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5'6" 130lb female who loves fitness. I want them...

5'6" 130lb female who loves fitness. I want them as natural as possible... not a new look- just the way I used to look when I was 22. I recently put on a little weight from knee surgery (about 8 lbs) and noticed as im losing the weight, the breasts are deflating slightly. I always fretted over then sagging with age and desired a larger size (always wore padded bras) but padded bras dont work well at the gym.

I also have an issue with auxiliary breast tissue in my arm pit (which gets caught in bra, sleeveless shirts). So I figured two birds, one stone and feel like my young self again. Currently wear a 34B, but really looking for a full C (perky- but natural)

I will schedule for 1.5 months out so I have time to lose some weight before the procedure (and get in better shape now that I can walk again). I work out- Bodypump, etc 5 days a week and eat very healthy. So it wont be easy, but I want to lose a few cm from a couple areas before the surgery.

Confusion- not sure what to do.

Timing doesnt look good: I have some trips coming up- I planned to wait until after so I had time to lose some extra bodyfat. Because of the timings of the trips- that would put me 4 months out for surgery, losing the entire summer. My husband mentioned that I should get it done sooner (so I will be confident on our beach vacation in 2.5 months).

Lose weight first? or implants first?

I had my second consultation with a world known doctor- and he was saying 'above the muscle' because I have enough tissue. (the other said either- but I was leaning toward dual plane).

However, will I still have the same amount of tissue after I lose the 6lbs? !

And like all the doctors- they all want me to go bigger= 175 or 200 instead of 160
I guess I worry about seeing the 'canvas' before I start making changes. I think I will ask some of the surgeons on this site as I am curious which is better- dual plane or above muscle.

Updated price:

not sure how to revise that, but I am looking at some top notch doctors: Looking closer to 12,000 dollars (instead of $7,000)

Scheduled! May 21st

I am scheduled for the 21st of May (bloodworm on 13th). That gives me a little over a month to drop some weight.

I have a celebrity doctor (been in every magazine and tv show- flies around the world to give lectures and do procedures. He really says to do over the muscle....I was looking at the flexing animation with under the muscle implants, and it makes me really uncomfortable as i can already move my breasts with my pectoral muscles- can't imagine if there was something under there. I am torn now between 175 or 200 cc (but I have a month to figure that out). I have at least some breast tissue, and the implant will be small, so I don't think I will have a problem.

Interestingly enough- my husband who was on board for 100cc fat grafting, just last night after putting padding in my bra the last few days commented 'Maybe 200cc is good- I mean, it is up to you, I like you how you are, but I think 200 looks good, maybe 250?'

Little worried at this point... keep bouncing back and fourth

I think I am leaning more towards 200, not sure about high profile or moderate. I need to go back to the surgeon and try on everything again with clothing. My surgeon is Luiz Toledo, very respected and says subglandular, but seems the majority here have dual plane.

My mammogram and blood tests are on the 7th, and my anesthesia consult is the 13th....
Basically it dawned on me today: I have 30 days till surgery!

(slight gasp/panic type thing)

Digital rendering

I ate a huge meal, and decided that I needed renderings.

I came home and put on my victoria secret bra that I always wear. I added just a tiny bit more (barely).

I still have not lost the little weight I wanted too... (havent had a chance since we moved up the surgery. I still do my bodypump 3 times a week, plus pilates twice a week and some cardio thrown in. I have been careful with what I eat, but it takes longer than 1 week to lose weight, haha! so you have to imagine my waist and arms a little thinner).

So this is the size I am seeking- I plan to show these to my surgeon. But I think 200 will get me there (but he says they only have HP in the office... so now HP or Moderate?)

Wish breasts:


Ok, so I have been in and out of the hospital with a bacterial infection in my gut. Finally back to semi-solid food after 4 days. I was so out of it the first few days, I couldnt even read/write.

Now that I am just 'regular sick' (no more fever, vomiting) I decided to post my regimen for recovery. I am not new to surgery and I gathered a plethora of information in the past, and of course learned many lessons. I actually had the opportunity to 'test' theories on recovery and get it down to a science. I eat extremely clean, but these are also helpful Vitamins to begin taking a few weeks before surgery:
Multi vitamin, vitamin C, Zinc, bioflavanoids, B-complex, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Probiotic
After surgery:
Bromelain, 48 hours after surgery for 7 days
Vitamin E, 14 days post op (can help prevent capsular contraction)
Arnica Montana

Of course- Tagaderm 'moist wound healing' (prevent bacteria growth as well) on all scars after surgery, once healed, silicone patches. (I placed it on one scar and not on the other from the same surgery- the one with the tagaderm and silicone- you cant even see!)

Here we go.....!!!! Countdown begins!

'What am I doing?'
Is what I kept thinking signing all the paperwork. Then I looked at a photo... at what my breasts 'used to be' which were a full C cup and it made my silhouette so sexy. I miss that. So after some deliberation, I am going with 250cc.

There, I wrote it down, so it has to be true. EEK!
Special items for after surgery:
- Make a ton of home made chicken stock with lots of gelatin in it to help reduce inflammation
- Bendy straws
- Medications- including arnica and bromelien
- Laxative Tea (take it first thing the next day- that I learned the hard way the last few surgeries)
- Ice packs
- Extra Pillows
- Hygiene- spray deodorant and aloe baby wipes for 'sponge bath'. I hate that after surgery smell.
- Tagaderm (lots of it)- this help SO much with scarring, and silicone sheeting for after the wounds have healed.

I have a button up shirt and a loose fitting skirt to wear the day of the surgery.

Almost there

A few thoughts:
I know 250 will put me larger than I originally wanted. I am perfectly aware that this is my body, and my decision, and my final decision of 250 was not 'boob greed' but 'acceptance' of the recommendations of my doctor, assistant and husband.. I want to go on record, I think I should have gone with 225- and at the end of this we will see how I feel about the entire situation because after all, it is 2 tablespoons we are talking about.

Secondly: I want to work out to get back in shape- but I know that before surgery it is best to rest as much as possible. Working out just causes inflammation of tissues and water retention. But the thought of not lifting for over a month scares the schnitt out of me.

