Beginning Laser Tattoo Removal (Dublin, Ireland)

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Hi all, a lot of stories on here about laser...

Hi all, a lot of stories on here about laser tattoo removal have inspired me to begin the process as well as record it here.

I got my little wrist tattoo done in Dec 2010 as far as I can remember. It was meant to be a simple little symmetrical black tattoo that was immediately a disaster. The artist (who owns his own studio) didn't give less of a hoot when he did my ink and if I was smart I would have walked out right away. I went ahead an knew he didn't do a good job. What was worse was that he dug the ink too far in and it also became a blowout (when ink seeps into the tissue underneath causing a permanent 'bruise' on the skin) It was a disaster. If I new laser tattoo removal existed at the time my story would end here but no it goes further.

Months and months later I decided to get it covered up. I picked a colourful purple and blue butterfly. I was happy at first, it was a major improvement on what was there. However it still wasn't what I wanted. The black tattoo kept peeping through an no matter how many free touch ups I got it never fully vanished. The tattoo was very 2 dimensional and kinda like a child's drawing. (I chose it though, that is my fault)

So fast forward to the summer 2015 when I decided the butterfly needed to develop into something more sophisticated. I spoke to a lovely artist who sat down with me an went through the little options I had. My wrist is so small, there wasn't a lot of negative space left and she said whatever covered it needed to be dark. We went with a blue rose which I was really happy with. I said to myself I could live with a blue rose..

Nope. Afterwards I realised I really could not. It was big, it was blue and the black lines couldn't really be seen cause of the darkness beneath it. Now this isn't the artists fault. She was lovely, an I think she did the best job an artist could do in the situation. I do hope to return to her for other works. Anyways the tattoo stands out too much. I have my sleeves up in work so it draws a lot of unwanted attention. I've found I've actually began to hide it when talking to people, I keep my arm close to my chest and things...

After a lot of reading (especially on this site) I've decided to give laser tattoo removal a try. I'm beyond nervous about the pain, the effort it will take (as I will have to drive 3 hours each way for treatment), how many sessions I will need an most importantly if it will be successful at all.

For anyone living in Ireland I live in Cork an will be travelling to Dundrum Clinic in Dublin as they are they only clinic in the country that has the pico second laser technology. The specialist did tell me though that the picosure also has its limits and he will not be starting me on it for the first few sessions. They also have an alexandrite and a ruby laser as far as I know.

I start on Nov 7th 2015. WITHOUT any form of pain killers as he said its best to have none for the first treatment because if I'm numb and something isn't right there will be no way to tell (I've never heard anyone else say this though about their first treatment, Id really like all the pain relief they can give me cause that's the part that's scares me)

I will document everything here. I'm under no illusion that this will be done in 5-10 sessions.. Id think about 20 considering the amount of ink involved.

2 sessions later

So i never updated to say how I got on in November 2015. I had my session an went on my way. On the day the picosure system wasn't in the clinic, it was only being trailed an not owned by then. So he used two different lasers that would work well with blue; an alexandrite and a ruby, he had to over it twice. It did hurt, kinda like someone burning you with a fag rapidly, kinda has that intense burning feeling, but it's over so quickly, took at total of 2-3 minutes with both lasers. The next few hours I felt scalded and very very swollen. I put ice on it when I got back to the hotel which was soothing. Over the next few days the pain and swelling disappeared within 24-48 hours and there were tiny blisters but nothing bad. It was a few weeks later when those blisters dried up an went scabby, it got seriously itchy! I wanted l tear at it. I didn't though I was a good girl!
So the tattoo looked a little less defined an the black in some parts faded away. I knew I had a lot of sessions with this, it was gunna take years, but what can you do.

So, yesterday on March 2nd 2016 I finally got back up to Dublin for my 2nd treatment. After 2 cancellations. He has the picosure now, owns it an all and my god do you see the difference. It ate away at the blue ink I couldn't believe the result after. Again it was sore but at least this time there was only one laser used so it didn't take longer than 2 mins. It's starting to be a bit blistered today but I'm in no pain and the swelling is going down. Very happy with the result. In return in the middle of May.

1st and 2nd session results. Photos

3 sessions done, 4th tomorrow

Said I throw a quick update since it has been awhile and I'm due back to the clinic tomorrow. I've had 2 sessions with the picosure (my 3rd in total) and you really really do see a difference, I can see why people praise the machine. After my third session it blistered so bad that they burst within 6 hours of treatment. I was extremely worried about infection and had to keep it wrapped up a lot for the first week. I got through it though and it healed very well with minimal itching. It's not until you see the before and after pictures do you really notice the progress.

Update for those interested :)

5 sessions down, another due next month. Going well but the blister that formed in the last session was both disgusting and frightening! Viewers beware!


It's been about 6 months since an update. In total I have had 8 sessions of laser, 7 of them are picosure. I was starting to wonder had the fading process stopped but after my last season which was 2 an a half weeks ago I am seeing further changes. It is still slow but it's working. It still blisters after each session but this time the healing was faster and less trouble.
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Dr I don't want to leave any names here Haven't met the specialist in person yet. We've only spoken over the phone. He was very informative and seemed to know his stuff. I really hope he can work his lasery magic!

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