44 year's old, Mommy Makeover #BodyByCoan

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*Treatment results may vary

I visited Dr. Coan on November 4, 2015 for a...

I visited Dr. Coan on November 4, 2015 for a consultation on implant removal (had implants since 2003) and a breast lift (current size 36DD). I must say, after having several other consultations with other local plastic surgeons, Dr. Coan totally won me over at hello! His office staff is most professional and responsive. Every question I had was answered during the consultation, he even asked me questions that I hadn't thought of. I appreciate the fact that he has experience with hypertrophic scars and keloids. His credentials are quite impressive, and is highly recommended by other Physicians in the Raleigh/Durham area. Tica and JJ have also been absolutely wonderful to work with, and explained the various payment options. I'm looking forward to my surgery and the amazing skillful work Dr. Coan will deliver!

Mommy Makeover

During my pre operative appointment I decided to have abdominalplasty. So, yes I'm going for the mommy makeover now. My surgery has been moved up to January 5th. I'm super excited and a bit nervous, but I truly believe Dr. Coan will deliver the expected results. Again, his whole staff is absolutely amazing and has been there for everything I've needed thus far.

Surgery is tomorrow!

Can't believe tomorrow at this time I will be back home. Mommy makeover will be complete. I was extremely anxious today, but after talking to Dr. Coan I feel much better. I'm so glad I chose Care Plastic Surgery for my MMO. Will post a review and before & after pics once I'm a few days post op.

Pre op measurements

Bust 37DD
Waist 31
Hips 37 1/2

Pre op Pictures

I'm sharing 3 pre op pictures. For reference, I'm 5'3" /144 lbs.

7 hour post op!

Surgery lasted 5 hours and my PS said it went wonderfully. I had general anesthesia, a breathing tube and a foley catheter inserted. I was totally asleep the entire time. The surgical center was amazing; the very best. So, the car ride wasn't too good as I could feel every bump. I'm in bed, head and knees elevated...thank God the master suite is on the first floor. Having trouble sleeping, but that's ok. I'm taking my pain killers as prescribed, right now the pain is bearable (about a 5). I have to stick to the pain management regimen my PS ordered to keep it under control. I have 3 drains and hubby has emptied them several times already. I have not looked at anything; scars, etc, and dont want to. I've eaten crackers, pudding and a gallon of water thus far. I've been taking short walks around my bedroom for 5-10 minutes to prevent blood clots. My follow-up appointment is tomorrow at 4:00. My PS has already called to check on me tonight (he is the VERY BEST) I'm so glad I chose him. PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you have a strong caregiver after your surgery as they will get a workout. My hubby is 6'2", 215, and muscular (athlete ) you will definitely need a strong person as your caregiver. Good night.

Drains and compression garment.

Today is 1 day post op. I visit my PS today. I did get a little sleep last night. Pain is still bearable with RX meds. I should note, all pain is from the tummy tuck, my breasts aren't hurting. I have been urinating like crazy and of course swelling is still present. I've attached a few pictures.

1 day Post Op Appointment

Appointment went very well today. 2 drains were removed and the last one will come out in a week. I was able to see myself...no bruises, just a lot of swelling. My breasts look great and my stretch marks are gone! Tummy looks great. Still in a lot of pain, but hanging in there

Day 2 Post Op.

I finally made it upstairs last night which is where our 4 recliners are. I noticed some swelling in my legs and ankles so thought it would be good to put them up higher in the recliner. Needless to say, the swelling is gone this morning. I slept 4 hours last night in the recliner which is an improvement and much more comfortable. I'm walking a little better. and going to the bathroom by myself. Today I have to take my first shower, and clean around my drain holes and belly button, ugh!

New Breasts! 100% all me, no implants.

Shower went wonderfully. I felt so clean and fresh afterwards. Hubby helped me get back in my garment right after the shower. We did give it a quick wash and dry. Cleaned drain holes and belly button with peroxide and then applied ointment and covered with 4x4 sterile pads. Dr. Coan's office has been so detailed with every step I should take next. The swelling is still present as expected. No complaints over here as I know each day I will get better, stronger, and have the body I paid for!

Day 3 post op.

Hello ladies! I've been reading about everyone's progress. I'm so glad everyone seems to be healing and tolerating the pain ok. So for me, today is 3 days post op. I continue to stick with my routine. I actually showered and changed my garment by myself. I'm also walking a little better and able to climb stairs slowly. I'm still sleeping in the recliner and taking pain meds every 4 hours. I'm feeling very positive today.


