a two piece that isn't sold separately.

I'm actually going to be able to buy a MATCHING bra and panty set!

There's actually hope of pretty lingerie fitting!

:/ I'll no longer have built in life preserver vest.

I'll be able to lay flat on my back on a flat surface without having to push boob out of my face.

No more boob under the arms while laying.

I'll be able to get on roller coasters easier, and actually be able to get locked in without the person pushing their hardest to get the over the shoulder bars to click good. (This is both a blessing and a curse).

I'm going to be able to ride my bike without my hands going numb from boob pressing on the inner arm nerves. And I'll be able to not feel like I'm constantly going to roll forward (in the bad wrecking way down a hill).

OMG!! I'm going to be able to cook without having to worry about Mrs. Doubtfire moments.

I might be able to run.

I won't have to hold my chest to be able to rush down stairs.

I'm going to be able to wear scarves, maybe even as accessories, without feeling like I'm fixin' to pull me a train heist.

Achievements Unlocked

Washed hair: +75xp
Full hot shower: +100xp
Bandages off: +25xp
Got to touch new breast: +weird xp
Washing new breasts: +total fucking TRIP! (I've never washed breasts without having to lift and shift and wonder if I've actually gotten full coverage on the first pass)

Surgical bra: +25xp

Other totally bizarre things today:

Tried on an old hoodie. It zips up the front and has a built in tie around waste level. In the past I could use the tie as support when I didn't want to wear a bra. Now there's at least 2" of space between end of boob and tie.

I've lost 11 lbs since the day of surgery.

My husband is a terrible "take pictures for me to document and share with peoples on the internets" photographer. He is, however, an excellent hair washer and shower assistant.

Pictures continued

Under the left breast is still oozing a tiny bit, not much. It's a bit more bruised and swolen.

Both nipples are alive and looking GREAT. (The left one looks like it's got some bruising. It's a little purplish.) Definite sensation in the left one, the right one I don't feel touch, but it perks up when it's touched, and it's nice and pink. The areola look TINY!

Thoughts on the WHY of it all

I've really only told family and a few close friends. I'm sure once I get back to school events parents of kid's friends will notice. But I don't think anyone would question why in my case. Everyone with big boobs will be their own kind of different, bit in my case, they ended up taking 4 lbs off each side. To put that into perspective think of those small bags of sugar or flour. Having two of those strapped to your chest 24/7 would suck enough on its own. But now instead of the compact, hard, easy to handle, easy to stack bags are waterbaloons the same weight. You can no longer hold it with one hand because it'll flop over and cascade off your hand. It's impossible to hold in one place. Every time you move, they're doing what free unrestrained (because honestly, even if you can contain the mass, its still not fully restrained. Thats why you have to hold them to run) mass does, it continues in the direction it's going. I know the big chested girls probably haven't thought about that, but you know what I'm talking about. You go up, they want to go up. Gravity always wants to pull them down. And to a certain extent you have to constantly compensate this with the rest of your body. If you hadn't developed such great balancing skills over the years you'd fall flat on your face every time you bent over. Even if we're not talking about the work your body has to do to balance, think of the strain on all the tissue that's holding those bad boys on. Skin and connective tissue. That's it. Unlike an arm or a leg, they don't get muscles and tendons and ligaments to help support and control them (yes, I know there are some ligaments associated here, which are very apparent over the years with sagging. But let's be reasonable, there's not enough for this much boob). That's why it puts such a strain on your back and neck especially. Even when you're not moving while standing, all the muscles you use to make tiny adjustments that allow you to stay up and balances still have to compensate for the tiny movements in the girls.

Now, with all that being said, let's talk about how much they get in the way EVERY time you try to do ANYTHING...

Fun notes. While talking to my family about it, a lot of size analogies have come up. In no particular order:
- two 4 lb bags of flour/sugar
- one large newborn baby
- two very small newborns (my niece was 4 lbs) (weird thought just now. Now that they're small, handling twin babies should be a piece of cake, right? If I managed the big ones with one newborn?)
- ...crap. Dad came up with some weird ones, but now I can't remember.


I put on a regular t-shirt today. I swear it's magically 5 inches longer in the front. Now I have no worries about it covering my belly, even with my arms raised to put my hair up. It's so liberating!

Today has been a very tender/sore day. It feels like a back track. I keep reminding myself that I'm tender because of the switch from bandage to bra, and all the extra activity yesterday with the shower, AND I've been on tylenol only all day. I'm debating taking the prescription stuff for bed, but this morning I woke up to a seriously pissed off stomach that I think was due to nother taking the meds with food before bed.

