33 Years Old, 34b to Hopefully a C Cup...South Africa, ZA

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Hi All Sooo... I've been stalking Realself on and...

Hi All

Sooo... I've been stalking Realself on and off for the past year and I've finally made the decision to go ahead with my BA :D.

I'm a B cup (but feel smaller when I look in the mirror) medium build and weigh 54kgs. I'm soo tired of wearing padded and push up bra's its not even funny.

Btw no one has ever seen my breasts naked, not even my bf :( Thankfully he understands that it makes me uncomfortable and doesn't ask me to take it off anymore. I hate feeling this way and just want to be comfortable in my own skin.

I've booked my 1st consult with Dr Leon Dumas for the 9th of October, which is a week away! Would love to hear from other ladies who have had their BA done by Dr Dumas.

And a huge heartfelt Thank You to all of the ladies on Realself for sharing their stories, teaching me so much and helping me to make my decision :) XXX

Found My Doctor ...*dancing*

Had my second consult yesterday ...and I cannot thank you enough Nvanniekerk!

It was a dream compared to my 1st consult and I'm definitely going with Dr Paul McGarr :D

I'm thrilled with the fact that I have enough breast tissue to go "comfortably" over the muscle! Soo I'm still trying to decide on the size, btwn 350cc and 375cc, which would make me a full C/small D cup.

Confirmed that he doesn't put in drains, which I was so concerned about and I don't have to spent the night in hospital :D

He also suggested moderate profile implants because I have wide breasts but after reading about high profile and the results, I think I will chat with him again.

I will post before pics after work *eeek*... Dreading that process lol but

Sooo excited!!!!

Surgery Next Month!!

Had no idea it was so difficult to take boob selfies lol *cant watch face*.

So here's my before pic (sorry for the bad quality n funny angle) and wish boobs. Trying to take a pic from directly in front of me was making my boobs look lopsided coz my arm was up and a I really didn't wanna add non-existent asymmetry to my already sad boobs :(

Have yet to confirm whether my surgery will be on the 23rd or 25th of November... Soooo excited!!

Two weeks to go...

Surgery dated moved to December 7th n pre-op is on Friday next week. Wish I could be more excited but having a serious case of cold feet ... :(

Five days to go!!!

All paid up and 5 days till my BA... I'm silently freaking out!!! I haven't told anyone besides my best friend. I tried taking more before pics this morning but my boobs looked so much bigger in the photo's than they really are. Disappointed that I won't have pics to compare after surgery :(

All Done!!!

Food just got here, will update soon. Not much pain, just a bit of pressure. N drowsiness. Cant see them yet to take pics :(

Post-Op Day One

Sore and tight. First follow up appointment today, hope it goes well. Tried taking a before pic again so just thought I'd add some photo's. So much meds!!! I'm high as a kite n can't wait to feel normal again. Good Luck to all having their surgery today!

A Clearer Day One Pic

Not sure if the swellling is going down or if its just the bra pushing them to the sides coz I'm lying down so much.
Also, I've been throwing up since I got home :(( How long does it take for the nausea to stop?

Worth it!!!

Can't seem to change the 'not sure' rating but this procedure was definitely worth it. Annoyed coz every time I've tried to update my review the entire post is being deleted while I try to add a photo.

So I'm back to normal, aside from these awesome boobs :D

Stopped pain meds on day 4 n was able to drive short distances by day 7, which was great coz my week of leave was over n I had to drive myself to work.

Thanks to my 'add 2 cups sizes' bra's, nobody has noticed any difference in my appearance :D... Of course I tossed those bra's the first chance I got lol!

Still hard and need to drop a bit but thanks to RS, I know this is normal and its still early... So I'm waiting (im)patiently :D

Already loving my new boobs!!!
Dr. Paul McGarr

Awesome experience from the first consult! Dr McGarr is amazing!

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