Gosh, how much TV can one watch? I'm so bored and it's only been 3 days. On another note, my legs look good! I can't wait to see my TT scar. How long have other's waited before starting silicone strips or scar gel?

A BM finally!

After being constipated for 4 days I couldn't take it anymore, I was so miserable, and the stool softener wasn't working. I called my sister (she's a RN) she told me to get glycerin suppositories. So hubby made a Walgreens run and got them. I went 5 minutes after I used it. Thank you Jesus! I've uploaded a picture of the container in case someone else us suffering from constipation.

Wish pictures!

This is my wish body, and it's just what I hope to have once all this swelling is down and I'm healed. :-)

Late post, Surgery day picture.

I totally forgot to post this. My hubby took it right before they wheeled me into the OR.

Pre op swimsuit picture.

Ladies thought I'd share a picture of myself in a swimsuit from last summer. I sure hope when all this swelling is gone I look 10 times better than this. Note the loose abdominal skin and stretch marks. Also my breasts were just too large. I'm so glad I decided to get a reduction & lift.

Day 4 post op

Today was a good day. Showered, washed garment, etc. Still taking Vicodin and antibiotics. I've been feeling a lot of tightness from the muscle repair which causes shortness of breath. I did take a 30 minute car ride today with my hubby; just had to get out of the house. Steri strips are all still in place.

Day 5 post op

So last night I slept in my bed. I had to take a break from recliner island. I had to use 5 pillows, and mostly slept sitting up but it was okay. I know my hubby appreciated it because he's been sleeping in a recliner too. It's funny, wherever I sleep, he sleeps. We are still newlyweds, we got married in March 2015.

Pictures, day 5 post op

My abdomen is so swollen. :-( I hope my belly button is healing properly.

Day 6 post op.

Found out today drains have to stay in until Saturday, hoped to get them out today. Pain gets better each day. Still very swollen and tender. Having BMs every few days. Sleeping in recliner. I'm walking around the house and climbing the staircase 2x daily. This is the hardest thing I've ever been through. I've attached pictures for reference. Hang in there, ladies!

Day 7 post op.

Well not much to share today. Still have drain, still on pain pills and antibiotics. Still swollen and have not seen abdominal scar yet as its still covered in tape. I do, however, feel more energized and back to being me. It will be great ince I can stand fully upright. I'll try to post a picture later after I shower.

Trip to Wamlart!

I had to get out the house. Yes, this is me in the electric cart! ;-)


Got flowers from my colleagues; absolutely beautiful and brightened up my day!

Day 8 post op.

Looking forward to getting my last drain out on Saturday. Spending most of my time in the recliner watching movies. Started using Palmer's stretch mark cream on abdomen and breast. Will be able to start scar therapy once the tape and steri strips are removed. I can finally tell after 8 days the swelling is starting to reduce. Hope everyone is having a good day!

Day 8 pics!

Just sharing a few pictures. Pardon the drain.

Day 9 post op.

Today I actually went outside and walked a little in my subdivision. I got tired so I came back to the house. It felt good to get some fresh air and move. I ordered some Bio-oil on Amazon. Anyone ever use this stuff before? I'm starting to feel back to myself. I hope once I get this drain removed I'll feel even better.

Day 9 pic!

Thought I'd share a picture while I wait for my compression garment to finish drying. Still very swollen.

Day 10 post op.

I finally slept in my bed last night after 8 days. I put 3 pillows behind my head, so I basically slept sitting up. I put a neck roll pillow behind my knees. I only got 4 hours of sleep, but that's all I've been averaging since the surgery. I'm down to 2 Vicodin every 8 hours with 2 Aleve in the morning and at bed time.

No more bra fat! Random thoughts...

I didn't have lipo, but all my bra fat is gone! My PS must of got when he did my BL/BR. I'm not complaining!

First night out!

Tonight is the first night I've been out to dinner since surgery. It sure was nice to get out; the seafood was good too.

TT question ladies!

I'm 10 days post mommy makeover. Today I started feeling weird crawling things in my belly. Also, it seems like my belly button is burning. Anyone else experience any of this?

Almost drain free!

In less than 2 hours I will be drain free. Prehaps I will be able to wear something other than huge baggy sweats! I will post a picture later. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Drain free!

