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Hi There, So where do I begin? I had my first...

Hi There,

So where do I begin? I had my first child when I was 15 and by c-section with an up and down incision. Dr Song was so my consult he said "they don't do that no mo"
Anyway it left me with this ugly scar and a flap that has been with me for 28 years. I thought about the Tt a year ago, but changed my mind after watching a documentary that was not very favorable. Needless to say, the desire became present again after going to the beach this summer and hated what I looked like. So I made a promise to myself to fix it. (This was 4th of July weekend)
I immediately started my research for doctors and cost. In my search I found Dr Song and Realself. So thankful for the reviews.

I had my consult on 8/11 and booked my TT with Lipo on 9/10 on the spot....Yay!!!

It's funny, I went there prepared to book
1. Bought my recliner off of Craig's List
2. Made a budget of what I could afford to pay for the surgery
3. Lined up my payment sources (cash, loan and credit)
4. Mapped out my leave of absence from work
5. Started ordering supplies from Amazon

The consult was great. Dr Song was very thorough in making me feel comfortable and aware of the magnitude of this surgery. He exceeded my expectations on our first encounter. On that day I paid my deposit plus grand extra. (I am so ready) I think if I was not going to Hawaii at the end of the month, I would have booked the surgery sooner.

Since the consult I have gotten a few things
1. Walker
2. Shower seat
3. Adjustable shower head
4. Silicone sheets
5. Thigh length postpardum girdle
6. Waist trainer garment
7. Additional binder
8. Multiple pair of grannie panties
9. Zip up rob
10. A few cotton gowns
11. A few sports bras

I am sure I will need a few more items, but I am ready :-)

Ok.. These before pics.ugh!!! I will load them :-(

Pre op pics.. Yuck !!!

Can't wait to be on the flat side!!!!

24 days to go!!!!

Seems like forever !!

Any advice on preparing for surgery? What should I wear home?



Thought one more additional thing would help with my recovery.

Just received a toilet seat extender.

Three more days before Pre-op

Heading back from Hawaii and my last time on the beach with a muffin top and flabby tummy! I saw soo many cute bathing suits that I could have bought, but I decided to wait. Shopping for sexy clothing when that time is right will be so much fun. Does anyone know what the Pre-op visit is like?

Today is Pre Op Day

Going to my pre op with my sweetheart. Taking my binder and post op garments. Feeling really nervous! Will share how it goes.


Hey my fellow Flat I have had my pre op and made my payment in full.. THANK YOU LORD FOR RESOURCES!!!!

The visit with the staff and Dr Song was quick, thorough and pleasant.
I reviewed all the consent forms and the staff reviewed the pre/post instructions with me and my sweetheart. He was such a trooper .. Asking smart questions and all. I really love my man :-)

I need to get my prescriptions filled this Saturday along with some (soup, crackers and ginger ale). My surgery was moved up to the 1st one on 9/10..yay!!!

Not sure how I am going to feel about those post op injections that my sweetheart will have to administer :-(

So I need to put together my shower chair and I will be ready!!

And I got approval to wear a comfortable dress or pajamas on surgery day :-)
See y'all on the flat side :-)

The last Friday!!!

Hey Ladies. Today was my last Friday finding clothing to hide this gut!!! I was cute though.:-)

I picked up the pre op medicine from the pharmacy.

1) injectable that my loving man has to give me in my thigh everyday starting with post op day 1 to eliminate blood clots...oh joy!!!

2) 2 types of pain medicine .. Will definitely need those

3) something nausea

4) an antibiotic

All set there. Ran me about 60 bucks.

Funny story, I went to Walgreens to see the practitioner for preventative measure (allergies) before surgery on Thursday to make sure I don't have any issues. I did need to call Dr Song's office to confirm what medication I could take and all is well.

When I entered, I walked by a Hanes display and you probably guess what was calling me...a pack of pretty multi colored bikinies And I pair in particular happen to match perfectly with the new sexy bra I bought from Victoria Secrets in Wakiki. You know I had to have them and plus they were on

Ok... Then to make things worse .. I had to open the pack in the car AND held them up ..they were so cute...and I said to myself..AWE, I will be able to wear you in confidence I am sure the people parked next to me thought I was losing it, but did not even

Let's see I think that's it on the story.

Lastly. I need to put together my shower chair. I think I need a side table for all of my stuff by the recliner. May go by the thrift store to see if I can get lucky.

Hope you enjoyed the story..:-)

Question: How do you create the side by side pics?

I want to post the before and after pics, but not sure how to create it side by side with comments.


