Dysport Does Work

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I am a 42 year old female battling the signs of...

I am a 42 year old female battling the signs of age and years of not wearing sunglasses while out in the sun with out protection.

One week ago I finally went in to have Juvederm and Botox done, I ended up with Radiesse and Dysport. There is a review in the Radiesse section and I am thrilled with the outcome.

I have never had botox so I cannot compare it to Dysport. My provider has been using Dysport for about 4 months now. The botox was $12 a unit with Dysport was $8 a unit. He assured my that it was the same (I found out later it isn't quite the same) and that I would be happy with it. So I went for it!

He did 23 units between my eyebrow's for my 11s and 20 units for my crowsfeet, 10 on either side for a total of 43 units. There was next to no pain whatsoever although I will admit having a needle that close to my eyes does make me nervous.

I had no swelling or bruising at all from the injections. The first night I noticed the muscles around my eyes and in my cheeks felt odd which is what prompted to me to read about Dysport a little more and how I discovered it "spreads" a little more than botox. Of course panic sets in and I'm kicking myself for not staying with botox, since I was very scared of having drooping eyes and eyebrows. Fortunately that didn't happen.

Within 2 days I couldn't crinkle my eyes like I usually do when I smile. I was happy, that area was smoother however there was no effect of the Dysport in the 11s! I was disappointed and thought I would have to go back in for more but then remember my provider told me I most likely not see anything until day 3 but probably closer to 7 days. So decided to be patient and wait. Day 4 I wake up and the eyebrows seem to have less movement on day 5 when I woke up there was signficantly less movement and day 6 is more so. The area is not "frozen" but I really cannot frown like I used to at all.

I look rested and I look much younger. This is definitely something I will keep up and would use Dysport in these areas again as well as for my forehead if I decide to do that someday. However there is a very over active muscle in the corner of both my eyes that I would like to see if a "smidgen" of botox could relax BUT not create bags under my eyes. Don't want to fix one problem and create another!!!

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He was patient with my questions and concerns, wasn't pushy, worked slowly explaining everything and tried to make it as pain free as possible.

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