After knee surgery and moving oversee's I lost a ton of muscle, and put on some fat. I will be left to diet during recovery, but not exercise... so now im worried about losing the mass I put on in the last 2 months.

These are my worries... as you can see, no worries about the procedure itself.

3 days until 'D' day... pre-shop, pre-op?

Im expected to fit into a 'D' and then hopefully in a few months down to a full C. How many bras or clothing did you buy before surgery in hopes it would fit after?

My doctor wants me to wear my medical bra garment for 1 month. But it seems people on here are wearing nothing.... or their own sports bras soon after surgery. Maybe because they have unders and they want them to drop?

Im sure by 2 weeks im going to be going mad- it is 105 degrees Fahrenheit here and 90% humidity. I padded my bra- and put on a dress. Crossing my fingers this is what they will look like PO.

Today is my last 'real' day before I enter the world of 'plastique'

It is 8:08 am and my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:00am
I will wake up at 5:45am and be at the hospital by 6:15. Im not worried about the size, I was never worried about the procedure, I was just worried as to how I will keep busy the next 24 hours before going stir crazy!
-cant go to the gym
-cant have a glass of wine
-cant leave the house (we have workers here- so I have to stay with them)


I almost feel like I am coming down with a cold. Im hoping it is just the air con and weather. I made a massive quantity of chicken soup yesterday (I used 5 whole chickens and 2 lbs of feet, cooking for 8 hours) so I guess I can start on that today to ward off measly head colds.
Last meal time: 7:00 (soup) snack at 9:00 (small piece of dark chocolate no doubt)
Need to drink 4.5 litres of water before 9pm. Lay off the caffeine.
I will be in bed by 9:30, and I wake up naturally at 5:45 every morning so surgery time is perfect.

Its all mental now. As in, trying to not go mental.

Tantalizing titties are teasing me

So I'm out of surgery. Feels like a ton of bricks on my chest and a pulled pectoral basically.

Had a bit of a scare when I went to reposition myself and check things out ... turned white, severe sweats (dripping from the tip of my nose even) the world became black/white and almost went unconscious as people tried to figure out what was wrong. Turns out my blood pressure was FAR too low. Warning: don't be cocky- stay in your bed or risk shock!

But now I'm fine (I think... Haven't dared move since). They are keeping me overnight- so I expect my drug fog to last a little longer than normal. But this is a boutique hospital, so they are very attentive and will drug me throughout the night so I wake up 24 hours ahead of the game.

Auxiliary tissue removal- something is wrong

The breast implants don't hurt. My arm pits where the auxiliary tissue does. Doctor is on his way- it is 4 in the morning. I am worried a nerve was damaged from the lips. There was only about 2 tablespoons on tissue in each armpit. It bothered me more than the size of my breasts. I never thought this would be like this- it is not a normal pain- it is surface and also deep in the tissue.

The swelling and bruising is INSANE, therefore my body is fighting back- lowering my blood pressure.

Anyone have to tissue removed in the armpit? On a scale from 1-10. In pain-10.... I can't even reposition my body in bed or reach for water.

Finally home!!! Bad recovery so far

I am finally home. Some sort of nerve irritation/damage. No one has seen this before.

My weight is up 11.1 pounds, lmao
After 2 nights and 2.5 days in the hospital. My stomach/waist is distended (normally 24-25 inches and is now 32.5 inches). The breasts are swollen, measuring out to a DD at the moment. Need them to come down soon!

Going to drink some senna tea and oodles of water. I'm eating normal, so at least that is a positive. But can't really move much- pain is still a 6 or 7 which I'm very unhappy about.

Day 3 recovery

Had trouble sleeping. But that is to be expected. The scale dropped 2lbs- and swelling went down quite a bit.

I was able to remove (particle) my surgical bra so I could place arnica gel on the girls. Check out the reduction of swelling in the armpit! (Before and after pictures attached).

No 'tube boob' as he made a perfect section pocket, and no bruising because he had such precision. So far I'm impressed with my doctors skills. But that is what you get for 12,500 usd I suppose.

4.5 Days- recovery. Crazy swelling, beginning scar prevention

I had a followup appointment with my PS today. We discussed the good, bad, and ugly of the two procedures I underwent. The swelling keeps switching around- one breast is bigger than the other depending on the day, LOL and the entire body is puffed up like the Michelin Man.

I am a stickler when it comes to scars- I have had many surgeries/procedures, and witnessed first hand even more. I can't express enough the importance of moist wound healing, and how many surgeons still don't understand.

NO stitches. After surgery, tagederm plus pad was applied (in case there was any discharge) but now incisions are a bit more healed, so it will be replaced with tagederm diamond for scar prevention. This product holds just the right amount of moisture at the site so as to prevent any scabbing or drying, but still allows it to breath, and protects it from bacteria and debris.

I am wearing a compression garment 24/7 and proceeding with all supplemental therapy.
I have numbness on my lower back on the left hand side- which I am assuming is from a compressed spinal chord from laying in bed so much. Hopefully when I start moving around everything will wake back up.

My swelling is still severe, but the scale was down another 2lbs this morning, so I am now at 137.8. Im hoping that this downward trend continues until my breasts will have a natural amount of swelling instead of what they look like now. Day to day one is bigger than the other, so they look a little too asymmetrical, but I'm sure it will pass. Note that there is a fold in one of my nipples- that too will even out as the stitches under the skin dissolve in the next few days.

My pain is high but gets better each day, but it comes mostly from the lipo to remove the auxiliary breast tissue in my armpit (so I don't have full range of motion in my arms by any means). The bad reaction to that portion of the procedure makes it seem as if I will have trouble for some time considering the extensive bruising and fluid under the skin on the sites.

I took a photo of the pads off the areola with the tagederm diamond, and f the bruising in the armpit that is causing me so much angst. The pocket placement, and technique on the augmentation seems perfect. Im not sure what happened to my armpits...

forgot the armpit picture:

Note that it is all bubbly with oodles of fluid underneath. Not happy at all :(

5.5 Days PO update

Scale is down another 2lbs of inflammation this morning (have another 5 to go).
My waist is down 2.5inches (have another 5 inches to go). Cant button up pants, lol.

