Smile Takeover - Duluth, MN

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I was compelled to do this procedure because I...

I was compelled to do this procedure because I thought my teeth looked bad and had old composite at the gum line that was starting to cause gum issues. Dr Dryke stated all my fillings were leaking, and if I didn't do something, my teeth would begin to break off.

Dryke did a horrible job as she seated restorations (front 6 teeth, 2 veneers, 4 crowns) while I had tears streaming down my cheek. This, after 10 minutes of complaining that I didn't like the way they looked. The dentist denied every complaint I had. She summed it up as, "This is what you wanted".

My teeth don't look right. They have thick blunt edges, they are fatter than before, they seem to stick out more. Worst of all, my bite is off and my speech is now flawed. The dentist refuses to redo the work or to fix my bite, unless I want to pay her more.

I've had second opinions, all stating my bite is off because of the work that has been performed. I have an appoinment made for December of this year to redo all of this shotty work and hopefully restore my speech. My next dentist is very expensive, but very knowledgable, unlike you know who... It's going to cost over $12,000 to redo.

I plan to complain to every agency I can about this woman. When looking for a dentist, do not price shop. It's not about money. It's about doing the right thing the first time.

more of the disaster

A few "better" photos

Wax-up photos

I just got back my wax-up photos. I am still wanting to see these photoed next to my other impressions before I make a clear list of modifications, but I like them...
Does anyone know if they remake the waxup if it does need to be modified?


My new temps were put on today and I have to say even though I requested changes, things aren't really changed and I lost more tooth structure and gum tissue. All my faith for honest dentists I believe is disappearing. Love yourself, that's all I can say. Don't trust someone who has their pocketbook in mind. I will update once the permanents are placed. This being only day 1my mind may change :/

How do I describe what I hate?

Can this be fixed? How do I put this in words? My temps look fat... Or something... Comments please.

Oops this pic....

Temp photos

Final preview

Too short again?

Today's appointment

Went to the preview appointment and they looked much better in person, but the dentist wanted to send them back for improvements/remake. Overall I feel like progress will be made, due to the fact she is going to have the lab work on the trajectory of the front teeth, which are set forward compared to before. I am ready to move on to more important things in my life. My next appointment can't come soon enough.


Today I visited the lab and finally after 3 months they have fixed the trajectory back to my original :)
My last restorations and my current temps stick out slightly. You would never know, unless you were me and couldn't annunciate your words like you use to.
The tech at the lab showed me the differences with all the different molds and models.
If your going through this, I'd recommend visiting the lab, more than once, but truely I wouldn't advise this type of dental work to anyone.


December of 2015 my old restorations are removed from a different, more expensive office. $1850 per tooth.
I spent 8 months in temporaries, while 4 different sets were made for me. (I will elobarte more on this with a review of the next office once the details are final.) Take a look for yourself. Even while I tried them in I was unsure about them, obviously for good reason, but the "Professionals" didn't see anything wrong with them, so I went ahead and had them cemented, but I think they should have been sent back...... :(

Over all they are improved. They make little to no clicking noises and my gums do not burn at night anymore. However, looking at them my centrals are two different sizes. I am completly devastated. It's almost like the whole right side are different sizes compared to the three on the left.....Know that dentists do not care and will cement just about anything to get you out of their office and on the the next patient...... While trying them in, they told me to hold the long tooth up and it would be the same size as the other.... big mistake.. And I was blinded by that length thinking the shorter one was the same size...uggghhhh

What do you all think? I wanted my centrals longer than the rest. I feel like if the longer, thicker central is shortened I am back to where I started with all the teeth relatively the same size. Is this something that only exists in my head???
Opinions please.

More photos

Would you be upset if these were yours? I am.

Fixing your teeth is definately not advised by this girl. You are better off allowing nature to take its coarse. Only then following through with major dental work if it's absolutely necessary.
Ugly natural teeth are easily more beautiful than perfect porcelain.
Kathrynne Dryke

She faked me out with her pleasant, knowledgable attitude, but she turned out to be none of these things. Beware, because she didnt stand behind her work, nor was she concerned if I was happy with her services. For her negligence in my case, 0 stars is what she deserves, but it wasn't an option.

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