35 Mother of 2 W/hernia Mesh, Duluth, GA

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So looking to be on the flat side, Spoken with Mrs...

So looking to be on the flat side, Spoken with Mrs. Decamp so far everything has been prompt and pleasant. She has responded to all my emails and answered all my questions. Dr. Song wants my notes on the surgery (hernia mesh) other than that everything is looking good. Already scheduled AND THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS

2 Week Countdown

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Is there any advice or additional items i may need to pack and bring.

Surgery Date pushed up

So instead of July 15th my surgery Date is now July 1st, I'm so excited. Pre-op June 21st. Ladies any advice

Let The Countdown Begin

Surgery Date two days away, can't wait for Dr. Song to work his magic

Day 1 post-op

Feeling like a train ran over my abdomen. But from what i can see (not yet able to take binder off). It's like i have amazing results. Just wanted to know how often i should be walking and when can i shower?

Day 3 Post op

Day 3 and still in pain, took a walk and a bare minimum shower!!

Day 4 post op

Removed bandages and notice some blistering and a gorgeous stomach. Still with pain though.

Day 5 on the Flat side

I have a lot of gas (a lot) Not feeling to well but i haven't taken amy meds since 9p.m. yesterday. Don't quite feel pain just uncomfortable. I'm a lil dizzy sometime, dint know why but i will bring it up tomorrow at my first post op visit. Nothing much going on but let me know how you ladies and gents are doing

Forced back to work after one week

They took one look at me and turned me around

Finally no drains

Bestie had massive heart attack so i been really busy. Flight for post op missed flight and delayed flight had me in pain excruciating pain and swell hell for days

3 week post op

In need of my meds, flying all the way back to Ga. To get my prescription filled I live in Louisiana so they won't fill them. And i can't take it no more. Photos later


Everything was going fine until i had both sides of my incision open slightly no stich required. Just gauze and tape. I don't know why. Hoping everything quickly heals up so i can get on with my routines

Post op 35 days

I had a wound open after it being closed a little disappointed. Spoke with Dr Song and he said its something called spitting sutures. Kind of a nuisance more than anything. Keeping clean and dry gauze. Praying it closes up soon. But he also prescribed antibiotics. Which concerns me.
Dr. Song

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