In other news, this morning the scale says 14 lbs down since last week.


I'd ordered some surgical bras... they sent me the wrong size. So before I decide if I should send them back or not, I broke out the measuring tape. So much disappointment. 41" chest, 49" bust, which calculates out to a 42H. H. Freaking H. The only comfort is that the incisions continue all the way under both arms, nearly to the back (where does side end and back start), and there's a whole lot of swelling associated with that, too. There's no way humanly possible that these little things are still an H. Eh, even if they do end up as H (which there's no way) I don't care. It's still worth it! I've got headlights instead of ground effect lights. They have some shape of their own, not just floppy squishy. I can see nipples when I look down without having to lift anything other than my shirt/bra.


As soon as the bandages came off I noticed the dark color on my left nipple. I had sensation, and could see overall blood flow, etc. I figured something was dead there, but wasn't overly concerned about it. A couple days later I noticed those spots were loose and had fluid under it. A nice blister. I did my best not to mess with it and just let it do its thing. Last night I noticed that it had burst, and extra crusty crap on my bra. I cleaneed it up and put some gauze on it. Since it popped I stopped putting the scar treatment on it (it says not to use on open wounds) and switched to a little neosporine. This morning as I was checking things, cleaning, etc, the blister's cover was all loose and wiped off. It looks kinda gross. It's not painful, I still have sensation, it doesn't show any signs of infection, so I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about. But this is a good example of why I take pictures to track the wound progress.


Old bruises are fading, deeper bruising is starting to surface. Overall healing really well. I'm starting to see some very subtle changes in the shape. The underarm parts still really ache. I think maybe I was moving around too much yesterday because I was a lot more sore at the end of the day. Still no feeling in the right nipple, but it's pink, perks up, and healing really well.

I couldn't resist

Had to see how the swimming suite fit has changed.


The blister issue is closed. It's no longer weaping. No new blisters. All is well, and I'm back to scar gel on both nipples.

I guess I've been over doing it.

Today I woke up at 5 pm thinking it was 5 am. I somehow slept through an ENTIRE day. And I'm still ready to go to bed.

The past three days we've gone out on adventures (walking around Target for 2 hours looking for stocking stuffer stuff). I got home from a Dr apt around lunch time completely ready for a nap, but didn't take one. Apparently this is what I get for fighting off the after work naps all week.


About a week ago I noticed coloration on my left T junction that had me kinda concerned. Trying to look at it in the mirror made it look much worse than it was. I finally got a good picture of it, which gave a huge amount of peace of mind. Looks like it's just a non-blood scab that maybe wasn't 100% dry. It's gotten smaller and looking better.

Left nipple is also looking a ton better.

Tried on some of my old bras today. Pictures can not capture just how ridiculous they are. It's weird how super high they sit without all that uber boob to weigh it down. This is also the first time since 6th grade that an underwire actually rested against my chest between my breasts like they're supposed to. I can also now wear all of these bras on the tightest hook, and even with the swelling, they feel super loose.

3 week check up

I saw the Doc's assistant today. She was really surprised by just how healed I am in 3 weeks. There's the one spot on the left lower T junction that's still leaking ever so slightly, but it's getting there. And the T junction on both nipples that have a tiny spot of scab still. And a couple small spots on the left nipple where the blister was. (She was shocked at how well the nipple looked considering the blister issue) Everything else is completely closed.

I now officially have the all clear to drive, and resume lower body exercise (starting slow of course). Still need to limit upper body activity, and core exercise (because you'll use your upper body without realizing it).

Also time to really start massaging things. But not too much because too much can cause more swelling.


So today we were at Target. I thought "hey, I'm feeling good, wounds are closed, I'll be able to go to the gym in a week, I should look at some sports bras while I'm here". The past few days I've been struggling to keep depression from getting the best of me. I thought bra shopping would be fun. ... So much disappointment. All I wanted was a sports bra, nothing fancy. I did try on a couple regular bras. I tried on a 40DD (largest cup I could find) with the foam molded cups (which seem to be everywhere). The band fit great, might even be able to go one smaller (used to be a 42 or 44). The cups were awful though. Not wide enough to feel like they actually contained the entire breast, but my boob wasn't filling the projection fully. I know I'm a big fatty, so it's not like I magically expected to feel pretty or sexy, but I don't know. I looked extra craptastic. The sports bra I tried should have been about the right size. It was a struggle to zip it closed, and didn't feel like it contained or supported.