My 11 day post MM (BL/BR) &TT w/ muscle repair went excellent today. I had my last drain removed and all my surgical tape removed. This was the first time I saw my scars; breasts look great and tummy is flat. I need to wean off pain meds, and continue antibiotics for only 5 more days.

PS said he couldn't believe how good I looked and honestly can't believe its only been 11 days since surgery.

For the next 2 weeks, I'm to continue washing with dial soap, clean incisions with hydrogen peroxide, and apply bacatracin and then cover with gauze.
At 6 weeks, I can start biocorneum w/steroid scar therapy.

Still can't drive ( don't want to) and need to continue taking it easy. I'm very happy with what I'm seeing. I will post a picture later.

Dr. Coan is great!

Day 11 pic!

I can honestly say it felt nice to get "cute" today. My jeggings are XS, and my flannel shirt is a small. I do have my compression garment underneath. I'm still slightly hunched over.

12 day post op TT before/after pic.

12 days post op BL/ BR (implant removal )

Breast incisions healing nicely!

Everything seems to be healing on schedule.

Belly button update!

Day 13 post op. Happy MLK Day!

It's been 13 days since my mommy makeover. I can't believe how good I feel. Let me first say, I take recovery very seriously, so I have followed everything my PS said to the T. I'm basically off Vicodin, and taking Aleve only for the pain. My BMs are getting better (once every 3 days) my swelling is better, but still quite a lot. Over the last few days, I've done some laundry, and dry mopped my hardwood floors. I'm still taking it very easy and resting. I no longer need the heating pad for my back, and I'm sleeping in my bed w/hubby. I'm walking about 85% upright. I have a hair and pedicure appoinmemt next week; Yay! I have decided to take a full month off from work, so I will return the first week of February. It feels good not to be so helpless anymore. Hope everyone is recovering well this evening.

Day 14 post op.

Very little pain today, and I've been busy. Went to Chili's (I had a salad) for lunch with my daughter; so glad she drives, and picked up a few things from the store. We also made a quick trip to GiGi's Cupcakes! Whew, I'm tired. Going to relax in the recliner for the rest of the day.

Day 15 pictures!

Post of 15 days Mommy makeover.

Day 15 pictures!

Day 15 post mommy makeover. So far I'm pleased. My waist is 3 inches larger than it was. I'll be glad when the swelling goes down. My PS keeps telling me my waist will be much smaller once all the swelling has gone down I'm just so anxious! I know I've said this before, but I swear I've lost some of my booty. I think this compression garment is sucking it in none the less it will be great once I can start my squats again because I've never had a flat booty.

Pre MM / 15 days post!

I can finally see the difference at 15 days post. I wonder what I'll look like at 6 weeks?!?!

16 days post op.

Today has been a good day. My hubby took me by my PS office to pick up some Bio Corneum. I can start using it on my breast incisions scars but I need to wait another week before I use it on my tummy tuck scar. My PS is so great of course since I was already there he took a look at me. Dr. Coan and his staff are just so wonderful! I'm back to my pre surgery weight, but still swollen.

Anyone else using Bio Corneum for their scar therapy?

19 days post op

Gosh, time is flying by. I cant believe it's been 19 days since my MM. I'm still not back to work; will return February 1st. I'm feeling really good. No more pain meds; Vicodin or Aleve. Started using my Bio Corneum scar cream and still applying bacatracin to my belly button. I'm still only 90% standing upright, but hopefully in the next week that will increase.

I'm really excited that I'm flat! I'm still swollen, but I'm only 19 days out so I can only hope in another 19 days how much the swelling will go down. I measured my breasts today and right now I'm measuring 32C. They look fabulous! I never thought I could have such natural, perky breasts without implants. Still in my compression garment and will wear until my 6 week mark.

Well, hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. I'm going to attempt to drive next Wednesday!

21 days post op

Hello all! Just sharing a picture of me this morning. Out running errands with hubby! Looking flat and perky! :-)

22 days post op

I drove today for the first time since my surgery on 1/5. It was good, no problems. I'm debating if I want to return to work 2/1 or prehaps take another week?!?! What to do? Seeing my PS tomorrow for a quick checkup.

23 days post op.

