Good Bye Wrinkles - Duluth, MN

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Started using the Retin -A a couple nights ago... ...

Started using the Retin -A a couple nights ago... .05... For wrinkles... First nighti woke up and there was no difference. Face may of seemed a lil tighter... 2nd morning I woke up with a bit of peeling on my chin and around my lips... Day 3 of waking up a lil more dry skin than the day before. I for some reason think there is a difference lol maybe not... My bf woke up this morning and was like u look so young lol I was like shut up... I woke him up last night asking him if My wrinkles around my eyes were gone lol so he woke me up saying I look so young lol he is silly.. Face is on fire when I wash it but I figure it's just working. Looks like I have a lil sunburn. Trying to stay in as much as possible. Sunscreen even burns it... It I hope will all be worth it.

Skipped last night

I skipped last night.. Just didn't think it was a great idea to add more since my face was on fire... I kinda can't deal with the skin peeling off my fave so last night I used head and shoulders to get rid of the flaky and used coconut oil for moisturizer... I applied coconut oil it seemed like every hour until about 4 since my face would not stop burning... I also applied sunscreen lotion plus moisturizer before bed ... Woke up this morning thinking my face would be oily and none flakey... I was wrong!!! It was so dry! So I appilied the moisturizer and coconut oil and will prolly continue this thru out the day.. May skip tonight as well lol I just hate skipping a day but I think it's best. I took a pic this morning.

Broke out :(

Welp I have the zit here's there but never ever had I ever had this... I'm trying really hard to to pick as u can see I have scars where I get a zit and pick it and pick it... Didn't use the cream tonight again.. Waiting for the sides of my face and chin to get back to soft skin...

Keeping out of the sun and the wind without using sunscreen

Here's some pics before using my cream... I don't think I looked that bad now hahaha oh n how to stay out of the sun and keep ur face booked from the sun without having to use sunscreen lol


I am back to applying cream to every other night. Ima skip tonight and tomorrow if my face isn't stinging I'll start applying cream every night. I feel like poop beings I never apply my makeup anymore lol or get out of the house but hopefully it will be worth it :)
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