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I will be 40 in June and I am planning on...

I will be 40 in June and I am planning on celebrating bikini style. 3 kids with 3 csections has left me with a hangover and mommy squishy belly. 160lbs and 5'5 with my heaviest being 215. I have found my courage, doctor and financing on realself. I plan to pay it forward by sharing for the next person whom it may help.

Hubby sees I'm not tripping...

I have wanted to have this surgery for 8 years and my husband has held me in the mirror saying how much he loved ALL of this. Well just so happened that he got more of what he loves when I got pregnant with #3. Now my children are 11, 9, and 5 and because I can call out for Pizza Hut and it will be dropped off 40 minutes later I see no need to wait any longer. Every one can wipe their own butt and dail 911, it's my time to get rid of all this body that says "milf"! Yes, MILF... Ask your teenager or google it.
I took out a credit and pay it back like a car loan then go and get that car my 10 body should be steeping out of later, me while I will keep driving the mini van. So hubby knows that it's going down and my hair dresser has offered to take me to sx since the hubby can't, either way this girl is going to get slayed! Even if I have to drive myself and take a cab to the hotel for a night.

Stool softener, squash and squats

I decided to start taking the stool softners to be sure to get my slow tract in check before sx. I'm stemming veggies for dinner along with doing squat reps before my nightly shower. I'm 15 pounds away from my goal weight before 40. I'm a chewer that being said it's in my DNA to have food that I can chew not just swallow. Getting these last pounds won't be easy so I plan to be on my elliptical 10-30minutes each evening. I have found that the Bolthouse smoothies are really good and are a great addition to my meals. The bottles contain several servings so you have to keep that in mind. I will be keeping my garden snake because the anaconda just looks to dangerous. I'm sure that after this tummy tuck I will want a breast lift. This week all I could think about was how much I used to like being naked. I can't wait to feel that way again.

36 35 43 say a prayer

My measurements bust, waist and hips today. I have chiari malformation and my neurologist passed away several years ago. The pain I experience is like getting hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat at times. I try not to do the things like straining that can cause the pain. My current neurologist was given patients to take over the case load. Since my diagnosis in 07 to 12 my condition is unchanged. The decompression surgery is 4 hours and the tummy tuck is 3 under general. I am hoping that I can get something saying that the general sedation will be fine for that length of time so that Dr. Song will do the procedure. Say a prayer that I can get a letter since the nurse told me that the doctor doesn't do clearance letters. I can live with the brain bulge but I want the tummy bulge gone.

Avant financing

So I heard about Avant on here. I blew up several charge cards with my first child and his need for hydrolyzed formula. Then 10 grand at the Mayo Clinic thinking I was dying when really my guts got stuck to my abdominal wall with my ovary and appendix wrapped and rotting from the hernia, hysterectomy, and multiple csections. Let's just say I can spend more than I make and have a moderate size home in student loans. Avant came in handy to off set what I had not saved. Any time you have to borrow just be sure they do not have a prepayment penalty and you can handle the payments and still feed the kids. I. Can't remember which post I read originally about it on but thanks. I have used Care Credit before when I had my hysterectomy and it is good if you can pay it off in a year. I plan on paying off this in 3months.

My mom is upset doggone big mouth sister

So my mom found out by way of the Holy Spirit through my sister's big mouth. She sent me this long text about wanting to run around 1/2 naked. I texted her back saying I plan on being 3/4 naked and in my birthday suit standing in a waterfall on my birthday. This is exactly what I was afraid of...had to hear about Joan Rivers, Kanye's Mom and then had to break it down that I am not that old and if God wanted me I can't hide. I hate when I have to be the deflector for my Sissy but I'm sure she needed me to get my mom off her case for something. I check back with the nurse manager tomorrow at the neurologist. Can't wait til preop Monday,I'm so excited.