My appointment went well with my PS today. I no longer need to use the bacatracin, just apply Bio Corneum to all my scars. Additionally, no need to use gauve to cover incisions. This will make life much easier! He said I'm still very swollen and will most likely be like this another 3-6 months, ugh! Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday, so we are going away for the night to celebrate. Oh ya, decided to take another week off as I don't think I'm ready. I guess I'll go back February 8th. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

24 day Pictures

Liking everything so far!

Trying on swimsuit's

Sharing some pictures. I am so very pleased. I can only imagine what the final reluts will be in a few months.

26 days post op - Swell Hell

All is well over here. Right now my biggest complaint is the sweeling. It's fine in the morning, but as the days go's on it gets worst. By bedtime, I'm pretty swollen.????

I walked 1/2 mile today, it felt good to get out and move. I really do love my new body, and will even more once zi pass the swelling stages.

Big difference!

It's amazing how the body heals. These pictures are 25 days apart.


I've been dying to try these jeans on, these are my favorite pre op jeans. They are a size 5/6 juniors from Macy's...I have two pairs! I waited to try on until 4 weeks post because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fit them again; however, as you can see I have at least 2 inches that will need to be taken in the waist. I'm so excited I can fit these! Prehaps I'm a 3/4 now? I'm definitely not buying any clothes until at least April. My 45th birthday is in May, so I want to look really good!

1 month post op!

Good morning! Thought I'd snap a few pictures before the swelling kicks in. I'm PLEASED! It's definitely been a journey. I love my mew natural breasts and my tummy! Hope everyone at their 1 month mark is seeing and feeling results. :-)

Debating...lipo on flanks?

I'm seriously debating whether or not I should have had lipo on my flanks? PS said I didn't need it. Hmmm...feel like I have these 2 fat pockets in my sides.

Can you see a difference?

The picture on the left is 15 days post, the picture on the right is 31 days post. Can you see any difference? I think my breasts are smaller, yay! Belly button sizing nice and swelling somewhat better. Although, I did just take this picture after having mexican food and a margaritas tonight. ????


I'm 1 month post MM. The swelling from my TT never goes away. It's really bad around my incision. I'm drinking so much water that I'm starting to think that's the culprit of the swelling. I still wear my compression garment 23/7, and only take it off to shower. For you Tummy tuckers...is your swelling bad at 1 month post op?

I go back to my PS Wednesday, so we'll see what he says. Ugh! :-(

6 week post op appointment update!

I had my 6 week post op appointment today. My PS said everything looks well and I have the body of a 25 year old. He wants me to start an advanced scar therapy for hypertrophic scars as it appears the skin around my belly button looks a little thick. Once I complete the 7 day treatment then I'll go back to using my regular biocorneum, the difference is one has steroid in it, and the other does not. I've also been advised to start massaging my incisions to break up the scar tissue.

I have been given the go ahead to start working out again. No CrossFit or boot camp, but I can pretty much do anything else.

I no longer need to wear the compression garment; he said it doesn't serve any purpose at this point. He indicated that my swelling looks like it's about 30%. If I want to wear some sort of Spanx during the day I can, but he said it wasn't necessary. I think I'm just going to wear nothing for a few weeks and see how it goes.

I did go to Victoria's Secret today with hopes to purchase a bra, however I left a bit upset. I really didn't like the way anything fit me. I ended up buying a Warner's bra from Walmart. It felt much better than all the other bra's I tried on at Victoria's Secret.

I do have a few concerns; he said at my 3 month appointment we can address them and decide what to do. Mainly I feel like there's some lipo needed in certain areas for me to be 100% happy.

To be quite frank, I couldn't imagine going through all of this again, so right now I just want to finish healing and get back to my old self. I have decided to go back to work tomorrow just to get settled and get my mind off my body. I typically work from home on Fridays, and then Monday I'll be back in the office full time. Sorry for the long update, but I know how much we all look forward to the updates.

First day back to work 6 weeks!

I usually come in at 7:30, but didn't get here until 10:00 as I took my time getting ready. So far all is going well. I can tell I'm swelling a little (my panties have made an indentation on my belly) but as expected. I did not wear my cg, spank or anything else; just my new bra and a pair of VS panties. No one at the office knows what I had done, so everyone has been saying "did you lose weight"? LOL...I'm thinking I lost more than just weight, how about FAT!

I'll post an update later this evening after I workout and dinner. Hope everyone is having a good day!

Back to work and exercise!