Before I got the surgery all I really wanted was to be able to go into a store and buy a bra. Even if it was a plus size store. I know it was completely unrealistic for me to expect to be able to find anything at a store like Target. I shouldn't have even bothered. 8+ lbs removed, and I'm still going to be stuck unable to actually try on a bra before I buy it. I'm going to be stuck ordering online and hoping for the best. At least they're smaller than they were. They're firm and perky, for now (I'm sure that will change as they settle in).

Took too much advantage of energy increase

Yesterday while my gf was out shopping and errands, I wanted to surprise her so decided to do some cleaning. It was amazing! I could reach all the way to the back of the counter without standing on my tippy toes, (I'm 5'3") AND without getting boob all over what I was trying to clean. It was so exciting. Once I got the kitchen clean I was pumped from the new ease, so decided I'd surprise her with a yum housee smell too. In general, making a small batch of drop cookies would leave me with so much back pain I wanted to curl up and die. But this time I made a double batch of rolled cookies (gingerbread), and was tired but feeling pretty good.

Today, I was feeling tired but pretty ok. So when I was thinking about dinner, I decided we needed some home made rolls to go with it. (Several people in my family, including me, are famous for our made from scratch bread, no bread machine). Big ol batch of dinner rolls, roasted turkey breast with potatoes and carrots....yeah, finally hit the kill me point. The rolls were AMAZING totally worth the pain! By the time we were ready to sit and eay, I was glad I still had some vicodin left.

Long story short, yay to energy! I'm an idiot, because boo for over doing it because of the increase in energy. Extra super yay that cooking is so much easier with longer arms! Let's see if I end up sleeping through tomorrow or not.

Also, Merry Xmas, ya'lll!!

4ish week pictures

There are great improvements in the wounds closing, subtle changes to overall shape. There has been a lump on my right breast, about the length of my fist, but not that thick. It's not something that shows in pictures. Anyway, it had been hard and very tender, I've been massaging it aND it's getting much softer.

More 4ish weeks

Some pics that aren't so up close

Craziness. Staples

So the more the swelling goes down, the softer things get....the more I can feel the staples (which is apparently what I've got under the surface. Disolvable staples.) just under the surface. Some I can see. They haven't broken the skin, so I leave them alone. Tonight as I was starting my nightly ritual (bra off, wipe down, air dry, scar gel, let the gel soak in, re-bra. I do this twice a day.) I noticed a staple poking out. Totally caught me off guard because it's not one that I'd even noticed. Now that I think of it, I did notice a change in color in that spot before, so I guess that now makes sense. Anyway, I grabbed my tweezers, doused them in rubbing alcohol, and pulled it out. Wiped the hole (I wipe the other spots that aren't completely closed with alcohol as part of my process) with alcohol, let it dry and put a dab of antibiotic ointment on it (which I also put on the other spots, though not every time). The staples is weird. When I picked it up after I took a picture it crumbled in my fingers. I hope the rest decide to simply disolve, this was kinda ew.

Also, got the surgeon's bill today. I know the pathology and anesthesiologist bills have hit insurance but I haven't gotten the paper bill yet. I expected one line item for the reduction, but it looks like each side is charged separately. Each over $9,000. Since that got me to my out of pocket max, I owe the surgeon's office about $150.00. Since I still don't have all the actual statements, I don't yet know the full cost, but I think I can ballpark my out of pocket in the neighborhood of about $2,000.00 . Though I'd probably be sitting myself if I had to foot the bill entirely out of pocket, it's still worth EVERY penny! When I went in for my initial consultation, they gave me a cost estimate. If I chose to do it as a cosmetic procedure it would have cost just over $10,000. They told me they negotiate special rates with the surgical center and anesthesia that are lower than what insurance gets billed. It's crazy how all that stuff works. I'm glad I'm not an account or administrator or actuary or whoever it is that has to figure out the costs of all the things!

The monies

I don't think the hospital stay or the OR are included in any of these amounts. So I expect the billed amount to increase quite a bit, but my portion of it should be done.

PATHOLOGIST billed amount $1,080.00, what I owe $595.92
ANESTHETIST billed amount $3,700.00, what I owe $1,623.21
SURGERY (plastic surgeon) billed amount $18,744.00, what I owe $0.00
LABORATORY (pre-op CBC) billed amount $61.11, what I owe $6.72
PHYSICIAN (visit w/ primary care doc) billed amount, $122.00, what I owe $87.59
PHYSICIAN (initial consult) billed amount $300.00, what I owe $124.95

Billed amount $24,007.11, what I owe $2,438.39.

