34, and Finally Going to Have my Legs Back! - Durham, NC

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I had three pregnancies, but I only have one ...

I had three pregnancies, but I only have one child. Each pregnancy was rough with the weight gain. When I finally had a full term pregnancy, I weighed over 200lbs. The worse part, is I'm only 5'4". So obesity was apparently an issue. I lost 60 on my own, but 6 years later I still have fatty thighs. I had a DaVinci hysterectomy that caused internal bleeding, and 8 weeks of bed rest, so I easily put the weight back on (not all, but most of it). I've tried everything from exercise to nonivasive laser treatment, trainers, and diet pills. I've even tried eating less than 1000 calories a day!! I am FINALLY taking a step into the world of "cosmetic surgery". Luckily I will be having the SmartLipo Triplex procedure, so I don't have to worry about actual surgery. I'll post pics along the way, but for now I'll share my before photo since my appointment is not until 2/28. I will say that meeting with Dr. Miller and his team was an eye opening experience. He was very truthful, and but very sensitive about it. He even stated that he did not feel like my knees or outer thighs needed this procedure. Right then I knew he was not in the business for the money only, he actually cared about the results for his patients. I cannot wait, and I'm hoping my healing process will go well. Fingers crossed, update on the 28th.

Oops for got photo

Here's my before photo, two weeks before surgery.

Today's the Day!

Less than an hour to go, and hopefully I can update with some pictures! Wish me luck!

Procedure went smoothly!

After the procedure, I had about 1 liter (4 cups) worth if fat removed. I'm swollen of course, so I can't see a difference right now. I will tell you that I feel great! No pain yet, but of course I still have some meds in the system. So tomorrow might be different. I was able to get up, walk around, and even talk just fine...just a little drowsy. Listened to my music the whole time, and even talked a bit to the doc & nurse. Procedure took less than 2 hours, but the while visit was a little over 3 since I had to wait for meds to kick in. The compression garments are very high grade quality, with zippers on the side for easy management.
Over all, the procedure today was a lot easier than I imagined, and I would recommend this team to anyone!!! Hopefully I can go back for some cool sculpting on my love handles.

Holy Drainage Batman!

Tons of drainage, but luckily I have a whole pack of dog training pads to get me through the night. I have two major spots on the back of each leg that are my main drainage areas, the rest seem to have already stopped or slowed tremendously. Of course those two spots are sore, and the local anesthesia is worn off. But nothing that demands more than tylenol. I hate the way pain meds make me feel, so good so far. No other pain, just tired of laying around. The first time I stood up from getting out of the car, I had serious dripping down my legs. Pants were soaked, and I used a towel to walk into the house. Again, no major pain!!! Hopefully the drainage will stoop over night, or early morning. Fingers crossed for a speedy recover!! Can't wait for the swelling to go down so I can take an after picture!!!

Big tip for future procedures: buy a waterproof mattress cover, cheap mattress sheet you don't mind disposing of later, and a pack of pet training pee pads. Saving my mattress BIG time! Also use a trash bag to sit on in your vehicle, save your seat!!

Day 2

8:00 AM
Drainage has almost stopped, except for two spots on back of leg. However, they only started draining again because of the pressure from using the restroom (soreness when I sit on a hard surface). BUT; I haven't changed the pad I was laying on since 5:30 AM! Sleeping was easy, though my back hurts since I'm a side sleeper usually. And I'm not use to sitting this much, so my butt is starting to hurt too...guess I'm not as lazy as I thought. :) When I look down at my legs I can see a big difference, however I am wearing the (crouch-less) compression garments. Hopefully there won't be too much of a change when I remove them later for my shower. Will update with those pictures later. Breakfast in bed from the hubby is another perk from this procedure!! Had a grilled chicken sandwich last night, and some granola cereal this morning. No nausea, no upset stomach; hopefully I won't need the rest of the pills (pain killers & nausea pills) except for the antibiotics.

Warning for future procedures: The drainage looks like blood, but it is actually a mix of blood and fluid. My husband contacted my doctor last night because he was afraid I was losing blood, and it might trigger my iron to drop (don't want my anemia to kick in!). Dr. Miller reassured it is not 100% blood. The incision is too small to cause that much bleeding alone, and the fluid he used (along with my own fluid) would cause the drainage to look like blood. So do not think you're bleeding out, this is all normal! HOWEVER, I have been advised to notify him right away if I feel weak or light headed. Definite signs of low iron or possible other side effects.

Healing is getting easier!

Drainage has completely stopped, and incisions have begun to close up. Neosporin is my friend. Only pain now is from the bruising and soreness. Bruising is as expected, nothing over the top. I can't add photos yet because the marker the doctor used is pretty much covering everything. The worse thing I'm dealing with now is the itchiness from garment, and not being able to put lotion on after I shower. Walking is easy, sitting is getting easier, and I'm pretty much back to normal activities (minus exercise). I'm becoming a pro at putting my garment back on, but wish I could go with a garment that was more like a sleeve for my thighs, or shorts. Swelling is in full affect, and it looks like I didn't get anything done...but it's only less than 72 hours. I have to remind myself to take a break every now and then, or my legs start to really get sore. Sleeping is easy, and I can even sleep on my side again. Follow up is not until Wednesday, so hopefully I'll have some pics then to add.

Tip for future procedure: pulling the garment up as high as possible is actually very comforting on the thighs. Sitting on a pillow is also very comfortable when having to sit in a desk chair or dining chair.

Post 1 wk

It's been over one week, and these garments are annoying! But we must do, what we must do.
Wearing clothes is difficult, so I'm taking advantage of this warmer weather and wearing dresses when I can.
The soreness is still there, but mainly at the "top" of the inner thigh...where the fat was actually removed. The bruising is still bad, but I bruise very easily. There's a little bit of a difference, but with the swelling I look the same. I'm still hopeful, because the shape is definitely changing. Walking more 10-15 mins intensifies the soreness, but I think it's because the swelling is causing it rub still.

My 1 week check up went well, and Dr. Miller was pleased with the healing. The bruising was a surprise to him, but again I BRUISE EASILY. He even said I could do light cardio that doesn't cause too much friction when I using my legs (elliptical, stair climber, etc...).

Overall, each day is getting easier but the soreness is slightly more intense. It's similar to being sore after a really intense workout (lifting weights for the first time or running your first marathon). I'm back on my diet, and waiting on the go to start some serious cardio/circuit training.

So far so good, but can't really see a huge difference after 1 week and three days. Hopefully next week will be better for pics and difference. ;)
Dr. Jason Miller

Consultation: Very friendly and very informative staff. Dr. Miller was very understanding and honest, but with sincerity. Office was very clean and comforting, and the robes they had there were the most warmest robes I've ever had (I would've purchased it, if it were for sale). Pricing was much less than I expected, and they offered a discount if I did multiple procedures at once. I'm not a fan of the office location (building wise), but that's not enough to hinder my review thus far. Procedure: to be updated on 2/28/14 UPDATE: Procedure went very smoothly, and he apologetic anytime I made a little squeal from the needle. On a scale from 1-10, w/10 being intense, I would rate the pain at a 3. Felt like pinching more than anything. He talks you through as you change to the next step, and his nurses are very calm and easy to talk to. Very informative, and hopefully I can go back to take care of my love handles in a few months! Great Team and atmosphere.

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