First day back to work since surgery on January 5th. I only worked 5 hours rather than my normal 8. I have a private office so it was nice to be able to move around as sitting on conference calls was making me sore. I am definitely swollen and felt very puffy on the comute home. After resting for an hour, I cleaned up a little and did 50 squats and 50 leg lifts...Yay! This was my first time doing any kind of exercise other than power walking. So, I'm definitely done for the evening. For reference I have on a large soft stretchy sports bra, and size 6 Victoria's Secret panties. I've attached a few pictures I took after working out...Swollen.????

Belly button healing?

Hello all!
Wanted to pose a question to my fellow tummy tuckers. Does my belly button look like it's healing properly? The photos are taken at 3 days, 2 weeks, and 6 weeks post op.

7 weeks waist update!

Pre surgery my waist was 31, post surgery it was 34, today it's 30. Yay!


7 week post MMO. Still swelling but looking better as each day passes. 5'3", 138lbs.

Boob update! 7 week post BR/BL & Implant Removal

Ladies, I'm so thrilled with my new breasts. Having those heavy implants removed, the reduction and the lift has left me feeling so light and young! Thanks Dr. Coan!

Side view

Pre op and 7 week post MMO photo. Didn't realize how bad I looked. :-/

Evening pictures!

RS sister's, I just love the way I look in this swimsuit. I'm taking these pictures at quarter to eight this evening after I've been up all day and I'm very swollen, but I still wanted to share these pictures. I'm in swell hell with everybody else. My MMO was one of the best decisions I've ever made! #BodyByCoan

Half shirts!

I can finally wear half shirts now! Yay! Each day it's getting better. I'm ready to show off this new body!

Belly button

Dr. Coan gave me the cutest little belly button! #BodyByCoan

Emotions, Swelling & Confusion!

Happy Saturday my Sister's! I hope you've all started the day with a flat tummy, lol! I'll be 8 weeks post op in 2 days! So, the last week has been emotionally draining for me. I'm back at work (IT Manager) so that keeps me busy and stressed, but my body is driving me crazy!

Swelling - I'm 90% flat in the morning, by noon I'm 50%, after work and/or gym I look like a butterball turkey. My PS said after 6 weeks no CG is needed, but I have bought a garment and plan to start wearing this week during the day to see if there is a difference. I know swelling can last up to 6 months. Ugh!

Flanks - They seem to be growing. Why can't they just stay still. I want curve, don't like the skinny girl look...but dang, don't want love handles either. I didn't have lipo with my TT as PS said I didn't need it. Prehaps I have some swelling in my flanks, they are smaller in the morning. My husband likes my shape and doesn't want me to drop below 135, but I want a smoother contour. What do ya'll think...be HONEST?

I can say I do love my breasts, glad the implants are gone.

I'm sharing a few pictures I took this morning, and the new garment I bought. It's super comfy; bought online at Walmart. It's a size medium. I'll share my measurements for reference. I'm 5'3", 137 lbs.
Bust - Under arm 35, under bust 31, fullest part 37.
Waist - 30
Hips - 37 1/2

Can you see differences?

Sister's can you see differences? Pics are taken pre op, 4 weeks post-op and this morning 7 1/2 weeks post-op.

Need to get out!

Ok, I'm getting out of the house. Enough obsessing over my body! Protein shake in tow...

Compression garment

Ladies, I'm back to wearing my CG, hopefully this will help with my afternoon and evening swelling. Luckily, mu CG is comfortable. :-)

Compression garment

For those of you who've asked me what type of compression garment I wear, I have attached a picture of it. However, mine is in black. The brand is Rainey. It's extremely comfortable and what my PS recommends.

8 Weeks today!

I am 8 weeks post implant removal, breast reduction, breast lift and tummy tuck with muscle repair! Whew, it's hard to believe 8 weeks has passed already. I will say, the recovery was definitely much harder than I thought it would be, and it's NOT over yet. I still have a lot of swelling and have decided to start back wearing my compression garment during the day at work, and at bedtime (I don't like spanx).

Was it worth it - YES! Would I do it again - YES! I'm happy with the PS I chose, and absolutely adore his staff! I'm smaller than I was, I've had to buy new pants because my waist and tummy are smaller, and of course new shirts, because I don't have huge breasts anymore. It's nice to be able to buy cute little tops and halters for the summer. Everything just fits better now.

I'm working out 4-5 days per week at the gym. Treadmill, stair master, elliptical, weights, fitness classes, etc. Just not any abdominal work, yet. My husband said, he is shocked at how well I'm doing in the gym.

