My Liposuction for Lower and Upper Abs, Flanks and Lower Back is Today.. Nervous! - London, GB

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I am writing this up on my actual procedure day...

I am writing this up on my actual procedure day which is on the 25th Oct 2016. I am a bag of nerves right now. My appointment at harley street, EA clinic is at 2.30pm and I am super nervous. I woke up at 10am and quickly had my antibiotics. I can't eat from 8am since you cannot eat 6 hours prior to your procedure so my next bit of food since last night will be after the procedure. Goodluck to me! I didn't feel that nervous when I went into labour as much as I am today.

I have opted to be sedated because I would much rather just wake up with it all done rather than staying awake and feel nervous about it for 3 hours. I am currently 8 stone 12 pounds in weight and my height is 5ft 3inches. I have also measured myself so here are my measurements for my abdominal area post op.
1. Waist:- 28.5 inches
2. Hips:- 35.5 inches

I personally think it's a good idea to write a note on a book or your phone of all these measurements yourself so that you get a good idea of how much you have lost in measurements. I am looking for some great results with my flanks being my biggest enemy. My biggest concern of all this is the pain for the next 2 days and the fluids that will be draining out. I just don't know what to expect. I have loads of old duvet covers that I don't use so I will laying them on my bed for when I am resting and sleeping. Also the garment. I read how a lot of people had to wear a foam but with this clinic they will provide the compression garment and another type of vest as oppose to the foam which will apparently does the same thing as what the foam does. I need to get ready now and tube it to the clinic. I am praying to God that everything goes well and there is no complications.

The day of my surgery - flanks, abs and lower back

Okay. So I arrived at the EA clinic at 13:45. My appointment was at 14:30 so I arrived super early. I sat playing games and replying back to texts feeling so nervous and constant butterflies. I tried looking outside through the window to admire the beautiful street but my mind was playing me. Finally I got into the room at 14:45 to see sister Gillian Hallett who is the assistant/nurse for Dr Edwin Anthony. Anyways I realised on my previous post I wrote my measurements quoting post op measurements but they are not post op but pre op. They are before the operation. Once I got in I got changed into my blue garment. I had to sign a few papers and pictures and scale measurements were taken. I then was taken into the room.. yes the room where the magic is supposed to happen in. Dr Anthony asked me what music I want playing but I left it upto him. He was so lovely and so was Gill. I was sedated and gone in minutes and next thing I know I am awake.

I came out of my procedure at 18.13. Well I woke up all dressed. I drank a green smoothie and sips of water. I didn't feel too hungry but more just thirsty. It didn't help that I have had a sore throat for 2 weeks and coughing too. I felt sick for a little while and tired and spent most my car journey asleep.

Gill gave my these A2 sized waterproof pad type things. The sort of thing you get after giving birth put onto your bed. She gave me 4 of those to sit on top of in case of any leakage.

Since being at home my husband got me a burger and I ate it! I know so bad. Didn't regret it because I was starved and nothing was at home. From tomorrow though it will be game. I am actually able to do things on my own as in go to the toilet, go upstairs, get in and out of my bed etc. God knows what tomorrow holds for me. I haven't had any fluid dripping out of me because I have a huge nappy on to catch the fluids I believe. Gill told me not to take my nappy off until tomorrow so when I go to the loo I have to physically move my nappy to a side down there which felt a bit weird. I was wondering what happens when I need a number 2. Luckily I didn't LOL.

So I am currently wearing a nappy, my nude colour garment and 2 other band kind of things that are super tight but not uncomfortable. Soooo glad there is no foam! They said I have to wear the compression garment 24/7 for upto a week and then 2 week for 12 hours a day. I asked them both about when I should be going back to working out etc. I should start walking or doing very light excersizes from tomorrow. And then I can start going gym properly in about 3-4 weeks time (not sure about the 3/4 times a week actually) but cannot do cycling, swimming, squats and sit ups for a little while.

THE BIG QUESTION! What is it all looking like? I haven't a clue.

I haven't opened my garment because I'm a wimp like that so I have decided to let my therapist open me tomorrow and I shall be checking then but I will let you know and I will try taking some measurements as well if I remember.

I have my first mld session tomorrow at 8am and the therapist will be doing these sessions at my house. Dr Anthony and Gill wanted to see me before the therapist to change my dressing but they spoke to my therapist over the phone just to ensure she was confident in doing mld after vaser lipo and Dr Anthony was happy with her so things are looking up. So my MLD therapist will end up changing my dressings and it's a little smelly but I should be going to see Gill either tomorrow or the day after.

Okay so I shall do more updates tomorrow hopefully I am not in sore pain or such.


So it's the end of DAY 2 POST OP. Yesterday morning at 8am was my appointment for my first MLD session. She came at 7:55am! She was an absolute star and loved her so much and it helped with her being super informative to some of the questions I asked her. I took my pain relief pills and antibiotics etc. The day seemed to have gotten worse with the pain. Now I can relate to what people mean when they say the second day is the day of pain. I have a high pain tolerance which helps because it is painful to move about. I am still able to do things on my own but it's just not easy at times with a toddler. I leaked quite a bit today especially from one of the incisions. I dealt with that well. I just can't be thankful enough that there is no foam involved in this whole thing.

It's difficult getting out of bed and standing up from sitting down but I am still able to do those things on my own. I have been out for a walk too which I took easy on. It helps walking as appose to just sitting down. When sitting down I try my hardest to sit up straight and not slouch at all because that could make a difference to the result.

I went to see Gill and Dr Anthony today and they looked at my dressing and was happy with everything so that was all good. I was aparently very tired looking because I am taking codeine so she told me to stop taking them.

Now onto the main part! I finally measured myself which I simply cannot wait to give you. These measurement are post op measurements.
1. Waist:- 28.5
2. Hips :- 33.5

I am super happy with my hip results but not so much with my waist. I was expecting at least an inch off there but it is still the same. When I am looking into the mirror my stomach does look flat but it has gone slightly wrinkly looking because I had severe stretch marks so thats all hauled together. However the over all result is looking good and I cannot wait to to see more of my stomach area with clothes on etc.

The pain had started to decrease throughout the end of the night but it was a horrible discomforting kind of pain, not unbearable at all. I simply cannot wait to get back to my normal self and just being able to walk normally without that numb feeling. I will be having my first shower tonight which I am looking forward to.


Back again to tell you how things are. I saw my Dr on the 3rd day after the op and they looked at the dressing and said everything was all good but kept asking me if I was okai because apparently I was looking loopy and they said "theyr feeling sorry for me" so they told me to stop taking codeine and take arnica. Yes it was the codeine that kept making me fall asleep. From my second day I have tried to keep myself mildly active so I would go for walks etc. I have completely stopped leaking from the 3rd morning. I took my garment off for a few hours to wash and dry as they only gave one garment. So far I am happy with the result. All I am now waiting for it to take thr garment off and get back to normality. I had my second mld session yesterday and I will be having my 3rd one today. Looking forward to that.
Dr Edwin Anthony

I have met with my doctor once and he seems so lovely. One of the things I did before choosing the doctor is seeing how the doctor is and if I could openly discuss my concern without feeling that pressure or worried and I definitely opened up with my concerns. He answered my questions really well and wasn't in a hurry to leave like some of the other docs I had my consulations with.

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