Smart Lipo with Vaser on Full Abs, Flanks and Love Handles. LOVE It! Helpful tips!! -Eagle, ID

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The reviews on this site are what convinced me to...

The reviews on this site are what convinced me to get smart lipo! I wanted to write a review of my experiences in the hopes it may help others the way this site has helped me.

I am 27, 5'5 and around 140 pounds. I have always eaten healthy and stayed active but could never lose the fat around my middle. The more i tried to make my belly smaller the flatter my butt and smaller my legs would get. I finally have a butt and curves but my belly makes me so very self conscious. As the years go by it has finally sunk in that my belly fat is not going to go away without an intervention.

So I am finally ready to get my smart lipo! I first did research on the internet on the doctors in my area that performed this procedure. I looked for the best reviews and credentials. I met with two different doctors. The first place I went to I met with the actual surgeon. Honestly he intimidated me with all of the information. He also told me that smart lipo was only needed in older patients who did not have nice skin, so he wanted to do traditional liposuction on me instead. I did not feel comfortable with that.

I then went to silk touch med spa. Wow! The place felt like a castle. Fire place, plush chairs, pastries and fresh coffee. To me, this made me feel wonderful. I met with Donna, a very nice lady. I was actually glad it was her, because i didn't feel intimidated like I might with the actual surgeon. She explained to me that Dr. Kerr uses Smart lipo combined with the Vaser lipo as well! Two great technologies for skin tightening and successful body contouring during liposuction. I really love this! I feel like it helps my chances of everything turning out great due to the benefits of both technologies combined! She also showed me some of Dr. Kerrs paintings. He is an amazing artist! Truly gorgeous work. I feel very comfortable knowing i am in his hands.

One thing that confused me however was that I originally asked to have my Abs, Flanks and bra roll done, but Donna told me he would want to do my abs, flanks and love handles, but that he would include the bra roll while doing my flanks. I am confused at what the difference is between the love handles and flanks. If anyone knows, please let me know!

The price for Dr. Kerr would only a thousand more then the first doctor i saw, and i felt like it was totally worth it to have the newer technologies used.

I set my procedure for March 14th, but received a call today asking if I would like to move it up to Monday the 11th! I said yes, and now i am so nervous! That is only 7 days away!

Here is a list of ways I am preparing for my procedure:
-Full body workout and cardio to improve healing and help tighten muscles for a better figure as skin tightens.
- Arnica Montana pills and cream
-Cheap shower curtain to prevent stains after procedure
-Stool softners to prevent constipation from pain meds
-30 pack of Gatorade to drink before and after to keep electrolytes up
-several different fruit juices and sparkling water to keep hydrated
-Ibuprofen to use with pain meds
-Benadryl for itchiness
-anti nausea meds
-Maxi pads to soak up drainage as well as bandages, gauze, tape etc
-Antibacterial soap for showering

My preop is tomorrow, and I will then be picking up my prescriptions and the wrest of my supplies! I will write more after that as well as my before photos.

I had my post op yesterday! I met my Dr. And he is...

I had my post op yesterday! I met my Dr. And he is great! Very laid back and honest. We talked about my anxiety about pain and he told me to dissolve two of my sedation meds under my tounge before going to my procedure. He also said he wants to try and do my bra rolls as a 4th area for free as long as im doing okay with the procedure. Im thrilled! He asked if he could add my photos to their "brag book" and web site after. His cinfidences make me feel great!
I recieved my perscriptions but was a bit surprised. I am recieving 12 pills of norco. I hope that is enough for recovery pain. I am 5 days away and totally nervous! The nerves have delayed my period as well which is added stress. Hoping for the best.

So I was reading about the medication for anxiety...

So I was reading about the medication for anxiety i am supposed to take before my procedure, .5 mg of Halicon also known as triazolam.. have any of you takin this before your procedure??? What was it like? I am worried because its my time of the month and Ill need to use the restroom but what if im a zombie and dont remember LoL crap! Please let me know :)

Soo.. I had my procedure today. Ill be honest, it...