At this point, my only concern is the swelling as it's bad in my flanks. I also have some touch up areas that need lipo and will discuss with my PS at my March 21st appointment. I hope by month 6 all of this will be behind me. :-) I will upload pictures in another post.

Have a great day!

8 weeks pictures!

8 week pictures as promised.

New bra and panties!

I went shopping and found some great fitting under garments. These panties do a great job at covering my incision, and the bra is very comfortable. They are both by Warner's.

My PS was on The Doctor's TV Show

Here is the link: Dr. Brian Coan

Feeling flat!

I woke up this morning feeling flat, so thought I'd snap a picture before the gym. We are going out to dinner this evening, so I'm sure I'll be back to a butterball this tonight. Lol...

What a difference!

It's amazing what the body can do in 8 weeks. Looking at myself 2 days post surgery versus now is incredible. I wasn't one of these women who were immediately flat right after surgery. I was extremely puffy and had a lot of swelling, and still do have swelling now at 9 weeks. However, I'm definitely much smaller than I was and I've lost 5 inches on my waist since surgery. I can't wait to see me in another few months. Doctor Coan did such a fabulous job!


Sister's, it's getting warm here and I've noticed that my swelling has increased at least by 40%. By noon every day this week my pants have been tight. By the time I go to bed I really do feel like a balloon, so I'm not sure if it's the weather or just the stage that I'm in.

Before/After Swimsuit!

The picture on the left is Summer 2015, the picture on the right is last week... why didn't anyone tell me last summer how fat I looked in that bikini? It's funny when you think you look good and then you have something to compare it to! I definitely needed a TT.

10 week update!

Hi Sister's!
Hope everyone is having a good week. So I thought I would post a 10-week update and also say I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary yesterday. I am attaching a few pictures so you can see how I'm progressing. So basically over the last two weeks the only thing I've noticed is I've been extremely swollen much more than normal... not sure why, but I am working out 4 days a week my weight. I'm feeling absolutely fabulous no pain or discomfort. I'm not wearing any type of garment or binder. In the gym I do wear a waist wrap for support but that's it. I am really liking my results, my breasts look great and I love that they're so much smaller. My waist is shaping up nice even though I didn't have any lipo and of course, my tummy is flat except for when I'm very swollen which is basically every day. I've been trying to stay active and keep my focus off of my body so I don't focus on the swelling. I'll post another update at 12 weeks.


Can't believe it's almost 12 weeks! I'm feeling really good.

11 Weeks!

Still noticing changes. My body seems to be healing very well. Still swelling by mid afternoon, but not as bad as 2 weeks ago. Back in gym 100%, can't believe it's been 11 weeks and I look like this. Been shopping for the spring/summer, lots of half shirts, and plenty of short shorts!

Weight change and 11 weeks post op.

According to my scale this morning, I am down 8 pounds from my pre-surgery weight (146 pre, 138 post). I'm NOT trying to lose weight as I don't want to mess up my results. My PS said, 5 pounds is good and will help to contour my results. I'm not dieting; just eating better/cleaner, drinking about 5 bottles of water per day, and of course working out 4 days per weight - mainly weight training, and 20 minutes of cardio. I'm not wearing any CG, or spanx. My hubby doesn't want me to get skinny, lol. I'm noticing some change in my waist line, no so much inches, but all my clothes fit so much better and I've dropped about 2 sizes. I'm pretty flat in the morning (except around incision) and by bedtime, I'm swollen. I try to take solace in that the "swelling" is temporary as I know it will pass and it has gotten better over the last 3 weeks. To be quite frank, I still can't believe how well I have healed with NO complications whatsoever. I have a history of hypertrophic scars and keloids; my PS made sure he sutured me up PERFECT! So far I have NO raised scars, they are all flat and healed. I continue to use the BioCorneum scar therapy 2x per day around my nipples, belly button and TT scar. My flanks are still puffy, but have definitely improved over the last 4 weeks. I go back to my PS in July, at that time we will discuss possible flank lipo after the 1 year mark. My PS feels the puffy flanks will reduce over the next 6 months - we will see. So far, he has been right about everything, so I will continue to trust him. Lipo is the last thing I want, so if I do decide it will be over the winter next year. I will post a 3 month update, with measurements and pictures next week.
Have a great Easter weekend!

Swimsuit shopping!