Dolla dolla bills y'all...paid in full....swiped and unloaded

Preop went well. I took the hubby with me and cleaned out the side account with the money for the surgery. Thank God that the note from my former neurologist was still in my file. The hubby really liked Dr.Song and Aleka, he felt like they were genuine and happy to work with me. The atmosphere was relaxed and warm. Ok, so I told the hubby the muscle tightening would help with my constipation (slow motility) and of course he dropped that question on Dr.Song and I shot him the side Eye. Dang can't a girl use all the powers of persuasion? Any way lets just say Aleka and I could have done a dance of excitement. Mrs. Wanda the money princess gave me a hug and boy did I squeeze her back. I hope I didn't hurt her. Deep breath and new bikini, doctor Song wants me to wear it for markings. CitiTrends clearance rack here I come! On the ride home I told hubby that I have disliked my body for the last decade although I love my children and I am grateful God allowed me to carry them. The way I look is not cute, sexy or fine. 21 years ago when I got undressed for my husband the first time I was all of the above and then some. I can't wait for him to see that me again. Oh no he wasn't my husband and yes we were fornicating and I do not advice anyone to do that since we don't know when we will be called home. Sin is sin, now don't die in the sack without papers, IJS. All other sinful things aren't good but that one would be really heard to explain at the pearly gates.


I picked up the meds and told my mom that I will need a ride home. I'm going to go up the night before and at the request of Dr. Song spend the night. My mom will be taking care of me that night...unhappily since she doesn't want me to do it. Hubby will be taking care of the kids and boy does he have a list of places these little people need to be.

Any last minute suggestions welcomed. Oh yeah I got 3 new swim suits for $8 from CitiTrends. One I will wear for marking.

Trying to reLAX posiTIVE

Well ladies I have as my RS friends day 1night and a wake up left. I'm thinking and feeling positive and the laxatives are doing what they do. I've am so grateful for my friends and family helping me out. I really didn't want to take the greyhound and a cab to get this done,but I would have. I didn't sleep well last night woke up every hour or so. Probably was the MOM more than my nerves. I'm praying that I can walk back into work like nothing happened.

It didn't live up to the hype.

So if you ever had abdominal surgery it's pretty much the same. I slept the first day and most of the second. Today I got up fiddled around the house. The kids were grossed out by the tube hanging from under my dress. Hubby is great ans my friend and mom went 100 for me. Dr. Song called but I don't remember the convo. Anyway most of my pIn came from waking up with headaches. I called the doc on call and he said to come down off the oxy so I did. Just taking my kids meds now and no headache. Hubby doing the shots ...he likes that and says I look good.

Hey kitty kitty

I haven't seen her in 11 yrs. you know looking straight down.

I just want to be naked!

Thanks Prima and Dr. song. Well let's just say I'm a solider. I slept on my back last night I'm taking half the pain meds. The drains don't bother me as a matter of fact I would like to keep them so that I don't collect the fluid. My grandmother says more room out than in, all my friends a jealous and I'm sending them straight to Dr.Song. If all you have ever had was a splinter removed then a tummy tuck is not for you. I really don't know why someone would do their whole body at once. I'm enjoying watching the change and I think one part at a time is more fun. My hubby said he saw something for me. I'm so excited. I still wear my nursing night gowns to bed some nights. Oh my baby is 5, lol and he stopped nursing 4 years ago. Still no BM I'm drinking miralax and ducolax pills but I think it's because I'm only eating applesauce, bandannas, and greens. I'm wearing my Bally band on top of my cg because of the back support. I am standing up straight now.

Post op tomorrow and still no BM

Say a prayer for me. I'm thinking fleet since ducolax and miralax has not worked. I have had plenty of gas but that's it. Is it my diet? I did do a cleanse before surgery just to be sure I didn't have any unnecessary bulk. Mean while I'm standing straight and Im surprised that my boobs don't look as horrible I as I used to think they did. It's amazing how getting rid of the belly makes everything else look better. At least in my eyes. I got this suit from CitiTrends for $3. I'm so glad I did this for myself. I have been married 15 years and with my husband for 20 years although it was not his idea he sees my confidence coming back. Yes, in 4 days.


I went for my post op yesterday and ADR.Song basically forget the ducolax, miralax and grab a fleet. He also said old fashion warm water bag. I did the fleet and felt so much better. I was only eating soft foods but because I have the best PS in the world, yes check his background he schooled me on the fact that waste was 40% of not what I consumed. I think because you know I'm still on some drugs. Anyway I an very pleased with my progress.

