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Hello my name is Pee and I'm uber excited for my...

Hello my name is Pee and I'm uber excited for my TT and lipo procedure. My surgery date is Thursday, April 21st. I've put my deposit down and was approved for the rest thru Care Credit. My consultation with Dr. Michael Song in Duluth was very thorough and his staff was excellent.
According to him I'm a perfect candidate for TT and he didn't give me any requirements prior to surgery BUT he did say if I wanted to lose 5 yo 10 to 15 lbs that was okay. He said the stronger I am, the better the recovery. So needless to say as of March 1st I started to get my ass in gear...literally lol.
I am 5"3 and my high was 167. I've been low carbing it so I've lost 3 lbs. Now I'd like to lose 15 but I won't put extra pressure on myself to do so.
I plan on being as thorough as I can thru my journey because I found that people that do that on this site makes it very helpful for us all.
Can't wait to get to the flat side!


These photos are 52 days out...

So ready...

31 days and I feel anxious...

I'm 31 days out and my weight is still yo yo'ing. I haven't bought any supplies. Combined, I feel not the least bit ready for my surgery. I feel like I would be a failure having this surgery still at my highest weight. But (exhales) I have 30 days to get it in. Maybe the pressure will have me in extreme mode. Anyone else have these feelings????

P.S. No need to post pictures, I look the same :(

19 days to go

I am preparing my mind body and soul for this procedure. I have bought half of whats on my to do list and now I feel like I'm in nesting mode (prepping like before you're having a baby). My eating is still the same, I still look the same. Two weeks out I plan to remove carbs from my diet. Planning and preparing. Ready to be on the flat side yall!

16 days to go!

Getting pretty excited. I have some more medical supplies to buy. I've been trying to envision my new body, smushing my belly as flat as I can for a visual lol.

Currently I'm accomplishing 10k steps a day and strengthening my core. Tomorrow I'll cut some things from my diet for the next 14 days.

Soooo ready yall!

16 days to go

I am uber focused. Ready but feeling slight anxiety about the pain. But so ready nonetheless.

12 days yall

Currently binge watching Atlanta Plastic.
In a few hours I will be cleaning my hardwood floors (talk about a workout). Got the carpets cleaned yesterday. Getting my house in order is key for me to feel ready for my surgery!

Pre Op done, paid in full

Wow today was an overwhelming day - sensory overload. I'll try to be thorough :)

I met with Dr. Song and his nurse today. They checked my blood pressure, asked questions about my health and I turned in all of my paperwork. I got all the info I need for the day of surgery and what to expect etc. I'm so glad I had this site to use as a springboard to ask the questions I never dreamed of asking.

I gave Dr. Song my measurements, weight - 167, natural waist - 32 1/2, waist around belly button - 35 3/4 and asked what he thought my numbers would be after surgery. Like a pro that he is, he did not give me numbers but instead said "I think you will be pleased" lol. I feel that I will as well. He suggested that I started taking Dulcolax (a stool softener) now so that my body would be used to a bowel movement. Mind you, I am regular, but I am not going to play the constipation game :)

He did show me where my incision will be and what my skin would look like above my belly button per se. Although I was hoping to walk away from this wearing a 2 piece, I don't think I will be because of the stretch marks above my button. I can live with that.

I also asked if I would have a coca-cola waist line and he said that tummy tucks is a surgery that is focused on the front of the belly, the flanks can be lipo'd and will give it a better shape. If you already have a nice waistline but have belly fat, the TT will definitely give you that curve. If you are square shaped, it will improve, but you won't have the same look as the woman with the natural curves. Dr. Song said I have an in between waist line, not sure what that means but at 42, as long as everything goes well, I feel it will be an 100% improvement.

I have made so many trips to Walmart this past week I BETTER have everything lol. Jeez! To date I have bought: husband pillow, dulcolax, milk of magnesia, fleet enema, toilet seat riser, gauze, tape, bio oil, scaraway strips, bath wipes, bed pads, plastic gloves, borrowed a cane. I don't have a recliner and didn't want to rent one so we will see how that goes. I have pillows for days plus the husband pillow should be helpful.

