"52 Years Old, and Desperate to Have Implants Removed" East Grinstead, GB

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Hi i am so glad Ive found this site its really...

Hi i am so glad Ive found this site its really helped me with my decision to have my implants removed. My story starts in 1999, i was 37, i had recently become a single mum of four and just finished breast feeding my forth child, i fed him for two years! I think this combined with enormous the stress of everything made me lose tons of weight. The results were very flat deflated breasts and i hated them so took steps to have implants, i wanted to boost my confidence and start to feel feminine again. Before i had my children i had nice boobs 34B, i never wanted to be bigger just regain the volume. I had the operation in Oct 2000 they were over the muscle, cant remember exact sizes but right was slightly bigger implant to balance me out, about 280g and 320g. the surgeon said i needed these sizes to "fill me out" After the op i looked huge and they felt hard and cold, i hated them.
Fast forward to 2010, i was happily remarried now and starting to think about having my implants removed, my left breast was painful and hard, looked normal though. I made an appointment to see a lady plastic surgeon who was NHS and private, she was lovely and spent time explaining all my options and showing me pictures of removal and uplift operations. To be honest it scared the hell out of me the scars seemed to be all i could focus on, she said that i probably would need an uplift due to very little natural breast tissue, my weight was low again due to a thyroid condition. She also said that i had capsular contraction and that was causing the pain. I had to do something, after weeks of contemplating i opted to have them removed and replaced with Allergan anatomical implants, i had a bilateral capsulectomy and new implants in Oct 2014. The op went well and i was happy with the look of my breasts they looked normal and natural...however despite that i still hate the feeling of them, the weight of them and the fact that they are "foreign things" in my body. I have been extremely stupid and vein over the years and i have paid dearly in cash and stress and worry!!
At this present time i have had a consultation with the same lady surgeon, whom i highly recommend, and i have told her how i feel, i have looked at hundreds of picture and videos of implant removal and uplift ops and i am no longer scared of the scars, its worth the trade off for nice natural soft breasts again! I have a second appointment on Mon 4th Aug to discuss in detail what i will be have done and to book an appoint date for my op, will keep you updated. Thank you for all your positive stories you are an inspiration!

2 appointment with surgeon

Well I had my 2nd appointment yesterday with my suregon, she had asked me to take some time to consider all the options and go back with my decision. I have decided to go with removal and anchor uplift. I could have just had them removed but she said I would be very flat as I don't have much breast tissue, with an uplift I will still be small, maybe a b cup but at least they will be "perkier" and my nipples will be in a higher position. I have to call her Secretary this morning to book my opperation date..I'm excited now ! Will update soon. Thankyou friends x x

date booked...!

Well I have now booked the op date, the 21st Aug. I really can't wait, so excited but nervous as well. Now to start looking for good support bras for after. Does any one have any experience of using arnicha tablets to help reduce bruising ?

tomorrows the day...

Well it's finally arrived tomorrow I have they horrible things out and I can't wait. I am very scared but excited too. I have to be there at 1pm, please think of me. I will update soon :) x

its done ..

Hi ladies, well at last I can say I'm rid of my plastic boobies! Had them removed on Thursday afternoon it was a three hour op, as I had an uplift as well. I woke up in recovery in a lot of pain so was given a PCA pump with morphine which really helped, I stayed in for 2 nights which I have to say I needed. It was more painful than I had imagined it would be. I had drains in. My capsules were very thin so were left in place as I didn't have a lot of breast tissue. My surgeon was very pleased with how things went and I have to go back to have tape changed in 10 days. I was a bit shocked when I saw myself this morning, it's very odd to see a flat chest, and I'm quite misshapen at the moment. The nurse said it will all settle in time and not to worry. I love the 'light' feeling I have now, it feels good. So I'm at home now in bed resting, I ache all over, think it's because of the anisetic, I was very sick the first two days. I will attempt to take some pics and post asap x x

2 days post op pics

8days post op

Well it's 9 days since my explant and uplift. I'm very pleased with the results of my op, it's been tough the pains been quite bad at times butice packs and pain tablets have have helped a lot. As you can see from the recent pics I have alot of brising coming out at the moment. I had a bad reaction to the tagaderm dressing that was covering my drain site. When I removed it on the 4th day I had a big blister which was extremely sore, it has dried out now but still very red and sensitive. I'm going to see my consultant on Monday for a follow-up and change of tape, will let you know how things go. To anyone considering having their implants removed, don't be scared, it's the best thing I've ever done, and I regret the money I wasted on two sets of implants in the past 14 years.

13 days post op ...

Had Check up yesterday, all went well. The consultant was very happy with my progress and encouraged me to look at my breasts before she 're-applied the new tape, and I was so glad I did, the incisions are very fine with no external stitches, so I didn't look like 'frankensteins monster' ! I'm so relived, I have some bad bruising still coming out but the discomfort is defiantly improving. I'm smaller now the swelling is going down, but think I will be a B cup, whoopeee!

21 days post op, tape off.

Well hi everyone it's 21 days today's since my explant and uplift, I have just removed the surgical tape and massaged the scars with bio-oil. I have to say I feel a little down in the dumps, it's the first time I've had a proper look at them and I feel a bit disappointed. I know it's early days but looking at them they are very different sizes and the insiscion under my right breast is higher the the natural crease so it's making it look very odd, it doesn't fall naturally. My areolas seem to have lost all colour and are now very pale? Am I expecting to ich to soon ? Any comments would be appreciated x

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7 weeks post op

Feeling pleased with my results so far, I do have a couple of worries, the incision under my Right breast is too high and doesn't sit in the natural crease, but I've been told I can have a small revision procedure down at six months. Also my right nipple has a red spot on the scar which feels like a stitch maybe that hasn't desolved. I love being small again, I feel more in proportion now. Still wearing surgical bras for support, can't wait to go and buy some new pretty ones soon !
Miss Hazari

Lovely friendly surgeon, lots of advice and time given.

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