Medication: Im taking Ibuprofen- which I am fully aware of the slower overall rate of healing with this medication in my system, but I do not have significant supply of narcotics on hand, and at times the pain is frustrating and I need some type of relief.

I think today is a turn around day for me, as the pain is somewhat better. Waking up in the morning is by far the worst. I stay elevated at night- but I still wake up incredibly stiff. Today I went to the mall- which I loath. I was able to walk around for 3 hours to get the blood flowing, but was miserable on the drive home with clover leaf turns and speed bumps.

Tomorrow I plan to maybe eat out with hubby? ;)
I see my doctor again in two days, i will take some more images then as I hope to actually see an improvement

7 Days post op, second visit with surgeon in a few hours

Yesterday around 12:00 I began having a pain in my lower left side of my breast and by 2:00 I decided to remove my garment to apply reparil gel. To my astonishment, there was significant bruising. The bruising has a green color (meaning there is biliverdin present- which usually shows up later in the healing process of a bruise- however the bruise was not present yesterday?). The swelling continued to increase throughout the day, and by 8pm I was in what could only be described as misery.

I have a science background, and I find myself perplexed. Over the past few years I have had multiple unexplainable medical issues which we assume are all correlated but there has been no firm diagnosis. I am concerned this BA may have stressed my body to a degree in which I was not prepared. I am currently taking Panadol Extra for pain and that is working to take the edge off but it is hardly relief.

I do feel rather frustrated with my doctor at the moment. There is a lack of communication which at first I was willing to accept- trading handholding for credibility. However at this juncture I am really seeking medical based answers, as my brain can't compute 'trust'. He does respond in a extremely timely manner, however his responses are not sufficient in tangible data IMO. Im sure he may be vague because he never did inquired as to my profession...
(I think most patients can't process an excess of scientific mumbo-jumbo so he keeps things simple. Today I will be seeking more detailed explanations).

I am trying to remain optimistic but thus far my recovery has been anything but simple, and I'm hoping that does not correlate to complications once healed (the mysterious capsular contracture) or a increasingly slow healing rate (in a month I will be going on vacation).

Day 8- Still some unanswered questions, but improvement

Day eight in recovery and the scale reads 133.0 pounds. So I am again headed in the right direction but still can't get my skinny jeans buttoned.

There is still significant swelling, most notably in my abdominal cavity (giving me that pregnant look). I would estimate that I have actually lost weight during this experience due to diet, etc. So I believe there is a minimum 4 pounds of edema in my tissues.

The pain has turned around significantly. I stay on Panadol Extra and I take my special supplements with the edition of Reparil tablets, and gel for inflammation and pain. I am drinking around 6 liters of water a day, plus coffee/tea and a diet soda here and there. I ensure I have 2 hour walks daily, and consume a specified diet/nutritional plan high in protein, low in carbohydrates (no processed foods).

I am still seeking some answers. I decided to 'bug' my surgeon... after all. I already paid for his time. I am awaiting a email response with my specific requests. However as you can see, there is progress compared to earlier photos.

PO Day 2 vs Day 8 abdominal swelling images

Still not perfect, have a bit to go... but here are the side by side images:

PO Day 11, Sweet Swelling and Auxiliary Angst

Sweet Swelling:
What bothers me is once the pain from surgery is gone, and the medication fog has lifted your edema still remains....

Breasts are tight as a drum and shiny from swelling. I can not explain in words how I would love the swelling to go down- I am a master of water retention (always have been) and this is no different. At this juncture, they feel huge (too big), and I am trying to not let my emotions (I think they are calling it the booby blues? get the better of me).

- The scale is bouncing around, and the edema switches around my body daily. I could easily start some sort of a betting system in which people guess which part of my body will be inflamed the following day...! (like horse racing) - "Ill put twenty on the left arm for the win"

Example: left thigh was up 3.5cm one day, the following day it was down 4cm, and today it is back up 1.5cm ?!

The scale was on a downward trend, so yesterday I went for a speedy walk on the beach at dusk. It was very hot, but I kept my heart rate under 110. When I finished the walk (30 minutes, brisk, in the soft sand) my feet looked like sausages and my left arm began to swell. The next morning (this morning) the scale showed a increase and my jewelry is tight. I will take this as an indication that my body is not yet ready for the combination of exercise/heat. So back to strolling through bloody malls for 3 hours a day....

Feels like groundhog day. Everyday I wake up and repeat.
(I have the month off of work for rest and recovery.... I didn't think it would be this much rest and recovery!).

Surgeon Sorrow:
I did not get a response from my surgeon on my questions, which is frankly very disheartening. He had spectacular response time up until this point. I hope my inquiries regarding explicit detail did not overwhelm him. I have two burning questions in which I expected answers days ago (chord and folded nipple).... I will give him until tonight before I bombard the office with phone calls or send my husband (I do see him again on thursday- but patience is not a virtue I possess).

Auxiliary Angst:
After my surgery, as you can see from the images, I had some sort of a complication. There was such severe trauma I ended up staying in the hospital for a few days. The swelling and bruising has been improving significantly, and reviealed specific tissue damage/irritation. I have a 'chord' (as we have lovingly been calling it) going from the center of my arm pit, wrapping around to the front of my pectorals. It is very visible, hard, and extremely painful. This side of my auxilla also has two puncture marks instead of one (one is so small, I asked if it was a drain and not a cannula incision). I was finally able to get good photos of it now that the swelling has decreased. Check it out!

Ok, this post is sounding rather negative because of the detail. Hopefully it will help someone.

Im going to try on swimsuits today... knowing the swelling WILL go down. Ugh.

2 Weeks Post Op

(image heavy, might want to read both posts before browsing images)

I stopped all pain medication (including acetaminophen) the day before yesterday.

(The scale reads the same it did before surgery, so now it is time to kick the weight loss into high gear planning on losing 4 pounds in 4 weeks).