I have to take my piercing out. I have an industrial through my left ear. All that I ask is my daughter to put it in immediately after surgery. I've never taken it out for more than a couple of hours and I'd hate for it to close :) #thesmallstuff

I paid with care credit and my tax return. Glad that's out of the way.

I am 8 days out. I plan to flip my closet this weekend, pay my bills and buy fresh produce a day before my surgery. I plan to have smoothies while I'm recovering :)

Oh and I hate large pills. I have Dr. Song on the hunt for a liquid antibiotic, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I heard percoset was pretty large, so I bought a pill cutter for that. So we'll see what he comes back with.

That's all for now. Ready to see the new me ya'll!


I meant to mention that I had scoliosis surgery as a teen. I have a Herrington rod holding my spine so Dr. Song says that my back pain will be exacerbated because of the TT. I am praying for that not to be the case. I do have my heating pad and between that and the meds I hope it helps.

7 days away yall!!!

5 more days to go...

My PS is awesome. He knew I was a punk and prescribed me some liquid medication. I have a horrible gag reflex and large pills gives me anxiety.
It's the last weekend before my surgery. I'm in chill mode but I did flip my closet :) I'm looking at my wardrobe in a new light dreaming of how my cute dresses will fit afterwards.

3 more days...

Feeling like my too do list has grown again. Oh well. Whatever will get done, will get done. Thursday is the day!

Twas the night before...

In an hour I'm getting ready to have my last meal. Shame on me didn't drink enough water today. Starting to feel frazzled but I'm OCD soooo it is what it is. Mother Nature is cruel, my period was supposed to have been on since yesterday. So let's guess when it happens...I'm betting during surgery.

Exhale....ok ladies/gents...I'll try to check in before surgery at 7 am. If not it will be not much long after when I'm coherent.

Oh just an observation, it seems the pain experience is a 50/50 split. I pray I'm that 50% that thinks it wasn't as bad as I thought!!!

The day after...

Hello...I made it.

My PS said everything went very well although my blood pressure had spiked during the procedure.

The pain level was an 8.5 and I'm constantly asking when's the next time I could take my meds lol.

I feel a bit stronger today. And what's strange is I haven't felt the urge to peek under the binder.

I'm super duper dehydrated and take short shallow breaths. I need help with everything. Ive had chicken broth and water mostly. But right now I'm attempting a smoothie.


Day 5 Post Op

Sorry ladies I feel like such a slacker but ive been in pure zombie state. Let's see what I can recall: my diet consists of pudding, crackers and soup. Trying to chug this water down often as I can. I wasn't overly concerned with a bowel movement since I had an earth shattering movement prior to surgery. But by day 4 M.O.M. was my friend and I'm pretty regular now.
I still haven't seen my full results because im fully bandaged but I love what I see above the belly button. The pain was quite real and the the first 72 hours are the hardest. Cant wait for my first post op on Thursday. So far so good.

Day 7 Post Op appt

Yesterday was a roigh day, unsure why. Acid reflux kept me up and I couldn't sleep comfortably. Note I had only been taking valium and antibiotics so I was weaning myself off of meds.
So I was glad that I had my appointment today so I can finally see my entire belly and get a prognosis. All went well and he like the way i was healing. They took the yucky dressing off, cleaned it and rebandaged me. I was given the ok to drive, shower (it had been 7 days) and drink coffee. Praise thee Lord. He did take some of the stitches out...ouch and one drain. He also prescribed Percoset (which i was only taking hydrocodone) and valium. I was a happy girl!
After the appt my daughter and I had a wild hair to go have lunch and do some light shopping. Wayyyyyyy too soon. I had her pick up my meds, came home took a shower and am ingesting my first Percoset.
Next appt is next Wed and I'm sure I'll be ready!

Post op Day 7 pics

It was well worth it!!!!!!

Day 9 Post Op

Everything makes me tired
This binder is annoying
I haven't worn panties in over a week
My appetite is coming back
And yet and still...
It was the best decision to have this surgery!

Silly question: how do you know when your tummy is swollen? I don't seem to know....

