Round 2 Revision Coming Up

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I'm less than two weeks away and I'm getting super...

I'm less than two weeks away and I'm getting super excited.
I'll post some pre-op pics soon so that you can follow my progress.
Dr. Brian Coan of CARE Plastic Surgery is performing my procedures.
There are several reasons I chose Dr. Coan but the number one reason is when I went for my initial consultation I had already scheduled my procedure with another physician but Dr. Coan told me 'you can get a good result but to get a great result I'd like to see you lose about 15 lbs to decrease your BMI.' I could appreciate a doctor not just telling me 'yeah, I can do it. Pay me your money and let's roll the dice.", so to speak. I was sold on him. Besides that, I'm a little quirky and silly and he also had a sense of humor. That's important to me.

44 year old liposuction and bbl

Finally! I've gotten around to posting my pre-op pics. I had no idea what this butt looked like. It'll be rounded out soon and I'm super excited.
I have full confidence in Dr. Coan and his team.

44 year old getting lipo and BBL

Ok! So, this is the week of my surgery. The Sunday before 'The Day'. 5 days pre-op and I am ready.
I have my scripts, hibiclens, Aleve, required docs, saltine crackers, pedialyte, etc.
I've done everything I was asked and advised to do for a successful procedure and I'm confident that all will go well and I'll get the body contouring and shapely hips and buttocks I desire to boost my confidence. I've wanted this for years. I need this for myself and it's finally happening.
This week, I'll receive a call from the anesthesiologist to check up on my health and mental state and from a member of Dr. Coan's staff to confirm my surgery time and surgery plans. The bae is coming with me and will be my chauffer and around the clock caregiver.
I need to get a pillow for sitting but I'm not certain what the best kind is. I need suggestions, please.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

Countdown: T minus 4!

I am going to mention my Dr. in every update. I see so many times where the comments are "who is the doctor?" or "what's your doctors name?". I want to make certain that everybody knows who's performing my surgery, Dr. Brian S. Coan of CARE Plastic Surgery in Durham.
I'm getting more and more excited by the day and why wouldn't I? His own staff referred to him as 'The Butt Doctor'.
I believe that I've chosen well and that I'm in great hands with Dr. Coan and his team!
We were planning to drive the route to the surgical center in Chapel Hill today but it's so messy out. If the weather proves to be better tomorrow we will drive it then just to familiarize ourselves with the route and area before Friday. .
I forgot to get my pillows to level out the car floor with the backseats for the drive home but I'll get those tomorrow as well.
The idea behind the pillow is to pad the floor to protect me from rolling to the floor in case of a hard stop! Can you imagine the pain I'd suffer rolling to the floor! Lol Funny but not, right?
Anyway, things are progressing on and I'm looking forward to Friday.
Stay tuned.

44 year old lipo and BBL in 4 days

Interesting, I've never posted any 'Wish' pics. I'm realistic. I want a very natural look, rounded hips and buttocks.
These are some actual pics of BBL patients that I think got an excellent result.

44 year old Lipo & BBL countdown T minus 3

3 days out!
I spoke with Laura today ato Dr. Brian S Coan's office and confirmed my surgery time for Friday morning and it's earlier than first expected.
I have everything that I need now. Got my pillows for the ride home, all Meds and supplies.
I told her today that I'm going to want to order another garment. I'd definitely like to have them on a mean rotation. Lol
I'm ready. Let's do it!

Less than 48 hours

I'll be on my way to having the booty of my dreams.
The anesthesiologist called today and confirmed everything.
I'm good to go!
Remember to check out Dr. Brian S. Coan and his team at CARE Plastic Surgery in Durham

Less than 24 hours to my Lipo and BBL

I have my bag packed, my crackers, meds, water, docs. I'm ready!

We're here!

It's surgery day. We're here and excited to be! The Bae is a bundle of nerves but he's trying to keep up a good front for me. He had complained about everything this morning from the eggs to the temperature in the waiting room but that's just his nervousness.
I'm all bathed up in hibiclens, dry as the desert and ashy as F***! Lol
It's all good though. Par for the course.
Well...signing off for now but I'll be back shortly with some awesome post BBL pics.
I thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement!

Post OP Update. The struggle is real!

All is well. I'm spent! I'll get updates out tomorrow. I will say I am as swollen as a tick! Lol

I feel great!

I'm less than 24 hours post OP and this is what I'm doing.

Day 3 Post Op

Hi all!
Well, my body feels fine. Still sore but weaning myself off of the narcotics. I'm walking and moving, laying on my stomach and I've not sat down since Friday before my surgery. My tummy looks great. I'm slightly concerned about my bottom. All the post ops that I see, I can definitely see a changenerator in the projection. Me, not so much. Not yet anyway. I'm still prayerful that in the next couple of days and weeks fat will seen to appear where there is none. Pray for me yall. I don't want to cry.
Here goes...

Waiting on a beautiful result

I've waited so long to be able to do this. It's the one thing I've wanted for myself now I'm just hoping, praying for a good result.
This is a hard process and recovery is grueling but I planned. I committed myself to the process and I'm soldiering through. Now, I'm just waiting. I won't post anymore updates for a while.
Thank you community for your support.
I wish you all well in your upcoming surgeries.


I'm thankful that Dr. Coan stands by his work and assures me that if it's necessary he'll do a revision.
It's necessary.

Week 3 Post op

Square pants

6 weeks Post Op

I was 6 weeks Post Op on Friday April 1st.
Ladies, please tell me if there's a noticeable change. I can't see it but tell me what you think.

Rear View 6 weeks Post Op

Went in with the free butt wide and flat. Came out with the purchased butt wide and flat. It has no shaping or contour at all.

Round 2 Scheduled

Ok ladies. My round 2 has been scheduled for March 30th. This is it! I will get what I asked and paid for. Stay tuned for the update pics!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

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