45 Yr old breast implant removal 300cc sub muscular and saggy. Elated! Uk

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Having breastfed my daughter in 1987 for way too...

Having breastfed my daughter in 1987 for way too long :) my breasts were saggy crepey empty b cups.

2003 I had a peri aereola lift and 240cc low profile round smooth sub muscular implants through the areola which took me to a full C cup, I replaced 8 years later in 2012 for 300cc high profile Natrelle round textured implants that took me to a D cup. I had both operations with the same surgeon in the Philippines and exchanged as I was worried the first set were PIPs, I couldn't remember what they were. My surgeon assured me they weren't, that he had never used PIPs but I wanted to see for myself and I also thought at 8 years I would need to renew at some stage in the near future, anyway, He was right, thankfully, they were euro silicone. I still have them in my drawer!

I loved my boobs both sets and enjoyed the balance they bought to my figure, and all was well..

... Well sort of, a year or so after my second op they started to sag and whilst the implants retained their position my skin sagged over them and I was left with a very rounded upper pole and a hang / droop of my own breast tissue at the lower pole. My areola also stretched and enlarged after the second op, neither of these things bothered me but then I started having other issues. Jan of this year I had to have a wisdom tooth removed due to an abscess, two months later in March I developed sudden capsular contracture on my right breast, palpable hardness in places and an ache that came and went. Within a week of noticing this and before I could make an apt to have a scan my appendix ruptured which resulted in laprascopic removal. 8 weeks after that I developed an aggressive molar abscess that had not been there 6 weeks before on dental check up xrays which I also had to have removed. (Had never ever had an abscess before, or issues with my teeth until this time) I then had a month of antibiotics for a very stubborn sinus infection following the molar removal.

So within three months, two teeth out, sinus infection, gum issues, appendix blown and grade 2/3 capsular contracture... I felt really run down!

what to do? Ultrasound and mammogram revealed they had not ruptured but I had some fluid around the right implant. Petrified of removal I didn't even consider it at the time so I sought a caspulectomy and replacement. Anatomicals being the best solution to the full upper pole/ lower droop issue (I didn't want extra scars from a full lift) with a breast width of 12cm I would need to size up to 390cc .. Hmmmm a publicised 30% contracture reoccurrence rate, still having issues with gums receeding but no gum disease, they kept flaring up with little sores. I felt as though my immune system was really struggling and trying to tell me something. I didn't really feel at peace as I couldn't help but feel that with all the other issues I wouldn't be one of the 30%, but I booked in and and was due to go ahead.

Two weeks before my replacement, still not feeling very peaceful and having nagging doubts I started googling removal without replacement and came across this site. Amazed at how quick a recovery and how so many women have great results versus the plastic surgery site images of disfigured breasts. I made a resolute decision! Removal, no replacement, no lift. Nervous of the aesthetic outcome but peaceful at last in knowing I was doing the right thing for my body.

Lying here on day 2 having returned from hospital yesterday am so happy and relieved that I made that choice. Just knowing that I wont have to worry about another contracture, further breast ops, ruptures or any associated implant issues Is such a relief. AND I love my breasts!!! They are soft and rounded and somehow look better than before my implants and dare I say with the implants! I have a real sense of freedom and am just so grateful for what I do have!

My surgeon was excellent, he didn't try to dissuade me, he is a very meticulous surgeon and I knew I was in great hands. I had a capsulectomy on both sides with drains in for 24 hours, an overnight stay and strict aftercare. I also had labiaplasty during the same op as my right side had grown large over the years and was causing discomfort.

I would really like to thank all the ladies that have reviewed implant removal on this site as I know without doubt without all your photos and stories I would be now sitting here with big ol silicon bags tensely watching for the first signs of contracture

Day 1 post op

These are pics of breasts immediately after the surgery, I came round and within an hour felt very lively and fiddly, I had drains in but couldnt help getting out to the bathroom to have a peek.. As soon as I saw them I was so relieved, they felt small and soft but natural in shape, i felt more feminine. Strange really but most definitely more feminine. All these feelings were such a relief, so back to bed but within an hour and feeling restless I wanted another peek so off I trailed, this time with the bra I wore that day pre surgery. For the last year I Have favoured soft bralette type bras, like this wacoal b'tempted lace kiss bra, finding underwired and push up just too much and uncomfortable. To my delight it actually fit! Woohooo!! I have a stack in so many different colours was thrilled I will still be able to wear them. Just so happy this day and woulda showed the food hostess my new boobs if my partner hadn't stopped me :)

Had to lie down because of the labiaplasty, this was a struggle as I wanted to walk around and felt in a mischievous mood.