The pics for the Last Friday

This is after the morning routine. Thought I would commemorate this tucking it in process .. Lol

Pls forgive the bras with fuzzies.. It is my favorite VS bra surprisingly. Can't find another that holds me so well!!

More last Friday pics...

Week of Surgery!!!!

Wow this is it ladies.. surgery is in 3 days!!!!

Went over my list and pick up a few extra things.

1) a side table for my recliner
2) a few magazines

I also made sure my caregivers were in place and meals were planned.

I still need to assemble my shower chair... Forgot about that

Well, I link that's it as far as preparation.

Let me know if I missed anything :-)

What to wear on the way home?

Ok question ladies,

I was thinking of what to wear home? The nurse told me to wear something that I would not mind getting messed up.

What do you guys think if about a sarong that ties around the neck? The reason I thought of that is because I can manupilate the material around the binder and drains.


Count down. 8 hours Ladies

Well .. It's almost that time.

Nothing else to eat tonight.
I've have laid out my items:
A dress to wear to and from the surgery my isotoner slippers a baggy with my medication.

I have installed you toilet set extender and assembled my shower chair.

I will take pre mark up pics once I arrive at the location.



I woke up this morning feeling fresh ...I am so blessed, so blessed!! Listening to A little Jill Scott on my way to surgery.

I will keep you posted ????

Day 1 post op!!

Hey Ladies,

I made it to the flat side !!!!!

Ok.. The day of surgery was smooth. Got up at 5am, showered with the special solution packet I got from the pre op visit. My loving man drove me to the location. We were early so we sat I the car lisning to oldies but goodies ( it relieved some of the stress).

I was the first person of the day so watched the staff open up the location. At 7:15, I walked through the doors. I sweetheart and I were escorted to a sitting area, then I need to give a urine sample (I know TMI). Then I was taken to my room and undressed.undressed. Dr Song came on and marked me up.. Yay!!! Shortly after the anestiologist came in to discuss his process and to start an IV.

I was then taken to the operating room where I laid on the table with my arms extended to the left and right. The last thing I remember was the anestiologist saying you are going to feel like you had a chewy sting drink.
And I woke up 4 hours later to the nurse saying ready to go home

I felt some pressure, but know pain yet.
The drive home was good and I made it to my recliner.

Later that evening is when I started feeling pain (the meds the anestiologist gave me started to wear off).

Tip : take you meds 30 mins before the next dose is due. It keeps a certain level in your system.

Oh.. Give yourself lots of time to make it to the rest room.

Lastly, I took a few pics .. I promise to take more.


Beging of post op

Few More Day 1 Post Op Pics

More pics

4 Days Post Op

Hey ladies,

I have been sleeping in my recliner.

My loving man has been on point!!! I love this man..He will move the earth for me.. Without me asking.

We have officially converted to
A vegan life style so I have no
Idea what I weight. Hopefully it good.

I took few more pics..

Day 4!!

I was able to walk to the bathroom by myself ...yay!!!

I also was able to do number "2" without difficulty .. Love my Miralax

Oh, disposable cups and baby wipes came in handy.


Day 5 post op

Few more pics...

Post op visit with Dr Song tomorrow . I think he is removing one of my drains and his bandages..yay!!!! I get to see what this body looks like????????????????????????????????????

Post op visit with Dr Song

He is always so pleasant!!!

He removed all my tape and one drain. I can shower .Yay

Took a few more pics

First Shower

So far so good..still swollen though.

8 Days Post Op

Trying to move around a little more.

Also got approval from Dr Song to use my binder that I bought.

See my pics below

9 Days Poat Op

Still swollen, but love the results

11 Days Post Op

Few pics

Day 12 post op

Few binder.. Just bandages ????

2nd Post Op Visit

Ok. So got up feeling good.. My challenge is making it through the night without pain. It wakes me up feeling horrible. I priobably need to set my alarm clock to take my meds at like 3am. I may try that.

Took my time in the shower grooming and all. Even was able to put on my face :-). I actually did my own bandages (my hubby usually does them). I think it was him testing me to see if I could do it today. It took longer but I did. Some how it feels better when he does it. Lol

I needed to iron, so I did that. Afterwards I was fatigued. Felt like I needed a knap. So I think my pain points are:

1) standing for long periods of time

2) showers in all that it entails (washing hair, oiling up and shaving)

3)trying to straighten up (even when your body says ok) you will hurt later

I think my hubby is been softly reprimanding me, so I have to slow down some more .

My appointment is at 3:15, hopefully he will remove the last drain.

If my body allows, I will stop by Target for a few items.

