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I have finally built up the nerves and finances to...

I have finally built up the nerves and finances to go through with a Tummy Tuck. I have been putting it off for so long, but now I am finally ready. Nervous and excited at the same time, but hopefully it will be worth out. Being a mother of two and having this unsightly stomach is the worst. I have always tried to work out and keep myself at a comfortable weight, but no matter what I did my stretch mark infested belly looked a mess, so I made up my mind no more babies and its time to break that bikini back out. I have less then a month left!!!

Still excited

Cleaning my house and getting an area ready for my recently purchased recliner and supplies that I will need for recovery. This is really about to happen. Less then a month left!! ????

Getting closer to date

My procedure is scheduled for June 12th and I am getting nervous all over again. I have been a stalker on this website trying to make sure I am really ready. Well today I decided to take some photos of my body and I am actually going to post them, this is really big for me because the only people who have seen my body in this state is my husband and of course my Dr's. I have been so embarrassed about my stomach and for year I have tried to hide it. I constantly find myself trying to hold my gut in :) and I can wait to finally be able to let it go and feel confident in my appearance again.

Pre-Op appt

My pre-op appointment is tomorrow and I am excited and scared. I am really about to go through this!!! I have been a real self stalker for the past couple of weeks trying to imagine what I am going to look like after my surgery and it's so scary. The not knowing is driving me crazy, but I'm ready finally payment will be made tomorrow and I am still on for June 12th.

2 more days and a wake up

I am sitting at unable to concentrate on anything but my upcoming procedure and I find myself reading a lot peoples stories regarding their plastic surgery and it puts me at ease. Not to say that I am not nervousness but this is a great outlet for individuals that are thinking about plastic surgery. Every journey is different but it seems like all the stories are the same. Individuals are looking to make themselves better. I love this site

Today is the day!!

It's finally here!! I'm sitting in the parking lot waiting to go in. My appointment is at 7:30am and I am actually early. So ready to see the new me!!

I made it!!

They said surgery went well but I can't tell still under the influence.


Ok now I can't complain about my pain because I'm not really in pain, but boy o boy do I have been to the bathroom it seems like once every hour. The fluids I am drinking are running right through me!!! Crazy so I have to continue to use my kids as handles to help me out my recliner to urinate.

Day 3

I feel a lot better - yesterday was a little difficult. Soreness, burning and nausea!!! However it still wasn't as bad as I imagined and I have the best nurses in the world my 2 babies and hubby have been great. My husband even cooked breakfast something I didn't know he could do.

My mother came over last nite and made me the worst tasting soup ever. No salt and no flavor but she sat here and made me eat it and it made me feel a lot better

Coming along

Coming Along

This is my 4 th day PO and I feel great!! I had my first BM this morning and the relief that came from that was priceless.

I have been walking around more today trying to focus on standing straight. Other then that things are going well I'm eating a lot of fruit and Trying stay away from salt.

Post Op appt (I thought)

Went to my post op appt today - well I thought it was today, but it was actually Wednesday that's what I get for thinking I heard a different date during recovery. Lol. Anyways my doc office was very accommodating they saw me anyways and the doc was surprised at how well I was doing and he took 1 drain out and told me to come back in on Friday to get the other one removed.

I feel so much better with that 1 removed it was irritating me. Well I'm healing well and I am still walking around trying to get my posture back while trying to remember to take it slow.

Tired of being in the house

I know your suppose to relax and stay in the house, but this is driving me crazy. I'm dying to get out and do something!!!

Recovery is going well and I have concurred my stairs today I was able to go in my bedroom and my kids rooms. Even though the rooms were a mess it felt good to walk around freely. It took everything I had not to start cleaning so I went back downstairs and sat back in my best friend "mr. Recliner". Lol. How is all my other June 2014's coming along out there ?

Day 7

Today is a good day I have been moving around a lot today. I took a walk around my neighborhood (very slow walk) and I feel good it would usually take me 10 minutes but today it took me 30 but I'm fine with that I got to get out!! Now I'm back jn my recliner drinking plenty of water and relaxing.

Tomorrow is my appt and I am going to discuss scar therapy with the doc. Do anyone have any suggestions on a good product?

Looking at pics

I was looking at some of my before pics on my computer and I realized I forgot to upload my before surgery pics at PS office. They are terrible so please brace yourselves...

Drains are out!!!

Whoohoo drains are gone!! My appt went well and the doc said he doesn't need to see me until a week and half. He advised not to start any scar therapy until after that time but he recommended medimix it's a prescription so my insurance should cover it (Finger crossed) I so need a money break!!!

I'm healing nicely and I was advised that I can stop wearing my gausses on my incisions but I have to make sure I cover them before putting my CG on. Reminder - protect that site !!!