I should mention, my surgeon did a great job with pockets, etc. My breasts are a AMAZING shape. Little upper pole fullness with the swelling, but they do not have a ‘Madonna’ appearance, or point this way or that. My appointment for my doctor is now on Saturday, instead of today so I couldn't give him the third degree and reach resolution for my arm pit. But, it seems considerably less 'dramatic' now that the swelling and pain have considerably subsided. I keep thinking what these doctors must go through with us emotional females? yikes.

-How do they feel 2 weeks PO?
If they felt like avocados before, they now feel more like apricots???
I guess I am waiting for them to feel like breasts instead of food (laughing with a grin)
Every day is getting easier and feels like I have DOMS from a new workout routine and the occasional burning/tingling (nipple mostly).

Im a magician- now you see them, now you don't!

-Regarding size:
There was a good portion of my life that I was a full C cup. (I wanted to restore that with this procedure). I knew for a fact that 200-225 would get me there, but opted for 250 as a recommendation from surgeon/husband.

Understandably, my body is making adjustments and I am no where near my final look. Historically I HAVE issues with swelling and healing. When in day to day apparel they are perfect, but once I slip into non supportive clothing (swim suits) they are too large for my preference. So it is a bit of trickery... breast disappear in clothing, but resemble bowling balls in lingerie.

Fact: 250cc implants weigh .5 pounds a piece
Difference between 225cc to 250cc is scant 2 tablespoons

I thought it may be physiological, so I proceeded to try on a bathing suit, a supportive and not supportive workout attire, and a couple daily looks.

(Sorry for the low angle shots... I didn't want to change the angle of the shots after the original set for continuity). The images show the breasts getting lost in clothing, and looking enormous in swim/non supportive workout wear.

-Time left for healing
My initial calculations on sizing do not match what is currently strapped to my chest like a backpack. I see women who scientifically should have comparable results- but they don’t. Their breasts are petite and lovely.

I am trying to remain my calm and collected self- boiling it down to the simple fact:
I AM STILL SWOLLLEN (??? hoping)

Im counting on the girls still being swollen..... and hope that in 2 weeks time (4 weeks post op) the swelling will reduce by 25-50cc with the upper pole settling in time for my holiday. I do not want to feel embarrassed on the beach.

19 Days PO updates, getting easier

I met my surgeon again, and we noted the swelling is going down but not gone. It was commented my slower rate of healing (as mentioned before, I have issues with spontaneous infections, swelling, and complications) and I still don't have full range of motion without pain- hence my extreme commitment to follow protocol correctly.

Breast augmentation has come a long way, I recall reading all sorts of studies back in the day, stating that surgeons were to create larger pockets to allow some room for the implant to 'settle', they also had you wear a BRAVA system to stretch the tissues. Then surgeons made extremely tight pockets and place them in a dual plane- asking patients to 'massage' to stretch the pocket out naturally which was thought to prevent capsular contracture. Now it seems there has been found a middle ground: proportional pockets with the proper sized implant (there are nearly 20 different sizes/shapes compared to early on) with specific technique/placement (subglandular if you have adequate tissue and implant shape/size, dual plane if there is not enough tissue). I specifically chose my surgeon just like I choose my clothing... I never go with the 'new trend' and instead find 'proven classics'. I see more of a benefit to make a snug pocket in the exact place you desire the implant instead of trying to force an implant down by stretching the pockets with massage, no support, sleeping on your side, or aggravation from athletics.

I completed as much scientific data as one could possibly muster over the course of 5 years to ensure my preparedness, however nothing compares to the real thing on your own body.

The best I can do is admit I am a complicated healer, and be cautious as to not impede the formation of this critical part of healing (which usually completes at 3 weeks). However this inactivity and terrible sleeping (I am a side sleeper- so now I sleep on my back) is driving me slightly mad.

Today, day 19- without raising my heart rate excessively I will do some leg work in the gym. Up until this point I was just walking for 2-5 hours a day. I will complete a few sets of wall squats (holding for 30 seconds- 4 times in a row), lunges and chair squats (set of 12- 4 times in a row) and a little bike, then repeat.

Size: 34B with 250cc, moderate profile, overs, mentor smooth round
I am now fitting into a victoria secret 34D bra in my closet (which is really a C in most other stores). Needless to say, the bra from victoria secret is a bra that I wore many years ago (it was a runway bra from the fashion show- NOT for daily use- only for bedroom as it is made with beads and such).
6 years ago: fit a little big but I could get away with wearing it
Before surgery: I was swimming in it, no way I could wear it
1 week PO: far to tight- couldn't even fit
Now: fits- a full fit

I wanted to restore my old size- and add a little extra fullness. I think I'm off by about 25-50cc at this time. Im hoping this will correct by the 1 month mark?

So I am trying to remain calm- reassuring myself that I did not attach flotation devices to the front of my chest. I just have to be patient and allow my body to relax.

My areola scar is invisible. Last night I placed the silicone on top, just to prevent any raised or discoloration a little later. Thank you 3M Tegaderm! Flawless.

3 Weeks PO, Settling, Support, Nerves and Daily Life

3 Weeks today-
I am definitely starting to see and feel a change. The breasts get more soft by every passing day. I still have swelling, and can still feel fluid in the breast tissues (hubby felt it- he responded with 'whoa! what is that!'), so it will be interesting to see how much the swelling goes down over the next 3 weeks.

I took the 'desired outcome' images and paired them with my current images. I was going to go a little bigger than the 'desired outcome' (under recommendation from hubby/surgeon). I think they are too big, but time will tell, and I once they soften up I may just grow to like my spontaneous growth.

I have begun getting extremely painful pins/needles on my right lower breast. This is a good indication that the implants are settling- therefore the lower fullness is causing a stretching of the nerve below the nipple. It is exciting as I hope to see lots of progress by next week.