Soo.. I had my procedure today. Ill be honest, it was horribly painful. I'm not sure how a lot of reviews say it wasnt bad because I was in agony.
I took two sedation pills before my procedure. I was pretty relaxed until I laid on the table. They got out the needles and I started getting anxious. The dr. Would squeeze my belly really hard and then the needles went in.. it sucked. They did it all around my waist while also inserting a tube and filling me with liquid. It was horrible. Half way through I asked for a xanax. The tube was jabbing into my ribs and belly button. I was crying and gasping. They started using the vibrating tool that brakes up fat. By this point they gave me 2 norco pain pills because I was still in too much pain. I thought I was a strong person.. but still after 2 sedation meds, xanax and 2 norco it was still painful. I tried to just bare it... time did go by fast though, the doctor said he was finishing up and to call my boyfriend. I was wrapped up, dressed and sent home. I felt soo much better being wrapped and done. The pain so far has been very little.
Ive had to lay on the floor on a shower curtain to change dressings, they are gushing! Ive gotten it in my hair lol. My lady parts are very swollen so im iceing them. I felt sick until I remembered to drink fluids!! So far so good!

Today is day 5 post op. The first few days were...

Today is day 5 post op. The first few days were painful when I got up or sat down but have improved. I have been resting a lot and havent had horrible swelling yet. About day 3 I swelled up but not much now. Everythings a little swollen though. The doctor wasnt able to do my bra roll so I am going back on the 2nd for that. Im not nervous now that I know how it feels! I am very happy with my results so far!

SUMMARY :) One week after smart lipo! Yes my...

SUMMARY :) One week after smart lipo!

Yes my procedure was painful, I wanted to be honest in my review! BUT please don't let that scare you! Most people seem to have their smart lipo pain free, I am certainly the rarity. It is good for you to be prepared, and go in knowing it could be very painful because when your Dr. begins you might think 'oh hey thats not so bad! Whew!' Which is nice :) I went in expecting no pain and was like 'oh my goodness this sucks!' I have a tolerance for the sedation meds because I take xanax for anxiety so that was also a huge part. If your at the point of lipo, your a strong person. You will be fine.
My period was delayed before my procedure due to being anxious, which is normal. If you are on your period during your procedure, don't panic. Tell the nurses when you arrive. Mine let me go to the bathroom for a tampon break lol after the numbing fluid was injected. Even on sedation meds I remembered how ;)
Someone not squeamish will have to help you! The first 3 days I had to lay naked on a shower curtain every few hours to have my drainage pads changed. If I tried to stand without my garment I got sick and passed out. I gushed red fluid out all over during changings. My boyfriend rose to the occasion and did this like I was an infant. After a few days you stop leaking and can stand without your garment. Also, the area above my vagina swelled and turned purple and hurt. Ice it.
The pain meds: I used them in halfs as needed. It made my recovery go much better and helped me sleep. If your sensitive like me, you may feel crappy or depressed when you stop taking them. They are narcotics, they are addicitive. I used a vegtable laxitive stool softner to help with constipation from the meds and it helped.
One week out im back to work and feeling better. Pain is not bad, still swollen. Bruises are nearly gone. My shape is soo different in clothes! I feel so much more slender! Totally inlove with that. In a couple weeks will be my bra roll smart lipo.

8 days post op! Swelling has set in! Im huge! I...

8 days post op! Swelling has set in! Im huge! I was trying on different garments and also got a bit carried away with my light exercise. . I am praying I did not mess up my healing!! Totally freaking out acctually! 20 minutes of hard biking on a stationary bike.. my super tight binder was on though, yet Im still anxious about it :( anyone else get too active too soon and still heal well?

3 weeks post op! swellings not bad at all anymore,...

3 weeks post op! swellings not bad at all anymore, no pain and loving my new shape! My belly has hardened and a few lumps have formed here and there, so i message them nightly and they are going away.

Today I had my bra roll (fat that hangs over the...

Today I had my bra roll (fat that hangs over the top of your bra, under arm area, and rolls under and below bra) smart lipoed. My doctor and nurses were again amazing. I took my 2 sedation pills as well as one norco before my procedure. The pain was pretty bad for the numbing part, just as it was the first procedure. When the first needle goes in, it pinches alot. Some areas are starting to numb and its okay but others it was very painful for me. I just closed my eyes and felt with it. Once they started with the fat removal it was okay. Because he was going over my ribs i felt pressure, and some areas pinches. The trick is to stay calm and try to think about anything else and time goes by. He did such a wonderful job going over everything and making sure it was all done perfectly. Once he finished suctioning, he pressed on my sides to help drain fluid and then applied bandages and my compression garment. I took a pain pill when i got home and a nap, and i feel fine. No pain as of yet. I am so very excited! Now that my waist is smaller, the deep groves in my back where my bra roll hangs will be gone too. I am thrilled!! :)
Dr. Brian Kerr at silktouch med spa

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