26 with Acne - Durham, NC

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Ever since the age of 13 I've suffered from...

Ever since the age of 13 I've suffered from bipolar acne. (Some months it's good, some it's great, and then horrible) this led to having a clear face and then dark marks. I've tried it all even Kojic acid soap which did lighten my face but after you stop its back to same old same old. I started off with pumpkin enzyme peel. Yeah it made my face glow but still not the results I need. I've tried many fade creams but no luck. Then I tried 25% lactic acid peel.
I cleansed my face with the glycol wash
Then witch hazel prep. Mixed my peel (diluted with distilled water) applied!
Day after my face is soft and glowing. A little itchy but soft. I'm going after the TCA peel next 12.5%. I actually need my top layer to peel. That would take away the dark hyper pigments to. But I'm happy with the results now too..my face actually has the flaky feel so I think I will peel soon.

post peel 4th day

So I am peeling a little but not every where. Face feel a little tight and smooth. I've decided to do the TCA peel after next week. I'm going on vacation and I don't think I want my face peeling on the beach. I still have that dark area on my face but I know Its a process. I've been using hyaluronic acid as the moisturizer. It's the same fluid that your eye produces for moisture. So why not lol I've posted pics.

Oh boy

Okay so this is about the next week after my first lactic peel. I'm about to gear up for my TCA

TCA 20%

So here's the update, I did a 20% TCA peel Sunday after a month of prep with the lactic. I moved up in strengths with the lactic from 10% 15% 20% and finally 30%. I did lactics twice a week. My face suffered no damage. Now 3 days after my TCA I am starting to peel. Under the peeling skin that hasn't fallen off the dark marks that were there are faded a whole lot, basically another light TCA peel and it will be gone. That was my main goal and to get a head start on my acne. I can deal with acne. Drink water, change diet, and acne wash but dark marks aren't like that. So here is the updated pictures. ???????????????? the dark areas you see are the skin that is peeling off.
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