Ladies, I bought two swimsuits today from Target. I bought them in the junior's section. The tops are an extra large, and the bottoms are a size medium. They fit great! I'm not going to buy anymore just in case I get smaller over the next few months. FYI - I'm swollen in this picture for reference.

Comparison pictures!

I'm posting 4 post op pictures. Day 3, 4 weeks, 7 weeks and 11 weeks. For reference, I had; breast implant REMOVAL, breast reduction, breast lift and full tummy tuck with muscle repair. What a difference time makes!

3 months post op!

All is well, no changes over the last week. I continue to progress and scars are healing quite nicely. I am happy!

Gym pic, 3 month's post MM.

Ladies, prior to my mommy makeover I would NEVER go into the gym with just a sports bra on. I always wore something to cover my abdominal stretch marks and loose skin. Not anymore though...it feels so good! Thanks Dr. Coan!

3 months!

Sister's all is going well. I'm still swelling after eating or any activity. I'm working out very regularly, and eating good. I want to lose 10 pounds before my 45th birthday. I'm enjoying my new body, and look forward to the day all the swelling is gone.


Sister's, just sharing a few morning pictures before the swelling kicks in, lol! I'm so proud of myself, I've lost 6 pounds and still have 4 more to go for my ideal weight. Hope I can reach this 10 pound weight loss goal by my 45th birthday in May.


For those wondering about a Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction and Breast Lift progression, here are a few pictures that were taken: pre op, 7 weeks post op and 13 weeks post op. Pre op my breasts were huge and saggy, 36DD (I had 10 year old implants). My tummy; saggy, loose skin and stretched out. Now my breasts are 34C (all natural, no implants), and my tummy is tight! It's amazing how the body heals over time. I wonder what I'll look like at 6 months. I don't think I'll ever be perfect, but I can always improve.

I'm thinking next year I'll get a little lipo to my flanks...we'll see because hubby doesn't think I need it. :-)


I can honestly say I'm noticing a marked decrease with my swelling at 14 weeks. I don't have any around my breasts and they feel 100% great! In the morning, my tummy is always flat and stays that way until after the gym, unless I eat a big lunch or something salty. I never thought I'd get to this point, but I'm almost swell hell, free! Sensation is also coming back all over my abdomen and breasts. I can also tell my body is shrinking as this has a lot to due with the 142>137 (5 lb) weight loss, and the new lifestyle changes I have adopted. My goal is to still get to 132 by the end of May, we will see.

Please share your swelling stories...

Gym pic!

Just sharing gym pictures from last night. I feel so good after I get in a good workout. As of now, I'm doing everything; no restrictions. Loving my new body, and thrilled I can walk into the gym like this without covering up!


Been on vacation the last 3 days out of state, and have definitely been eating bad and drinking lots of wine. However, I've worked out each day; I ran up and down 100 steps 6 times 2 days in a row, that's 2400 steps! I'm feeling great! The younger girl's in their 20's couldn't keep up.

I bought some shorts in a size 2, can you believe that? All this hard work is definitely paying off.

I'm so thankful for my new physique, and even more thankful for the ability to have gone through this journey. I would have never thought at 3 months post op I would be feeling and looking this good.

Almost 4 months post MM!

Sharing this morning's pictures. I can't believe how well I've healed. I feel so good. I've lost 6 pounds; been working out and running for the last 6 weeks. I still have 4 more pounds to lose and I will be estatic! This MM was just what I needed to make some real lifestyle changes. Happy Friday, Ladies!

It does get better!

Here are a few comparison pictures. Me pre-op, 8 weeks post-op and 15 weeks post-op. Can you see the difference? I sure can, lol. Once the swelling went down, I really started to notice a difference in my tummy. :-)

4 month post op visit

Had my 4 month post op appointment today. Everything went well and Dr. Coan even took more pictures. He is very proud of how I took my results and am maximizing them. We talked a lot about my progression and how this makeover has made me feel. I'm just so thrilled with my results. I lost 6 pounds so far, and 4 inches. I've attached a few swimsuit pics I took over the weekend. Dr. Coan is simply Amazing!

4 months post mommy makeover!

No complaints, and enjoying my awesome results! #BodyByCoan

To date...I've lost 8 pounds and wear a size 3 juniors. I'm very happy!

Happy and 4 months!

I'm just so happy with my results! Dr. Coan did an amazing job!


