Forty and Flat! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

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I have been contemplating a TT for years now and...

I have been contemplating a TT for years now and have finally decided to get my tummy tuck. I guess you can say it's my early 40th birthday present to myself! I have gone to several consultations and decided to go with Dr. Song. My pre-op is 6/1/15 and my surgery is scheduled for 6/11/15. I'm excited!

3 weeks away!!!!

Hey ladies! I'm am three weeks away from the flatter side and I'm dreaming about being without this stomach. What advise if any can you all that have been through this could you give me 3 weeks away?? I'm so excited!

11 days left before surgery

I'm super excited! I go to my pre-op next Monday. I wish I was already on the flat side and recovering now but I guess I have to practice patience. I'll try and post my before pics soon.

Can't wait to be on the flatter side!

Here is the pre-op gut! Lol!!

More before pics

Next week this time I will be leaving my pre-op. I'm so excited to get rid of this darn belly! Here are a few pre-op pics.

I'm so excited

My pre-op is Monday and all I do is think about this surgery. I think I'm getting on my husband's nerves. I already got my toilet seat riser, and milk of magnesium. I will get the rest of my supplies after my pre-op.

Pre-Op Today went well

Today, I went to my pre-op and all is well. I got all my prescriptions filled and ready to go. I have my post op station ready at home. Recliner, meds, water, crackers, ginger ale, pillows, covers, and the remote! I'm so excited, I wish my surgery was scheduled for tomorrow instead of the 11th. I'm so excited and ready to get this done with. Dr. Song's nurses and his bedside manners are impeccable! They answered all of our questions. My husband wasn't able to come with me so my mom went and if course she's a little scared for me to have this major surgery. I'm grateful that Dr. Song eased her worries. 10 day count down underway.

Supplies on deck!

I think I'm ready for my big day. I have my little tummy tuck area ready in my room. The 11th can't come fast enough. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. Lol!!

My recovery area

I tried to attach this to my last post.

This time next week...

I will be on the table!!! Yay! I can barely hold my composure. I look in the mirror and imagine me without the extra skin, stretch marks and fat. Next Thursday can't come fast enough!!


The day is nearing!!!! I'm ready to get this over with. Pray for me please!! Praying for no complications and a speedy recovery.

Tomorrow is the big day

I can't believe that this time tomorrow I will be heading to surgery. I have to get some last minute items today and was a load if clothes, other than that, I'm ready. I hope today goes by quickly, so I can begin recovery. I'm not looking forward to sitting and resting for such a long period is time. I'll keep you all posted.

I made it to the flat side!

Yesterday I had my TT surgery and I couldn't be happier. I have to keep my drains in until my first post-op appt on the 18th. I can't wait to see my results. Here are a few pics from yesterday.

5days post op

Hey ladies! It has been a journey the last 5 days. I just had the most horrible coughing attach that woke me out if my sleep. My hubby rushed out the bathroom, sat me up and have me a neck roll pillow. It seems like it lasted forever. So thankful it's over. 4 days I've slept in my recliner and last night I slept in a pillow packed bed, which was most better. Thursday, I get my drains a out so I will definitely post pics. Thanks y'all for checking on me.

Exhausted 5 days post op

Ok, I had to kick the recline to the curve and am using my kitchen step stool to climb um in my pillow packed back. It's feeling south better this far. I've been having company every other day which I thought I would have enjoyed but it tired the hell out of me. I was sore and exhausted. Went straight to bed after left. Decided no more company until 1st wee if July. I'm swollen like crazy! Can't wait to see the true results.

Post op update

Well, I was only able to get one drain out today. Next Wednesday he said he will take out the other one because it was still draining out 25-35cc's. Here are the after pics before he bandaged me back up.

9 days post op

The past couple of days I have been really fatigued and just not feeling good. So today my wonderful hubby showered me, fed me and I took my meds and slept all day! My body really needed that rest. Today I feel 80% better. Here is an update pic. Still swollen like a balloon but I'll take swelling over a skin flap and fat any day.

13 dpo Update

Well my second and last drain was removed today and it felt so good. Dr. Song said I'm healing well, but will not start my scar and belly button therapy in a couple weeks. I have to wait for my incision to heal first. I still have a lot of swelling. Also, he put me on that little lung breathing machine thing where you blow the ball and hold it in the air because I'm not getting enough air into my lungs. He put me on stronger antibiotics for 5 additional days. Other than that, all is well!

Hate swelling!

Yesterday I was out and about all day and ended up swelling later in the day. I bought a new compression garment that holds me in great. I hope it helps with swelling.

20 days post op

Tomorrow I have my dr appt and I hope he starts me on some sort of scar therapy. I have one area that still oozes a little so he probably won't! Man!!! Still so swollen on my flanks, stomach and bra rolls where there was lipo done. I've been massaging those areas but the are still hard. Any suggestions?