No depression just pissed off

Well no where on here did I read that you can not sleep all night without going to pee! I feel like I'm going to bust open in the morning oh and half the portion size because my stomach doesn't bust out of my open muscle any more to accommodate all my greediness. Oh well, halving all the drugs muscle relaxer that is because I only taking the kids meds for pain. I want to wash my hair. My hubby is the Absolute best nurse. I thought I was taking the ducolax and it was not working but he read the pack and they expired in 2012. So he ran right out and got new ones so hot damn ducolax and fleet I'm great. He took out my drain doct said Wednesday but it wasn't putting out anything. Then he spilled this huge blood clot out after. Believe me if he was not in his last year of his BSN program he would not have had my permission to to it at ALL. God I love its guy! He loved this hot a mess body after seeing me from 17 to now. Anyway he went back to work today and I'm going back Monday, I'm excited I didn't tell a soul and I'm going to be chilling in my office like a boss until Christmas break,lol.
Anyway here are the pics you really want to see. I'm probably going to get some revision done in July. I start scar treatment next week. I'm in LOVE with Dr.Song and Prima just in case I didn't say that before!

Hebrew National

Hubby rolled over last night and felt that I put a pack a Hebrew Nationals between my compression and Tshirt. Well let's just say, I said you used peas for your man V. Plus the kids didn't put the ice packs back in the freezer when I gave them to them. I guess they just threw them at a each other in the playroom. Meanwhile the ice packs really help me feel better and I don't look like a ken doll. Oh well, work tomorrow. I'm going to have to drive 47miles and work hopefully the whole day. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear. Today was better I cleaned end up the littlest room and took the boys Christmas pics. Just 1 more kids to go. She is super high maintenance so she is last. I took a 1/2 of adderall 1/2 Valium and 1 kid pain reliever I think that will work to keep me alert and mobile.

Yes I'm crazy

Back to work 2 days now. It's crazy and I can't put my feet up because it is popping all day. No meds until I get home. Then I ice pack and go to bed, after kissing and praying for the kids. My mom doesn't understand but I'm cool with that. My hubby and I have been together since 1993 and I want to be fine and fit for us and our kids. HHB and diabetes lupus and all other life shortening diseases have me wanting to be a changed women by 40. I don't call it swell hell because I have no desire to have a clue about hell. Yup I'm swoll tho.

Lied lied

I worked all week 4 days drug free. I day since I did not have to drive I took 1/2 of a something. I worked non stop my feet were up probably 10 minutes all week. I'm a poor example 2 official days off from work with 3 kids and 300 teens at work is stupid. I broke down and cried Friday no drugs, no alcohol, and no poop (in spite of a jar of prune juice, stool softner and ducolax) Just to much! After another fleet, long shower and a cup of caffeine I felt better.


Well, well not a single post on this site explained the up pull. I must say I can't eat that much and I don't have to roll out of bed and run to the bathroom. Yes, I am enjoying the pull.

The scale says...

150. That is 10 pounds from my surgery weight. Now I am 5 pounds from my goal weight. My appetite has picked up some. I fill full very fast so I don't eat much. I need to drink more water but I can't carry a heavy case in to work and when I get home it's none stop. No feelings of selfishness are in and I don't mind seeing myself in the mirror when I get out the shower. I have a waist now and all my clothes are too big. I'm not sure what size I am but if my hips were not so wide I would say a 6!!! So I'm saying a 8/10 to get over my hips. I'm not active because I don't like working out in my cold garage.

He said it

The hubby said it was worth early dime. He loves that I am happy. My preteen says he sees no difference because I'm the same. On the other hand my daughter longer walks by a flips up my hang over when was hanging out. The baby not a baby just wants to know when I'm going to be able to carry him. I'm the same person just happier naked.

Look if you dare...

My follow up went well. Injections in the belly button to soften it up and Dr. Said I'm doing great. I forgot to ask when I could full out workout. I'm going to hang out with Shawn T tomorrow to see how it goes. He said to expect lower swelling for a couple more months. Really the pic says it all.

No more wimp

I seemed like a wimp. I could not plank, crunch or sit-up. Now that my muscle gap is gone my fitness gap is closed. I am not able to complete a full p90 workout but I more successful with the warmup. Maybe by the Spring I will be able to make it into the workout.

Scars, belly button on rods

Scars and belly button on rods

Sister talk

I thought I would share the convo between myself (blue) and my big mouth sister. She outed me to our mom. It's funny how my mom talked about me to her and of course she tells me just what mom said....


I am free of the 24 hour compression garment and I feels different but I'm glad to be free. I feel stretched and itchy at times but overall the benefits of the tummy tuck are priceless. My girl parts are rejuvenated, my body is banging and my self esteem is where it has never been...in that order! Really I have read lists of tons of these you need for the procedure but truly all you need is alcohol prep pads to wipe away the sticky, glamourTreatz.com sugar scrub and body butter, walgreens advanced healing waterproof bandages (great over dog ears), laxitive and over the counter pain med.