Our pool opened this weekend so I was very anxious to show off my new body. I've lost 10 pounds since surgery, and overall I'm feeling great. I'm still working out 4x per week, and eating very well. I'm not trying to lose anymore weight, just tone.

5 months post op!

I'm 5 months post op and just celebrated my 45th birthday. Life is wonderful and so am I. I'm working out at least 4 days per week, and eating pretty healthy (I still love my sweets) all in all, no complaints. I've healed very well from surgery, and my scars are thin. I no longer use any scar treatment. I do keep my skin moisturized well with Bio Oil, and Nivea lotion. 30% of my feeling is back in my tummy, and my breasts are soft and perky.

Surgery is just the beginning, you can take your results and truly transform your entire body. I'm beyond thrilled, and will continue with this healthy, fit lifestyle. I may be 45, but I definitely look 35!

I hope everyone is doing well, healing well, and enjoying summer!

It keeps getting better!

I'm so in love with my TT & BR/BL results. It seems with each passing month it gets better. I'm so glad I invested in a good PS. Dr. Coan is simply amazing! I can't wait for my next appointment so he can see my results. I'm still weight training and running. I'm definitely 100% back!

Swimsuit pic!

Yes, I look fabulous for 45! Thanks Dr. Coan!!!!!

First trip to the beach!

All is going very well. I'm still living a very healthy and active lifestyle. We took our first trip to the beach for 5 days and I absolutely enjoyed wearing all my new swimsuits. It felt so good not to worry about my stretch marks. I'm so happy with my results. My breasts are soft and very natural; I'm so glad I didn't get implants again. My tummy is flat and looks amazing in everything I wear. I go back to Dr. Coan in 2 weeks for my 6 month post op appointment. Hope everyone is well!

Skinny jeans & bandeau tops!

I love that I can wear anything I want now. I especially love anything that shows my bellybutton. I think I'm 6 months post op now. My appointment went great last week. Dr. Coan is simply amazing!

Almost 7 months post.

Not a whole lot to update other than I'm doing fabulous! It's hard to believe how much time has passed. Dr. Coan gave me a couple of steroid shots in my belly button to soften my scar and it worked. I'm just so pleased! I'm still working out and eating healthy. I've lost a total of 15 pounds, and feel wonderful. I don't think I'll end up needing the lipo on my flanks I once thought. Dr. Coan was right, in time everything would heal. He is such a gem!

Befire & After photos!

I received these before and after photos from Dr. Coan. The after photos were taken about a month ago. For reference, I had my breast implants removed, a reduction and a lift. I also had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair. I am extremely pleased with my results. Dr. Coan is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone seeking plastic surgery.

Almost 10 months post MM!

Hello ladies, hope everyone had a great summer! I've been doing well, no complications or issues. I'm PERFECT! Still working out 4 days per week and eating clean and healthy. I took several vacations over the summer and still maintained my goals. For reference I'm 5'3", and weigh 128. I thought about getting lipo on my flanks, but now I don't need it. I'm thrilled with my natural breasts and TT. Hope everyone else has healed great abd happy with their results!

Doing great!

Hello ladies! Hope everyone is having a great 2017. It's been awhile since I posted so thought I'd share a recent picture. My mommy makeover results are just amazing and I'm still very much thrilled!

Update 15 months!

Hello ladies, just thought I'd share recent picture. All is going well and I'm still very much in love with my new body. I'm still working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle which has only improved my results. So just a little update, I'm going to have a BBL on January 5th 2018. I decided to do this because of my narrow hips so the goal is to inject the fat into my hips I'm not so much worried about my actual buttocks but anything left over will definitely go there. I didn't have Lipo with my tummy tuck so lipo will be performed on the bra line area and flanks. I started a BBL review so you can follow my new Journey. Hope everyone is doing well!
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brian Coan is an amazing Plastic Surgeon. I cannot say enough about he and his staff. The professionalism and attentiveness at Care Plastic Surgery is phenomenal. I'm 30 days post op from a Mommy Makeover and couldn't be happier with the service I am receiving from his office. His nurse Laura and April are just wonderful and care so much about keeping me comfortable, clean and safe. Dr. Coan has spent a lot of time with my husband and I to ensure we were prepared for surgery and the recovery period. I spoke with him the night before my surgery, the night after and anytime I've needed to. Dr. Coan delivers results, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking plastic surgery. Care Plastic Surgery is hands down the best in the Triangle!

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