Wish me luck :-)

2 Post Op Visit

Pic before the Dr Office

2 Post Op Results

The results were great. Got my last drain removed..yay!!!

I can now use my scar away silicone strips, sleep in my bed, have sex...yay!!!

My balance is still off from the meds so can't work yet or drive.

I need to go to Home Depot to get ear plugs to put one in my navel to give it form.

Going back next week as a follow up.

Added a few more pics

14 Days Post Op

I had to try on the bathing suit I took to my pre op.

15 Days Post Op

Feeling good. Nice to be able to strut in my bikinis around my hubby :-)

Got my silicone strips on.

Dr Song said I can walk on the treadmill, and do upper and lower excerises. So I will start next week after my 3rd post op.

All is well and worth it!!!

Just Got the removed yucky stuff (caution for weak stomachs)

Yuck ! !!!

A few Jean pics

A few Jean pics

Puchased binder from Amazon

See pics below

First exercise day

I live in Buckhead in a housing complex with a pretty big parking lot. So I walked the lot 5 times ... Felt winded, but felt good that I started on my new regimine.

I am starting on the treadmill tomorrow.. Yay!!!!

3rd Post Op Visit

It's raining today so I had on my nike sweats and jacket with animal print fierce all the way!!!

Dr Song said all was healing perfectly. I may have some swelling on either sides but it's normal. I created a ball out of gauze, tape and first aid ointment to back the belly button, which he said was good.

I started excersing Sunday (walked 5 lapse) in the parking lot. Monday I did 30 Mins on the treadmill, upper weight lifting, inner and outer thigh. (2 hrs total)

Have to wear the binder during work out, but can were the all in one with the my clothes .

I did order an all in one with a shorter thigh length to wear with dresses.

I did get a did get a note to go back to work from 1-5pm for 2 weeks starting Monday with a re eval in 2 weeks :-)

Decreased my meds...still no driving :-)

3 weeks post op

Healing well

I can wear my all in one now. I bought one that was Capri length and one that was mid thigh length ( one for pants and on for skirt length) .

I do wear my binder during workout though. This week I walked the lot from 5 to 8 times. Next week I will work from 1-5pm.. So I will start the treadmill next week for 30 min , upper and lower workout before going to work.

Wish me luck :-)

Few more pics

Last post op visit for a month!!!


Few pics

Few more pics

Few more pics!!

Starting work tomorrow!!!!

In the bed early. I got cleared to work from 1-5pm for the next 2 weeks.

I think it will be fine . I have been doing a little more and more weekly.. So we will see how tomorrow goes .

Wish me luck ????

Day 2 at work

Today was a little tough.. Not sure what was different . I think it is the adjustment to the all in one that is causing discomfort. I was walking slower and balance was a little off. I took tramadol instead of oxy because I can't think with oxy.. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


Day 2 before Work

Heading to work!!

Day 3 at work

It was better today! Yay!!!

Last night I tried in my dresses and they fit perfectly .. So happy with the results.

Got dress this morning and I thought my sweetheart was going to make me take them off for a little quickie.. He made me feel so flattered ????

Adding a few pictures

Day 4 at work

Not too bad today. I was in a meeting for 3 hrs so sitting still was a good thing :-)

Still trying to balance these drugs though. I take the strong stuff at night and tramadol in the morning when I wake up.

I get up at 10am... Normally I am up at 5 am and at work at 7. This is not working So I work from 1-5pm for the next 3 weeks. My loving man drops me off and picks me up (or sends uber for me)

Now I wake up at 10, eat fruit, take my meds and drink my coffee while watching HLN with Robin Mead. At 11 , I shower to try to get this body together. Adding the Silicone strips and the packing the belly button so that it will have a good shape.

Afterwards, it's make up, hair a the all in one depending on if it is a dress or pants that I am wearing. I tell you, I am getting so many compliments... It was so worth it!!! (Side

Then it's time to put on the clothes I picked out the night before and shoes. I don't wear flats so sometimes I still have to work on my balance with the meds.

By that time, I am ready to go back to

Just Kidding.. Then I am out the door.

By 5, I am certainly ready for a knap!!

I do for like an hour, then I get up and do more work. The deadlines and projects don't stop.

All is well though.

I pray that all of your recovery journies are even better.

Have a great night ????????????????????????????????????

A few pics

Few pics

Few more pics

32 Days Post Op

Today was a little rough... First day I really needed oxy.... Normally I can take tramadol and be ok.

But resting in my recliner today to allow this body to heal.

All is well though :-)

Day 33 Post Op

Was not feeling well today.. Pretty sore and achey...stayed and worked from home.