Very pleased:-) 147lbs in the morning

I'm sleeping on my stomach now and that is wonderful. I use the shape wear 3 times a week and sleep in the binder the other 4 nights. I still sweep slightly. I feel good, look good and I'm happy. My new motto is before you get a divorce...get a tummy tuck. This procedure has really boosted my self esteem and no I didn't have marriage issues but that just sounds good because I know it made a difference for me. Don't put it off any longer. Run run I say to Do What Will Make You Happy! I started back at the gym. They have a new machine called Jacobs Ladder and lawd I'm going to be fine!

34 29 43

I know it is 6 months full recovery but I 95% just evening swelling and twinges of pain from time to time. I am back at the gym and running. I'm not some sweat go getter but it is certainly easier to exercise without my hangover. Best deision that only included me alone EVER! I'm working on toning my thighs and arms...I'm almost scared to admit it but I am satisfied with my body.

To tat or not

I am working out and sweating. I must admit it is a lot easier to excersize and push myself because like Mary J says "I like what I see when I'm walking past the mirror". My husband picked me up and held me above his chest. Yes!!!! It is on and popping in our married 16yrs, old high school sweetheart, & 3 kids having kind of way. Drunk in love, freak it like you want it, from the window to the wall and the cops are knocking kinda way if we could go more than round. Seriously, ladies stop living like tomorrow is promised and just do it.

It took more than a tummy tuck

Well, it will soon be 6 months of recovery with watchful eating and exercise. I have found that the jump rope is a great tool to move the blood flow to my still somewhat numb parts. The tingling feels eerie. Butt kicks and wall squats before bath at least 3 nights a week have smoothed out my dimply spots. I'm excited and ready to celebrate my birthday!! I'm 147-150 depending on the time of day.

40 was EPIC

Well the day came and went in paradise. I laid this beautiful body on the beach and by the pool. Thanks Dr. song!!!

Bye bye belly button

Lately I have an achy pain and today decided that it was my belly button flattening out. I didn't go for my 6month post op and I plan on making an appointment to see if this can be reversed. I put a marble in to see if it will help.

summer of my life after 40

I know I just turned 40 but hot dang it's the best summer since 40. I admit I workout and watch what I eat. Some days I eat baddddd but I then recover with the jump rope. Since the surgery I have been doing a lot of butt exercises and I see the difference. I'm curvy and I told Dr. Song that is what I wanted. Of course he said it was hip proportion and I am proud to say I love this bad body!!!

Almost my Tuckversary

Well, lately I have been struggling with constipation and I gained 6lbs since the last time I had on my bikini. I have not exercised and I began consuming bread and sweet tea again. My occasional glass of wine turned nightly. Yes, it is all my fault and I take full responsibility. My belly button has a top ridge which I'm fine with. I haven't been to see Dr. Song since around the 3rd month. I plan on going back so he can document my outcome. I'm 2 days in on changing my diet and exercising again. My motivation is a green dress and a constipated tucked tummy is no fun!!!

1 year later

The best money ever spent.

Very Happy

I had a visit with Dr. Song and he felt as if my belly button would not change anymore. I love it the way that it is and I am completely happy with my results. This has been the best surgical experience I have ever had. Keep in mind I have had 4 outside of my 3 csections! Happy Tucking!!!

Still Very Happy

Just an update on the fact that I am 100% satisfied with my procedure and Dr.Song at Prima Plastic Surgery. I weigh 142lbs and my waist is 30inches constipated and 29 1/2 when not.

Life is a little sweeter

Feeling like I love myself naked is almost complete. Next summer I want a bare bottom bikini and new boobs. Then I think I will be happy.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

My consult went very well. I consulted with other doctors closer to my home but I found Dr. Song to be very pleasant and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to the procedure. He is the MAN, and cares a bunch. He didn't want me to have to drive 2 hours to have my last drain removed so he showed my hubby. Aleka his nurse I just love love she was like I don't need to be back for another procedure. Let's just say they are not money hungry! Dr. Song will only do what you need and given his honest very well educated opinion, I'm so in love. I went for my consult and was book and done in less than a month. Don't sleep on Prima Plastic Surgery in Duluth, GA!

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