Day 13 2nd Post Op appt

Yayyyyy the 2nd drain came out....I'ze free! Lol. Dr. Song says I'm healing nicely and doesn't need to see me for a few weeks.
He took the stitches out from the hips and belly button and got me cleaned up. He says I can now start on my scar therapy. He approves of my bio oil and scar away strips I've purchased. He also has me using ear plugs to help shape my bb. Excited for this new phase yall.
He said I could do some light exercising, lay on my side - 2 huge wins for me.
Listen I dont mind posting pics but I don't feel like cropping every nipple and crotch. So if you're turned off just keep it moving ????

Day 15 my new binder arrives...

Um so....I'm not sure about this product. Oh I'm as tight and bandaged like a sushi roll but I'm incredibly uncomfortable. If you are less than a size 8 don't buy it, unless they offer it in larger sizes. I bought mine in a small (all they had) and it can be adjusted with velcro straps. So this may be something I wear occasionally until I get used to it.
Otherwise I'm going to wash my old binder and rock with that for 4 more weeks.
We'll see...

Day 18...window shopping

Hi all~
Each day I feel stronger and stronger. I average 3500 to 4000 steps a day. Still need to drink more water ugh...
I drive short distances and run small errands. I still get tired/winded more often then I'D like. I've decided to only shower at night. The ritual of bandaging, cleaning wounds etc takes me at least 40 min and I'm tired after it all.
Yes I experience swelling but I keep my binder on at least 23 hours so I'm pretty oblivious.
I take drugs when needed (every other day). Overall I'm good and I feel good.
Oh I told my job I may work today if I felt up to it. Though I gave myself a full 3 weeks. Just not ready to go back but that's a me thing lol.

Day 19 - scar treatment

Good morning.
So my PS swears by Scaraway silicone strips. I'm not feeling them. Yes they are costly and yes they are reusable. The thing is when you take a shower you have to take the strips off. Then you clean them (difficult to do) I used bath wipes. And you wait for them to dry and re-adhere. It's supposed to last this way for 7 days. It's day 3 and the strips are already peeling off, rolling up. This product costs way too much for the hassle. I'll finish the box but not buying the strips. I heard the gel product is better.
Any suggestions please?

3 weeks out, 21 whole days

So far, so good.
I'm religiously on this site for advice and motivation. Kudos to the ladies who used this procedure to jump start or continue healthy weight loss/strengthening.
I too am treating this as a journey and hope to inspire as others have inspired me.
21 more days with this binder yayyyy lol.

Day 25 post op, 1st day back at the office

Hi ladies.
Today was my 1st day back at my job, it was good to be around people. I shuffled around like an elderly woman but hey lol.
I worked for 5 hours. I have a desk job. My back was killing me and my upper abdomen was sore. I took no drugs prior (bad idea). Going forward I'm bringing a pillow for my back and taking a Tylenol daily. And until the pain subsides with going back to work, Valium at night.
About half a dozen on my job knew I had a TT so when they saw me their eyes completely zoned in on my midsection. Sorry ladles not yet, the binder is hiding all this sexy.
Good news is I work from home 2 days a week. So glad more than ever it's an option for me.

It's my Anniversary yayyyy

Hi ladies...
I made it! 4 weeks post op. Some days are better than others and I'm grateful for the good and bad days.
As far as exercising goes, my goal is to increase my steps by 1000 a week. I average 6000. I don't speed walk, I just try and keep my body moving. I did incorporate a squat challenge cause I felt my booty was pancakish with all that lying around. Disclaimer: I do the squat challenge with an exercise ball as to not put pressure on my core.
Next step: weekly meal prepping. Will be spending my weekend researching. I've barely lost weight and that's not a huge deal. At this point I want consistency with food and exercise and the rest will follow.
Keep healing ladies, it ain over just cause the surgeon transformed us. We gotta keep the rest of our bodies tight and right. Can I get an amen?

13 days...

