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Pre-op is scheduled for Friday, December 6, 2013. ...

Pre-op is scheduled for Friday, December 6, 2013. Thus far, my expectations are very limited right now. I've been reading many stories and they all have left me with the expectation of nothing but, PAIN, PAIN & more PAIN. Maybe a little of "happiness" in the end, too. :-) I'll be sure to update!

PRE-OP Zone - Time to countdown!

Had my pre-op visit on Friday and for some reason, I was so nervous. It's not like the procedure was taking place this day. My blood pressure was up and my hemoglobin reading was down a little. WTH??? I understand my BP may b out of wack a little, but my hemoglobin, come on now! I need it to be on point in order to get liposuction on my thighs at the same time as my TT. When the nurse prick my finger the 1st time, she said the machine didn't take the reading, so therefore I had to get another prick. The 2nd reading I hear the nurse speaking out loud to herself and said "I don't like that # either". I then asked "what is the #"? She said it's 9.7 and I need it to be @ least 10 or above. At that point the nurse then went on to complete the remainders of my vitals and left the room. Now it's time for the real deal, here come the doctor. The 1st thing he say after greeting me is "why is your hemoglobin so low"??? I say "I'm not quite sure, what causes that"? He says, "I don't like your hemoglobin readings". In addition, he ask when was the last time I had my period, may I remind you, I have no period... I had a partial hysterectomy. Of course, that didn't make things any better for me, because if I had a period it would possibly explain why my # is low. He asked if I ever been told I was anemia. I told him I have always been a cold nature person and I've always been border line anemia, but not to a point where I needed to take iron tablets. I then told him, the reading is probably more of a normal reading for me. To make a long story short, the doctor asked the nurse present in the room during this time to retake the test, which is now my 3rd prick. But I didn't care, better safe then sorry... That's the way I look at it. But anyway my last reading came out to be 12.9. All of this was nothing, but nervousness going in. I was nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. That was too much for the body. :-). My doctor was happy with that reading. On Monday, to be on the safe side, I'm faxing over my last 2 yrs of Test result from my most recent physicals and I asked my PS office to contact my primary physician if need be to confirm my normal CBC results. I'll keep my realself family updated as I go through this experience. I'll be adding my pre-op pictures soon.

Before Pictures

Here are a few before pictures!

One Week Pre-OP! Tummy Tuck + Lipo w/ Thigh Lipo.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! My day is one week away. I don't know what it is, but my evenings after work consist of "signing on" to Realself and reading y'all post. So encouraging and really helpful, too. Thank you for it all! The good (FLAT-SIDE), the bad (PAIN) & the ugly (the B4 body). :-). I've become so obsessed with viewing this site on a daily basis, I don't know what to do. Is that crazy or what??? LOL As soon as I get home I'm on it. It's the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. Probably why I haven't really been sleeping good lately. I'm anxious, excited, scared, nervous, miserable, tired and READY..... All these different emotions at once. Guess that's enough to keep you awake. :-). CONGRATS to everyone that have gotten past this stage and moved on to the flat side. GOOD LUCK to the ones still on the schedule, like me. We will get there! I know we will! Glad this site exist, not sure where I would be without it. Until tomorrow, goodnight! Here are a few more photos to give you an ideal of what I'm dealing with. As if you don't have a clue. LOL

Friday the 13th and 6 days Pre-Op

Picked up my meds this evening! Filled all prescriptions, but one. Will pick up last prescription on Monday. It's getting real y'all... LOL I can't believe it! Last weekend of pigging out and trying to eat everything. I don't know why, maybe because I'm having this procedure done, but I've been on a "I gotta have this" eating binge. LOL Guess I've been trying to get my cravings out of the way before Dec 19th. Now it's back to the good stuff! Yup! No more pigging out for me. Will be back in the gym as soon as my doctor give me the okay. I couldn't have scheduled this at a better time. End of the year, getting ready for the New Year. I'm out.... Holla back tomorrow!

