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I chose to have breast implants done and chose to...

I chose to have breast implants done and chose to go to see Dr Bass in hartford CT because he was the cheapest in the area, which was my first mistake. Upon arrivial his office was small and consisted of just a waiting room, small receptionist area, and his "office". The consultation was 100$, and after I paid I was called into the room by the dr. His room worried me. It was a mess. He had three large carts in the corner of his room in which everything was just piled on. Nothing was organized. I was so excited to be there because this is something ive finally saved for, and i was hoping he would be excited for me as well, but he showed zero emotion, he almost seemed annoyed. I brought a list of questions with me, (including risks i read online) and as i sat there and went over all of them with him. All he kept saying to me was "ive never heard of that before". I asked him if there was any sailene implants i could look at (because thats what i wanted to get), and he said "sorry i have nothing here to show you". Another red flag to me. He never sized me. He never asked me what my expectations were. He never asked me anything. It seemed like everything i told him went in one ear and out the other. I even asked him how many breast implants he averages a month. And all he said to me was "i really dont know it varies, but ive been practicing for a very long time." After about 15 min of asking him questions and concerns, i decided to stop asking questions, cut the appointment short, and leave. Because at that point he just seemed annoyed. Instead of leaving the office feeling excited and informed, i left the office scared, worried, and full of doubt. I got home and settled down, tried to convince myself it was just my nerves from making such a huge decision, and called to pay the full ammount to schedule my surgery. The office then scheduled one last visit with me to see him before the surgery date. That last office visit came around and again i found myself at his office. After waiting about 45 min he finally called me into his room. I came prepaired to tell him what size i wanted (seems how he never asked to begin with). As we sat down i said to him "im looking to be between 650 to 700cc and id like high profile". He says to me "well usually for all my patients i just use moderate profile and just fill them till they look natural". LOL was he joking?!?!!?! I was hoping, but he was not. So instead of treating me like an individual, he was treating me like a number, and was just going to do what he wanted? Then he went on to tell me that he cant guarantee any of the sizes i wanted to be. He said the only way we will find out what size you can be is after i put the implants in and the surgery is done. So i said to him "so what happens if i wake up and im only a C cup and im not happy because thats not what i want?" And he says to me "again i wont know anything until the surgery is over." I literally couldnt believe what i was hearing. I asked if he had any before or after photos... and guess what? He had not ONE to show me. What was i thinking?!?!? About 6 days before my surgery i called to tell the office to tell them that i had bladder infection and a yeast infection and if it was still ok to have surgery. The receptionists told me they spoke with the dr and the dr said "its perfectly ok"... but that wasnt the case because nobody should be having this surgery if any other infections are going on in the body. So was he putting my health at risk just to get his money? I eventually backed out one day b4 the surgery in fear of my health, and the office gave me such a hard time, and didnt give me my full refund back because they said i owed him for this and that. However, in all the documents i signed... there was NOTHING that stated id be charged this amount for cancelling. In the end, i should have went with my gut feeling... i guess its true what they say, you get what you pay for. (Or would have paid for).
Dr Bass

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