I'm 39, Mom of 3 (13, 15, &17), Lost 120lbs when I Was 19. I've Kept It off for 20 Yrs. Time to Fix my Skin! - Duluth, MN

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Tomorrow I have a consultation. I'm so excited. ...

Tomorrow I have a consultation. I'm so excited. I'm mainly excited to have my nasty-hanging-belly-thingy photographed. (Um, no...) I'm excited to get the ball rolling. It's been 20 years since I've lost 120 pounds. Time too feel good. Time to be able to look at myself without extreme disgust and self loathing. Stay tuned, friends.

Consultation done!!

I had my consultation with Dr. Baertsch today. What an amazing man. He lifted my unsure spirit and made it sound like this procedure will be a breeze. Now... I wait the long 2-3 weeks to hear back if it will be covered by my insurance. Once this is approved (because I'm positive it WILL be, I'll post pictures of my tummy/skin. Feverish prayers are being lifted for a positive answer. I am feeling a peaceful sense of excitement. Stay tuned friends...

Insurance DENIED!

Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my keyboard. Yesterday I got the call from the doctors office that my claim was denied. My apron doesn't hang low enough over my pubic bone, nor do I suffer from bad enough rashes. Wow. Part of me understands and, in turn, sympathizes with those who suffer worse than I do. BUT I am the one living in this body that I have grown to detest, loathe, despise. So, I have no chronic rash, and my apron may not hang "low enough" (really?), but the mental taxation is enough to drive this "skinny~fat girl" crazy. I spent a great deal of the day crying and feeling defeated. My super supportive and amazing boyfriend said (in much lengthier words than these) "Just do it anyway." It's something I've dreamed about for 21 years. I don't want to go another day waiting and wondering. SO, I called the doctors office back and scheduled a panniculectomy for April 29, 2015, pre-op the 23rd. I'm feeling happy, sad, angry, anxious, etc. I'll post again soon once I pan out my thoughts and emotions. Thank you for letting me vent, my sweet friends.

Pre-op Done. Surgery in 4 days!!!!

I visited with Dr. Baertsch on the 23rd and everything is ready to go. It was a bit eye opening having my pre-op. Everything became "real" all of a sudden. I am nervous, excited, anxious, etc. I have a dear friend who has had this done and is helping me with my fear, questions, everything. She sent me peppermint oil in the mail to help with the nausea that occurs afterward. My mom is a great cheerleader. She's been suggesting I do this for the past 20 years. My boyfriend is a saint. My kids are great. I'm very well supported and that feels great. I will be posting "before" and "after" pictures... I just haven't got around to it yet. xoxoxo!!

surgery tomorrow

I'm ready. Nervous but ready. Abdominoplasty tomorrow at 11am. I'll post after pictures as well.

Surgery Done!

I feel amazing. It went amazing. I'm dealing with some nausea and soreness, but that's expected.

Let the Healing Begin!

I am beyond thrilled with my results. The "after" pictures I've posted are only 2 days post op. I'm sort of in shock. I was able to take my binder off for the first time today and I cried and cried when I saw the results. SO pleased. I've wished, wanted, and waited for this for 20 years. So glad I went for it. And I'm assuming my results will look even better in time because I have so much swelling just now. Thank you, Lord!!! What an amazing opportunity. Thank you to Dr. Andrew Baertsh, and his staff at the Lakewalk Surgery Center in Duluth for the amazing experience. I am at a loss for words. It was one of the most emotional experiences in my life (other than the birth of my children). I was able, for the first time IN MY LIFE to look in the mirror and not hate what I see. I'm so ready to be back on my feet and enjoying life.

2 weeks and 2 days Post-op

My 2nd drain came out yesterday and WOW do I feel FREE!! I love that feeling. My swelling in the upper part of my torso has lessened and I see a bit of contour. Doctor said my 2 week results are "superb". I'm keeping my binder on 24/7 except for showering. It's like my safety blanket. My incision is healing nicely and I feel so blessed. I was sad and depressed last week, not loving my results. How quickly things took a turn for the better.

Nearly 3 months post-op

I'm nearly 3 months post-op. I'm so happy with my results. I can't believe how swollen my lower tummy still is. I had my final post-op appointment with Dr. Baertsch and he said it can take up to a whole year until I'm "normal". It's been a great journey. I'm excited how my results will continue to improve.
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I meet Dr. Andrew Baertsch tomorrow.

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