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Well I've had several consults with surgeons to do...

Well I've had several consults with surgeons to do my tummy tuck and lipo on saddle bags (outer thigh) and I've narrowed it down to 2 doctors.

I got an immediate good gut feeling on Dr. P. Nakano. As others have said, he really takes his time with you and answers all your questions. I would also say that he very carefully makes sure you have the right expectations and definitely does not promise you the sun and moon.. and seems in my opinion to be very humble. I do like the reviews I've seen and the before and after pictures. The office is not fancy, but staff is extremely nice. Cons: He didn't seem to think my stomach would not be very flat after surgery despite not being heavy.

The second doctor that I also like, and has very good reviews.. does ALOT of procedures a week... mostly mommy makeovers... Dr. Wang is very friendly, sweet... She said the surgery was only take 2 hours and Dr. Nakano said 4 hours. Although I like the idea of less time under anesthesia, I don't want my procedure rushed. I get the feeling they run back to back. Not necessarily bad, but makes me a little hesitant. Their cost is also $2000 higher that other quote, but they do require you to stay in hospital overnight and provide an extra implantable medicine (Experel) that can keep you more comfortable for 3 days. I like the idea of staying in hospital overnight where they can take good care of me and keep me fairly pain free for the first few days.

so I booked the date for April 22.. which it could be sooner but this will give me time to prepare and exercise alot so I can be in the best shape before the date.

5 weeks to surgery! It seems so far away but I've...

5 weeks to surgery! It seems so far away but I've had to time it so my recovery won't conflict with things. I read that the recovery is easier if you are in good shape, so I've stepped up my exercise to 3-4 days a week. I'm going to start taking special surgical vitamins 2 weeks before the surgery and atleast 6 weeks after.

I realize in my first post that I didn't include...

I realize in my first post that I didn't include any details about myself. I am 5'2", and weigh 135lbs. I have 4 children (5, pregnancies) When I had my 1st child at age 20yr I weighed 85lbs.. needless to say it didn't go well for my tummy. Dealing with the ugly, ugly stretch marks was bad enough, but my tummy took an even worse turn when I hit age 47. The skin started getting much more lax and my c section pouch got worse. I also started getting thick around my middle which my doctor said was typical at my age.. despite alot more diet changes, and exercising it just won't go away.

3 weeks to go for TT and it still doesn't seem...

3 weeks to go for TT and it still doesn't seem real! I'm sure its normal, but I'm so nervous. Hearing all these stories about the difficult recovery.. makes we have second thoughts some days, and other days I can't wait.. but want it to be over already. I need to start getting things ready!! Pre-op is next Monday, so I'll wait until then and hear what they say. I have to do a pre-op at doctor office and then go for another pre-op at the hospital right after that.

Heading to my pre-op today!! So nervous, and have...

Heading to my pre-op today!! So nervous, and have so many questions.

Had my Pre Op today.. woo hoo! I got all my...

Had my Pre Op today.. woo hoo! I got all my scripts, instructions, and was happy to know my surgery was first appt of day. Its being done at the hospital since my doctors office was booked up at their surgery suite. Its only a few minutes away so thats fine with me.
My doctor gave me a prescription for shots that I have to give myself for 10 days.. apparently it helps prevent clots. That was a bit unexpected.
I found out that he only plans to place one drain.. and its placed on the side which I heard is more comfortable. I won't have a post op until 1 week later, but can call as needed. I now have alot more things on my list I need to get like gauze, q tips, etc. My DR doesn't let you shower until drains come out so thats going to be awful... any suggestions other then baby wipes.
13 more days to go!!!

4 more days til surgery ... oh my gosh.. been so...

4 more days til surgery ... oh my gosh.. been so busy trying to get everything ready!! My dh works long, long hours so I do pretty much everything else so I have alot of things to take care of before I can lay back and rest. Got to pay all the bills, set up rides my the kids can get to their activities, write out instructions for everyone on pet care, appointments, etc. The list goes on and on. :)

Can 't sleep super stressed I guess worrying about...

Can 't sleep super stressed I guess worrying about surgery. I've got the house ready, all my supplies, my recovery room ready and have taken care of all bills, etc for next month, and wrote out a list of anything that my dh needs to take care.
The anxiety is the worst part! Hurry up Monday. I go in first appt of day so I only have 3 days left.