Will probably need to extend my partial office work/partial home work schedule. Really not scheduled to go back to work full time until 10-26, but I was trying to be aggressive because there are so many projects I am working on in HR.

I guess I don't heal as fast as I use

Had to get off the oxy and set my alarm clock to take the tramadol on a schedule. The oxy is to strong... Puts me on cloud 9.... Not good!!!

Healing is good though over all.. Clothes are looking great on... Just as I imagined..getting great comments from my loving man ???? and associates.

Loss 16lbs so far :-)

Posted a few pics ..happy healing all!!!

A few 33 day post op pics

With clothes

A few pics 33 days post op

With clothes

34 Days Post op

Hey ladies...

Did a long day at work today.. Trying to get back to working a full day.. I was in so much pain.. Got to get that under control...

But put a few pics up!!!

First day back to work full time!

It was not to bad.. Just have to make sure i stay on my schedule for my tramadol (2) 50 mg every 6 hrs.. I can tell when I am off schedule because I start to feel the soreness. Otherwise, loving my results.

Saw my personal trainer and he said I look beautiful as is . Maybe I should consider entering a female weight training contest. Umm... I don't know about that

Added a few

2nd Day at work

Good morning, think I am getting the hang of this morning schedule.

I eat no later than 8 (vegetarian), I get up an hour before I start my morning routine (of shower, makeup and dressing). In that hour, I make a little breakfast (instant grits and veg bacon), take 2 tramadol and 12 oz water.

Take it easy, let medicine kickin and watch the news (maybe a cup of coffee).

After my hour of getting it together, I am ready to take on the world...
By 11am I do have to take another dose of medicine and then another at 5pm. Eat dinner before 8 and my last dose at 10:30 before bed. Set my clock 2:30am for another dose and start a new day at 5am Yay!!!

I think this will work.. Keep you posted by the end of the week.

Oh. Down 19 lbs????

Have a great day ????

A few pics of day 2 at work

Don't forget you eating schedule

Mine is:

5 am = breakfast & water , 7am = coffee & water, 10am= snack and water, 2pm= lunch made from home (vegetarian style) with grain bar or fruit and water, 5pm= snack and water, dinner at 7pm (vegetarian style) and water....maybe a snack at 10pm and water.

Hope this helps

A few pics :-)

Feeling a little swollen today, but love my results.

I did a little more yesterday than I usually do and my body is telling me to rest. So I am in the bed early with my heating pad.

Even still, all is well!!

Few pics


First Road Trip

Hi ladies, I took my first 2 hr road trip to Augusta since the surgery. It wasn't to bad.

I usually spend a day of shopping with my daughter on Saturdays (flea makets and other stores), but this Saturday had to be an easy one. We only hit two stores and a grocery store and I was exhausted and in pain.

I had to lay down, take the strong meds and apply the heating pad, but after a few hours I was good to

Oh, one good thing .. Made it down to 177 from 195..feeling great about that????

Have to work up my stamina and my body is saying gradually lady :-)

It still was a good measurement of my threshold for pain and stamina though!

Getting there... Little by little

My 39th day post op is on Wednesday the 28th and I will let you know how it goes ????

Keep pressing on ladies ????

Day 40 Post Op

Today went well. I was in a software training class all day and monitored my pain and comfort level throughout the day. I noticed my discomfort starts at 11:00 and 4:00pm.

I will start with my late night/ early morning schedule so you can get a full picture.

Regimen :
I get up an hour earlier than I have to so that I can get my pain level and energy level ready for a full day at work. (4:45am-I need an hour) I had to modify it slightly since my earlier post above.

-My last meal the night before is by 8pm (balanced)
-----salad or veggies, starch, meat substitute (vegetarian)
-----1 oxy and 1 diazepam

-My first meal of the day
----grits and veggie bacon (I know, it really does taste like bacon)
----2 Tramadols

I work at a computer, but do walk around to meetings and such.

My first discomfort starts at 11am and 2 tramadols are taken.

Lunch is usually at 1pm. (Balanced and brought from home similar to my dinner)

My second discomfort is at 4pm and 2 more tramadols are taken.

I make it home and then prepare my last meal for 8pm and the process starts over for the next day.

The pain level varies based on my level of activities, but usually rated a 2 out of 10 is tolerable, 4 is discomfort, 5 and above is painful and need to take stronger medication.

It is a work in process, but so far so good!

I am doing more in a day, down to 177 from 195. However, I am still exhausted once I get home ????

I am working on the stamina level and swelling too ????

Hopefully this helps????

Going to add a few pics ????

Day 41 Post Op

I was so drained yesterday.. Still getting it together this morning.