It's Going Down Tomorrow in the ATL

Hello my Realself friends! :-) I really feel bad that I haven't really had any time in my schedule to post in the las few days. I have been so busy running around here and there trying to make sure I have all that I'm going to need during my recovery period. Believe it or not, I'm tired as hell... Grocery shopping, CHRISTMAS shopping and making sure all duties are complete at work before taking off. Well, tomorrow is MY day to go FLAT! Yes'mam! LOL. OMG! I'm not the least bit nervous... Not sure why, but I don't have the "I'm scared" feeling like I did on my Pre-Op day. Not sure why! But I'm good with that, too. :-). Well, tonight will be a complete relaxed evening. Full of rest and prayer.. Thanks everyone for all of the "well wishes" and "good luck" to my dear new family on your procedures in the coming days. Well wishes to all who are in recovery now. If today is your day with me, LET ME HEAR YOU MAKE SOME NOISE....

Post-Op (Day 1)

Hello Real Family! :-). Sorry, I hadn't post before now. I'm doing really well. Sooo much better than I had imagine. Day 1 wasn't bad at all. Once I was awake in the recovery room, it was like a dream come true. It was a blessing to awake and see my lovely daughter standing there ready to take me home and take care of me. My daughter is a Medical Assistance, so it was like having your own personal nurse @ home. :-). My experience hasn't been like a lot of the stories I read. Thank God! As soon as I stood up in the recovery I stood straight up. Of course, I wasn't expecting that at all. Dr. Nakano and his team took excellent care of me. I have no complaints!!!!! Will post pictures later. Oh yeah, I only had to have one drain, very little drainage. Another good sign of a wonderful recovery. I'm praying everyone else recovery is going smooth, too.

Post-Op (Day 2)

Good morning, I'm on day 2 post-op and during pretty good. I also feel good. I'm able to move around by myself. I'm also able to go to restroom alone. Getting up and down off of toilet seat just fine. I'm on a 4 hr schedule with my walking and pain pill. The walking is a MUST! Gotta keep my upright position. :-). Constant sitting will cause stiffness. My drainage is very clear today, so I'm assuming my drain will be removed when I return for my first post-op visit (12/26/13). Yay! I do have swelling more in my left thigh than my right from Lipo. Don't really see a lot of bruising, though. Haven't seen my incision just yet! Probably won't see it until my follow up visit with Dr. Pictures coming soon!

Day 4 Post-Op

Sorry, I don't have any pictures to post just yet, but I promise you they are coming. I'm trying to wait until I see my PS on Friday, Dec 27, 2013. I'm pretty sure my drain will be removed cause I'm draining nothing, but clear fluids now and I'll more than likely get to see my incision. :-) Had my 1st bowel movement today, what a relief??? Actually, things are so good, thus far. Swelling in thighs has started to go down, skin has began to soften up and original skin color seem to be coming back in, too. Speaking of thighs, I can post a picture or two of my bruised thighs. :-) Will do tonight! Today, I noticed that I'm having a lot more tightening in my stomach. Is anyone else experiencing stomach tightening during this period of their post op. Mine seem to be tightening so bad that it feel as though I'm having a contraction. LOL I felt the tightness on previous days, but it would go and come, it has been with me practically all day today. It doesn't hurt, but it's enough going on that I wanted to mention it to my real self family to see what they have to say about it. Please let me know if this is normal or should I be concerned. It's tightening so bad that it's really the reason I'm walking like it hurts. But it doesn't! I feel like I'm pregnant and it's time for delivery with pressure downstairs. Will be waiting to hear from ya... Thanking you in advance for your responses.

Happy New Year Healing (12 days Post-Op)

Happy New Year Healing to all of my Realself family.... Wishing you a very successful healing. Well, I actually went back to work this past Monday, Dec 30th. It wasn't bad at all. Just a lot of tightness in stomach after walking back and forth to breakroom/bathroom, other than that, I really felt ok. Worked a half day today as well. Now I'm home resting for the New Year!!! I'll make up for the fun I'm missing out on as soon as the weather change and I'm in my skimpy clothing showing off my new contoured body. :-) It's all good! I gotta get some pictures posted..... I know! I know! I know! Sorry!
Prima Center for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Nakano is an awesome Plastic Surgeon. From what I could tell, he really seem to take good care of his patients. The staff at Prima Center for Plastic Surgery are very pleasant and are always glad to answer any questions you may have. Dr. Nakano and his staff are always professional.

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