3 week PO update

Ok ladies, I went to the Dr. For my 3 week po appt. and Dr. Song was pleased about my healing. I don't have to cover my incisions with gauze and that nasty tape and more. Tay! The area that was oozing was because of a stitch that came a loose. It's fine. I've now began scar therapy and he told me to place an earplug in my belly button for it's shape. I have also been cleared to exercise, so for that I'm excited. He have me a pic of the skin flap he removed. Are you ready to see it? Wait for it... BAM!! Lol!

25 days post op

I still have lipo knots (bra rolls, and flanks) that I have been massaging out. Still a lot if swelling too. I am trying to practice patience but it is hard! Lol! I've been beginning to exercise by walking 1-2 miles every other day. When I get home I shower and go straight to bed. It wears me out.

Swelling going down just a little

I guess it's just me, but I've seen women on here who seem to have not been swollen after surgery. My swelling is taken forever. Has anyone taken Arnica tablets for swelling? Does it work! I have the Arnica jel that I rub on my lipo spots which have gone down a lot. What else can I use for swelling?

Swelling in 100!!!

OMG! I was rushing out the house yesterday and forgot my compression garment. I looked like I was going to burst. Today was much better.

8 week update

Yesterday, I went for my 2 month post op appt and had good and bad feedback from Dr. Song. He said my scar is healing good; however I may need a revision because of some excessive swelling. No seroma but it may be extra fat that he needs to lipo out on my front and flanks. Next, bad news is I was beginning to form scar tissue around my belly button and it was closing up a little. To be truthful, it has been a little over a week since I put an earplug in because my skin broke out from the band aids and tape, so I giving my skin time to heal. Needless to say, the earplug got placed back in there when I got home.
I will know in November at my 6 month spot if revisions are necessary. I'll keep you all updated.

Almost 9 Weeks Post Op

Today was a good day! Minimal swelling. I still think I'm going to need a revision for my flanks. They are still full of fat (I think). My husband says they are still swollen but I don't think so. Here are my 9 week photos (with my earplug in my belly button). My belly button is looking much better.

3 month post op update

Well all is well with me! I think I'm going to have to still have a little revision because one side is still larger than the other side. Also, when I cough or sneeze it's still uncomfortable. Other than that the healing process is going ok.

4 Month Post-op Update

Yesterday, I went to my 4 month appt. and was informed that I will have to have revision surgery. The right side has more fat and skin than the right. The left side is smooth and flat. My doctor said that I will be under local anesthesia. He will open the incision in the right and remove more skin and tighten it back up. Then he will lipo my entire stomach. We'll see how I make out. Surgery scheduled for December 17th.

5 1/2 months post op update

Well, it's almost 6 months and time for my revision surgery. Everything has been going well, all but the afternoon swelling. I can't wait for that to go away. I haven't been wearing any compression garments which probably would help with swelling, so I may just start wearing it again. Hope all is well with you all!

Revision Surgery next week

I'm getting excited all over again! I can't wait to be even. As you can see in my pic that the right side is much bigger than the left. I also gained 8 lbs (horrible), so it's a little rounder overall. Hopefully, I can drop 25 lbs and be slimmer and flatter! Wish me luck!

Revision Update

I am 3 days post op from my revision surgery. Day two was most definitely harder than day one. I feel sore and have these horrible bouts of extense itching inside my stomach.
During surgery, Dr. Song took out this big piece of fat. He said that's what was causing the fullness/bulging on my right side. He also fixed a tiny dog ear on the right side. Lastly, he did a little lipo on my flanks. So far, so good. I'm so excited to be able to take a shower today! Hopefully, the water running down my belly will relieve theses "itchies!" Lol! I'll post pics once this swelling goes down.

I'm allergic!

Ok, I took the tape off this morning because I was itching so badly I my to discover red, puffy, small bumps near the incision. Called the Dr. and he immediately responded. (I luv Dr. Song!). Anyways, I was instructed to put hydrocortisone cream on it. So we'll see how I make out.

Hey it's been a minute

But I'm healing well after my revision surgery in December. I'm still a little lopsided, so I really don't know the next move. I'll find out in June for my 6 month check up.

Still that normal?

Hey RS! It's been a minute, but I want to know if you all still swell. The pic on the left was taken around 10:30am, and the second was taken around 3:30pm. Should I be worried?

13 month update

Just an update. So far so good despite bloating and swelling.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Song was personal and informative. I love him and his staff. I would refer my mother to him. Lol! His office is clean and organized. He is thorough and will answer all questions you may have. After surgery, he called me and my mom daily. He also gave us his personal cell phone number. If you want great service and magic hands, Dr. Song is your man!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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