Quick update. Had TT today at 8:45 today.. was in...

Quick update. Had TT today at 8:45 today.. was in recovery at hospital until 3:30 waiting for O2 level to improve. Whatever pain meds they gave me at hospital were great, & I was very comfortable.
Big shocker when I woke up is... NO DRAIN! may PS had planned to put one in, but decided not to during surgery.
I have two binders on which is Very uncomfortable, but necessary. One is regular tummy binder and other is like girdle that covers tummy down to mid thigh (due to lipo) I'm sorry to say that my pain level is horrible. I don't do well with pain killers so i only take 1 Loratab and its not helping at all. Cool thing is the nurse told me to sniff rubbing alcohal swab if I feel like I'm abut to puke and it will stop it.. and it works! Im still having naseou but haven't chucked!
My lipo site is really draining & I keep socked thru my jammies and cg.
I can't see my belly since it is completely covered with dressings under the garments.. boo-hoo. Good news is since I don't have drain.. I can shower in 48 hours.

Best wishes to the other ladies going this week!

I am sure I'm going to love my new tummy, but...

I am sure I'm going to love my new tummy, but can't know until I get to see it

Is there a way to add photo via my iPhone? my dh...

is there a way to add photo via my iPhone? my dh got pic of tummy.. looks very good.. very swollen but looks like ps was able to most my stretch marks.. tummy is super tight and burning... likes going to rip. I know I didn't have alot of skin to work with so I'm amazed the incision is below Csection scar. prayers to all you ladies!

Here are 2 pics.. they're not the greatest shots...

Here are 2 pics.. they're not the greatest shots with my cell phone but its something. Im also very, very swollen. Not sure whats up with that guk on belly button,

Had a post op check with PS.. everything looks...

Had a post op check with PS.. everything looks good.. just said to keep doing what I'm doing and come back next Wed.

Little tape blister, but love how low the scar is...

little tape blister, but love how low the scar is and how many stretch marks he was able to remove. belly button looks ok for 5 days PO.

6 days PO.. still in pain.. but don't take many...

6 days PO.. still in pain.. but don't take many pain killers.. get up & walk every hour, but can't walk more then 10 min.. before my tummy gets very sore. I had lipo on my saddle bags and the bruising has moved all the way down my leg on left to the ankle.. which is also now swollen. don't know if this is normal or not. of course it didnt look like that at Friday PO.. and not supposed to ho back til Wed. I'll call on Monday am though.
incision seems fine, and otherwise all is well.

1 week today.. not much change. Still very tired,...

1 week today.. not much change. Still very tired, and sore. Trying not to take more then 2 pain killers a day. My incision looks good and is staying dry. My swelling is about the same, but not bad considering I didn't have drains. lipo has me very black and blue.

Ladies dont forget to take measurements pre-op.....

Ladies dont forget to take measurements pre-op.. wish I had!!!
Here are my PO measurements at 1 wk .. with swelling.
hip 40
waist 30
thigh 23 1/2 

PO day 11.. actually 1st pretty good day.. alot...

PO day 11.. actually 1st pretty good day.. alot less tired , less swelling , and less pain. I slept like crazy Wed.., must have needed it! Still doing next to nothing, just too afraid to overdo. I'm one of those people that once I start.. I can't stop.. very type A

Just past the 2 wk mark.. It's definately not an...

Just past the 2 wk mark.. It's definately not an easy recovery and I'm blessed that I've had no complications and ended up with a drainless tt (not planned) but SO WORTH IT!
I did not have alot of excess fat.. just a little softness, padding expected with my age and post 4 kids + c section pouch.. so my weight is babk to preop weight. I can fit into my regular jeans.. although its too uncomfortable to wear them due to incision. I pretty much wear sundresses or yoga pants.
Im still not back to doing all regular household duties.. but can do laundry, dishes, run very short errands. Standing/walking for more then 15 min causes my tummy muscles to contract and it hurts until I rest . I wear a spanx (generic) camisole and thigh thinners 24/7 and my binder most if the time for support and comfort. Im still resting alot especially since I don't get good night sleep. it's hard at night because I can't get comfortable on my back, and wake up often.
I'm not on any painkillers except Tylenol and my PS doesn't prescribe muscle relaxers that I've heard really helps.
My PS did an amazing job and highly recommend him and his entire staff.
My tummy and overall shape is greatly improved!! I have a super fiat belly, no love handles or saddle bags anymore. My lower belly and sides do still have some stretch marks ( I had SO many) but they are tight white lines and it won't stop me from wearing a bikini (for 1st time in 27 yrs) which makes me so Hapoy! Now I don't feel hideous and ashamed of my midsection.. which I even kept hidden from dh!