Of course this is just the medical/insurance related costs. The hospital's valet that took our car when we arrived to check in was a complete fucking moron and fucked our car. If you don't know how to drive a manual transmission, say so. Don't use ALL your strength to force the shifter to jam between reverse and 1st. It's a classic car, so the shop is still trying to track down parts, no idea yet what that's going to cost us. It will likely cost more than what I'm responsible for on the medical bills. Even though my husband had to deal with that the day of surgery (he stayed with me while I slept on and off until around 11pm), he had to wait for a tow truck and all the related crap. Poor guy didn't get home until like 3am. Yet he has been completely and totally sweet to me. I didn't find out about the car until a few days later because he didn't want to stress me out. It still stresses me out, but whatever, we'll deal with it.

Gotta love those DUH!! moments

I spent all day yesterday exhausted (took about a 4 hour nap in the late afternoon). Today I have felt absolutely awful, wiped out, and miserable, trying to figure out why my boobs suddenly hurt so much. The horizontal scar has been bothering me more. Even from the beginning the parts that extend under my arms haven't been a big deal. Everything aches. Sudden actions (flinched to catch the trash can lid when I bumped it hurt WAY more than it should have) have been about as painful as they were in week 2. Then I barked at someone over some stupid minor annoyance. FINALLY the dots all connect... it's been 33 days since my last period. This is all PMS. Man, they weren't kidding when they said the first period (or few, I forget) after surgery may cause more discomfort.

As someone that has always had crazy irregular periods, I've wondered if this surgery would have any effect on that. Breast tissue and fat both produce small amounts of estrogen. Is 8 lbs of it enough to effect anything?

Holy crap crackers!

So Layne Bryant is having their big semi-annual bra sale right now. I've wanted to buy some sports bras (intending to start back to the gym this week or next), so went in to try things on. OMG!! It was so exciting!! I tried on about 30 different be as in a handful of different sizes. Their sports bras...I don't know wtf is up with them. They really seem to want to squish things toward the middle (mine aren't yet soft enough to do any squishing) and project out. They didn't fit in any size, so fuck them. The sale bras that I think we're supposed to be a cross between sports and leisure, the one that fir best had a weird gap at the top center. I DID find a pretty sale bra that fit (see picture), I probably could have gone down one cup size (the right is smaller than the left by at least half a cup). It was a 42DDD!! I didn't buy it because it was underwire and itchy.

But, OMFG!! A FUCKING DOUBLE OR TRIPLE D ALREADY!! I would have pranced and flailed if I didn't think people would assume I'm a nut job.

In summary, disappointing but super fucking exciting!

Day 37

Maybe it's just hormones and head cold talking, but looking at the pics today is kinda depressing me. The left one is so much bigger, and the downward slop toward the outside. I really wanted the pretty teardrop shape. Yes, I know it's way too early to even be thinking about shape and size, but WAAAH! Someone call a waaah-mbulance for me. Whatever they look like, they're still a billion times nicer than they were originally. So fuck you uterus and your stupid hormones. You can take your cramps and shove 'em.

In normal news, um...updated pics.

43 days post

43 days post op and I'm still noticing stuff.

I no longer actually need to 'fluff' my boobs so they're not falling out of the bottom of my bra. (This took a lot of effort NOT to do initially. The skin was pulling so weird. I REALLY wanted to, but knew it would be BAD.)

My nipples are actually front and center (not at whatever weird position) under my shirt without above 'fluffing'.

I'm still working really hard to correct my old crappy posture, both sitting and standing. It takes so much conscious effort to change.

The way they bounce (they're softening up enough to actually bounce now, without hurting too) is really freaking weird. Especially with lefty since I have feeling in my nipple on that side, and apparently more feeling around the bottom.

Third followup, 7 weeks

Everything's looks good. Doc says no more restrictions. (I'm still taking lifting and stuff kinda easy) She says I probably will only see minor volume canges, so this is pretty much the size I'll be. Over the next several months I should still see shape changes as scars soften and things settle in. I wasn't thrilled about the side boob on the right. She says it's following the contour of my chest, so it's where it should be. The reason both sides don't match is because my body's natural contours aren't exactly the same. I'm already planning to lose more weight, she said it should improve with weight loss and still end up looking natural. She said I can come back in for a 6 month follow up if I'd like, but since everything is healing well it's optional. Of course call if I have any problems, but I'm a free little birdie back into the wild.