Im clear to switch to a supportive sports bra. However, I couldn't for the life of me find a supportive sports bra I liked. Most were 'over the head' and 'tight' and upon getting out of them, I was getting 'stuck' (not funny at all.... I had to ask for help). The remainder of my sports bras are not very supportive (I purchased luxury sports wear by Lucas Hugh- but it is not high support) . So I think I will hold onto this compression bra a few more days. On another note of support; I saw someone who knew me yesterday... the conversation went like this:
"You look like you lost weight?"
I said 'No, flow is in town... so my breasts are swollen'
"No- your breasts don't look bigger, but it definitely looks like you lost a little weight"

Now in all honestly, I did lose some weight (which was planned, and you can see it in my images) so I am somewhat relieved no one is the wiser. People are accustomed to me having bigger buses. In comparison to what I had in my early 20's and the padded bra, they are pretty comparable (see photos). I have another 3 weeks and 3 pounds to go, then I will be ready to get back to my regular workout routine to get back in shape.

My incisions are healing VERY well. There is no doubt I made the right decision by going with areola. I am pleased that I will not have to be constantly 'checking' my swimsuit to ensure scars are covered if I went with crease, etc.

Daily life:
I have begun entertaining the theory of brassieres shopping. Of course I don't want to make any large financial commitments until I am at a final size, but I do need to purchase a sports bra (not overhead), and one supportive t-shirt bra so I can ditch the compression bra if needed. At Victoria secret I am hard pressed not to find one without padding. I find the staff there just appalling: they do not know how to fit a bra (they kept saying- 'oh that looks great!' when it was obviously a cup size too small as the center piece didn't not touch my ribcage), they seemed more interested in making a sale then actually fitting me. Not cohesive- D in one bra, double D in another. I purchased a bralette which was on sale and stormed out (pictured- size M).

However in other brands (La Perla, Stella McCarthney, Fleur du Mal) I am a very full C cup. I will go to Wacoal today, they are sure to have a nice fitting t-shirt bra without all the extra padding (praying), I will report back to the size I choose and give some images.

Sleeping is still a huge issue. I am NOT a back sleeper. I have one more week before I feel that I can roll to my side without harming my pocket. Tick tock.

You can see the wrinkles from the loose skin where the fat was removed. At 1 month 80% of the swelling from that region should be down, but it can take 4 months for the skin to shrink up nicely. Hopefully it is on its way and there will be some improvement in 3 weeks time (hoping).

Thats all for now folks!

Spoke to doc, I have more swelling to lose.... so will they be perfect?

Just an update. Doc says I have another 10% or a touch more to lose over the next few months. He says the shape will improve as well. Just hearing him say this makes me very pleased.

All this panic for nothing...? probably. The mind does wild things to you under stress. I took entire body shots; as you can see I hold my weight in my 'saddlebags' so cranking the diet into high gear the next 3 weeks. I believe the full body shots gives everyone a better idea of the proportions, and whole body shots are rare on this site, so here they are- unflattering and clinical as they are.

*note my pelvic tilt, which when standing still directly in front, makes me somewhat slanted. It is unnoticeable in day to day life, but when trying to stand straight, it becomes more obvious.

First Bra Review- The T-shirt Bra

Since my first shopping experience was a bust (pun intended) so I went out again to a reputable bra venue to protect my investment in until I get to my final size. I had a few criteria;
Don't break the bank (my size may change)
Nude color, T-shirt bra- but a little sexy
Balcony cut- I have wide shoulders for it, so it is not a problem
Super thin fabric- specifically stretchy material so if my breast shape changes it will move with it
No gapping if I lean back in a chair (looking down at cleavage- nice, even across the skin)

Simone Perele- Andora 32E
32 so when the band stretches (as they always do) I can make it tighter and E fits the width (no poking wires on the sides- E is basically a DD). Came to 93.00 USD

The fabric is really revolutionary- paper thin, but supportive and VERY stretchy! but light and breathable. My knockers are cool and collected rather than hot and bothered in this heavy summer heat.

Teaser.... Tomorrow will be 1 mo.

I'll update with lots of info and photos. It's been a interesting week!

1 Month Post Op. Freedom? Workouts, Progress

(EDIT- I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH: taking progress photos. I wrote this review, which had a very negative vibe. I then proceeded to post my comparison images, and found there was more reduction is swelling than I initially believed.)

At 1 month post op, 250 cc subglandular, mentor round siltex moderate profile,
I am cleared now to:
Wear normal bras, Workout (starting slowly), Sleep on my side

Daily Workouts;
20 minutes low impact cardio, heart rate 135
10 minutes stretching, range of movement for my arms
20 minutes core, all pilates including hot 100’s
20 minutes lower body, full leg workouts (squats, lunges, presses, calf raises, etc) using machines as I do not want to have a loaded bar on my shoulders.
20 minutes upper body. No heavy weights, isolated bicep curls, flies, lateral raises, hammer curls, etc with 5 pounds- preventing strain my shoulders/lats which connect to the pectorals (no overhead lifting like clean’n press, push ups or pull ups).

Feels good to get back to a workout routine, but difficult as it is so easy to overdue it. I feel slightly light headed from time to time, and can note the increase in breast tissue fullness directly after working out.

They have softened considerably- therefore I can feel the bottom of the implant on the underside of my breasts. Since I have areola incisions, I am able to rummage around and really feel strange things- fluid and lumps. I will have my PS look over everything next week.

A few days ago, there was irritation on my left nipple (the one which had the fold). While the fold has released, the corner of the incision was becoming significantly inflamed and not healing/closing. I was able to excision a very large cluster (knot) that was not dissolving. It is a perfect example of my slow healing, and probability of complication. Had I not been able to identify an issue, it could have easily been an infection in a short amount of time. The wound is now sealed and covered to allow it to heal which I had hoped to be done with bandages at this time and of course this will leave a bit more of a scar :(

There is still visible swelling in the entirety of the breast but most notable in the upper pole giving the nipple especially on the left (my left) a lower position.

The doctor states that I have about 10%-15% swelling which should fully resolve in 4-6 months. Come on body- release my beasts!

Seems like: I spent all this time disguising the fact that my breasts had shrunk. Now I spend time hiding my swollen breasts.

