Bulbous Tip Reduction! WORTH IT 2 years on London, GB

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Hey guys! So I've been sneaking around this...

Hey guys! So I've been sneaking around this website for a while now and have followed alot of stories! And have now decided to write a review.

Ever since I was 12 I've wanted a nose job, I've always hated my nose and was bullied for 3 years at secondary (being skinny and having a big nose) and left school 4 years ago. Now I've decided I really want a rhinoplasty and booked a consultation! I woke up one day and decided I wanted to go forward with it (watched a surgery documentary) I don't know.. just triggered me to start researching and was kinda too quick to book a consultation with Mr Peter Arnstein. My mum has has surgery with the Mclndole surgery centre before and recommend me go to Peter Arnstein (he has been on "Botched up bodies" "Ugly face of beauty" and many other reconstructive docs. Him being a reconstructive surgeon makes me feel more at ease in a way!

My consultation date was booked to see him in the next few days as a lady had dropped out and I filled her space (which I loved because I'd rather do it now than wait a month to see him). He was very descriptive and wasn't pushy at all. I know I want him to do my nose! I was at ease with him and 3 days later I knew I wanted him to do my nose and booked in for the 9th of March! So scared.

In a way I feel like I have rushed into this a little bit but jumping ahead and choosing Peter to do my nose but I feel like I'm in safe hands. Haven't found any reviews on Peter so I guess that is a good thing as peiple only really comment when they do bad and I've found none. I know I'm going to get my nose done so I might aswell get it over and done with.

The problem with my nose - It's so bulbous and generally big for a caucasian woman. It's wide, the bridge is wide, my nostrils show too much and the tip is bulbous.

Morph pictures

So i decided to add some morph pictures to show you something I'd like.

Meant to add more lol

OK really scary now! 22 days to go!

Absolutely scared and really starting to think about it now.. Just thinking that I will never be able to get back my old nose. Ever. Thinking will my nose look like I've had a nose job, because it's so big lol

Having trouble!

Hope everyone is doing well!

So having a little trouble giving up marijuana, I know its bad but I've been a everyday weed smoker for around 3 years and having trouble stopping. I don't smoke alot, only 2 3 small joints of a night time. I also smoke ciggs but haven't had a cigg for 3 days, I bought a e cigg so that's helping me! The problem is the weed! Not the ciggs. It's really frustrating, is anyone going through this at the moment?

3 days to go!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is getting on well. 3 days left, so nervous! Arnica tabs arrived today! Does anyone know how to take these? It literally says 4 times a day. How long do I wait inbetween to take another?

Things are getting really real now and totally nervous. Will take some photos when surgery's done! Have uploaded some photos, exuse what I look like lol

Today is the day!

Can't believe today is the day. Waiting in my room at the moment. He is on the 3rd patient and I am the 4th in line. Nurse said should be 2 hours, so now it is a waiting game. Really annoying! Cried this morning because I know I will never EVER get my nose my nose back again. But I know this will be the best decision of my life (IF it goes well) or if it goes wrong then the worst decision but I am putting my trust in Mr Peter Arnstein.

The nurses, anesthesiologist and reception staff were absolutely wonderful and helpful. But Peters PA is a little rude. "Peter will be with you soon.... " with her back to me leaving the door. Didn't want to look me in the eye much. But overall, happy. Will be going in soon! Wish me good luck!

It's done!

Can't believe it's done!

14 hours since surgery!

Hey guys!

Pain - No pain at all at the moment.. Hopefully I won't get any! The only real pain I do feel is when I breathe (no drip pad as the blood is totally dry and nurse said to leave it off unless it starts dripping) it stings a little around the incisions - but I expect that.

Swelling - The only swelling I can see so far is under my eye on my bruise And a little on my face, hopefully it doesn't get too bad in the next few days.

Bruising - Really weird because I only have bruising under one eye. Definitely has got worse since last night! I really doubt I will get any bruising, but fingers crossed hopefully it is just the one bruise under my eye!

Mood - Feeling normal overall. Feeling shattered as I woke up every hour/half hour and each time I would take roughly 40 mins getting back to sleep and remember at one point being up for a few hours. Horrible night. Not too sure why I didn't sleep properly as I was absolutely tired after surgery but purposely didn't have a nap yesterday as I knew I wouldn't sleep (I also have sleeping problems anyway, so maybe this didn't help!)

Overall feeling ok! Will be having my breakfast soon and Mum will be here in about 2 hours. Added some photos. Nose feels a little squashed, you can tell when I look up!

Just a few bruising photos..

I updated this morning but wanted to show you how fast the bruising goes up! Everytime I look in the mirror it has gotten bigger! And swollen more.


Just wanted to show some pictures of bruising. Today I have the avatar look that everyone goes on about, not looking like myself! wanted to show a picture of my nose before from the side, there is clearly a big difference.

