Extended TT, Mini Arm Tuck, Lipo of Flanks, Saddlebags and Knees, Mini Face/neck Lift - North Georgia

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I'm having an extended tt (incision will extended...

I'm having an extended tt (incision will extended a few inches toward my butt), mini arm tuck, lipo of flanks, saddlebags, knees and a mini face/neck lift on 10/24/12. I am most concerned about caring for my 11month old. My baby is approx 21lbs. My husband will be home for the first week and then he will be out of town and I will be on my own. I have an older child that is self sufficient and can help after school. Any suggestion? Is this doable or am I am trouble? Also, I have recliner down stairs but I think I'd rather be sitting up in my bed (upstairs). Its quieter so I can rest and that way my lil one won't crying for me to play.

Background info... I've had two c-sections, gained and lost about 50lbs between the two pregnancies,and I'm turning 40 in a few months. My body loves to carry weight and I'm a carb addict! lol This last pregnancy really did a lot of damage to my body and due to other life issues I haven't been able to work out as I did pre-pregnancy. My goal is to lose another 15lbs after my surgery and then to tone, tone, tone.

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