Working from home today, but all is well.

Post op appointment tomorrow. I know all will be well.

Have a great day ladies ????

Day 42 Post Op


I got to sleep a little later today because my appointment is at 11am. Yay!!

So it is 8am, and I am doing my morning routine, Waiting on my meds to kick in. I am at about a 4. 5 out of 10. If I can get it to down to a 3 or 2 , I will be able to shower and get dress comfortably.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention for the TTuckers. We need to shape our new belly button. I take a piece of gauze, shape it with tape, put neosporin on it, place it in the new belly button, tape it in place with gauze,

Again, all is well and I will share the results of my appointment.

Have a great one!

42nd Day Post op results

Hey there,

Healing well yay!!!!

However, he did adjusts my meds to something I can ween off of easier. Yay!!!

I have to go back in 2 weeks.

Posting a few pics...

43rd Day PO


Feel good this morning. Waiting for my new meds to kick in.

Hoping to be off of all of them within the next 2 weeks.

Have a great day!

Meds Worked

The new meds I recieved from the post op visit worked.

I don't have to take as many meds...yay!!!

Hoping to be off everything within the next 2 weeks.. Thank Goodness!!!!

Posting my latest pics.. Down 20lbs.. Yay!!!


It's a great Friday!!!

I am feeling well and my new meds are working ..yay.

Happy Friday

49 Days PO

Happy Friday All!

I pushed myself today! My team coordinated an employee health fair from 9am to 3pm. I was tired, but not hurting from the surgical area...Yay!!!

If anything, my feet hurt from all the walking around and set up.

But all is well ... Sitting in my faithful recliner with my feet up.

Perfect ending to a tiring day.????

Hope you had a great day too!

Posting a few pics! Same poses just dif clothing ????

Trial wth no drugs!!!! 50 Days PO

Morning all,

It is a great day!

My new meds are working. It's 11am and have not had to take any meds yet since 5pm yesterday. Just a little discomfort without the binder. I take off the binder just to see what it feels like to be without it for like 30 mins at a time.

I want to see how long I can go without meds today just to see where I am from a healing perspective.

I am going to put back on the binder and go for a walk.

I will keep up posted!

Have a great day!

52 days post op


Unfortunately, I could not get off all meds totally.

Have to use 2 tramadol and 1 toradol at 5am, fortunately it lasts until dinner at 8pm.

On the good side I have eliminated 4 tramadol, oxy and diazepam if i follow that regimen.

Slow progress, I will take it.

Still worth it!

Have a great day! Will post some pics later ????

52 Days Post Op (just posting pics)

A few pics..

57 Days Post Op


All is well.. Healling perfectly.

Still down 20lbs.. YAY!!

Still totally worth it!!

Few new pics
Have a great day!!

Just about 2 months PO

Feeling great! Little to no discomfort. Taking tramadol when I do.

Still swelling from time to time, but not as much.

Still using my ... The positioning is so optimal for comfort.

Still wearing my binder majority of my time at home. I take it off for an hour or so at a time.

Still using my all in ones when I go out.

Still using the silicone strips and guazes to reshape my new belly button.

Hopefully, I will be attending my last post op visit on the 10th of Nov.

OK.. Going to share some personal info.... Finally, made love to my sweetheart with no binder and no bandages. He could actually feel my flat stomach. OMG!!!!! It really does feel different with a flat stomach..(pelvis to pelvis). Who KNEW!!!!! Just thought since I was sharing

Will share the outcome of my post op and more pics.

Enjoying the FLAT side and I know you wil too.


A few post op pics at 2 months

A few pics!!!!

Going to another post op appointment.

Good morning,

Feeling great! Going to another post op. I think this will be my last one.. Yay!!!!

I will let you know how it goes.

Posting a few pics without my binder!!!!!

A couple more without the binder

????... So worth it!!!!

Love Dr Song!!!

2 months Post Op Results

Good Evening,

My post op went very well!! Yay!! I go back in 4 months.

Surprisingly, I was asked to be in their media ( website) with my before and after pictures. I felt so flattered!!!

I was told he was going to recommend the silicone strips to all his patients.

Wow.. I am truly blessed!!!

A Few Pics

Hello all,

All is well did a little more activity than normal today and feeling like I need my heating pad and some medicine.

Yes, sitting in my recliner with the heating pad and feeling better.

Hope everyone is doing well.

2 1/2 Months Post Op

Hey there,

Finally made it to 175...yay
( down 21 lbs)

Also been a vegetarian for 3 months too. It is not as bad as I thought.

Feeling pretty good. Very little pain.

