Finally Getting Rid of my Bingo Wings

For many years my weight has gone up and down like...

For many years my weight has gone up and down like most ladies on here. I finally decided last year after my husband and I nearly dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, to get fit again and lose my weight once and for all. I have lost almost three and a half stones over the past 18 months and have just half a stone to get to my goal. I am very happy and feel so much healthier and eat well now. But my bat wings spoil the look of my arms and will not tone up, as I have tried using weights etc in the gym. After doing lots of research online, especially on this website :) I have decided to bite the bullet and have an arm lift. Yesterday evening I met my consultant and feel very confident he will do his best for me. Again I found him doing my homework, which is very important. My op is on January 24th next year and I have to meet up with my consultant again on January 6th to discuss the op etc again. I feel so excited today and will be so glad to be on my way to recovery as many of you are :). I will post before pics on before I have the arm lift, and do regular posts after op.
Dr Paul Banford

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