Happy with new belly at 3 wks!! Still swollen at...

Happy with new belly at 3 wks!!
Still swollen at night if I over do it.. still wear CG 24/7, and happy to be doing more each day. I'm about 50% back to normal.

new pics 30 dpo

30 days post op.. new pics.

Feeling way better then last week. Still not 100% but getting better! Just been able to sleep on sides last few days with alot of pillows.. but feels so good to get off back! Still taking tylenol/advil alot for the muscle pain. I'm still slightly bruised and sore on outer legs from lipo... which has been the hardest part. The tummy is really getting a good contour and although all my stretch marks aren't gone... they're flat and not all puckered up like before so I can live with it. Going to the beach in a week.. and yes I'm going to wear a bikini for first time in 27 years. Yes,... its all worth it.

6 wpo tt, mr, lipo

6wk PO tt, mr, lipo

6 wks post op TT, MR, Lipo New Pics

I wrote out a long review and it disappeared.. ugh!
Wow feels great to be at 6 wks and not 6 days. I just got back from a short beach trip with my dh for our anniversary and was so excited to wear my new bikini... yep I did it!!
1st time I got to wear a bikini in 27 years. I still have stretch marks, but its still a huge improvement... and I'm flat!!
I took extra precaution while laying out in the sun and I'm happy to report that I was able to tan my body, while not getting any sun on my scars. I put Maderma w/ SPF 30 on my incision, then covered it in paper tape, and then put the waterproof stretchy tape on top.. didn't even get a line! For my BB, I put the Maderma with SPF 30 and reapplied constantly. I also put some zinc on top (lifeguards use it) I couldn't walk miles on the beach like usual, so I mostly lounged in the sweet ocean breeze with my DH who was so sweet and patient thru out this 6 wks... I couldn't have made it without his loving support. He is so happy that I"m happy and no longer hide my body from him. Now I prance around naked scar and all!

At 6 weeks I can say that every day gets better. I love my new tummy, bb and I'm so happy to be rid of my love handles and saddle bags.
I can't lie and say that this has been easy, nor can I say I'm 100% but I have no regrets.
My biggest challenge is that I didn't have alot of extra skin and that resulted in my tummy and top of thighs having to be pulled very tight. It resulted in a very tight belly, a lift at the front/top of thighs and my VG has been pulled up. This makes it hard to move around and walk alot. My PS said this will relax in time. My muscle repair is also still painful... I get burning sensations when I overdo things. The lipo areas at my thighs and flanks are finally getting better and the bruising has finally gone. My incision is healing very nicely. I had been using paper tape for the past 3 weeks and I think it helped alot. My scar is now very flat and super thin. I stopped using tape a few days ago. I use Palmer Skin therapy coconut oil on twice a day (I rub it all over my belly and thighs) and once that is absorbed I use the scar gel my PS recommended (Skin Medica scar recovery gel) and I can see a difference already in the 2 weeks Ive been using it.
I still take Tylenol and Advil daily, and still sleep mostly on my back. I can lay on my side some but it hurts. I still have nerve pain and tingling but I've gotten used to it. I do get swelling late in the day that is mostly a hard knot on my flanks. I put ice on at night and find that massaging it helps some.
I am not cleared for exercise yet but I can swim (now that incision is closed) and take short walks... thats plenty for now.
I never dreamed that the recovery would be this long but its manageable. The 1st week was the hardest but I was well prepared and able to just rest, rest and rest some more. I do believe that the degree of muscle repair has a big impact on how fast or slow you recovery is. I also think that the Lipo was really more painful and slow to recover from.. and I didn't have alot done.
Happy healing to all those in recovery, and best wishes for those about to undergo your surgery. Don't be afraid, be prepared!