Overall I am discouraged at my slower rate of healing/settling. Most notably my left breast has increased nipple sensitivity- which im hoping is an indication it is catching up. I have 2 weeks before holiday, and they are not ‘bouncy’ (however they jiggle a bit from time to time). I worry slightly about my beach vacation with family (which I have not seen in a few years when my breasts were naturally larger) but this upper pole fullness gives my breasts a distasteful shape. I am also a perfectionist, so I am trying to keep an open mind.

Moral is this:
Remember that you had TWO surgeries, or TWO bodyparts. They will swell, bruise, itch, burn.... heal at different rates. Beyond that, people heal at different rates, so be mindful not to push yourself through the healing process. Dont plan large events, activities or milestones that could be negatively impacted if there were complications.

Boobie twins, to make me feel better about mine.

I found a image of some implants in which she started just like me (creepy similarity).

Larger implant (350cc vs my 250cc and she is much thinner) and her final result proportionally is larger than what I desired; therefore, I keep referring to this image to convince myself these puppies will settle a bit more and reduce in size. Because I still have pain, I have to assume there is still considerable swelling.

What pains me more than anything is the fact that a revision surgery would be for 25cc? (1.5 tablespoons) which is completely unreasonable. So the option would be for 50cc reduction? then would that leave me in a need of a lift? and how are women with more CC's so much smaller in comparison, and yada, yada, yada. Im really struggling- and generally every other day I flip flop between liking them and wishing they were smaller.

I will say, I tightly fit into my old bras (from when my breasts were larger and I was younger 32D). I would love to post some 'before' images when my breasts were larger before my kid, however the only images I have would compromise my identity as they are far from generic.
But then I think- who am I trying to convince? the anonymous people on the internet or myself?

My review has officially gone from clinical to a emotional sounding board.

A Panic in Public- I few steps back

My day began well; my breasts had started to giggle and move a bit, and I was getting more comfortable with the size. Early in the morning, I did a little cardio for a good sweat, and worked my shoulders and biceps for 30 minutes with 4 kg (8.81 pounds- which is light for me).

I showered and strapped up the girls in my 32E bra to embark on a sport bra adventure. I know the exact brand/style I was after and was excited to arrive (they professionally fit you in a beautiful environment). I arrived at the store, and pulled out the 32D.... didn't fit by a long shot.

I called for the associate saying- I think I need to go to a 34D...
Sales associate giggled: "no way you are a 34D"
She asked to measure and fit me, but I refused as I was afraid of her seeing my silicone sheeting covering my breast implant scars. 6 sports bras later (all the same brand/style) I was without a doubt a 32F .... !!!!!! I felt as if I could not breath, I was about to have a panic attack in my silk padded wall dressing room. I glanced in the mirror and they looked huge- 'how could I have done this?' went through my mind over and over...... I left almost crying.

Later when I arrived home and removed my shirt my husband gasped and commented
'What is going on- your breasts are huge!!!!'... I sighed in relief it wasn't 'just me'... then was filled with a bit of panic as it was 'actually me'! by breasts had swelled to a 32 DDDD. They have lost all the 'jiggle'. This next morning, my bra doesn't fit- I'm bulging out of it with both breasts.

Im sending an email to my PS. I have an appointment with him on thursday, but maybe he will have me come in early. Im very uncomfortable.

5 Weeks Post Op

Today is my 5 weeks post op (I actually see my doctor on the 27th- not sure how I mixed up the dates)

My left is still behind. Im a slow healer (even with my aggressive health protocol) so I waited 4 days after I was cleared for exercise to attempt a gentle workout. Of course that ended in tears and my breasts swelling up to 32F! I still have not found total relief from my misstep. I am now only cleared for walking and resting. So much for dropping a couple pounds before holiday.

Note on sleep: For the last 3 weeks, I have been going to bed at 9:00pm and getting up at 6:00am averaging a total of 4 hours of sleep a night (I have the new fitbit which also monitors heart rate, etc). I toss and turn, waking roughly 15 times during the night. I have tried prescription sleeping pills, but still get no more than 5 1/2 hours. Im sure this has something to do with my healing rate.

My breasts have considerably softened to a degree I like as of yesterday. Thats right, another 24 hour turn around in healing. Hate them one day, soft pillows the next. I am not able to rub/squish them as most people can during this stage of healing, but I'm getting close. They are moderately painful, and prefer to be strapped up in a very supportive bra and my compression garment at night.

I never thought it would be this taxing with this many complications. I am trying to remain calm, but I have such significant swelling and will soon be on a beach vacation with distant family. I have a week for swelling to resolve to a more moderate amount. Im thinking a generous spray tan might lesson the blow of my balloons.

New developments:
When I am hunched over in a very awkward position, I see what is the beginning of rippling on the exterior lower corers of the breast. There is no rippling seen in the front, or when standing and proffering normal movements. Im assuming if I continue to lose weight, I will lose more breast tissue and need fat grafting. But since it is still so early, I will see how things develop. I will bring it up with my PS in a couple days, and also entertain the timeline for me to have laser IPL on my scars.

In summary:
I am unable to move on with my life until there is more healing. So my daily schedule (including work, physical appearance and mental state) is suffering. But with all of this, I am still glad I did the procedure as it makes me feel younger and sexy- it gives me the confidence I used to have.

6 WEEKS POST OP- huge progress for my mind and my breasts

Through this entire process, I hated or loved my girls. Two things have now happened:
1. Analysis of what exactly I didnt like about them on my bad days
2. Became a human barbie doll

1. Breast Size Issue and progress:
I seemed to have an issue looking at them from the front, but loved the way they looked from the side. I approached my husband about a revision- he declined as he said point blank 'I love the side boob- it is the sexiest part like when you were younger'.
Moral: Some people like side boob, others dont.

I did a detailed analysis of what I could have done to rectify the situation. I made a overall assumption I should have gone with 225cc because the width would have been less.
I was WRONG!
(I would have had to go down 50cc AND change my profile for even minor improvement)

- The range was 200-250/moderate profile or moderate plus profile.
- I would need to go down at least 1cm width for a noticeable difference.
As you can see by the chart I posted, there is a negligible difference (.2cm) between 225 and 250 in moderate OR moderate plus profile.
Therefore going down to 225cc would have done NOTHING.

