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My breasts began growing when I was 12, by the...

My breasts began growing when I was 12, by the time I was 14 I was hearing catcalls like "boobs!" when I was walking the 12 blocks to my girlfriend's house. I was very self conscious. I was quite active in sports and would wear my sisters bra(which was tight being smaller) when I ran my events. As I grew older my attire grew more matronly, I downplayed my chest as much as I could. I nursed my 4 children and my breasts seemed to get bigger with each baby. Anxiety can still hit me when I am in public. I quit running in my 20's. I try to jog on trails where no one else is so they don't watch my boobs bouncing all over. I wear a lot of tshirts and men's button downs. It's hard to feel girly when I dress this way. My consultation is tomorrow. I used my surgeon last year for my eye lift and feel comfortable with him and his work. I look forward to one day being able to blend in when I walk down the street. I look forward to wearing cute girl shirts. I look forward to running again. Taking my life back and feeing myself from my boob prison!
I currently am a 42FF wanting to go down to a full B or small C. I'll know more tomorrow after my consultation. So, follow me through my escape from boobiness to normal, I am very excited and a bit apprehensive. I tried to upload my pics but haven't figured out why I can't yet. I'll get one of my adult kids to help me lol.

figured it out!

Consultation day!

my surgeon went over the procedures with me today. He plans on removing 500 from right breast and 550 from left. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Naffziger, so far I have little anxiety. He is not going to do the "t" for reduction, rather a "c" like scar instead. He feels his patients have less chances for open wounds under the breast from skin pulling tight their during recovery. I am very happy with the appointment and am counting the days til November5!

Schedule change.

Due to scheduling conflicts (somehow in my excitement of getting this done I scheduled on a date when I have to be out of town-doh) my surgery is now scheduled for December 3. And that's ok- it's gonna happen! I keep looking at my breasts and imagining them smaller. It's weird in a happy weird way lol.

Less than a month out

some days I eagerly look forward to smaller breasts and some days I worry if this is the right decision. I have to remind myself that what is being removed isn't my REAL breasts, what's being removed is volume built up after time and nursing 4 children. After this is done I can run again with one bra only and I can shop for tops that don't shelf out over my boobs. I have a trip to Vegas next week for 7 days and then when I get back I have Thanksgiving to plan for and before I know it surgery day will be here. Monday afternoon is my pre-op appointment, right after that the 7 hour drive to Nevada. I am taking it just one day at a time right now, it is very exciting but scary at the same time.

Recent pics

took these a few minutes ago, my breasts hanging down as I bend. They look HUGE. I guess I do have dense breasts, can't wait to hear what my surgeon has to say on Monday. I am going to find out more about my specific type of reduction surgery and if he intends to take me to a full B or C.

Preop appointment with PS Yesterday

my Dr is so reassuring?? he really puts one at ease, he's sincere and kinda funny at the same time. His staff is very kind and funny too- yet also very serious when educating and going over procedures etc. I have one more appointment 2 days before surgery for an EKG - apparently if I was in my 20's and a gym rat this wouldn't be necessary but at 57 and 20lbs overweight it is needed. And I'm ok with that!! He is hoping to take me to a c but if that doesn't happen I will be happy with lift and removal of 500 cc from one side and 550 cc from other, and I absolute agree. It's hard to think of being in surgery for 5 hours, ah well. I'll sleep through it???? Ok- now to get dressed and go have fun in Vegas!

9 days away

in 9 days I get my surgery. I'm not feeling frightened or anxious. I really just want to get it done and move on.

4 more days!

i was thinking about my breasts and the reduction surgery. I got to feeling a bit blue about changing my breasts. Besides feeling better about my clothes and being able to run I wondered if this is the right the to do, if maybe I should have pursued a tummy tuck instead. Then it hit me: I want a tummy tuck because I can't exercise it away. Too many pregnancies (4). It's shape has changed and I want it back the way it was before my kids. So how is my breast reduction any different? I want my smaller breasts back. Any volume removed is not what I started with anyhow. So. Now I feel better. Full speed ahead!!

Last night with my pendulous bulbous un-flattering breasts.

I got a bit camera-happy tonight. It hit me this was my last night with what my breasts have morphed into. This is my last chance to take 'before' pictures. Sooo- I took a couple dozen of my before breasts tonight. Note this is my "pretty" bra. It has a coffee stain and fits my breasts in a really-doesn't-fit-at-all kinda way. But it was not uniform white. I think the green silky bra was my last attempt to 'fit' into a DD-sigh. You will also see my bruise. I work with animals so this is a common occurrence for me. I have no drama in my life. Just manure : ))) So. I am prepared to be in surgery tomorrow morning at 10am MST. Pretty stoked. Going to get my last sip of water and hit the sack.

Done and done

i knew I'd be happy- So many women on this site are encouraging and so pleased with results I just felt I would be too. But THIS happy? WOW!!! I had I idea. Of course I'm still wrapped but there is no pain. I can't take pain pills they make me deathly ill so I was concerned about that-very relieved there is no pain. I can take Tylenol for what's that worth but honestly feel no need at this time. I am a redhead so it took me awhile to come back from anesthesia (5 extra hours!!). The nursing staff at my facility were so kind and funny and professional. And of course my surgeon Ryan Naffziger is the BOMB. Very personable and humorous yet completely professional. All in all I'm wondering why I took so long to do this! I'll post more pics on Monday after I get unwrapped : )

Easy peasy!

i am very fortunate that this has been so darn easy. I should have done this 15 years ago, when I first thought of BR surgery as a probability. My post op appt was today, my Dr. released me for driving since I take no pain pills. No lifting objects over 15 lbs no strenuous activity no bath or hot tub. I no longer need the gauze, just compression bra and athletic wrap. I still use ice a couple times a day- not for pain but for swelling and it feels nice to cool them. My next appt. is Dec 16, the steri strips under the sides of my breasts get removed. I can shower normally. My breasts are still swollen and sit high, in 6 months time they should be smaller and lower. I have excellent nipple sensation and although I bruise so badly (always have) in time that will fade too.

New pics

almost two weeks post-- they are still swollen but look good! This experience has been very pleasant. I see my Dr on Wednesday, I am wondering when I can get in my hot tub.
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