new pic 6wk 5 dpo

8 wks PO tt, mr, lipo to flanks, outer thigh

Just updating for 8 wks PO. definately changes from 6 wks to 8 wks for me. Walking alot easier, not getting the extreme tightening I was having before. standing completely straight now. My energy level is so much better! I still have the burning, soreness thru out my core due to mr and my outer thighs/flanks are still slightly tender from lipo. I am only needing Advil 1 x a day and before I couldn't go 5 hrs w/o something for pain. I still get swelling on my flanks from overdoing but not too bad. still keeping a healthy diet and my weight has dropped 4 lbs in last 2 wks. I do still stiffen up if I sit for a while.
We just moved and that was hard but I survived!
my scar is about the same as 6 wks. still using Skin Medica scar recovery gel, and palmers skin therapy oil. My bb is looking good.. I put maderma with SPF 30 on it when I go to pool and dab a bit of zinc oxide to protect it from sun and havnt had any problems.
Still no CG, spanx or anything since 5 1/2 wks without issues.
loving the freedom!
And.. I was able to wear jeans without discomfort for the 1st time the night before last.. so happy about that!
I go back to see ps in 1 more wk and hope I'll be cleared for exercise soon.
Very happy with results and progress!

8 wks PO

love my new flanks 8 wpo

new pic

8wk 5d PO tt, mr lipo of flank, outer thigh

really loving the Scar Medica.. my scar is really getting lighter and flatter. I massage the palmers skin therapy oil in 2 times a day and put Scar Medica gel on 1 time a day.

This 49yr old loving my new bod!!

Had a follow up with ps yesterday.. at 9wk 5 dpo everything looks great.. no issues, much to my surprise he cleared me for exercise and swimming in the lake. He said I have no restrictions!!
I've been out of all cg's, spanx, etc since wk 5 .. and doing fine. Some swelling at night but not bad. I've somehow lost 10lbs which I think is from the move .. my ps said he took very little fat off me. They have me more ScarMedica gel to use 2x a day and go back in 2 months.. woohoo!

FYI.. best protein shakes!!!

I think the protein shakes I have been drinking since my tt have made a big difference in recovery. Undergoing a major surgery like this puts a big strain on your body and it needs alot of protein to aide the healing..

10wk PO tt, lipo to flank/saddle bags

new pics.. feeling flat & great! Keeping super healthy diet even more then before! Continue to lose weight. Doing swimming for exercise. Went out on boat this wknd and it felt great! Tiny bit site on flanks with mild swelling in pm.. but that's it.
Still using Scar Medica gel.. and maderma SPF 30 when in sun.

12wks PO pic update

pretty much no change from 10wks but posted new pics.

12 wk PO new pics

4 1/2 months PO TT .. new pics

at 4 1/2 months feeling great. no swelling, most pain gone by now although I still have slight flank soreness. Most of the numbness is gone except a small area below belly button. Scar is completely flat and starting to fade. belly button is still red but cover up makeup helps. I gave up on scar treatments a few weeks ago since they just don't seem to make a difference. I always use tons of SPF 50 sunscreen (daily) and I also apply pure vitamin E oil.. I goes on great, absorbs well and is pretty cheap. I use it 2-3 times a day,
I'm getting ready to celebrate my big 50 and feel happy I don't have to hide my tummy any more and I can finally wear a bikini! No regrets except waiting so long to do this, Happy healing!

1 year post tummy tuck

1 year post tummy tuck! Loving my results! Scar fading very nicely, have been diligent with diet & feel great!

50 yr old 1 year post TT... loving it!

Maintaining weight & healthy diet, scar is fading nicely & feel great!

1yr post op.. new measurements

Ladies don't forget pre op measurements like I did!!
I did take measurements 2 wks post op and now 1 year later.. wish I had pre op!
1 wk post op:
40" hips
30" waist
23 1/2" thighs

1 yr post op:
37" hips (fullest part)
29" waist (smallest part)
22" thighs
Dr P Nakomo

Dr Nakano

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