Posting a few pics

2 Months and 19 Days Post Op

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are well.

I am doing very well. Down to just tramadol. Hope to be off it by month end.

I am down 22lbs and loving my new body.

Will post pics later today.

Have a great one!!!!

A few pics

Feeling pretty good today!

A few pics!!!

Hello All,

Feeling pretty great!!!

Still using the silicone strips and shaping my new belly button with gauze.

Adding a few pics.

Have a great weekend!!

Short update

Hello All,

Hope all is well!

Feeling pretty good. I am down to 2 tramadol a day. Yay!!!

Also, down 27 lbs from my survey date! Woohoo!!

Lastly, posting a few pics.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Almost 3 months post op

I hope everyone had a great and safe holiday!

Feeling pretty good.

I did have a little swelling over the weekend, so I am still wearing my binder on and off in the evening.

I am also using my all in ones during the day.

Still packing my belly button with gauze covered in neosporin.

I am still using the scar away silicone strips and taking 2 tramadol a day.

I am not doing any heavy lifting or any abdominal exercises until my follow up in March 2016.

Posting a few progress pics.

Have a great one!

No Meds!!!

Hello All.

I hope you are well.

Feeling really good this morning.

I am going to try today without meds to gauge where I am on the pain scale. Wish me luck????

Posting a few pics.

Have a great day!

Few pics

Hi Ladies,

Hope all are well.

Just posting a few pics... Loving my results!

Trying on a potential outfit for New Years!

Have a good night

Almost 3 months out

Feeling really good!

Starting to plan out my full body training!!!

Wish me luck ????

Posting a few pics.

Have a great night.

Count down to full body training sessions!

Good morning all,

I am feel very good this morning and have been really getting ready mental to take on 3 months of personal training. I have lost the weight I wanted and now need to tone up.

Wish me luck!

Have a great hump day everyone!

Posting a few pics

3 Months Post Op

Hello All,

Today marks my 3 month anniversary of my surgery date. Woohoo!

I am so grateful to have had the level of success that I have had and I am excited about my next transformation.

What I would like to say to all that are thinking of having the surgery. Is, It is so worth it!

For those recovering, stay In tune with your body! You will have ups and downs, but in the end, it is worth it!

Here to support all.

Feeling good on the FLATSIDE????

Posting 2 milestone pics.

Training week!

Morning All,

This week starts my full body training sessions. I am real excited to see how my body is going to be transformed by the time I have my 6 mths post op visit.

Wish me luck ????

Have a great day!

Training Day!

Good morning all,

Today is my big day to start my 3 day a week strength training.. Woohoo!!!

Can't wait to see what this transformation is going to look like.

Any suggestions?

Wish me

2nd Day of Training!

Hello All,

The first day of my personal training session was great.

He took all of my measurement, ( neck, chest arms abs, fat etc) and emailed them to me.

Woohoo, I am down 31lbs!

As part of my session, I get a spiral notebook which will contain (measurements, goals, diet plan, supplement recommendation, workout plan and a section to log notes).

Today will be the official workout day. Woohoo!

Have a great one!

I Made It through My First Day of Personal Training!

Hi all,

I made it through the my first day of personal training. OMG!!!

He took no mercy! Let's just say by the time I was done my legs were wiggly walking down the steps.

Today, I am sore ( legs, arms and back).

Tomorrow, will be day 2.

Pray for me????

I made it through the first week of training!

Yay! I did my first week of training! OMG!!!

I think he is trying to get me ready for a competition That would be interesting ...

So, no pain from the procedure. Yay! Just a little tenderness around the abdominal area, but no pain.

I have been doing (jump rope, planks, jumping jacks, medicine ball up and down a flight of steps, boxing routines, upper and lower strength training. Yep!!!

Once I get my workout journal on Tuesday, I will be tweaking my diet.

It feels good to make it through another milestone????

How is everyone doing? Please share????

A few updates pics without silicone strips

Hey there,

Just thought I would share some updates pics of my actual scar without silicone strips.

It is healing so well. I am so blessed!

My honey of a man thought I should share that I had to carve a new hole in my already medium leather So yes there is a pic of that too ????

Officially 1 week WITHOUT pain meds!!!

Hey there,

I just realized I did a full week without pain meds. Woohoo!!

Now I am just ultra sore from working out (smh= shaking my head). Lol. It's still progress!

How are you doing with your meds? ????

Happy Holidays

Hello all,

Feeling pretty great!

Working out 6 days a week and following the recommended diet..not to bad.

I even did great over the holiday.. Whoop!