So I have 13 more days until I don't have to wear my "issued-binder". In the 6th week I move onto compression garments so I've spent wayyyyy too much time online researching. Plus I've gotten some good reviews from you ladies as well.
Since my last appt (for 3 whole months) is this coming Wednesday, I wanted to show Dr. Song what I've purchased and hopefully get his approval.
Wal-Mart was my friend, both online and in store. Sorry not spending $70+ on compression garments, but that's just me.
I'll keep you ladies posted .
Have a great weekend!

30 calendar days later

By request, I am posting scar pics as they look today. The right side with the "open wound" is closing and I'm following the nurses instructions by putting gauze on it.
My newest complaint is my skin always looks dry. I'm going to bump the use of oiling it. Not on the scar line itself as I am using scaraway gel. Additionally I'm experiencing tape burn around my belly button to keep the ear plug in place. That's not working for me anymore so I'm attempting to stuff the hole and hope that the binder keeps it in place.
Happy Saturday...I'm omw out to dinner.

Horrible weekend...

Just when you think you're at a 100% your body reminds you you're not.
Long story short I was invited to a Brazilian Steakhouse Saturday afternoon. I gorged and gorged on meat and split a bottle of wine. Promptly felt uncomfortable and very lethargic, probably tipsy too lol. Got home and immediately took a 4 hour nap. Was very confused as to why I slept so long.
Next day, Sunday, I start my period for the 1st time since surgery. Still feeling lethargic, I assumed I'll probably void soon. Cramps and over bloated belly I decided to take M.O.M.
I end this by saying I had the worst 48 hours since surgery. M.O.M. is supposed to be a laxative not a detox. I was in the bathroom at least a dozen times, stomach muscles sore and bleeding like a stuck pig. The valium, tylenol and heatin pad were my friends.
Moral of this story: stay away from Brazilian Steakhouses for awhile lol phew :)
Oh and the area where one of my tubes was inserted just up and started bleeding again. Can't wait to see Dr. Song on Wednesday.

3rd Post Op Visit

So I'm one day away from my 5 week anniversary of my TT. This will be my last appt until August. Dr. Song addressed my open wounds by removing more stitching. He says that sometimes open wounds happen. He cleaned me up, told me to use neosporin and gauze.
More importantly he says I'm healing well and my scar looks great. I switched to using scaraway gel only. I like that product better. Plus the bio oil on the driest areas of my skin.
I showed him the compression garments I bought (previous post) and he approved them. But I still have one more week left in the binder.
It was a great visit, he's off to Korea for 2 weeks, he gave me a hug and his nurse told me if I needed to, I can call her.
I love these people and my results!!!!

6 week Tuckaversary!!!!

I'm so excited I've come this far. Today makes 6 weeks. Today is also the day I rid myself of the 24/7 "issued binder". Good riddance lol. Mind you I move onto spanx but he said I could wear it for daily use. No more nighttime bondage.
I'll also put away my toilet seat riser which I'm a bit spoiled with that thing ????
As of last week (week 5) I began going back to the gym. It's a struggle. Not so much physically but mentally. I'm doing "light exercising" per doctor's orders. So I'm on the treadmill at a 2.5 speed for 30 minutes barely breaking a sweat. Hell I wanna go in there and tear shit up lolol. But in due time. I do feel more normal everyday.
My current complaint is the skin discoloration from all the tape I had to use on my body. No more tape!!!!! So my focus is scar therapy and also looking into homeopathic ways to heal my scars. The gel I use is teeny and expensive.
Anyhoo....drumroll please....I finally measured myself. I purposefully waited for the 6 week mark and Dr. Song removed a total of 6.5 inches yayyyy. My natural waist line is a 30, looking to get it to a 29 by my 6 month mark.
Happy healing ladies!