To achieve ALMOST 1cm smaller width, I would have had to go with 200cc moderate plus (instead of classic mod) profile. Then of course, they would have been a very different shape, and there is no guarantee I would have been happy as they may not have looked the way they used to (see my photos from 5-7 years ago as I had quite a bit of tissue at one point).

Attached are updated images as well.


2. Human Barbie Doll
Then I met with the Simone Perele purchaser in France who turned me into a human barbie doll. I tried on 42 bras by different manufacturers and it was explained that bras need to have a perfect fit:

1. Flawless cup to breast tissue no matter what position- sitting, bending over, etc. (no bulging breast on top or sides, and no gapes)
2. No wrinkles in the bra, or the band: many times where the band and cup meet the underwire there are wrinkles. Check your bra (if you wear a lined or padded bra you wont see the wrinkles in the cup because it is thick fabric- try the same brand completely unlined).
3. Band should be level with the bra, NOT pulling up in the back or sides but tight (see below).
4. If pulling straight back on the band, you should not be able to pull it back any more than 2cm. Otherwise you need to go down a band size. If the band then feels tight, or makes your skin buldge or pinches- then you need a different style, not a different size.
5. The straps should be very tight- they should never fall off your shoulders and you should not be able to ‘lift’ them up once tight on your shoulders.
6. When you take the bra off- it should not leave marks on your cleavage or in the sides of your breast tissue.

- You get the most support from your bra in the band, if the band is loose, then the straps are long… meaning you are not getting support- it is just decoration. If you use a thick fabric (a lined interior) it is masking the true fit.

The conclusion: I cant wear wachoal or chantelle and trying them on exasperates me now- I don’t fill the cups right, or the bands fits screwy. Victoria secret is a joke, as well as M&S, random brands at department stores and Target).

Simone perele fits like a glove, no matter the style. Any style in 32E (DD) if balcony cut or 32D if it is a full coverage cup (that is the rule in all brand BTW). I am on the tight band of 32, or the last band of 30 (F cup because the band size is smaller).

=> I cant say this enough:
I find that on this site, women are always complaining they didn’t go big enough ‘Started at a 34B and got 350cc and I only went up one cup size’ – that is IMPOSSIBLE. “79% of women wear the wrong size bra”. They get sized at VS or a department store by people with no actual training. It takes an actual certification to be able to properly fit a bra. Protect your investment.

Attached is one of my bras that fit, and one that does not.


=> My conclusion after my bra fitting and my detailed implant size comparison: I LOVE THEM.
Look how they have settled from week 5 to week 6. I am excited to see them at the three month point.


This is my closet at this time:
- Simone Perele - Amour Demi Unlined Underwire Aqua, 93.00usd
- Simone Perele- Fashion collection (ltd edition) Desir Bra in Black/Powder 118.00usd
- Simone Perele- Amour 3D Spacer Plunge T-Shirt Bra 106 usd
- Simone Perele- Adora 3D Space Demi T shirt bra 98.00usd
(3D spaer is amazing breathable fabric. It is not a ‘molded cup’ but rather soft/flexible and supple fabric that stretches around your breasts like a second skin. Amazing.
- Victoria secret- unlined demi
Wrinkled on the cup and band and warped the top of the cup cup after 6 wears. I should have known- look at their advertisements- their bras don’t even fit their own models!
- And then of course I have a few bedroom play designs. Fit and brand doesn’t matter ;)


Wave in Breast:

I have a ‘dent’ as they settle (overs settle faster than unders) it is how the implant sits. It is not ripples- just the dent. Could be related to my chest wall.

The placement of implant would not have mattered as this would have been exposed with under or overs. I don’t even have a palpable implant on the top or center, just a touch on the lower side when I get in a very strange bendy position on the right side. It was very hard to even photograph because the light has to be just right. The doctor said as it settles more, it could be even less apparent. But the solution is a 5ml fat transfer at 3-6 month

2 week vs 1 mo vs 6 weeks

Forgot to attach two images:
The first is comparing 2 weeks, 1 month and 6 weeks. You can see a difference especially if you look at the curve of the breast to armpit on the left side. They are still getting comfortable, so I will update again at 7 weeks.
Also, here is the Simone Perele- Fashion collection (ltd edition) Desir wired unlined Bra in Black/Powder 118.00usd. It fits like a dream, so comfortable, and so secure.

It is a vintage look that is just spectacular, but not extremely functional- as lace often isn't as it shows through when dressed. But I guess I didn't care ;)

Botched fake bake before holiday?

Wow. Ok, so I lost track of time and I somehow lost a day....
I leave for vacation tomorrow.

So last night, I exfoliated, and hubby put on lotion (his favorite task). I completed washing my self tanner applicator mitt and proceeded to lay it out. Hubby said 'don't put it there, put it outside... I said 'no the wind will blow it away'. After a little deliberation, hubby secured the mitt outside.

Sure enough, the next morning (today).... the mitt is in the pool. Coated in chlorine, sopping wet, etc. So with no time to spare, I ran off to the nearest salon that does St Tropez hand spray tan (highly recommended salon, but first time for me). Everything seemed to be fine....

Then it stopped drying.... 5 minutes, 7 minutes..... 12 minutes! Uh oh!
Legs and Abdomen : Normal tacky
Breasts, Upper arms and back (where my hubby applied lotion) is WET. Like a fish fresh out of water wet. I carefully (no bra/panties) put my wrap dress back on, and I could see the tan color leaving evidence of everything I touched.
Now 1 hour later, standing like a zombie- still 'wet' (not tacky, but wet). UGH!

Now I'm petrified I will be some streaky/patchy monster. I rinse it off at 3:30pm (currently 12:30).

Anyone have experience with self tanners? any advice? stay like a mummy/zombie protege, or dab my skin? Do I let it cure the full 4 hours? or rinse off early?