Thought I would share... My honey of a man said the sweetest thing....he said "honey you got to get use to showing all that hard work you are doing". I think I have been so use to covering up everything

Have you gotten use to your new body? ????

Happy Hump Day!

Hello all,

On my third week of training..yay!

The planks are killing

All is well... Posting a couple of pics????

Almost 4 Months Post Opt

Hey every one just posting a few pics.

Made Plans to go back to the Beach!!!

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year.

Ok, I have officially made plans to head back to the beach Memorial Day weekend .. Yay!!!!

Wow, this will be huge for me and I am so excited as the beach is where I decided that I wanted to look better.

What will be your momentous occasion in 2016?


First Ab Excersise !

Hello All,

I am just over a month in with my personal trainer and today I did my first set of abdominal excersise..yay!

Feeling pretty good right now, but I have to say the binder went on immediately after the shower

I will be paying close attention to how I feel tomorrow ????

Wish me luck ????

Happy Friday!!

Hello All,

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, I did my first set of ab excersises. I am definitely feeling some soreness in the lower ab area. It's not painful, but I would be putting on my binder if I was not headed to work. However, I will be wearing my all in one.

All part of the journey.. All is well????

Good Morning

Hello All.

I hope all is well. I am feeling pretty good this morning.

Funny, I can't' put away my trusty binder. I find it keeps me tight and snug. It also helps me when I eat (I get full really quick and keeps my stomach

Anyone still using their binder after 4 months post?

Have a great one?

Happy Saturdaylll

Happy Saturday All,

Ok so I thought maybe I was losing it. As you guys know, I have been lightly doing simple ab excersises. When I do them the next day I am slightly swollen and tender (I have had this happen twice). I imagine this will taper off. We will see.

How are you guys doing?

Happy Hump Day!

Hi All,

Yesterday, was a little difficult for 2 reasons. 1) I felt achy in my upper part of my abs, so I listen to my body and decided not to work out...2) I did 150 calf lifts and I was walking on my tippy toes for 2 days because it hurted to bad to put my heels down

It is so important to listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Are you experiencing anything in your recovery that you would like to share that can help your fellow Flatsider? ????

I will take some pics and post them later.

Have a great one!

Good Morning!!

I hope all is well.

Posting a few pics.

Have a great one ????

Today's Pic

Hey there ..

Posting pics ????

Happy Monday!!

Good momrning all,

I had such a great experience this weekend. A great girlfriend had a birthday party and I attended. It was great because it was the first time I went out and did not wear my binder...yay!

I was dressed to (Jeans and a crop top). I must have burned at least 200 calories ????. I had such a good time and got sooooo many compliments on my transformation. It felt good to see the hard work pay off and seen by others. I had to go back and commend my trainer for all his time he put into this body.

Are there any other testimonies out there?

Have a great one!

Please Share Your Thoughts ????

Hi All,

I am thinking of formulating a gathering for us Flatsiders. Perhaps a one day event for meet/greet, a few guest speakers and a question and answer session.

Would anyone be interested in attending?

I think we should celebrate our success!

Please share your thoughts ????

Workout in coming along great!

Hello All,

I am feeling really good. Swelling in minimal to none depending on my area of focus during the workout.

I do feel that my abs are healing well with no pain.

How are you doing in your progress?

Almost 6 months in!!!

Hello All,

I am almost 6 months in..yay!!! It has been worth it...

I have to say that I am feeling great! Every now and then I do feel some slight swelling depending on my physical activity.

On the fun side, I have begun to change my wardrobe for the spring and summer. So excited!! Beach here I come starting with Memorial Day????

I am still doing minimal ab work, but strong on everything else. Still eating clean and loving it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great one!

Soo excited !!!

Hello All,

Today was the first day that I was able to wear a dress with out a girdle, binder or spanx and it looked good.. Considering I have never been comfortable with wearing just a dress!

I also want to note that my dress is a size "6"....wooohooo!!!

Wow.. This is the first time that I really got a look at how working with the trainer is transforming my body..


Another Pic

Another pic ????

Almost 6 months post op

Happy Monday All,

I am feeling very good these days. I am scheduled for my 6 months checkup next month. My ab workout is still minimal and my trainer stated that we will wait another 4 weeks before we incorporate more ab work. I am anxious to see how Dr Song thinks I am healing though.

I was able to wear my high waist jeans with just panties!!!!! Yay

I posted a few pics????

Have a great one.

A crazy experience.

I was with my trainer yesterday and he was joking around about how many approaches I get daily and it reminded me of an incident I had experienced earlier that day.