Not in any pain really, just a little pressure on my nose.

Technically Day 4 bruising photos

No pain, no congestion, can breathe through nose. Can feel a tiny bit of pressure on my head, not sure if it's the cast or if I am getting a headache. Slept ok last night! Woke up a few times but nothing that I am not used to. Bruising going yellow and swelling is going down a little bit! Yay!

Worrying now!

I can definitely see my nostrils quite a bit and having that piggy look! But this is a very piggy look lol but I'm thinking, before I had my nose done - you could see up my nose quite a bit anyway but hoping it will go down once splints and cast is off. Is anyone experiencing this?

Picture update

just a quick picture update. Nothing really to say! Nothing has changed much. Bruising going down alot more but woke up with more swelling, hopefully will be better by tomorrow. Been eating normally. Mild headache that is lingering but nothing major! Quick pic update.

Picture update day 6

Nothing to update really.. Feel great. Bruising getting better. Still have major swelling inbetween eyes (avatar look) it's like the swelling is bulging out of the cast lol! You can see from the photo's that when I looked up, I had a square look. It is now more triangle. I hope my review helps people to decide whether to go ahead with the surgery! And make the right decision for you.

Forgot to add photos

Little worried..

I had asked my surgeon to reduce my hanging columella. He did say that if it needed revision he will then reduce it, "You can hack at the nose and remove bits, but you can put it back on". I'm just scared that it might drop and hang more than what it did before and that I'll have a straight nose but more of a hanging columella!


I'm really happy with results so far. He has given me a subtle slope. A refined tip, smaller bridge and shortened my over projected tip! Swelling is bad and I have the avatar look lol! Oh what difference it makes to have more of a refined tip rather than big bulge. Before when I looked up it was square, now it is triangle.. I love it!


Wrote a huge paragraph and it deleted somehow when I tried to upload photos. Annoying.. Realself - please sort this out, it's not just me complaining!

Some before photos

Before photos!

Picture update

Tried a little makeup today, nothing too much. Concealer, mascara, blush and eyebrows on. Still very swollen and avatar look is insane! Look more human lol

Callous lump above bridge bone maybe?

Has anyone else experienced REALLY hard lumps? I have a really hard bone like pea sized lump in between eyebrows and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I defo know this isn't swelling as it is rock hard and can feel it when when I run my finger from my forehead. You can't see it but you can defo feel it and worried you'll be able to see it when swelling goes and will stop me having that nice dip in between eyebrows. Am I being paranoid? Feels so horrible!

Day 30 update!

Just a quick picture to show you before and after. Swelling has been going up and down and differs from day to day. One day it will look more defined and the next day a balloon! Nose has been 'dripping' a lot and I am not without a tissue! So far - no problems! You can see in the picture it definitely looks more defined and I am so happy with the results so far!

Side pics

Just a side picture showing before and after.

Picture update!

Just a picture update showing from above.

Dark circles under eyes!

Has anyone else experiencing dark circles under eyes? Really annoying as I look tired all the time. I never had these before the surgery.

Just over 2 months!

Quick update! Been just over 2 months now and things get better by the day. I'm trying not to focus on my nose and just forget about it. Time really does heal. My nose is looking less swollen and It's not as hard as it used to be lol my nose is still kind of stiff! But all's well.

Before pic

Just a photo to show my before nose! I'm so happy with the result. I could never think about taking picture from the front so I always looked to the right - sigh!

3 and a half months post op

Just a quick pic update.


The bumps inside my nose are going down (from the scars, guessing they are keloid scars) everyday it gets smaller and more refined. Still sleeping with 2 pillows, incandescent definitely see a difference when I sleepnwith none. Usually I sleep with no pillows but getting used to it. My nose seems to fluctuate from time to time and there are such things as 'bad nose days' lol

Nose is still swollen and hard but getting softer every single day. Still looks weird looking innate mirror and seeing a different person! Weird. Happy with side profile and overall profile.

Overall, happy.. Think it could be smaller but hey! Happy so far.

Pictures and quick update

Nothing new really. Nose still swells badly in morning and gets better as the day goes on, really annoying lol swelling going down VERY SLOWLY. Maybe because I had tip and bridge surgery. Happy so far!

New me :)

Still feel like nose is a little big and need rasping. But overall.. it's OK,!

Updated review. Good results.

Love it. No problems although nose leaks sometimes lol still going down. Sometimes its defined sometimes swollen not sure why but not a big problem. Loving results everyday! Only been a year so fingers crossed it keeps going down x

More photos

Defo smaller. Time has gone so faat!

Quick update. Nose is getting smaller every month (the tip) nose is sometimes more defined on some days. I do feel like its still on the larger side but fits my profile. Hes defo got rid of that little hump on my nose!
Mr Peter Arnstein

Very descriptive. Loved the staff!

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