43 Year Old with 4 Children - Duluth, GA

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Hi everyone. I have been following reviews for...

Hi everyone. I have been following reviews for quite some time now. I have wanted to do this for about 15 years now. I have actually went as far as pay a deposit, but I backed out. The real truth is, I chickened out. I've had each of my children by C-section and everything went great. I'm ready to do this and as soon as possible. I will be going for a consultation with Dr. Nakano on Thursday. I've read some of the reviews on him and I'm convinced he's the "guy" for me. I don't plan to wait very long because my nerves would be shot. Hopefully I can get in by November. Here are some pictures of my "unwanted" guest.

Date for surgery set!

I have set a date for my surgery. I will be having the procedure done in October. Dr. Nakano and his staff were very nice and professional. They answered all of the questions I had. He told me what to expect. They made me feel relaxed and at ease.

The waiting begins!!!!

So, as of right now, I am 10 weeks away from my surgery date. This will definitely teach me how to be patient. I'm sure there are things that I can do each week to prepare myself for this event. I may go out to look for a recliner that I can sleep in comfortably.

Still waiting........

Today, I am 59 days away from my surgery. I am so looking forward to the "BIG" day. If anybody knows of the supplies that I will need, please let me know. I don't want to buy things that I won't use. I've seen a few garnets that I will need. I would like to know where to go to purchase these items.

Paid in full!!!!

Although my surgery date is set for October, I made the final payment today. Everyday I try to do something concerning my surgery. I think about it everyday!!! I'm obsessing over it. I know the last time I backed out but I didn't have the support and positive energy from you guys that I now have. Thanks everyone for all that you say and do to help, encourage and support the "troops" of Realself.

More sad pictures.

This is what it looks like when I sit down. I'm tired of wearing black and sweaters(yes sweaters) to cover this bulge up. OCTOBER COME ON!!!!!!!

More pre-surgery photos.

This is me with a bodysuit underneath my clothing.

Almost there!!!!!

Teammates, I am almost thirty days out. I would like to say thank you to everyone who gave me support throughout this journey. If not for you, I would have cancelled this procedure a long time ago. Thanks for your honesty and your braveness. Thanks for showing me how to love and take care of me. I wish each of tut the best in your journeys and continue to love yourselves in spite of what others may say or do. I will keep you posted as I continue for the next 30 days.????

Food for thought.

I think that it is such a shame that we can't or won't share our journey with others because of them having something negative to say. I say, if you are happy with what you see every morning, don't change a thing. But, if you are not, change what you can. It is your job to make yourself happy and confident. Don't leave your happiness up to others. I'm having my tummy tucked because I know it will be one thing among others that will make me happy. What other people think is no longer my concern. Be happy ladies!!!!!!

Pre-Op Appointment

Wednesday is the day for my appointment. I believe my doctor will be going out of town before my surgery. I went to my primary care physician and had my hemoglobin checked and getting those results were like pulling teeth. They finally let me know that I was at a 12.6. I'm not sure what my PS is going to tell me, but I will see on Wednesday. I will continue to work toward getting it higher. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. For everyone who's having surgery in October, we are almost there!!!!!

Pre-op done

I had my pre-op yesterday. Everything went well. I got my prescriptions. I had a headache on yesterday and I believed it affected my blood pressure. I think it's from caffeine withdrawal. I'm trying to get away from it because I want and need to be healthy. So I'm looking forward to the arrival date.

More before pictures.

Here are some pictures of exercise clothes and my favorite Levi's. Can't wait to lose the muffin top.

Almost here!!!

I've purchased the toilet seat riser and all my other essentials. Ladies, I've never been this close to getting what I want. Part of me is so afraid, but I have to remember that God did not give me the spirit of fear. I'm holding on to this knowledge because I know it will see me through my journey. For those of you who are going having your surgery in the next two week, I pray that you get the results that you are anticipating. I pray that each of you have a speedy recovery. Happy healing to all and may God bless each of you!!!!!!

Last week.

I am so close!!! I've never come this close to getting what I want. My nerves and emotions are all over the place. Thanks again for the support coming in from each of you. I will give a full update when I can.

Before picture

Just wanted a before underwear shot to compare with after my surgery. A few more days!!!!!!!

Recliner ready!!

I've moved my recliner into my house. I have two days of work left. I'm hoping to be so busy that, I won't even think about my surgery. My mind is racing a million miles a minute. All positive and encouraging prayers are welcome. I think I need to stay off of this website for the next few days. I've seen and read some negative things and I don't need that at this critical time. I have less than 72 hours to go. I'll update as soon as I can.


I made it through. I am so grateful to everyone and their prayers. I will update soon. I'm sore and sleepy. Night, night.

First day.

My doctor was so nice. I love his mannerism. He called me last night to check on me. Very thoughtful and concerned. I walked down the hall twice on yesterday. I'm hunched over, but I like to be in control of my life. I do have help, so I'm not doing this alone. My sister is a Godsend. She has helped me with my drain. I only have one, thank God. She help me change my dressing. Thank God for sisters. I didn't take pictures of my scar yet. I thought I was going to pass out while she was changing the dressing. I will update as soon as possible.


Ladies, I do apologize for the delay. My drain was leaking and I have been dealing with that. I only have one! How hard could it be? Very!!!! I think I see a difference, but with all the tape and bandages, it's hard to tell. I have my first appt. in the morning, so I'll get a better look. I feel better and I have already used the bathroom(number two). I have to admit that I only use the pain pills when necessary. Hopefully I will have pictures in the morning.

A few days after surgery.

Here are some photos I took after my shower today. Dr. Nakano gave me the clearance to shower. I also had the "dreaded drain" pulled today. That was a blessing!!!

Recent photos

Here are the latest photos. I see swelling on the left side more so than the right. Patience......lol.

Early morning shots.

Here are some early morning shots.

Day 11, I think.

Some pictures with clothes on.
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