Oh yeah he also told me not to go out and overdue today because fluid can collect and I will be upset if it has to be drained. I think he must of read my mind because I was on my way to the mall. Lol. So no mall for me but I will walk around TJ Maxx for a minute then I'm going back home.

Happy Healing Everyone and thanks for all the support you guys are the best!!!????
Happy Healing Everyone!!

Thought I would try something new

Okay first off let me start by saying I am doing well and my recovery is steadily moving along. I had my last drain removed yesterday and I feel so much better, thank you Jesus!!! So I figured I would be able to sleep in my bed finally (wrong) I tried laying on my back with a couple of pillows and at first everything was fine, but when I tried to reposition myself I realized I couldn't - I was stuck. Didn't think about the fact that stomach muscle are needed to really move in the bed and I found myself struggling for a minute and then I finally called my husband to help me sit up. I propped some more pillows up under me and I tried again and guess what it happened again. So anyways to make a long story short I slept in my recliner again.

Have anyone else had the same problem with laying in a bed and if so when were you able to finally sleep in your bed??

I drove today!!!

I have had my husband driving me around since my surgery and today I finally drove myself somewhere. I had to drop my daughter off at cheer practice and then I came back home but it felt good to have gain another part of my life back. Lol

I am still continuing to take my Arnica pills and I was wondering how long do I suppose to take these? I'm not in any pain anymore but I still have some bruising so I figured it wouldn't hurt to keep them in my daily vitamin regiment.

Exactly 2 weeks post op

Hey RS Fam!! Hope everyone is healing well. Well for me it's still going along I am a lot more mobile now and I have been able to drive around and do light errands. I have swelling daily, but that's to be expected.

Oh yeah my eating habits are are so different. I simply can't eat as much as I did before the surgery I get full a lot faster. I'm not complaining about this but it's just an extra bonus Now I can loose those pounds I have been struggling with. Here is my 2 week photo

Its me again

I feel like me again

Okay ladies today was a big day for me. I finally got to do my normal friday routine which consisted of me getting my hair, nails, feet and eyebrows done YESSSS!!!! ladies it was overdue and I feel a lot more like myself today and I feel relaxed. I felt like I was on one of those makeover Other than that i have been doing well no complaints over here...

Back to work

I must have been crazy to think that I should go back to work this early. I'm not in any pain but I'm so sleepy!!! I should have taken off this week also but I didn't have anymore Vacation time left. Oh well I just got to deal with it!

I have a follow up appointment this week and I am hoping that I'm cleared for sex. I was wondering have anybody have any difficulties after the TT and how long did you actually wait?

More pics

Faja Shopping - Again

Okay I have been on every site possible that sells Faja and I finally decided to go with one from Amazon its by MariaE so I will let y'all know how this works out. I have been using Spanx for the past week and I realized that its not giving me the support I need plus I had the shape wear pre surgery so I need to go a size smaller.

I realize that since I have been back at work (2nd day) I have a lot more swelling so I am trying to my best to minimize that. Secondly my back has been sore lately and I believe I can blame that on me going back to work so soon also :( Did anyone else have the same problem when you returned to work

I brought a new binder

I brought a new binder today at the store and I can't I think I am going to use this one to sleep in the one that I came home in has ran its course and my Faja hasn't come in yet. I paid $40 for this one and I think it will be fine for me to sleep in. Its made by Dream Girl Curves


Took a pic yesterday and I didn't realize how snatched my stomach was until today. I took off my garment for about 3 hrs and I loved the way I looked.

Oh by the way the faja I ordered off line came in the mail on Saturday, but my lazy teen house guest didn't answer the door for the mailman. Smfh.

New Faja received

It has arrived and all I can say is I can definitely feel the difference. It was challenging getting on I had to squeeze and tuck but I made it in lol.

Time has flown by

It's hard to believe that I had my surgery a month ago. I have been healing and putting my life back to the norm and I must say I am happy I decided to do this surgery during the summer. The kids are out of school and I have been able to slack on a lot of things which would have been impossible if my kids were in school.

I went out over the weekend and it felt so good!! I had some stealing by the end of the night but it didn't bother me and my stomach still looked flat to the unknowing eye.

Happy Healing Everyone!!!

Update scar pics

Here is an update of my scars. All stretch marks are not gone as you can see, but I'm happy with my results. It has only been 5 weeks since my surgery and all my clothes especially jeans fit a lot different. No more stomach getting in the way so now I have a lot more space in my jeans and I need to see a seamstress... I am so happy with my decision!!! How is everyone else doing with the healing process? Happy Healing

2 months down

I have missing for a couple of weeks but I'm back... Lol. I wanted to post some updated scar pics and let everyone know I am doing well. Pain is minimal unless I'm doing something strenuous and then I can feel some pain, but it usually subsides once rest. I have started doing light excessive but nothing pertaining to my abs yet mostly just walking, squats and light weight lifting I hope everyone is healing well
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