I was in a store, on a call and noticed a guy that I had saw before I went into the store had come back in. He now was behind me following me down the aisle. I saw from the corner of my eye and remembered he had already left the store. Ladies, he creeped me out! I turned and confronted him and he quickly said " your legs, they look so strong". I quickly thanked him and laughed with him. However, I say this to say... In all that we do to beautify ourselves, for ourselves, please be careful! We do have some people that ...lets just say do not have good judgement.

Please be aware of your surroundings.

On a lighter note, have a great day????

Very close to being 6 MONTHS POST OPT


Hi All,

I am feeling so blessed and pray that you are too. On the 10, I will be 6 months post opt.

It has been a journey, but worth it.

I am truly enjoying my transformation and the shopping that goes along with it????

How are things going with you? Please share your success????

Recovering from pneumonia

Hello All,

Hope you are well. I went to Vegas for a conference and came back with walking pneumonia. SMH

I am feeling better and will return to work today and workout later in the week.

Have a great one????

6 months post op visit tomorrow

Hi there,

I will have my 6 months post opt visit tomorrow.. Yay!!!! Woohoo.. I feel great !!!

Additionally, I have increased my workout regimen to 5 days a week and added more abdominal work???? I want that 6

I added a few pics without my binder????

How are you guys progressing?

Wooohooo 6mnth post op!!!

Hi there,

I made it to my 6st month mark. Wooohooo ???? I am free and clear and don't have to go back.

So I got to my appointment early, I was so excited. Made it back to the exam room and just needed to take my pants off to expose my black bikini underwear YAY!! (Bikini..this is huge).

Dr Song and Adrianna walks in (Love them). Dr Song gives me a hug (He is so sweet) and says you look great.. You still on that vegan I said yep. Down 40 pounds and working on 5 days a week. Woohoo

He looks at my scar and says....You know we got to get pictures of this Then he says do you want to see your before picks (that I never saw) and I said yes. So ladies I will post them at the bottom. OMG

So I Adrianna took my pics and we were chatting afterwards and she told me something that brought tears to my eyes. She said a lady came into the office with a picture of my results and said she wanted to look like me!!!! OMG, that is the biggest compliment EVER! I am sooo flattered !! Thank you who ever you are. I would love to connect with you to see how you are progressing.

Lastly, I am told that I was on Prima Center's Website. I have to find my before and after pics.

I am getting before and after pics emailed on Monday and will post them once I get them, but I have a few that I will post now.

Ok now this is really my last I wanted to share that j have learned about posture from my trainer. I did not realize how much it enhances your shape. There is really a correct way to stand.

My before and after on Prima Center Website

Woohoo I found them.


Memorial Day Beach Visit Planned!!!

My 2 piece!! OMG

Hanging Knee Raises

Woohoo I have done my first 2 sets of hanging knee raises and LIVED!!! Lol. . OMG.

I was so excited after going 2 sets of 15....woohoo

See pics below

Happy Sunday

Hi All, I thought I would share what I learned about posture. See attached pic

I was shocked it really does make a difference In the overall look. Just by making sure the rib cage is elevated make the abs and back bra area look even flatter.. Lol

It is another lifestyle change. I find that I am correctly myself more and more.

Good stuff ????????????

Getting Feeling Back

Hi there,

Happy Saturday !!

I thought this would be worth sharing. So I am able to wear my clothing without a binder now, but I noticed that I am starting to get feeling back around my belly button. Prior to that, it was still numb around that area. It doesn't hurt, but feels tingly. Like getting feeling back after you've had dental work and the anesthesia is wearing off. No worries though just wanted to share ????

How is your recovering coming along ? ????

Feeling Better

Hi there,

My abdominal area is less sensitive today. Yay! I am stil starting to feel more and more around the belly button that was still numb from surgery. I am off to do more hanging knee raises today????

Have a great one ????


Hey all,

Feeling pretty good!

As for a workout update.. I am think about training professionally for the swimsuit contest. My trainer is pushing me???? Still rapping my head around that one.

Thought? ????????????

Goals to accomplish in 6 weeks

Hey All,

My trainer told me to write down a goal to accomplish in 6 weeks. I need to bring it to him today during our strength training session. Hmm.. I had to really think about this one.

What would you guys want to accomplish in 6 weeks worth of personal training?

Hey Family

I hope all are well.

Posting some updated pictures????
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

OMG, Dr Song made me feel extremely comfortable. I especially appreciate him sharing his past surgeries (the good and not so good). I expect perfection on 9/10 and I am confident he will deliver. See y'all on the flat side :-) Dr Song you worked magic!!! Thanks for allowing me to feel comfortable with my body after 28 years. Love your work and bedside manner.

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