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I have never had a flat tum and after the birth of...

I have never had a flat tum and after the birth of my child my tum was even bigger and over the last few years, I have put a lot of weight and needed a jump start - therefore I chose Vaser Lipo. I did a lot of reading on the procedure and I have to say after having gone through this procedure, I believe some websites are unrealistic and people get wrong expectations. I have found realself a very informative website and if it wasn't for all the information I would not have done this procedure.

As we are all different individuals, I would like to share my experience with you. I have read a lot of reviews of Dr's in Pretoria etc, but none of any Drs in Durban, so I thought I'd share this with those who are interested. I had my procedure done on 30 March 2012 and have to say it has been a SORE healing process. Some people seem to be lucky and heal very quickly, others, like me take longer to heal and OMG it was EXCEPTIONALLY sore in the first week. I am 9 days post op and only now starting to feel a bit better now. I think the reason for the pain is that I had quite a lot of areas done or that I am just a woes :)

In summary this was the process I went through to get to where I am today; Read up on the procedure. Looked up some Drs in my area - there are only 2 who do this in Durban. Went to meet with Dr Eva Siolo and felt very comfortable with her. She took the time to explain the process to me in LOTS of detail and I had an idea of what to expect (you are NEVER prepared though, just informed :)) Set the date and booked my bed at Alberlito Hospital, Ballito where Dr does her procedure. My experience of the staff was very good. As I had already paid and did my pre-admission the week before, all was smooth sailing on doing pre-admissions. Had my pre-op checks and Dr came in to see me and do her abstract drawings on me ?, as well as do some pre-op photos. Went into theatre and next thing I remember was lying in bed, strapped up like a mummy and in PAIN ! On Dr's advise, I stayed in hospital overnight and glad I did, I was leaking, sore and quite frankly an invalid. The nurses took really great care of me and the morphine worked like a charm.

I battled to wee and eventually got to pass urine at about 3am, however having a poo was another story; clearly medication and anaesthesia have an impact on my body. Had to take some Laxon, which eventually worked on day 6 ! The outfit I was given to wear was rather interesting; an elasticised garment with a hole for your vajayjay and bum – very unsexy, although have to say throughout this whole time I am feeling very ugly and sore. Unfortunately the garment did not come all the way up to under my boobs, which caused a lot of pressure to my midriff. My physio ordered a garment from ETO (1103) which was initially very tight but the best thing ever. If I can give any word of advise it is to get a good garment, which depending on what area you’re having done, to ensure it covers all those areas properly. The garment helped to contain the swelling and I noticed when not wearing the correct garment I was very sore and more swollen, so it is worth every cent.

Initially you are required to wear pads at all the holes where the canduela was inserted, so that when you leak it is absorbed by the pads and if you are lucky to drain a lot, then this gets kinda messy. Talking about messy, Dr told me to put black dustbin bags between your mattress and mattress protector, which did help. I bought a waterproof mattress protector and also used linen savers, which I got from the hospital, all helped to protect my mattress and the linen protectors are easy to remove and replace when initially leaking a lot. The morning- after- shower was not fun, firstly you can hardly walk and the worst part for me was taking the elasticised sticky plaster off your skin, this was applied directly onto my skin so was very painful to remove. I felt rather giddy in the shower and needed assistance. My husband collected me the following morning 11am (24 hours after the op), I managed to walk out and with much effort got into the car. Spent the next 2 days in bed, doing nothing but sleep and drink my pain medication – a bit of a blur, but remember the pain!

Monday 2 April 2012, Dr’s assistant made an appointment for me with Nureshka Narisamulu, a physio who specialises in lymphatic drainage massage. NOTHING can prepare you for this, it is so SORE but the best thing ever and Nureshka is AMAZING. When you walk in you are swollen and sore but after all the drainage you feel so much lighter and can move again. I found going for the massage in the morning helps, as I have a fair amount of fluid build up at night and at least I can walk properly (somewhat) after my massage. The procedure basically consists of Nureshka opening the holes where the Dr inserted the candeula and then drains the liquid out through massage. The Dr does a great job of making the holes in spots which are not easily seen, which is going to be great for me, as I do scar rather easily. The most painful area for me is my groin, as this is the one area where you cannot wear your garment and there is a lot of fluid build up there. Once again if there is any advise I can give it is take your strongest medication before going, as this helps.

A lot of people say that ultrasound massage is needed, but according to my knowledge this does not work properly until you have drained properly, which takes anything from 1 week to 14 days, depending on your body, I am a 14 dayer. The reason for all this swelling is that you are pumped full of a saline solution which helps with the procedure, however, not all the liquid is aspirated during the procedure, so you require lymph drainage massage to rid this fluid from your body. After the session, you put pads on again, as you drain quite a bit afterwards. I have been going everyday since Monday and once all the fluid is finally drained I will need to go about twice a week for ultrasound massage.

Will keep you posted on this. Oh yes on the subject of swelling, I noticed my ankles are quite swollen and so too is my vajayjay – don’t laugh it is rather uncomfortable, but apparently quite normal, I now hear. I am going back to work on Tues 10 April 2012, but not sure I will cope, I am still sore and uncomfortable, for me, I think that one needs at least 2 weeks for a proper recovery especially if you have done as many areas as I have, perhaps if you only had your tum and 1 more area done, then 1 week is enough time. I also think it depends on person to person, I was certainly expecting a quicker recovery, but have learnt we are all different. Will keep you posted on my progress and also post my photos.

Today us just over 2 weeks and I am starting to...

Today us just over 2 weeks and I am starting to feel better. A lot of the swelling has subsided, but I am still sensitive on the areas done, which can be expected. Thank goodness nether region is back to normal :)
Can see a difference in my tum already and have measured and already gone down 10cm on my tum - amazing !!
Very excited that I have lost 5kgs already - only another 10kgs to go :)
Dr happy with my results, she took some photos and I can see a difference, although I am still swollen. She believes the massages have helped a lot, so once again, I suggest that people do that as much as possible. I am still going for my lymph drainage massages, but no longer everyday. Also started with ultrasound today, must say was a bit of a let down, in that I was expecting to feel some pulsating, but nothing, so watch this space and lets see if it makes a difference.
Will post photos as soon as my swelling has gone down more, so that the real results can be seen

Well, 3 months post op and all going well....

well, 3 months post op and all going well. Unfortunately my tum not as flat as I would like it to be, but guess I better start excercising !! Dr did tell me that it was a concern, as I had a lot of fat and removing all of that would cause some sagging. Hmm perhaps need a tummy tuc next :)
Dr. Eva Siolo

Explained all well, did a neat job and is available post op

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