I may know medical sciences, but beauty protocols elude me.
(I leave tomorrow AM. Yipes!) Advice?????

On holiday- Sun protection for the girls....

Here I am on holiday. And of course, any UV rays for 8 months (a year to be safe) will cause a darkening of my scar, so I have taken action to be reassured that my beach wear will cover my incisions.

1. Buy a high quality swimming suit: those with a label that say 'Lycra' have the best cover from the sun. The material is thicker and fits like a glove. Also hold these girls in place (like a bra) instead of letting them swing around nilly willy.

2. Wear sunscreen. I purchased a 'sunscreen': meaning something that works in the skin to combat UVA and UVB rays. But furthermore that is 'tinted' which creates a barrier from the sun. Anything over spf 60 has minor increase in protection (It does not mean it blocks 60% of rays, but rather that it is closer to blocking more rays than lower numbers). But I still choose spf 100 ;)

3. When I know I will be laying in the sun, I head straight for the dollar store tin foil or gold leaf (ran out of tin foil). It is very thin, and goes underneath my bikini. This ensures I am blocking those pesky UV rays from altering what my doctor worked so hard to create.

Im doing great. No one is the wiser as they have not seen me for years. They are softening up so much, and I feel comfortable with them as I did padded bras (which means I am not 100% there, but it is getting easier). I still have sore breasts in the morning, they take about 20 minutes to 'wake up'

Thats my post guys!

Ultimate test- relatives and implant material

My breasts are extremely soft, squishy and bouncy- they are coming into their own. Feeling confident, I went to a family gathering and I finally spilled the beans to my extremely honest- well endowed-brash and somewhat insane sister. She was so unconvinced I had a procedure that she latched on to my girls like a cat in heat and after intense examination- ….still called bull.

It took nudity, close proximity to my nipple and a few more pokes to finally convince her they were altered.

I explained that after the weight gain/loss/weight lifting/age my original twins were glass half empty instead of full. She stumbled over her phone- pulling up images from my past- pointing out ‘they have always been like this’

I had to explain I was wearing padded bras like a teenager in the past.
She vowed to not say a word- reiterating ‘I couldn’t say anything, no one would believe me’. She then motioned me close, and came clean she also had implants. She said after pregnancy (while living in Belgium) she had 300cc Saline (she has a much bigger frame than I do).

I felt around, and can honestly say:
WOW. I made such a good decision going with silicone, and she agreed with enthusiasm. She already booked her revision for saline to silicone 24 hours after meeting with me. Makes me wonder how many people really do have plastique physiques?

2 Months Post Op- comparison and updates

-I wanted my breasts back: I was wearing a 34C cup in my early years. But that is a letter, a number…. It is not real, but more like an imaginary measuring tape.-

It is obvious to me now I was wearing the wrong size my entire life, beginning by being fitted by a store associate at 20 when I was thin, and full busted. A 34C is the same size as a 32D, so I was really seeking that D cup I had when I was younger all along…

Never the less, I overshot my mark, AND managed to lose a little weight (making my band smaller), and now of course I am a true fitted 30F but I cheat (because of the ‘backfat’) and wear a 32E (32DD).

Now, what do I think of the size?
Here are my 3 week photos vs my 2 month photos
I have a tan, and I could have stood straighter in the photos but I feel terrible at the moment. I had a slew of plane trips, and my scale went up 10 pounds in 4 days! I can feel my swollen eyelids and my rings won't even rotate but I am losing water weight daily... just exhausted.

My Conclusion; They are bigger than I wanted. Most definitely because of the ratio of my waist (25 inches), so as the swelling goes down, my waist and arms get smaller- and it is all about proportions. I have a few more cm to lose, it will be interesting to see if they shrink with my body, or if they will look bigger over the next 2 months.

Husbands Conclusion: He is in love with them. To even consider going to 200 moderate plus profile would be futile. So I am learning to love them- which is much easier now that they are soft and bouncy.

Working out:
Yesterday I did my first exploration of a workout. I call it an exploration because I was extremely cautious and calculated with my routine- doing 10 minutes of core, 15 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of leg work. Played with a few hand weights, but didn't have the guts to try overhead presses, rows or anything involving direct pectoral use. This morning I feel swollen all over (but that could be from the travel) so today I will begin some shoulder/chest exercises and see how I feel.

I wish I could fast forward time as I believe 3 months will be my reckoning, and these beauties will be firmly planted on my chest, and have found a place in my heart.

Photo didn't upload, here it is

3 weeks vs 2 months

and so the story goes... still no happy ending?

I assumed by this time I would be fairly well off, having accepted my new acquisitions, but instead I seem to be dwelling on them as they are consistently engorged and uncomfortable- along with the remainder of my body.

I have resumed light workouts and increased my travel schedule, however I am far from functioning as normal. I am have considerable issues with water retention/swelling … my measurements are up-my breasts are overflowing and tender (like premenstrual symptoms).

I keep a very strict diet (I use myfitnesspal and document my eating), fitbit HR to track heart rate and calories burned, and Aria scale to track weight/bodyfat etc. Honestly, I could foresee an increase of 1 pound over the course of the last 2 weeks if I assume there were calculation errors during special dinners, but I have remained at a calorie deficit and my scale bounces from anywhere from 2-8 pounds heavier day to day (I even tried eating at maintenance for 5 days and was rewarded with sausage toes and fingers).

This is not rocket science, calories in, calories out, low carb diet and exercise (anabolic mostly). You can only put on 1-2 pounds of muscle a month (if you are lucky, eating above deficit and working hard- which I am not) so it all boils down to water retention (proof with the impressions in my skin, and my aria now reads 30% bf which makes me 'obese' when perviously it was reading 22%).

Could be the travel, could be the light workouts…. anyone still have issues 2.5 months post op with flying or lifting?
Dubai Plastic Surgeon

I wanted the best, and a celebrity doctor is damn near close! He knows what he is talking about as he does seminars and is featured in magazines and television. We will see how the entire things turns out. Thus far, I wish he was a bit more thorough with examinations...

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