8 weeks later

Hi ladies!
It's been a couple of weeks, spending my days reestablishing normalcy. Oh, it's not easy. I still slip into full coma naps ehen I least expect it.
My body is healing. I can feel all sorts of movements, some soreness from time to time. I wear my spanx daily 8/10 hours a day. And since I workout 3x a week, I layer it with a binder. I've bumped up my workouts and have added the elliptical to my workouts. So I finally feel like I'm getting it in. I'll introduce weights 2 weeks from now.
My scar is gorgeous. My tummy is gorgeous. I'm now taking the homeopathic route to tending to my scars. I'll rotate every few weeks but these next few weeks I will be using pure organic coconut oil 2x a day (I warm it up).
With all that my complaint is I did not go down in size. My clothes fit me extra tiny aroind the waist but jeans/pants are still quite uncomfortable. My hips seem to be way more pronounced since surgery. Oh and I stopped the squat challenge, that was making my clothes fit tighter as well.
Overall I give my progress an 80% since I still take my valium at night.
Onward and forward...

3 months post op

Hello ladies~
It's been over 12 weeks since my TT and we're smack dab in the middle of summer. And guess what I wore a 2 piece for the first time. I felt so confident. And that made it worth every penny.

I still work out 4 days a week including aqua fitness. I've begun weight training. But to be honest it's summer time and I'm enjoying the cocktails etc so I haven't lost weight.

In addition, I did not go down a size. This surgery only made my stomach flat and improved my shape/silhouette in clothes and I'm PERFECTLY ok with that. I'm only saying this because it's important to have a realistic view of your TT results.
My next appt is early August and I'll report back then.
Enjoy your summer!!

3 month post op appointment

So today was my 3 month appointment. Though I'm approaching 15 weeks. Firsr thing Dr. Song does is look at my scar and progress. He says that at 3 1/2 weeks I shouldn't have the swelling that I have. He wants to tighten the area and lipo under my belly button area. He'll also lipo the left side, it's a tad uneven. I was kind of surprised he wanted to revise but he's a perfectionist so let's do this.
It's something he will do with local anesthesia and I'll be in and out of the office. My appointment for him to look at it again will be in October (my 6 month point) and from there schedule the procedure.
My only question I had was why all of a sudden I felt more tension on my scar line. And it's the swelling, which again he will correct.
This appointment was a bit rushed but it was good to see him and know that overall I'm still healing well.
Still very impressed with it all!!

Approaching 5 mo Tuckaversary

Hello friends ~
I'm doing well and I'm still enjoying my new body. I'm still maintaining my current weight but now trying to lessen my carb intake since "summertime fun" is over!
My appt is next month to discuss my revisions...uber excited!
Here are some current pics!

6 months yall!

Hello friends!
It's been awhile but I'm doing great. 2 weeks ago I had my 6 month appt and Dr. Song was pleased but per my last visit it was decided he'd do a revision. It's minor and optional. And I voted yes for the option. He will lipo more on my left flanks and bottom belly, thus moving my scar line down.
Beecause of my busy work schedule, I scheduled the outpatient procedure mid Feb 2017. Can't wait.
I've gained a few inches but it's all on me and how I eat. Would you believe my stomach is still board flat. Yes it really is. Per Dr Song I am able to ditch my spanx, thank God cause I put in 6 months of that.
My current status: my belly is flat, my scar line itches from time to time, my pants and panties are loose around the waist. Still and still best decision with the best doctor!
Happy healing ladies!

Revision completed today!

Its been awhile since I posted. I'm 10 months post op and had my revision today. Let me tell you being awake was anxiety ridden for me. Dr. Song lipo'd both side of my flanks for a better contour and also lipo'd and removed belly fat above my pelvic area. Which meant he did have to cut and restitch that area. He seemed pleased when he was done. It's hard to tell for me what it looks like because I'm pretty swollen and back to being in a compression garment. I go back in a week to get the stitching removed.
I'll admit I did gain holiday weight so I was embarrassed to see Dr. Song today but he was still impressed with my belly. Actually I am too. I will lose the weight but it's good to know that my belly can withstand weight gain. I'll post photos when the swelling goes down.
Happy healing and whew what a journey!

Revision continued

Dr. Michael Song

Dr. Michael Song is Amazing. He was not my first consult but my last after I met him. He's incredibly thorough, smart, funny and has amazing people skills. He doesn't charge out the ass like some of these other doctors cause his OR is in his practice. His nurse Adrianna is a sweetie pie and ive never met a funnier anesthesiologist than Dr. Setty. I would recommend them over and over again to infinity!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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