Rd 2 with the Infamous Contreras in Dr...- Dykman, NY

Hello RS Beauties , Allow me to introduce my...

Hello RS Beauties ,

Allow me to introduce my self my name is Ava , Im 5'7 190 lbs currently 8 months post op from rd 1 ( TT, Lipo and fg ) I had my first round out of the states as many of us ladies do . And I must admit I can not complain in the least bit. But I was well aware I would be going for a rd2 for Breast reduction and lift being im very chest heavy with a whopping DDD ( No BUENO !!) . I am currently scheduled with Contrereas for 2014 but seem to have hit a wall when looking for any of his work . I have family members and met a few women in NY that have had sx with this paticular Doc and shall i say in my opinion ( THIS MAN KNOWS HIS S#%T ) . Yes ladies I know be careful as we all should be when researching and picking the doc for us . But I am very confident and happy with my decision. As I know how sometimes there is controversey on RS and surgeon selection .

I am simply on here to continue on my research and provide positive vibes .
If there are any Contrereas Beauties on here can you please inbox me should you be willing to share any information .I very apprecitaive for your time .

To Bbl or not to Bbl that's the ? ..

Happy sunday dolls ,

Well I. Debating in my head should I do more Fg to my already 1200 cc ? Hmmm

post rd1 / pre rd2

Edgar Contreras

No to sure yet , But I have to say the man does respond timely :)

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