Surgeon visited and said all went well, no rupture but the contracture was unusual as the capsule had tightened around the implant but hadn't thickened, I guessed this was a good thing in terms of the removal as would be the same capsular thickness both sides so maybe more even results, not sure.

My areola look like dinner plates on my smaller boobs :) but I cant help but love em

Drains out, home and happy

Day 2 post op, arrived back home yesterday evening. having to lie down because of the labiaplasty aftercare which is difficult as am feeling fine. Have been taking ibuprofen for the swelling downstairs but have not really needed anything pain relief wise. Resting and googling which surgical bra to buy, the one I ordered pre-op was not long enough and rubbed against my scars so after an extensive search have settled on the Macom minimiser vest bra, this was designed for implant removal and offers 5/5 compression while the tissues heal and reconfigure. I decided against the others as they only give a back size with expandable cups but felt as though my cups wouldnt fill them enough to get the best out of the compression. This one am hoping will be more like a wearable ace bandage, it arrives tomorrow so we'll see! Still feeling positive, grateful and happy!

Day 3, stir crazy

Day 3 post implant removal and labiaplasty.

I mostly slept well although find it hard sleeping on my back as recommended and kept waking up on my side .. Used the bathroom 4-5 times in the night and was 4lbs lighter this morn. Surgery always puffs me up so glad thats all out. Macom vest came today, was a bit tight so sent back to exchange, i realised from the packaging that it was designed for men originally and cut in under the arms a bit and was like a chest binder, squashed my lil flappers totally flat with crosseyed nipples :) also ordered the recova mimi bra, hard to get a good compression fit without trying them on as need to be comfortable, 2 months is a long time. So still bandaged for now, breasts look the same, will update with pics soon.

Amused myself by booking panto tickets .. pottering a little but mostly lying down and reading. last day of labiplasty bed rest! Yeayyyy

Just wandered in to my partner to ask him if my smaller boobs make the rest of me look bigger, I am uk 12/14. He said no, he loves them and at last I have a natural chin to breast measurement :) I have to say such a full upper pole with the implants were quite unnatural looking.
Anyway pleased he is happy, he likes natural and loves the slope of the breast and slightly upturned nipple.

Health issues surrounding breast implants is a very controversial and interesting topic. I know my surgeon doesnt believe they can interfere with your immune system or cause health issues. I am not sure they were the cause but the capsule around the implants can harbour bacteria and dental infections etc can seed these areas also. in my mind its the ol chicken and egg of which I dont have the answer. This was the most frustrating part of getting a contracture, you dont get any definitives and taking It out of the equation was really the only way I could deal with and be at peace.

Really dont like not being able to get to the bottom of things!

Day 4 post op..

Up and about more today, haven't left the house yet but I baked a cake and pottered a bit, feel as though I am healing well..

Had a shower and boobs feel fuller / less mushy than they did first day, I am really happy with their appearance, before my implants they were emptier and more crepey than they are now, I am about a stone and a half heavier now. I really was expecting much worse.

Day 4 pics

Before / after

Before / after

Day 6 .. And all is well

Healing and loving the results. Scars are still taped up, I haven't seen them yet, due for dressings clinic Thursday. These are new incisions as I had areola placement with both sets of implants.. Was a little concerned about position of these as have read your infra mammary crease can rise after implants are removed. They seem to be in a good position at the moment altho the tape is quite thick so will see at the big reveal Thursday.

Have been much more mobile today. The labiaplasty decreased my activity much more than the capsulectomy / implant removal. A few twinges occasionally and can feel the incision lines from time to time but haven't needed pain medication at all for either op. All is well.. All is very well.. Every time I look at them I smile.. I'm back!!

My motivation to have the implants was more based on shape than size, I never really wanted large breasts, the donut lift and first set of low profile 240cc took me to a c cup. Im back to a b cup but the shape is so much better than before the implants. Or am I just relieved, happy to be natural and in a different place now? I think i have some old pre implant photos somewhere .. As soon as can get up the loft!
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