Sure would be nice if we could actually edit posts. Or at least edit/add pictures.

Mrs. Doubtfire

So pre-op I was always super paranoid about having a Mrs. Doubtfire moment while cooking (you know, boobs on the burner or something else hot), but I never thought it was actually possible. This morning I got a text from my sister:

"So I was making pancakes on the griddle on the stove this morning. I reached to get the one on the back... I had a big burning pain! ... my nipple was touching the griddle!! Fortunately I moved quick. And VERY fortunate that it didn't choose that time to sneak out of my shirt. That will teach me to make pancakes without a bra on."

Thankfully she's not seriously hurt. More of a cuss and laugh kind of moment. But I feel SOOO bad for her, but somewhere in the back of my head I couldn't help but snicker a little and think "SAWEET! That's never going to happen to me now!"

2 calendar months (9 full weeks)

I seem to be noticing more pain around the incisions that extend around to the side. Not like a lot, just enough to notice and complain about. I've been opting for bra free a lot more often now because of it. STILL have a few visible staples near the surface. I'm definitely ready for them to go away already. Overall, everything is good. Wounds are healed, things are softening and rounding. At some point here I intend to go try on some more bras, but I admit it, I hate shopping. (And I really want to make some progress on the weight before I buy new clothes. Insane work schedule has been leading to no gym and general frustration in that area. I'm not a fan of these 65 hour weeks.)

Anyway, here's updated pictures.

Interesting little details

The other day I was inspecting things and happened to notice...at the vertical incisions, the little bitty capalaries near the surface no longer stop abruptly from two distinct edges meeting up, but rather the little fine lines extend across the scar. I thought it was kind of fascinating.

The cautionary tale of the elliptical

Just because you're feeling great, plugging along at a comfortable pace on the elliptical does NOT guarantee that you're not over doing it. I assume it was sports bra chafing that caused this, but still...ow accompanied by a light smudging of blood on the new white sports bra :/. I swear I'm incapable of owning white clothing of any kind.


So we got a lot of snow over the weekend. It had to be dealt with. Because of the elliptical issue, I was pretty nervous about doing much with the shovel. We were out dealing with the snow for over 2 hours. I spent probably 3/4 of the time running the snow blower, but I did a lot of arm work clearing the ~5 inches off 2 cars, and twice that off the third car (poor thing didn't get cleared off after the previous dump). Shoveled a bunch between the cars, etc. I was actually scared to remove my bra, I thought for sure I'd have a repeat of the elliptical. I am VERY pleased to report that all is well. The open wounds from the gym have closed, and all the shoveling did not re-open anything. Over night the horizontal scars at the sides have been very tight and a little painful, but nothing serious. I assume they're grumpy because of all the extra movement, but they're already feeling better. The mild compression from the bra has also been helpful for that.

tl;dr; The chaffing has healed and I've successfully done upper arm stuff without causing new chaffing/bleeding.

3 months post

So I decided it's time to try bras again. I was talking to my roommate, she happens to have similar size to what I think I'll need. So, she dug some bras out for me to try. I still HATE the foam cups. But she gave me some 42DD bras. They FIT!! Last time I tried, I was somewhere around a double or triple D. This DD actually has a bit of a gap. So either I need a different cup material or style, or I might even be able to go down to a D. A single D!!

Long time no see

Wow, I know it's been a long time since I've posted, hadn't realized it's been THIS long. (Crazy busy with work, job loss, job hunt, new job...chaos) Coming up on the end of month 6. Things are going well. Side boob has still been an issue, but I deal. I've tried on a ton of different bras, have found one big girl bra that works. Recently I've been using the post surgery coobie bra more. Something's going on with my right boob, it feels weird and I struggle to make it through the day in the regular bra (especially at points where hormones are high, so mps and ovulation). My working theory is that I'm actually starting to get some feeling back, so I think it's good weirdness. Will try to post pics later.

Since the girls are overall feeling better and the weather is good, I've been able to get out on my bike again. It is SOOOOOOO much easier to ride now!! Especially the ups and downs on the mountain bike trails. The ride I did today, I'm 80% sure I'd have gone over the handlebars a few times with the balance issues from the big boobs.
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

Extremely friendly. Through the consult has definitely given me a lot of peace of mind. Answered all my questions, some I didn't even know I had. I didn't feel at all rushed. She was very easy to talk to. I look forward to working with her further.

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