Finally Getting Rid of my Bingo Wings

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For many years my weight has gone up and down like...

For many years my weight has gone up and down like most ladies on here. I finally decided last year after my husband and I nearly dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, to get fit again and lose my weight once and for all. I have lost almost three and a half stones over the past 18 months and have just half a stone to get to my goal. I am very happy and feel so much healthier and eat well now. But my bat wings spoil the look of my arms and will not tone up, as I have tried using weights etc in the gym. After doing lots of research online, especially on this website :) I have decided to bite the bullet and have an arm lift. Yesterday evening I met my consultant and feel very confident he will do his best for me. Again I found him doing my homework, which is very important. My op is on January 24th next year and I have to meet up with my consultant again on January 6th to discuss the op etc again. I feel so excited today and will be so glad to be on my way to recovery as many of you are :). I will post before pics on before I have the arm lift, and do regular posts after op.

37 Days Until I Have My Arm Lift Yahoo

I am starting to get excited, counting down the days until my surgery :). I have bought some baggy clothes and a big front opening nightie. Also front opening bras. I have also bought a compression garment and it will be put on after my surgery. It is very tight at the moment BUT should be just right after arm lift. Doing lots of research on pain relief and scar treatments. My surgeon recommends using vitamin E cream for scar treatment, not vitamin E45. Really dreading the first week but I am sure it will not be that bad. How many days was it before you can clean your teeth and cleanse your face please?

2 WEEKS TO GO ......

Before I have my arm lift surgery :) Getting excited and organised. Any tips would be most appreciated. I will post before pics up soon.

Before Pictures

Here are my before pictures. OMG my arms look huge lol. Let us hope they look a lot better after my arm lift surgery next Tuesday :).

My last day with these bingo wings!

I have just found out my surgery will be around 12.30pm tomorrow and have to be there for 11am. Just want to be there now as already packed etc. I will be staying in the clinic for two days which is good. Please all think of me and pray all goes well :) I will let you know how things are going as soon I can.

3 days post surgery

Well I made it :). I had my surgery as planned on 24 January. All went well and a lot of my worries beforehand came to nothing. I have use of my lower arms so can do things I thought I wouldn't be able to do. The surgeon said everything went well. I stayed at the clinic for one and half days. The nurses were very sweet and I was well looked after. Yesterday I was very poorly with nausea and vomiting. I think the antibiotics were the problem so I now take them before eating. Also I have major problems going for a number two. It is now five days since I have gone properly. The meds have really bunged me up . I took stool softener yesterday but no help. Today my husband got me some meds to help but not working so far. My arms have almost no pain or discomfort. I am keeping them raised almost 24/7 and will do for weeks to come. I have an appointment to have the bandage taken off next Tuesday and they will put my compression garment on. And I will see my surgeon next Friday for my post surgery consultation. I will post pics when I have my cg on :).

10 Days Pics of arms

Went to see surgeon today and he is pleased with my arms. The top of scar is a little red, and some swelling near elbows with a tiny bit of oozing. Nurse re-dressed everything and I have to go back again next Friday. Got to see my arms for the first time today and love them :) No bat wings yay :)

3 week update

I cannot believe it is nearly 3 weeks since having my arm lift done. It really has been painless and so far not much discomfort. I went to have the tape changed at the clinic last Friday and the nurse was pleased with the scars. There was just a tiny sore in the right arm pit, which she dressed and said it would be gone in a week or so. I can do some things around the house now, no heavy stuff or lifting or stretching, which is good. I try and keep my arms elevated as much as possible and sleep in my nest of pillows :). This must have helped as I have had no swelling so far. I will put some pictures on later in the week of my arms without compression garment on. I cannot put into words how happy I am about having this surgery. For so many years I have had to hide my arms like a lot of women. I cannot wait for the summer when I can wear sleeveless clothes yay!!!!. It is a dream come true. I hated my bat wings so much. When I was at my Zumba classes or in the gym or playing badminton they always embarrassed me so much. And when going out in the evening I would always wear three quarter sleeves to hide them. I don't even mind the scars as they are so small and it is just a sign of how much weight I have lost :). I hope all you ladies are healing well and looking forward to the summer months to show off your lovely arms.

Almost 4 Week post surgery :)

My arms are still doing fine with only a tiny twinge in the right arm pit now and again. I have got a new compression garment which is really good as it has a bra in it and sleeves come further down past my elbows, so more comfortable. Last night I went out socialising for the first time since surgery and it felt fantastic having slimmer arms. They were covered but looked slimmer and tidier just what I have always wanted. I even did some dancing :) Got some lovely compliments too. For anyone who is miserable with their arms as I was I would say "go for it". My arms really bothered me so much and I dressed always to keep them hidden. It will be brilliant to be able to have bare shoulders and arms in the summer time and not worry about people looking at them. I can now sleep on my side and doing stuff around our home. So far it really has been a trouble free surgery.
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